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Crocus to Baska [Travel]

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Crocus to Baska [Travel] Empty Mon Jun 21, 2021 4:08 am


The time had come at last, the mysterious rune that he had buried deep within his jacket that had stained its pocket was calling out to him. The names of the other holders revealed themselves, some he already knew quite well others he had never heard of. Most curiously was Kurisa, why had his cousin taken an interest in these wicked instruments. Kon was not adverse to putting his hand where it didn’t belong but his cousin seemed the more rational of his extended family. Her reasons were her own and he would respect that, instead would hunt after her last. Instead he would go after this unknown individual who lacked any kind of reputation. All he knew was that they were in Baska City and thus that’s where he would go.

Several years had passed since his last adventure to Baska, the humble town was now a bustling city. He could still remember the humble beginnings of his own journey, back when he still had all of his limbs… Reaching there would be done through what had become his new normal, the skeleton key. And so with a firm grasp on the enhanced key being rammed into the nearest keyhole, Kon was sent instantly from the Batra's Inn in Crocus to Boar Hat Pub’s front door alarming all those that were around him as he materialized in front of them. Wanting to reduce their concern, Kon swiftly withdrew his Rune Knight pendant, revealing his affiliation causing some to give a sigh of relief while others spat on the ground before cursing at him.


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