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A Quick Warm Up [Green|WM Training]

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#1Ren Aikawa 

A Quick Warm Up [Green|WM Training] Empty Sat Jul 17, 2021 5:18 pm

Ren Aikawa
Baska was a lovely town. The tranquil atmosphere that surrounded it was all it took to get Ren hooked on to it. He had arrived in Fiore not so long ago by a boat, and his travels took him there to Baska. He wondered what kind of things Fiore could provide and entertain him with. The man took a morning walk around the town of Baska, just far enough to enjoy the view of the greeneries and the sign of human civilisation all at once. The moisture in the air were also great. It was fresh and smelled of dew. Something that the young samurai truly adore.

It had been a while since he drew his sword and sparred with someone, and he’d been itching for a battle. Ren walked along near the Great Baska Rock to see if there were anyone interested in a duel. He’d heard how battles and tournaments were usually held on top of the giant rock. It seemed fun to battle in an environment that he had never been in before. A little smirk formed at the edge of his lips as he approached the top of the rock. At the sight of the people scattered around the place, he asked out loud. ”Is there anyone interested in a duel?”.

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#2Knuckles Shi 

A Quick Warm Up [Green|WM Training] Empty Sat Jul 17, 2021 6:01 pm

Knuckles Shi

The armored man gathered himself as he set out around the town, taking in all the sites the town had to offer. He had become accustomed to the life of travel and moving around in search of ways to better himself, not only as a man of the sword but as a person of influence. Eager was a word one would use to describe the man, erratic might be another. Neither of them seems to both the red-haired man.  While out and about he stopped near a large rock. Apparently, it was some type of local lore spot, battle and tournaments had been waged here or so the rumor had it.  He was sure it was just a place where old men who were once full of youth once met up to settle who indeed slept who whom's wife, or who was the biggest and badest dog in the yard.  It would appear as fate had it placed such a man before him today.  This man was short and skinny, his style of dress was decent but that hair. Whol told this man a strip of crimson looked good? It would have been better to do just the tips.

Knuckles looked around for a moment looking to see if this was indeed a real challenge to be issued or if it was for some prearranged fight.  After a few seconds Knuckles step forth from the crowd and spoke in a soft and gentle tone, his accent was nothing to notice but held a weight of swag to it. Nothing to sweep a woman off her feet, but enough to seem cheerful enough to sway people to like him. Within the walls of his mind, he could hear the words of the demon. "A challenger, hehe, of my boy, you are meant to be here, a test of how you have come to your current state. " Knuckles pushed the voice away.

"If no one else will take your offer Sir I would be happy to accept in earnestly."  
As he spoke he swayed his head to the right allowing the parted hair to fall to the right side of his face before coming it back with his right hand.


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#3Ren Aikawa 

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Ren Aikawa
The grin from earlier stretched into a smile. He was happy and excited to hear that someone was willing to take him on. Ren observed the other man. The man was tall and certainly looked older than himself, the tattoo under the man’s eye was apparent as well. The man also had red hair, one would argue that Ren had a strip hair as well. But it was not the same at all. The crimson strip that adorned his head was non other than a birth mark rather than a fashion choice.

Coming from a Samurai family, Ren continued his family’s tradition. To be polite to his opponent and to treat them with respect. ”You can call me Ren. May I know who I’m battling against?” he asked in a humble tone as he approached the ring on top of the Great Baska Rock.

Ren lifted the cloth near his sheathed sword a little, exposing the handle to anyone looking. Once the other man stood on the other side of the ring, Ren spoke out, ”You can have the first move,” he smiled. His sword was still sheathed, and he simply stood there idly. He wanted to know how strong his opponent was first.

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#4Knuckles Shi 

A Quick Warm Up [Green|WM Training] Empty Mon Jul 19, 2021 4:12 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles made his way to the ring, once inside of the ring he looked down towards the hilt of the man's sword.  The man who called himself Ren used the same type of sword as himself, judging from the hilt alone that was. He would not know the type of material or style of the blade the katana might have, but he knew the sword type.  Knuckles reached down to the left hip with his right hand drawing his own Katana, the steel blade slightly gleaming sunlight off of it.  With the blade gripped firmly in his main hand, Knuckles reached over his shoulder with his left arm and pulled the shield from his back. With both his main and offhand now with their items, Knuckles would introduce himself once again speaking in the same tone from before.

"My name is Knuckles, it is a pleasure to meet you, Ren. " Knuckles paused for a moment waiting for Ren to take his weapon to arms, however, he simply held his hand over it and offered Knuckles the first move. Knuckles did not understand how the man spoke to take on challenges yet did not offer them the honor of facing them off in a respectful fashion.  Perhaps this was a school's choice of style and let the disrespectful action slip from his mind.

"Very well, if you insist." Knuckles said trying to hide the annoyance in his voice the best he could.  Lifting his sword up he tucked his left arm in closer to his midsection as he took a wide stance. With caution Knuckles looked down towards the man's sword once more before making his move, he attempted an outwards bash with his off-hand using his shield in an attempt to push Ren back and block his vision of his steel katana, aiming the shield in a downwards thrust towards Ren's face.  As His left arm fully extended, if it hit or not, Knuckles retracted the arm and his right arm extended as fast as he could attempting to land a glancing blow to the man's left should. This was not a fight to the death, after all, he did not aim to kill or seriously harm the man.

