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Beauty of Hosenka [Kazimir]

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The sky was no longer snowing as the snow that have fallen, was melted by the heat of the sun. She felt the chill of the wind as that has never gone away. She wore a faux fur shawl that was white as snow with a tint of light ice blue. It went over her bare shoulders and went down to her ankles as it was also a cape. Her blue dress fitted against her volumptious curves and over her feet as the only thing revealing was her right full leg and the upper part of her chest. The fake fur and the cotton within the dress kept her warm. She was so use to the illumin light keeping her warm enough to handle a little cold, but now she was something else. What exactly was she? She was not even sure herself.

She spotted the place she told Kazimir to meet her once she was back. She wondered if he will arrive or will he forget? Kurisa kept on a light smile while leaning against the fence that leads downstairs and towards the boat that she could see. The man was waiting for her as he was the one that leads the boat itself. The boat was about a few meters long and a meter in width. The man used a long rod that motioned a fin in whatever direction he wanted to go as the passengers relaxed in the back. The room was filled with privacy as people can see outside, but not the inside, keeping it also warm. Plus, people were in their homes enjoying the warmth and the company of their own families as two people would be out throughout the night. Her eyes closed for a moment while resting against the fence itself, keeping her arms against her sides.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir walked toward the meeting zone. The week had been filled with a ruckus of battles alongside his lich guildmate. He was looking forward to going on this second date with Kurisa and switching gears from so much work. He pulled the edges of his scarf closer to his jaw as the night hair blew by. He had to wonder what she had in store for the two of them. He was bundled in his traditional robes as he always did, with layers of blue and white. The boat slowly came into view and a smile crossed his face as he saw her patiently waiting.

"You must be cold," he asked as he walked down the ramp towards her. One leg stood out from the blue dress as she relaxed against the fence. He was relieved he didn't get the time wrong and tucked the letter of directions away.

"Good to see you again. I hope your trip went well," he said and held her hands as he gave her a simple kiss on the cheek. The projection was nice but he much preferred having her around in person. Something about the atmosphere around her seemed different, more assured than before.

The boat looked cozy with the man slowly stirring the oar in the water, prepped and ready to go. He couldn't see within the structure, but heard no other voices. "So what do you have planned?" He asked and stepped closer to the ramp with her hands still in his, but stopped so she could lead the way.


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A shy smile opened up as she felt his sweet kiss against her soft cheek. Her eyes fluttered open and gazed at his own beautiful eyes. With his hands within hers, she blushed yet stood up to lead him towards the boat. A quick look towards him as she answered, "I planned this boat ride specifically for us. It's going to take us to my favorite place that I go to dream my life away.~" She giggled happily and continued to walk down the stairs and onto the boat. The man bowed his head silently and offered his hand to balance her. She kindly accepted with her free hand as the other was in Kazimir's.

Once she was on the boat she headed towards the bamboo door that had a sheet screen as the wall itself. The designs were painted onto as there were a mountain and cranes flying. She opened the door to reveal a lounge bed on the right side and a long bench that is cushioned with silk pillows. She walked around the table that had tea and snacks all ready for them and sat down. Her eyes gazed up at Kazimir as she sat down. "I promise I don't bite.~" She teased as he was a vampire. Their left, right, and above them were see-through screens that they can clearly see, but those that are outside cannot.

After he sat down beside her, if he did, she leaned her head against his shoulder as the ride begun. "So Kazimir, tell me more about yourself. Have any hobbies? Talents perhaps?" She wondered as the boat was under a bunch of sakura trees and lights that made it all-so colorful.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He followed as she guided him to the lower deck of the boat. His eyebrow cocked as she mentioned the getaway she had planned. it was flattering, the amount of thought she put into the moment. "Your favorite spot. I'm honored," he replied, excited to see what place she held so dear. He smiled yet again at the jovialness of her giggle as she made her way to the silent man, peddling the boat.

