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Padma Neerja

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Padma Neerja  Empty Tue Nov 17, 2020 7:32 pm

Jolyne Atreides

Gasping though she did not need to Jolyne crested her earthen coffin like some kind of flying fish springing forth from the frothy ocean below and trying to reach into the sky itself. The difference between her and the fish was that she would continue to go above the earth instead of falling back into it, propping herself up with her oddly skeletal arms Jolyne would note her rot with only slight apprehension. Somehow it just made sense that most of her body would have returned to the earth and thus leaving her in some odd form having come back from death in such a way as she did.

Being a somewhat modest lady however her first order of business would be to don some attire, thus the magician needed to venture to some apparel shoppe. Thinking nothing of how she looked the female would simply come out of the earth next to one of the trees with the pink petals that she forgot the name of, brush herself off and begin to walk towards a place that emitted the most light and noise closest to her.

It did not take long before she found some place she mistook for a clothing store and even less time haggling with the bewildered cashier about purchasing a mannequin's outfit in a place that normally sold enchanted items or scrolls. Undeterred by the fact it was just a regular set of clothes, the lich would purchase them and dress in front of the cashier who had just now realized the oddity of the situation in front of him. Before he could say anything however Jolyne would bid her farewell as she left through the door she had entered only moments before, but now she had some clothes, a most important caveat to her.  

Arriving outside she would wonder what exactly had changed in the time that she was dead, perhaps a fellow mage could tell her something to catch her up on the current state of affairs in the world. While it seemed she might not end up having a care in the world thanks to her unique physiology, that did not mean that she did not care about the world itself.

#2Judith Karlinius 

Padma Neerja  Empty Thu Nov 19, 2020 5:27 am

Judith Karlinius
Judith was back at the Sakura Alley since being in Hosenka she had visited this place a lot more then anything other spot that could be here with in the city, Looking and observing the many trees around the area as she always is here, studying each tree she could, what made it different? if there was really anything different? so much to take in because it meant so many things she could alter with in that way if she wish to figure out and keep one of these kinds of trees herself she could manage as long as she could, So far the one she believe she had at home could be taken care of better, Thus she was here now.

How else does Judith study does one wonder? Jolyne would learn today, while Judith was taking note she often sung songs to herself. So slowly as Jolyne would rise from the ground hearing Judith sing."It's a beautiful day.~"Judith's voice would sing casually as she normally would while taking notes of the tree she was looking at."Don't let it get away.~"The very small person she was just seemed to be singing about how casually nice everything felt around her.

Then Judith felt the ground shifting around her , Wondering what exactly it was her casually almost angel like singing voice stopped. Judith would slowly turn her head towards the sound and walk towards it to dig into that wonder that might be before her. What exactly was shifting around the ground?  Remaining quiet as now a skeleton would just start coming out of the ground, It did startle her Judith in some way, Alas Judith did not seemingly fear for her life. Easily remarking after being a bit startled."Oh..it seems fate showed something I did not expect today."The soft spoken woman Judith was would remark about Jolyne showing up from the ground.

Much like anything in life Judith seemingly just took the random situation of fate entirely just as it was in front of her. Then they just casually started walking towards the more populated part of Hosenka, Just continuing her curious way of being Judith would follow the skeleton not to long after, giving them a bit of space because he did not want to seem like she was just throwing herself into a persons life, Nor did she know they were friendly.

A skeleton wanting to get clothing was not exactly normal, also being unable to tell with they had what they needed to actually pay for the clothing. Now Judith would kind of enter the picture would offer something up to be helpful to the skeleton."Are there something things you would like some help getting some things you need?"Only because that was just how Judith was, She was curious and helpful. Judith's plan was to make a new friend today, how else does one achieve that by not recklessly entering people lives like this? hopefully it worked.

#3Jolyne Atreides 

Padma Neerja  Empty Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:40 am

Jolyne Atreides

As she was about to pull a small satchel from her chest cavity, the Lich would hear a voice alerting her to another person who was paying attention to her. Unexpected for some odd reason by the shambling bundle of bones, she would listen intently as the person spoke turning as they did to look upon them with her eyeless sockets that seemed to fall inward forever. Her eyes were not meant to be disturbing but the skeletal nature combined with the magic that allowed her to see caused them to appear like darkness was coiled within their pits, ebbing and flowing as her focus shifted about the room.

