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Tournament Arc - S [2/2][NQ][Solo]

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The audience quickly quieted as Mikajia and the ice user stepped up into the ring. It felt like everyone was holding their breath, waiting to see how this ultimate showdown was going to play out. Mikajia carefully gauged his opponent’s magical power, and could tell that even right now, without her flexing her aura, she possessed an outstanding level of power. Her body was well defined and displayed the results of years upon years of battle experience. And the way she carried herself told any that even glimpsed her way that she was absolutely confident in her abilities. She wasn’t the kind to make mistakes.

There was an air of absoluteness around her. It was almost like gazing at a goddess; a feeling of overwhelming respect and admiration came over him. He didn’t know how else to describe it. It simply felt like, just by standing in her presence, that he should bow. Mikajia felt a chill run down his spine. ‘Just who in the world is this woman?’ He thought as he rolled his shoulders and cracked his neck. He still didn’t feel all that intimidated by her, even though he almost felt he should be. But instead, he just felt an overwhelming since of respect for her.

If he had to put an actual word to what he felt radiating off of this woman, it would be honor. Almost like he was facing a legendary and noble warrior, someone that put honor above everything else. Someone that would rather die than let themselves be dishonored. It was so powerful; he did the only thing that felt proper. When the two of them stopped in the middle of the ring, Mikajia brought his hands together, leaving one hand open and balled the other into a fist, the knuckles of his fist touching the palm of the open hand, and then he bowed.

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As he lifted his frame from his bow, he wasn’t surprised to see that she had done the same. “May I ask your name?” Mikajia said, his voice a bit muffled beneath his makeshift mask.

“You may.” She responded with a slight grin, then said, “But first, I would like you to remove that mask. I think it’s time we both stop hiding.” She said, just before her frame shimmered and settled soon after, revealing an astonishingly beautiful woman. He could hardly describe her features, as they seemed to possess an almost divine level of beauty. Soon after the illusion wore off, he heard gasps from the crowd and a few people saying that she was the current champion of the tournament. So, for whatever reason, it seemed this woman had taken on a different identity to fight more in the tournament. He couldn’t pretend to know why she would do that, other than perhaps her love of battle. That was probably the only reasonable answer he could think of as to why she would pretend to be a simple contestant.

Then again, the more he thought about it, the more it made perfect sense, at least from the perspective of someone that practically lived for battle. It would be beyond boring, and even could be classified as dishonorable to fight and defeat an opponent that has worked their way to face you, while you simply stood there waiting for them. For someone that lived by a code of honor, that would be unacceptable. Mikajia simply nodded then removed his makeshift mask, eliciting a few more gasps from the crowd as some also recognized him from his past excursions in this tournament. The woman gave him another bow to which he returned. They both gave each other a simple grin after coming out of the bow.

WC = 619/2,500

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“Well met Warrior.” Mikajia said with a little nod of his head.

“Well met Warrior.” The woman responded, also giving Mikajia a little nod of her head. “My name is Ravanna Morrigan.”

“Mikajia Lucef.” He responded. It was a good name she possessed, one that bespoke strength and beauty. This was an opponent, that for the first time in his life, Mikajia could say he wouldn’t have a problem losing to. Because he knew, without a shadow of a doubt, this woman would only ever fight honorably. She would resort to no tricks or underhanded tactics. This was a person that would literally rather kill herself than let her name be muddied.

“I think you for giving me this chance Ravanna. Let this be a battle that is remembered for years to come.” He said with a grin. She returned his grin with one of her own, “My friend, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Might I request we make this a simple battle of our physical prowess?”

“If that is what you wish. I have watched you fight, and it is clear you possess great skill and honor. I would be honored to test my skill against yours, regardless of what type it is.” He said, then removed his dagger, and set it on the ground next to him. Ravanna did the same with her sword. The two kicked their weapons away.

“And I, you, Mikajia. I have seen your battles before. You are the reason this tournament has become what it is now. The weaklings that once sought nothing but a title, money and fame are no more. True warriors come here now to battle and test their strength. I have longed for the chance to fight you. As you said, let this be a battle people speak of for years to come.

WC = 925/2,500

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Several long seconds passed while the two fighters simply gauged the other, then slowly, they began to move. The two beginning to shift their weight, taking up their preferred fighting stance. This was a fight between two fighters whom each stood on the precipice of becoming a master of their art. Of course, throwing magic into the mix would most likely make this battle one-sided, and he honestly didn’t know which of them would have the better advantage. However, a fight using only their physical skills would be a true test. When this fight was all said and done, there would be a true definitive winner.

However, given how much they both respected the other as a warrior, neither would be upset with being the loser of this exchange. The two began to circle each other in the middle of the ring, their movements as fluid as water; to those watching, it would almost appear as if they were gliding rather than walking, their bodies appearing to practically float. Eventually, some unknown signal would cause the two of them to finally begin clashing, but it would only be very slight or subtle attacks, to which the other would easily dodge or parry.

Their attacks weren’t all that serious yet, just simple and efficient blows to judge the others reaction speed and defenses. They were simply gauging each other at this point. This was an absolutely crucial step, as a single mistake, even a very simple one, could have dire consequences. They continued this little exchange for close to thirty seconds, then yet another unseen signal caused the two fighters to begin attacking a little faster. They still weren’t being all that serious yet, but they both were confident that the other’s defenses and reactions were solid enough that they would obviously need to step up to the next level.

WC = 1,234/2,500

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Technically, they already knew both of them were plenty skilled that they could skip the last stage, and even this one if they wanted, but it was just habit for them at this point. And it was also considered good manners in a way. They were simply warming up while also testing for potential weak points or holes in the others’ defenses. While at the same time, not actually expecting to find any at this stage. The attacks started coming a bit faster and faster as Mikajia and Ravanna started warming up. The two began to start attempting to actually hit the other now.