He ran his hand through the bamboo curtain, admiring the design woven into it. A luxurious boat to say the least. The motif reminded him of the freedom of the wild he came from. Once inside, he swallowed as quietly as he could when he saw the bed and the atmosphere of the room flushed his veins with warmth. She crossed the room to a silk line of pillows garnished with a buffet of snacks.

A smirk adorned his face at her quip, "I can't say the same," he teased back and sat next to her. The snacks and tea concerned him less than the presence of the woman. She said she didn't bite but it only made his mind wander with thoughts of how she really was.

"A fascinating construction," Kaz remarked and ran his hand across the one-way pane of glass that let the delights of the outside within but kept the contents of the boat sacred. He couldn't help but think that she may not bite but she was assertive in her own way by bringing him here.

His arm slid over her shoulder as she leaned against him. With a gentle tug, he would try to pull her down beside him on the silk cushions so they could gaze up at the Sakura's togehter.

"Hmm," for some reason he had not expected such an upfront question but it was one similar to when they first met. "Hobbies...I suppose I've gotten into botany recently. And I'm a sucker for music. that's what first caused me to compliment all that time ago,"
he laughed a bit, "But at that time I would have never expected us to be in this situation."

"What about you? Other than singing that is," he returned the question.


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Her head rested on his shoulder but was soon to be resting against his side, inside his arms. She gazed fixated towards the sky as they looked upon the beauty of the Sakura trees. It was strange, this location as the trees have yet to die. It was like this place was filled with magic to make sure the beauty lives forever. Kurisa listened to him talk about botany and wondered how much did he know about flowers, herbs, and nature itself. The ride was gentle as one could not really tell they were on this boat. "Right! Forgot you told me about your parents and you picking up on it. It's a beautiful hobby, Kazimir." She breathly spoke softly while resting her hand on top of his chest and cuddled into him.

"My hobbies? Instrument playing, singing, poetry writing, cooking, baking and - " She didn't want to add that she had a drinking problem so she tried to add something else instead. "I also love to travel to different countries and places." She giggled at her list. "I always try to find something to do so my list is quite long. I do quite love science and nature as well." She gazed towards the sky as she was lost in her listing. She coughed lightly and gazed away. "S-sorry didn't mean to drag the answer." She felt anxious as she could have made the list shorter. Slowly, her body shifted so the front part of her body was against Kazimir's side. Her face hides inside his shoulder as her she was now unsure what to say next. She loved answering questions, sometimes asking them as well, but a part of her made her become quite indecisive about every action she makes. "We should be there within ten minutes." She made a shy smile and sat up as moments between their words passed by.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Sakura petals decorated the top glass of the boat as it rippled through the water. "Oh. Thank you. I'm not the best at it, but the reason I left was to finish the research that they were working on with it." He left out the part about his parent's search for some mysterious sure that led him into the encounter that made him a vampire. A story perhaps for another boat ride.  He snugged her in with his arm, her presence was more calming than he expected. Her hand planted on his chest and after a moment, he placed his own hand atop hers.

He listened with a grin the more she rambled on about her hobbies. He thought it was cute that she giggled at her own ever-growing list, "I think it's nice that you have so many. Do you have a favorite of the bunch? And traveling is one of my favorite things as well. I think I've been to most places in Fiore, just because of my time with the knights.

"It's not a problem," he replied as she turned into his shoulder. "I rather enjoy listening to you talk. Speak as much as you'd like. I'm here to get to know you better after all," he said with a small laugh at the end.

"I see. So what makes this place so special to you," he asked and sat up alongside her. Maybe this place was the reason she chose to set up shop in Hosenka, other than the area's natural beauty.


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She felt comfort as she rested on the lounge bed that let them gaze at the beauty above. Her eyes were not on the sakura trees though. She gazed hypnotically towards his eyes as he started to speak and gazing at the sky himself. He looked so into it that it was cute. She wanted to move her hand to let her nimble yet strong fingers go through his hair strands to see if this was real. Her heart beats quickly like the hummingbird's wings that flap away. Kazimir's eyes were like desert bluebells or in a rather meaningful way they were like blue anemone flowers. They were a symbol of luck, inspirational blossoms that are perceived by most people as pretty, dreamy, and bringing spiritual peace of mind. To her right now she could feel that.