"Why I do thank thou for offering such a thing but hopefully my money still works. Pray tell me if one can, what year is it? I would very much enjoy knowing for how long I have slept you see. Also what is the state of the world? I am remorse to press for such heavy inquiries but my existence will require that knowledge to proceed upon my mission of balancing the cycle of life and death." Sounding rather serious these words would sound rather insane and hollow if delivered by a regular human, but when one was obviously some kind of Arcane Monster these kinds of claims were not quite as silly. Her tones would be the same as they were in life, light and bubbly but with a deep tenor caused by her wide shoulders and large chest she had in life being a bit over six feet tall and rather athletic in her youth.

"My Epitath is Jolyne Atreides, Once and Future Dead. Mighst I trouble you for your honorific my dear?" Her skull would shift in ways that it seemingly could not as it was bone and not muscle or fat but Judith would simply perceive a heartfelt smile spread slowly over the face of Jolyne as she spoke. Despite everything that death had taken from her the stubborn plant magician had somehow dragged her ability to emote with her face past the lines of reasoning through sheer subconscious willpower alone. Though that was hardly were her mind was, instead she was most curious about the woman whom had come into the shop after her. The Atreides girl was so interested she simply paid for her garb by placing the coins on the counter behind her without breaking eye contact, as that would be too much a faux pas for her to commit this soon after meeting her first person back in the mortal world.

#4Judith Karlinius 

Padma Neerja  Empty Sun Nov 22, 2020 5:27 am

Judith Karlinius
This was entirely interesting thing for Judith, they spoke so well and she did not expect it, It was lovely to Judith because it was always a new experience with various brings you meet, this one sounded female so Judith would refer her as such. Since it was a series of questions Judith still did not mind answering them all."I am sorry, I did not realize you had money on you."Judith was not exactly paying attention to what the skeleton could have on them."No problem in seeing if your current money will work."Alas while Judith would wait and see what would happen.

To start."It is the year x789, Autumn time."Anyone else might find this situation strange or uncomfortable, To Judith it was interesting, fun and a various way to build information of various things. Balancing the cycle of life and death, interesting mission, Whatever part of that cycle might be interesting to Judith if she ever learned the entirety of Judith's story, unless it ever came time for them to learn Judith for now would try not to mention it anyway.

"As for the state of current affairs of the world."Judith could only mention what she heard of, was it super helpful? maybe but as the state of the world always was an ever changing state, which was hard to track."Chaotic: Lands had dragons return, a guild of Dark mages have gained a lot of steam of late, The amount of other guilds almost seem quite quiet of late."That last part seemed to be Judith's view but also allowing the skeleton to make note of it by mentioning this next part, Since she would also mention who she was.

"I am Judith Sophitia Karlinius, I am the caretaker of The guild and it's members of Fairy Tail."Also kind of realizing how small she was compared to skeleton after all the high difference between four foot nine inches for one person and 6 feet to another. Judith was answering questions looking up at them, still seemingly normal and delighted as always."Most of my time is spent cleaning and cooking so my information might not exactly be up to date."So she was trying to help, As well as admitting her information might not be up to date she was still trying to help at least.

"It is nice to meet you Jolyne."It was so far delightful for a moment for Judith at least, She was entirely happy with it."I am willing to help you if anything you might need."Even if Judith was unsure how entirely she could help at this point, how does one help her? does she clean the bones? does she help her outfit fit nicely? So many things to wonder which seemed like an interesting situation for Judith to be in.

#5Jolyne Atreides 

Padma Neerja  Empty Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:40 am

Jolyne Atreides

"Pish posh, no slight was taken and no apology is needed darling" Jolyne would respond in her sing song voice which conflicted much with her skeletal appearance but was reflected upon her face somehow none the less. The Lich's policy was to save apology for when it was needed, the Atreides never cared much for the polite act of apologizing for mistakes rather than misdeeds.

Autumn was it? Odd it felt almost more like winter, perhaps she just needed some more meat on her bones so the wind's chill would not pierce through to her spine.

As the short woman would continue to speak the Skeleton's expression would sour at the news of the world being in turmoil, it seemed that there would be no rest in the current life much like she found none in the afterlife. Still with her formal introduction this Judith may be a good person to help her begin putting things...balanced, not exactly right, right was far too subjective for the Lich's desires. "Well would thou help me clean up the world a bit? It would seem like some help is required for these non dark guilds, and well, I was returned here to help." Her words chirped along as her eye sockets closed from a smile that stretched her cheeks cartoonishly the bone looking more like skin with muscle underneath.

