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The sound of rain bouncing against the pavement as Ariael travelled behind a merchant caravan. Days ago had the woman he'd been working for had been defeated. Now he found himself working for her brother and protecting the group of merchants in front of him. Ariael found it funny how one could switch sides so easily, but maybe that was just human nature. He had only been affiliated with the woman in order to gain money, power, and respect. Over the last few weeks he had easily did that and had acquired more then enough to suit his needs.

"Boss. How long until we reached the town." asked a random person in the caravan who was directing his question to the man who was walking in front of them all. Ariael heard no response and had begun to wonder himself. They had been walking for two hours, nearly three in total, but had yet to arrive at the village where they would settle in. The road that they were walking on had been built in the middle of a forest, so either side of them was cluttered with who knew how many trees. If he was a thief then it would be the most easiest place to jump out on a group of travelling merchants.

Ariael's hand tightly grasped his shield as he used his nose to sniff out any human smells that were foreign to him. Since the time he had been with the caravan he had recognized their noses, so picking an odd one out wouldn't be too hard.

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As Ariael sniffed the air, the smell of electricity seemed to take over his nostrils. Usually he would think it was an impending lightning strike, but its smell was odd. Turning in his head in the direction of the smell, Ariael see a blue flash streak pass his face and into the horse than towed the main trailer from the caravan. The screaming horse slowly fell to its death which alerted everyone in the vicinity. Ariael's body shuddered as he wondered who or what was fast enough to get pass him. He hadn't met anyone of the sort since he left the outer countries and the sight was making him jumpy. Would this be his prey?

Within moments would the streak of lightning appear again, but this time taking out the merchants in the caravan. In flash it had took out three merchants and receded back into the trees. From how it acted, Ariael could tell that it was a person. "Someone using lightning magic?" Pulling his shield closer to him, Ariael would begin to anticipate the person's next move and just as a blue flash appeared in the trees would Ariael lunge to his left and stop the person's attack with the face of his shield. As the person connected with his shield the blue lightning would disappear showing him a kid who could be no older then twelve. "You seem to be fast." said Ariael.

"And you seem to have the ability to stop magic." muttered the kid in annoyance.

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Reaching his hand out attempting to grasp the neck of the kid, Ariael would watch as he disappeared with a flash and reappeared four feet in front of him. The Dragon Slayer took some time analyzing the boy. His physique didn't look like much. He was scrawny, short, and looked like he couldn't even lift a boulder. But the magic that he possessed allowed him to move through areas quickly and it seemed to pack quite a punch. Or so he assumed due to the holes in the chest of the three merchants. After the single punch the kid threw at the shield, Ariael knew that himself was ten times stronger.

The next time the kid tried to attack him, he would kill him. The rain seemed to slow as Ariael watched the kid turn blue once again and shoot towards him. Ariael raised his shield and his direction and watched as the kid shifted his feet to attack Ariael from the left instead. Ariael smirk as that was what he wanted the kid to do. As the kid came for him, Ariael would rotate his body towards the right while kicking his foot backwards. Just as he completed the rotation would his foot hit the kid in the chest and send him flying for several meters.

"Seems like you won't be my prey after all." said Ariael before walking towards the kid who was lying on the ground coughing up blood. Reaching down towards him, Ariael would grab the kid's left leg and snap it in a moments notice before leaving.

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