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Beauty of Hosenka [Kazimir]

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#26Kazimir Seiryu 

Beauty of Hosenka [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty Tue Feb 23, 2021 10:49 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He put his arm around her as she leaned in. The smell of her hair was more refreshing than the drifting scents of the lavish area. "What," he asked, focusing on keeping his body still even with surprise riddling his being. She was a seraphim? So that was part of her story. Seraph turned Neph and now mortal...how cruel.

"I'm sorry that you've gone through a lot at their hands...but how were you a Seraphim? I suppose if you don't remember before then you wouldn't know...where you always one?" he was talking but almost like he was asking himself the questions, trying to work it all out in his mind.

He squeezed her shoulder as she recounted the past. He knew all too well the monsters they could be. "Yeah...people praise them but they aren't all worthy of it. But.. for you...what was life like as a Seraphim? Do you regret...becoming mortal?" He knew how hard the question could be, but there was no good time to ask it.

Their eyes met again, searching for the strong connection between them. She left it with a possible forgetful event and perhaps that was enough for her to want to recall this evening as she changed the subject back to him.

"Hmm," he thought about what she asked him and smiled at the hand that snuck up his chest. He caressed her arm as he spoke. "I haven't gone into detail really. But As I was investigating my parent's work with searching for a cure, it turns out they were investigating vampires as well. Or at least found themselves tangled around a vampiric coven. With such long lives, they were a wealth of knowledge...but that knowledge came at a cost. Long story short I spent some brief time with them and through a ritual, we were able to strip my divinity away and replace it with the bite of a vampire. Immortality so I can accomplish my tasks." He was rambling a little bit now, but that summed it up nicely.

He scratched the top of his head, "But I'm sure you don't want the boring details of all that."


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So he was invited to it, not forced. She gave a sweet smile and head still resting against his body. This was quite a peaceful time, but the night was leaving them soon. "I'm glad you weren't forced, Kazimir," she spoke peacefully and slowly got up. She offered her hand and if he grabbed it she helped him up. Afterwards, she put everything away in the basket in order and if he tried to help she did not allow him. Next, was the blanket and finally, it was them walking together. This time there will be no blindfold as they passed through all the beautiful flowers that were lit up by lightning bugs and the moon itself.

Slowly her fingers find his as she felt a little weird during the night. She had her own reasons to fear the peak of the night. Truly, she was scared, but felt like she had to act courageous and as if she wasn't scared of anything such as that. Kurisa was happy to have him stay with her now, but will fully miss it when he goes on to do his own things. The boatman met them at the bottom and their boat ride back was just as peaceful as it was on the way here. "I'm happy to have this time with you, Kazimir," she softly spoke and leaned her head on his shoulder. Once they got off she walked down the streets with him in her arms to the hotel. "So the housing and guildhall aren't built yet so for now I have a large hotel room. Don't worry though, it's a beautiful penthouse." She giggled in hopes that it was good for now. She felt somewhat nervous because she felt like he was expecting an actual house.

Beauty of Hosenka [Kazimir] - Page 2 Sigme10
#28Kazimir Seiryu 

Beauty of Hosenka [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty Thu Mar 04, 2021 4:51 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
“Thank you. It was a tough choice to make at first, but I couldn’t pass it up,” he replied, but there was still a small part of him that wondered if it was the right thing to do. He took her hand as the night threatened to switch to morning. Kaz knelt down to help her but was denied. “Are you sure,” he would ask again and then let her finish it by herself. The food still looked delicious as she packed it away. The thought of risking a messy aftermath for a few moments of trying her food wouldn’t be such a bad bargain sometime.

“Me too Kurisa. It was a beautiful moment. Thank you for sharing that place with me, and your time,” he wrapped his arm around her as she leaned on his shoulder. He happily walked with her down the street with her arm tangled around his. Nothing else seemed to matter right now, not even the threat of the dragons.

The penthouse stood before them now and she explained about the guildhall’s construction. “I’m sure it is,” he squeezed her arm against his. “I’m more used to sleeping in trees and caves from traveling. Old habits. And there is probably more space in there than a coffin,” he added the last bit as a joke, but wondered if any of his night brethren did share that minor quirk. He took a step forward with her and was suddenly a little nervous about making his way up to her home. An emotion far outweighed by his desire to spend time with her and relax.

“Lead the way,” he replied and followed her up the steps. “When is it that your guildhall will be completed. You must be pretty excited.” The crowds passed by behind them and the glass doors of the hotel slid open with a doorman giving a small bow.

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