"I am most delighted to have met thineself Judith, I should hope you alert me to any needs you require to be met as well. I should think gathering up the other members of Fairy Tale and taking stock of the lands we can successfully protect would be a good thing for me to focus on, though if you have any better ideas do illuminate me before I delve into that." Placing a skeletal finger on her chin the mage would begin to calculate certain things she knew about the world before her death in order to better evaluate what Fairy Tale may be at this time.

#6Judith Karlinius 

Padma Neerja  Empty Tue Nov 24, 2020 7:21 am

Judith Karlinius
You could see the delighted smile on Judith's face, the  person seemed to reserve no judgment, Even then Judith did not expect much of that possibly for how polite and well spoken this had turned out so far. Almost considering brushing up on her language skills to expand it more."I can say, I have met very few people whom speak as well as have, for a long time."Judith was most likely showing her age to so say at that comment, Then again age is always a ever strange things between people and beings in this land, She was also very well mannered.

Alright making such an offer was interesting to her, Before agreeing right away Judith would make sure to remark."I would be willing to help, As long as I will have time to spend with my husband and children...When i manage to keep them in one spot."Judith was already starting to act her normal self as well, thinking about the people who was attached too as well as her willingness to help others, Which is generally how she always had been going towards in life. most people had their own things even if small and wholesome they seemed to manage while living. Still Judith was willing to help."I am still willing help you in which you want."Judith seemed to have simpler terms, even not being a really horrible about it either.

Then that part would be mentioned, did she have many needs? not really."I don't have a lot of needs, I generally go off of a day to day basis, aside from small things anyway."Judith also did not know much else she really needed currently so her answer was fairly basic, Even if then again she was fair to simple to keep to happy over all.

It would turn however to Judith mentioning."We do not have many to gather, Members with in the guild are extremely low of late...something I have been considering working on upon my return to it."Judith would mention to Jolyne since it would be important to the task at hand considering what was slowly starting to form together.

So it would lead into Judith's question of."Since I do wonder, if we are to gather the members of Fairy Tail to start with, Are you one yourself?"Judith had wanted to know, Maybe she was lucky and was going to sign some one else into it so to say.

#7Jolyne Atreides 

Padma Neerja  Empty Mon Nov 30, 2020 9:27 am

Jolyne Atreides

Jolyne took the compliment in an opposite way, she assumed from the words she spoke a bit verbose and old fashioned. Perhaps an update in the patterns of speech was needed? The Lich endeavored to learn the local slang thanks to this interaction, she would have to learn how to endear herself to the average public person after all, not just academics.

"Family is truly the hearth of the soul, without it one is doomed to whither away in isolation. I would not drag you from such a vital need" Jolyne giggled a bit at the end before continuing, "And now I simply must see whom you call family. If only to thank them for being there for the person who offered to procure mineself clothing in mine time of need." As she spoke it almost appeared as though more jewelry was forming upon her first appearing as dull white bone and then almost calcifying into ornate bits and bobbles to suit the physical form even more than just that of a skeleton. Had she been consciously aware of this occurrence the Plant Mage would wonder if soon she would sprout flowers as well.

"I was a Rune Knight in life, that much I do know but I fear that punishing criminals is not what will set this right. There is enough bringing punitive measures, a velvet glove is needed to bring in the people and lift them up. Unity through basic humanitarian rights will draw in those under despots who continually war with each other. It seems we will need to recruit more healers then, and you shall have to enroll me officially. Brand me with the mark." As she spoke Jolyne would wander aimlessly in a circle trying to think of things that her and the other woman could do to help the process more in general. Well, at this point it almost seemed like time was the ingredient needed for this. Unfortunately the Lich lacked patience in spades.

Jolyne offered her boney arm up with it's clawed hand demurely to the woman as if the two were off to a ballroom and not two people desperately trying to push positivity in a world consumed in sorrow.

