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Support: Reiner The Baster #2

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The day was young as Ariael walked in front of a group of individuals who had been ordered to help him capture people of the resistance. It had been a couple of days see he was travelling with the caravan and had been attacked by that kid. Since then their forces had been recovered and they were out searching for people from the opposing country who could cause problems for their plans. The group he was travelling with was a small force that were setting out to raid a nearby village. Apparently at least ten minor members of the resistances were held up there.

Ariael's shield hung from his left hand while his free hand was rested in his pocket. The ground they were walking on was slowly changing from the dirt and grass to cobblestone. Looking up, Ariael would see the village that reminded him of his own from long ago. Instead of wood buildings, the structures were made from some type of gray brick. If it was attacked then burning it down would take a long time. The people in bosco seemed to had better architecture than those of the other countries. Ariael would raise his hand to his chin.

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"The resistance is held up in one of those buildings. Split into teams of two and go search them all one by one. Maybe their all bundled up together or maybe they are separated. Kill the ones who try to fight back and capture those who don't" said Ariael as his small team of seven went out to search the village. He would stay by himself while patrolling the streets. The members of his group would most likely find the resistance in no time, but he had to be sure any stragglers didn't attempt to escape into the forest while they were searching.

Asimov roamed the skies above, its scanners peering into each and every building. True Ariael could have just waited outside with all of the members of the group while Asimov did this, but he'd rather create some chaos. The people had to know that Reiner was the one who would be in charge. That's why he was working for the bastard, right? Soon sounds from Asimov would alert Ariael that two people were escaping to the west. Turning back around, Ariael would begin a walk towards them. If they got too far he would just order Asimov to send a missle.

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It would only takes moments for Ariael to travel to the west side of the villager where he would see the resistance members slowly walking to avoid suspicion. "I mean if you were going to escape why not just run?" asked Ariael as he approached them. After hearing his voice they would attempt to run, but he would simply lunge in front of them and block their path. Raising his free hand from his pocket, he would shake it in a no motion. "Now you can either surrender or face the consequences." said Ariael as he stared at the two men.

They would start to get on their knees. The one on the right would get on his knees and place his hands up, but as the one of the left was bending down he would produce a knife from his shirt and throw it at Ariael. The Mage Hunter simply rose his shield and watched as the knife pathetically hit the ground. Moving forward, he would force his full strength into the shield while shoving it in the man's face. His nose would break instantly causing him to fall unconscious on the ground. Ariael could kill him but he had better things to do. Within thirty minutes had all members of the resistance been capture and they would be on their way.

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