He questioned why this place was so special to her. The truth was it wasn't. Maybe it was a cheesy-romantic attempt to make a place so beautiful and with such a sight something special. She smiled carefully and sat up while gazing away. Her fingers were clenched on the rims of the bench as she told him her answer. "Truly, I have a few special places here. Mainly for their view and the fact that not many people visit the areas. So many people are busy working really hard to live their lives and some to take care of others, but they never get to walk, stand there and enjoy the beautiful things around them. To relax." Her lips frowned a little bit as the boat stopped. Instantly her lips smiled and stood up. Quickly, she grabbed and blind-fold. "Alright.~ Time for the trusting part.~" She giggled, "I don't want to ruin the sight-seeing and final product.~" She had something decently planned for them. Once he agreed, she blind-folded him carefully and entwined her fingers with his on her right hand, and lead it off the boat.

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Kazimir Seiryu
She was gentle in his arms. Instead of looking at the sakura flowers, he closed his eyes to just enjoy the moment. It was like he drifted away in a stream of solace for a moment. A smile crept onto his face as he felt her heart begin to beat faster. When she sat up, it took his attention back to her, catching a glimpse of her two-tone eyes before she looked away.

Sorrow slithered in around her as she spoke. Kazimir sat up beside her and placed a hand on her clenched grip of the bench. "I'm sure you'll help the people of Hosenka learn to relax a little more." The boat slowed until it was at a standstill, bobbing in the water. Kurisa bopped up with a blindfold in her hand, "Oh" he replied with a raised brow, and his mouth ajar.

He quickly turned it into a sideways smile," I see. A woman who likes surprises then. Alright," he nodded and closed his eyes for her to put the blindfold on. His senses howled to cast a spell to feel the air around him, but he wanted to trust her and was sure that he could.

"Lead the way. I can't wait to see what sort of view has caught your eye," he stood up with her hand guiding him. He shuffled slowly forward. His free hand reaching out to the walls and whatever handholds his fingers could graze, just trying to keep his balance secure.

The bob and sway of the boat ceased as his foot landed on solid ground. Stubbing his foot on the edge of the platform, he stumbled forward, into Kurisa's side, "Sorry," he laughed and resituated himself.  He tapped his foot on the ground to get his bearings, but not long as to keep up with whatever pace Kurisa kept them at.

His fingers gave hers a gentle squeeze, as he got ready to embark on the quick journey without sight, but there was a tingle of excitement about it running up and down his spine. "You said not many people visit here. Is it hard to get to?"


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She escorted him carefully up the path as she kept him against her side. Everything was going well till he seemed to become off-balanced, leaning into her for some support. "I do not mind at all.~" She softly spoke and continued on. The path was cobblestone with the sides lit up by small wooden lanterns. They say that the spirits that roamed here kept the place lit in case there were people that wanted to roam through the beauty. She had everything prepared from top to bottom as they finally got to the top. "Alright, we're at the bridge.~" She unfolded his eyes and gave him a soft smile.

The view was realistically beautiful. You could see the mountains from where they stood as well as the whole City of Hosenka. She held onto his hand still and lead him up the bridge to where on the other side there was a large blanket spread against the ground. In the middle was a basket filled with food, a bottle of alcohol, and some lit candles. Over them were large wisteria trees that were about a hundred years old. One was purple and the other was blue as they shined from the moonlight. Surrounding the area was a pond filled with fish and nature that perfectly fitted the scene.  Kurisa nervously let go of his hand and turned away, holding herself. "I hope this is okay... I've..." She gulped and gazed off. "I've never really set anything up like this before nor has anyone really set any romance stuff for me. So wasn't sure how." There she goes again, rambling nervously.

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