They still weren’t serious blows; strikes that would sting a bit, but nothing more. If he had to put it to an actual scale, Mikajia would say they were now fighting at roughly B-Rank level with the current speed and strength they were using. The two of them were beginning to pick up the pace, their movements now becoming somewhat harder for the people in the stands to actually follow, but still just slow enough for even the regular people to keep up. Soon though, Mikajia and Ravanna would pick up the pace once more.

Now he could say the two of them were fighting at an A-Rank level. But this was a much more considerable change. Their speed and movements became nearly impossible for the audience to follow, in the blink of an eye. Such a simple step up from a ranking standpoint, but in actual implementation, it was considerable. The strikes and blows against each other now caused the ground to slightly shake beneath their feet. So many people thought that the rank up from B to A was hardly noticeable, but the reality was much different. Mikajia couldn’t help but grin even wider as they continued to increase their speed and strength.

WC = 1,543/2,500

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Mikajia and Ravanna fought at this stage for a while as this would definitely be an adequate judge of their skill by any standards. They flipped and spun around the ring, sending shockwave after shockwave through the entire stadium with each blow they landed or blocked. However, very few blows actually managed to make it past either fighter’s defenses. And even then, neither was really affected all that much at this level. They both definitely showed the signs of being in a prolonged battle now, but neither was anywhere close to calling it quits. Their honor definitely wouldn’t allow it.

Finally, roughly five minutes after their match begun, the invisible signal was sent once more, and both Mikajia and Ravanna finally kicked it into high gear. When the two started fighting at S-Rank level, the first blow they traded actually caused the ground beneath their feet to crack, sending a massive shockwave through the stadium and making several audience members fall over in their seats. Each blow was heavy enough the people in the stands were constantly feeling the vibrations beneath their feet. This was something that no one had ever witnessed before between two contestants, especially ones that appeared happy.

Both Mikajia and Ravanna were practically grinning from ear to ear as they fought. Some might think it made no sense, but for the two of them, this fight was all that mattered. It was a perfection. Nothing else mattered to either of them in this moment. It was just the two of them, fighting to their fullest and testing their might against a truly worthy opponent. For them, this was bliss, and nothing could possibly change that. Not that anyone would try, seeing as it would be beyond suicide for almost anybody to try and step in now.

WC = 1,843/2,500

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Though they were both fighting at S-Rank level now, there still was technically one level higher they could go. It wasn’t technically an actual rank for them, but rather how seriously they were to take this fight. Though they were both honorable fighters, and neither were going to try some underhanded trick, they were still technically just sparring, albeit as very powerful fighters. But eventually they both silently agreed to take this to the final stage and test out what the other was truly capable of. When that final stage was reached, the entire stadium shook violently.

The speed and movements of the two fighters was too fast for all but the most seasoned of fighters to follow. Their blows were ripping chunks of the ring off and sending them flying into the stands. They had even caused some of the actual audience members to be taken away on some stretchers as the shockwaves from their physical blows were strong enough to cause actual harm to the weaker contestants and regular people in the stands. Neither of them realized this though, as they were far too focused on their battle, and refused to let anything distract them for even the tiniest of moments.

In those moments, it was like nothing else existed, not the stadium, not the audience, nothing. It was just two fighters giving their all and holding nothing back. Their fight had reduced much of the ring to a pile of rubble and dust, and there were several magical barriers and shields erected by other contestants to protect the weaker people watching the fight. And even though this was a highly dangerous fight to be around, nobody left was actually scared. Instead, Mikajia and Ravanna’s battle was leaving them speechless and filled with awe. This would truly be a battle remembered for years to come.

WC = 2,150/2,500

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It was finally coming to a close. Both fighters had received significant damage during this battle. Mikajia had at least two major broken bones and his left arm felt like it had been dislocated. He also could tell that he had some minor internal bleeding and felt like at least three of his fingers had been broken. And from what he could tell, Ravanna wasn’t really fairing any better. She had a noticeable limp, and one of her arms looked like it was bending in a direction it definitely shouldn’t. They also both had several cuts and bruises all along their bodies.

Pure adrenaline pushed the two of them on through the pain, allowing them to continue fighting even though they should both be out cold at this point. There was no way either would stop until eventually one of them collapsed or was utterly defeated. And when that moment came, Mikajia just barely saw the opening and didn’t hesitate for an instant. Ravanna saw her mistake a fraction of a second too late, and found herself in a choke hold a second later. The two of them gasping for breath, their blood and sweat dripping onto the rubble beneath them as Mikajia used the last bits of his strength to subdue Ravanna and claim victory.

“Yield.” He said, gasping for breath as she tried to struggle against his grip, but it was pointless, he had made sure to place his body against her side with the broken arm, which meant she couldn’t muster the strength necessary to break free. Eventually he felt her slump against him just before saying, “Very well, I yield.”

With that, Mikajia released his hold and the two just fell onto the floor, gasping for air. A moment later, they both started chuckling a bit before they started flat out laughing. Eventually, Mikajia managed to muster the energy to get to his feet, then offered his hand to Ravanna, helping her to her feet as well. The ref rushed over with some health potions that the two quickly drank, then sighing as they felt their wounds healed and vitality replenished. With the battle decided, and Mikajia the victor, Ravanna bowed to him, proclaiming him the new champion of the tournament.

WC = 2,525/2,500

Tournament Arc - S [2/2][NQ][Solo] Maxresdefault

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