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Sitting Down Having a Cup of Tea [Open]

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Sitting Down Having a Cup of Tea [Open] Empty Mon Jun 21, 2021 10:18 am


Ragnar was having a nice sit down, in the city just having a nice time. As he drank his coffee and looked out over the city and watched the children walk around with their parents he waited for his food to come out that he had ordered.

What a calm and lovely day this was, as he watched the birds fly in the sky. Ragnar didn't really have a care in the world as he had seemly abandoned his past self and become a new man with a new hammer on his waist. It wasn't the great club he was normally used to carrying but it was nice enough to do well for him as it also seemed to have the ability to shatter any item it touched with his blows so that was pretty cool as well.

He also had not been in armor in a long time, as he looked down at his massive full plate he was wearing and wondered why he wasn't really feeling hot in it even though it was clearly hot outside. Ragnar shrugged at this thought as he continued to drink his tea. It was only minutes later did his food come out.

It was a breakfast plate clearly designed for him as it was piled high with eggs, meats, pancakes and french toast. Ragnar needed alot of food to keep his body going every day and today was no different. As he thanked the server who handed him his food, he went to start eating his food, enjoying the quiet for a moment.

#2Judith Karlinius 

Sitting Down Having a Cup of Tea [Open] Empty Mon Jun 28, 2021 2:15 pm

Judith Karlinius
Such a situation was magical in one way even if peaceful to Ragnar,How was it magical. Simply put these kinds of situation were, Well the kind of situations that you could call bait for the small member of Fairy Tail, She also would generally make no attempts to hide such a thing was easy to lure her, Even if it could be used against her easily.

It seemed he sat alone for, For now anyway Judith was a bold woman for many different reasons for then what most people assumed. For rather then finding a place to sit by herself she simply walked over to the area Ragnar was, Took up a chair and well got comfortable as she did easily, After all she did not take up much room being as small as she was.

Expecting to be told to leave right away Judith for the moment refrained from getting anything."Well Interesting to witness, I have not seen a person consume such a plate in years."It was meant as a compliment, since she did not really know Ragnar in any manner, It was her avoiding anything about appearance and or weaponry.

Given the so far the odd way this was already Judith already also had to ask."Is the tea any good?"Was this really a good idea was not a question in her mind, sure it was risky because Ragnar did look fairly scary at first viewing, But you never really did know anything until you talked to them.

She had asked about the tea, simply because more of her time here was learning and studying foods and drinks, Tea was one of the ones she happen to take a larger interest here as well, So in some manner she was looking for insight that was just not her own taste of it.


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Ragnar was surprised to hear someone speak at him, as he had been ignored by everyone but the waiter that had served him the tea. Which didn't surprise Ragnar as clearly he was very much out of place in this city. He turned to see a women standing there making a statement about the plate he was wearing.

Ragnar looked at the women, looking her up and down and realizing that she was not a threat to him quickly enough. As he placed the now empty teacup on the plate it came with, he said simply " No. Though I honestly don't like tea very much, but maybe it would be better here then elsewhere." Ragnar lifted his foot and pushed the chair on the other side of him out from the table, giving the women who had choose to talk to him the option of sitting down with him if he choose.

Ragnar was interested in someone who had the stones to talk to him. As he thought back on his time in this city so far, he just now realized that he had only had interactions with people that they were required to have with him. Ragnar didn't really notice until now as he normally spent most of his time alone and with his thoughts, and he wondered if that was good for him. Now that his former guild has been destroyed, or something, he didn't really have a home to go back to.

That made him wonder what his former guild master was up too, but then he realized it didn't matter and focused on what was infront of him.

#4Judith Karlinius 

Sitting Down Having a Cup of Tea [Open] Empty Thu Jul 01, 2021 2:05 pm

Judith Karlinius
This so far was better then being told to go away, Even if a bit dismissive, it did not seem to bother Judith's well never fading positive spirits. That would either to to his dismay or annoyance depending on how this all went.

For now, Judith would continue well trying to get to him."I can admit it is not for everyone."Judith mentioned, many years of making various drinks taught her that. Normally Judith would attempt to figure out if there was some kind of tea she could suggest for him to enjoy, Just for now she could just leave it as is.

It was delightful in Judith's view that he in fact pushed a chair out for her to sit down with him."Why thank you, Good sir."It was also interesting because it was still generally the opposite what she expected, Nonetheless Judith just casually sat with Ragnar.

Since this seem to slowly show signs of leading to some sort of comfortably."Do feel free to refuse my inquiry, What brings you to Hosenka?"Judith was attempting to get to know this person, Sure they had not asked for names yet, It would slowly get to that, for now other things would be asked.

Also making sure not to order anything right away either, most likely because she unsure what she wanted anyway, Nor did she have anything to read yet to be sure what she wanted. She would want to try the tea herself if it was an option, It was at least a peaceful moment within an interesting situation. Judith would not cause a scene while she waited for a menu for some kind of drink. Food maybe could wait until she knew if it was any good or not.

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