#8Judith Karlinius 

Padma Neerja  Empty Mon Nov 30, 2020 6:33 pm

Judith Karlinius
Much to now well his eventual family's dismay. Judith would agree."Oh they are all lovely."Judith could easily just trail off so many things about them."I do not have many family members, Most of them are in Magnolia and some where close to the guild."This part because Judith already seemed to be lost in the conversation would just simply mention."Easier would be my husband, Since out house stand out and is close to the guild he will be there more often than I, Just would be a simple knock at the door of the house was an overly large garden of flowers and plants."So Judith seemed to really enjoy her plants and flowers, Eventually she would even have to show them off.

Most people would most likely be more scared of these situations, Judith would be too is she was far younger then she was now. Judith was enjoying her conversation."I do wonder what kind of flowers I should bring him this time...Not many here I think i could safely transport here."Yes already she was on about flowers and plant life, Almost like they would be well getting along very nicely in that manner.

Judith would take her time to listen now, After all that was important to her."Yes, That is in fact one of my current goals, Starting to find more people for Fairy Tail."Judith mentioned adding to it."I just...might have gotten distracted trying to check up on my daughter, Even if she is an adult i worry about her. Then well this place is vastly different then home so i was exploring."Judith could admit she does have her head the clouds sometimes. That was just how she was, stuck in her ways and for the most part tiny and harmless.

#9Jolyne Atreides 

Padma Neerja  Empty Wed Dec 02, 2020 12:06 pm

Jolyne Atreides

Ahhh the classic mother could not pick in private a favored member of the family. This one could indeed be trusted as the feelings of the soul lined up perfectly with the words that entered the Lich's skull. "I do ever so enjoy gardens, that doth sound most delightful" the skull squealed as her hands shot to her cheeks out of habit. That could be quite the endeavor and probably would be better than toiling around in this town.

The Lich would reflect more upon the other woman's words and think about what would be the best, opting for her usual route Jolyne would say in a cheer filled voice;

"Get him the opposite of what has become predicated as the norm. Novelty is the spice that seasons the broth of living."

Nodding as Judith spoke, Jolyne's face would grow serious in reflection, "Well first let us check upon thine daughter, visit thy husband and then set forth for where time might take us in it's flow." With arm still outstretched she would wiggle her eyebrows to further entice the other to depart and ramp upward to a path of progression.

#10Judith Karlinius 

Padma Neerja  Empty Wed Dec 02, 2020 4:45 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was now a wonderful and joyful situation in the end for Judith, Why she was going to bring a new friend and most likely guild member home to visit her house and family. In reality even if it almost seemed Judith was playing favourites, when she was not and had just no idea how to find her children were grown adults, With two of them just being more hidden away and the third just always on the go, Judith just had no luck with finding her, Such was her life really.

"You are more then welcome to come my garden."
Judith might not realize how that could be horrible for her own family to deal with."as well as maybe suggest some plants that could go into it as well, I do not know enough people for whom would give me feed back or ideas."Now it seemed the lich and the small woman already seemed to be getting off upon a wonderful spark of a friendship, Judith was always trying to be friendly and open minded as always, It was just how she was.

Nonetheless Judith would solve her problems later, For now they had other things to do."Eh gifts for the husband can wait, He prefers shop tools or clothing over flowers anyway."Judith just seemed more casually mentioning at this point. It seemed their time in this part of the land here was done, So Judith would just simply say."I agree, Even if there is a large chance that Judina might not be in any solid area i could guess."it would be a good idea to do.


#11Jolyne Atreides 

Padma Neerja  Empty Wed Dec 02, 2020 7:55 pm

Jolyne Atreides

Quite the fascinating person she had ran into coming back to life, and such a friendly one too. Jolyne Atreides was most delighted in the company that had found her upon that day, a family oriented person who had the positivity to spark some pep into the dreary bones of the Lich.

In response to the suggestion that she could possible influence the composition of a beautiful expression of Judith's soul by choosing plants for her garden Jolyne began to subconsciously twirl her wrists in delight and kicked up one of her feet, these actions caused some of her baubles and jewelry to jingle in a ringing noise that suited the jubilance of the synaptic dance. With a squeal Jolyne would respond, "Why I would be ever so delighted to."

Tilting her head to the side the skeletal Atreides would then nod it understanding the flow of their planned activities now. She was a woman who enjoyed having plans, not one to be listless for long though pleasant distractions were always allowed to be indulged in. Part of the point of life in her mind after all.

"Onward and upward as I was once told" Jolyne giggled as the duo set out to see where their feet would take them and if their plans would go as smoothly as they hoped.


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