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#5Ren Aikawa 

A Quick Warm Up [Green|WM Training] Empty Tue Jul 20, 2021 7:11 pm

Ren Aikawa
Knuckles, Ren repeated in his head. Though he had roamed wide and far, he had never heard such a name before. He began to wonder what the origin of the name was. But that was no time to ponder on something like a name. He was about to battle the man and he must concentrate.

Ren took a deep breath in, his eyes fixated on Knuckles. His ears were about to perk up and use one of his spells where he could sense the vibrations in the air. But he didn’t after a second thought. It wouldn’t be a fair fight if he used magic. He would only rely on his body and anticipate whatever moves the man would launch at him.

The red haired strike with his shield first, which Ren easily blocked with his right hand, blocking it from hitting his face. But then he fell for the blunder, taking the full force of Knuckles’ swing to his shoulder.

But it didn’t do much to him. It was mostly annoying than damaging. The young samurai replied to that attack shortly after by reaching for his katana using his right hand. Drawing it out while making a vertical slash. His opponent had a full set gear, and it enabled him to go all out.

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#6Knuckles Shi 

A Quick Warm Up [Green|WM Training] Empty Wed Jul 21, 2021 7:46 am

Knuckles Shi

Having landed his blow, Knuckles felt a bit annoyed about the man's actions. Sure Ren blocked the shield blow, but it's not like the fake-out attack with the shield was meant to hurt him at all, it was a distraction. One that worked, but only once. Knuckles felt like he had proven his point as if Knuckles had been a mad man, he could have aimed the sword with malicious intent and went for the throat. However, he had not and went for the shoulder, where the blade found cloth and flesh. The man did not react, in fact, it was a bit maddening to witness. Sure, the attack was not meant to remove a limb or end life, though it was not something to scoff at either. It only told Knuckles the measurements of the man's abilities.

After his blade met the man's shoulder, the retraction of his sword would start, noticing the arm reaching for the Katana on his hip, Knuckles shifted his left leg back as he placed his sword between him and the attack, he didn't have time to push his shield out to take the blow of the attack this time, it was faster with the reach of the blade than having to extend the buckler shield out. The rusty katana from Ren me with such force with his personal steel katana that both would spark on impact, then snap. Upon the sword Breaking Knuckles did not lack in a reaction as he leaned his weight on the leg he had put behind him earlier and pushed kicked towards Ren's chest, attempting to knock the wind out of him.

Knuckles would then drop the broken sword from his right hand as he quickly lowered his shoulders with his arms opened attempting to land the shoulders into the body of Ren, and take him down onto the ground of the Ring. He did not wish to give the man a chance to recover or move out of his reach.

The bystanders of the match gawked in aw as the two blades need up spinning in the air after breaking and each stabbing into the ring in different locations. Talks would start to be forming as they wondered just who would win.

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"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"
#7Knuckles Shi 

A Quick Warm Up [Green|WM Training] Empty Sun Aug 08, 2021 8:45 am

Knuckles Shi

After the blades met, Knuckles was able to successfully bring the man down to the ground. Once he was on top of him, Knuckles entered a full mount position as he allowed his fist to fly in rapid motions. Heavy fist would fly down to the head of the man, three quick punches would rocket to the face of the man, if nothing was done to stop them they would land with ease, Knuckles would follow up the three punches with a series of hammer fist. The total number of strikes would be six, the fight could very well be over if nothing was done by Ren. The man seemed to be not in the moment of the fight like he had blanked out or was thinking of other matters in the middle of their fight. Meanwhile, Knuckles was planning on what to do and how to fully take control of the fight. Acting on an opening was not a cowardly act, hitting a man while down might have been frowned upon, but there was nothing that was going to take away a victory. Treat every fight like your life depended on it so now bad habits would form. This kept him good and proper for a real fight to the death.

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#8Knuckles Shi 

A Quick Warm Up [Green|WM Training] Empty Thu Aug 12, 2021 10:20 am

Knuckles Shi

Each punch landed, the head of the young man Ren bouncing off the ring like a kid's new ball.  Each blow had not only found its mark but had made its mark become bruised and bloodied.  Eventually, the target found himself Knocked out and unconscious.  When Knuckles was done, he stood to his feet looking down at the battered and beaten Ren. It was too bad that the man had some internal issues within his mind, perhaps the fight could have been better if he had settled whatever was on his mind before the pair met. He found it odd that a man would open a challenge and zone out during it, but it was something that had happened. And to The red-haired man, a win was a win, there were no rules in war or fighting.

Knuckles could hear the voice within his mind echo throughout every inch of his skull. "Well done my dear boy, but this does not meet the requirements of destruction, go on and kill him. Send his soul to me."

Knuckles walked over gathering both parts of his blade and setting them in the sheath. Looking back over to the man Knuckles would answer the voice. "No, I wish to face him again when he is better and his head is clear."

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