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Silver City

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Silver City  Empty Fri Nov 13, 2020 1:27 pm


Kurisa brushed her hair slowly as she wondered when she will finally not be alone. She did not mind so much about how she and Alisa were supposed to meet and yet the girl became so busy that she was alone again. Such a long sentence it was. She had to get going, but then again it has been awhile since she took the time off for herself. Her eyes that were blue and golden-brown were rather odd to her. She always had one color, but now they were two. Just like two worlds. Was it really because of her magic that her eyes became like this?

She felt clueless because she wondered if her children were in danger too. Her thoughts were becoming more cloudy with each day that was passing by. The mirror she was gazing at, it was dusty. Her soft fingertip grazed against the mirror to see some dust left off of her skin. "I'll make sure they clean in here again." She softly spoke to herself. It was so quiet without her children here, without Masami here. Her world was becoming quieter with every day that was passing by. Her lips were not smiling, they were not frowning as they were straight. Her expression was rather unreadable.

Her hands opened the dresser doors as it revealed many dresses that were red with golden designs. It was how she was taught to dress when she was a little girl. The little girl who was the real her. When she lived in Sin and traveled to Joya, their clothes were very familiar. Too bad that this blood of hers now was that of those who were not of the descendants she came from originally. She felt like it was shameful to live this life. A life that she did not feel any pride of.


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Her curves were covered as everything but her bust and shoulders were covered. She could not truly cover her bust fully as they were too big to. Perhaps she needed bigger clothes size, or maybe she should just be proud of her body. Not everyone could have a body like this after having twins. Could she really be proud though? So many questions were popping in her head as she continued to then walk away from her room. The fridge was left open for some reason. Her eyebrows lifted as she wondered who in the world was here. Soon enough her momo appeared as she jumped onto the counter. A small smile escaped her own lips.

She was glad that Momo was here for her, even if it was just a little longer. Kuri felt like Momo left her already because of how she needed to move on, to become stronger, but she has yet to become that strong. There was no need to leave. Her eyes looked at Momos as Momo looked at hers. They understood each other well without much talking. Kuri nodded as she went to the fridge and picked up some ingredients to cook with. What she was going to cook was making her feel unsure.

She went and kneeled in front of the counters under the sink and opened the door. Her eyes scoured the different types of pans to cook with as she could see that some had scratches. Maybe it was time to buy some new pans, as well as some other things she has noticed, was getting old. People tend to need somethings, so maybe she could even donate the things she is planning on getting rid of. She finally got up after taking the flat skillet and the pan that she likes to cook hashbrowns on.


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It was a simple breakfast to her so this was a little perfect in the simplest way. The sound of crackling the oil was making was really satisfying as the hashbrowns were melting like ice from the freezing that fell onto the floor. Like all hot oils, it hurts with it splatters in some random direction. It was one of the most annoying things about cooking. She sighed softly as she stood there for about seven minutes. Momo was trying to entertain her as she was super bored just standing there.

Cooking was all about the patience and technique of each person that cooked. The food was smelling very good though so it kept motivating her. She knew though that even though cooking took up to hours of work, it only took a few minutes to seconds to eat it right up. If only food lasted as long as it took to make it. Maybe there would be more people that baked and cooked. Quickly, a yawn escaped her mouth, and flipped over the hashbrowns. Her eyes felt droopy and tired already, but she still had a mission to do after all of this.

Next was the ham as well as some curry sauce for the chicken for tomorrow. She had to prepare it, but maybe she will do that after the mission. Kuri was rather known for her Spicy curry, but maybe it was more of the joke since Kuri had the same pronouncing as Curry. Once it was all done she put her food on a plate and put momo's on her own plate before putting the dishes into the dish washer. She sat down at her small table as they both ate together, quickly. Maybe someday she will find a companion that could be human and eat on the table with her. It would be less alone, but at least she had someone, in general, to sit with her.


Silver City  Empty Fri Nov 13, 2020 3:44 pm


It was simply just the fact that she felt the need to have someone around her at most times. Everyone still liked their alone time so it was not really twenty-four seven. After her food was done she finally went and put the dishes into the dishwasher with the rest. Leaning over, she went to put in the soap and closed it before starting it.

Kurisa yawned and stretched as she felt even more tired now after falling asleep, but she went with Momo to go out to see some person. They had to escort a guy around since they were too scared to get hurt or something like that. She was pretty unsure how rich this guy was and why he wanted her. He wanted to make it look like a date as they will gaze at riches that were created by poor people. Why not choose a woman known for her paper skill? Her beauty was also known throughout Fiore and also one of the top available bachelorettes, but at the same time, no one wanted to be with her. Was she just a curse to be reckoned with?

Leaving her hotel she went towards where she had to meet this guy. This guy was not the first guy she had to do this for so really it was no different. Elegantly she walked towards the gat as she saw a man and a guard there standing. 'Must be him.' Her head tilted to get a better look at the guy as she noticed he was quite old. Was he a widow or something? She sighed softly and put on a smile for the customer service reviews. 'Suppose this will do. Experience is experience.' she believed as she moved forward. The guard looked over with the older man who nodded. "This is where we depart. Stay at the gate." He instructed the guard. He stood at his post in a statue pose.


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It was like he knew what to do at that moment. The old man took her arm as she offered it to escort him towards the lower district. Her blonde hair flowed behind her as her eyes gazed into the sunrise. "Mornings are rather better when it comes to beauty, you know." He spoke in a rather slow tone. She gave him a soft sweet smile while patting his hand. "Truly is." She replied to him kindly. The wind felt kind and smooth so it was a very good day to stroll. The guy had a hat, a regular suit and a cane in his left hand. They walked very slowly as she wondered where he wanted to go. Her eyes shifted to see if he was going to gaze anywhere specific. Will she be like this when she gets to that age? Have some handsome guy walk her around?

It made her want to rethink somethings as she wondered if she will ever find her one. "So, tell me about yourself." She wondered curiously if he even will. He chuckled and patted her hand. "If you're really interested, young lady. I suppose we have the time." He reponded. He started to talk about how his wife died a few years ago and ever since then he has been feeling rather ill. He heard that something that was stolen from him was being sold by some merchant in the lower district and wanted to get it.

It was bitter yet sweet.

They got married when they were in their early 20's as most people did back then and still do. She remembered she got married around there when she was that age. He continued on about then how his wife had children of twins yet one did not live long as they died at the age of fifteen. It made her sad, it made her a little scared about her own children as she wondered how they were doing. Momo comforted her. She had no one else to do that.


Silver City  Empty Fri Nov 13, 2020 3:45 pm


As he continued to talk she gazed around and wondered how the thing he was looking for looked like. He described how the stone was emerald with a silver and gold lining. The swirls were melted into each crevis as the pin in the back held on strong. She was looking for something like that and yet they could not find it at all. She wondered if he was perhaps in any danger for looking for it. Someone had to have sold it from within the house. How else could someone else get it from their grasp? From his dead wife's fingers?

"We should rest now." He yawned and started to go towards the bench as Kuri continued to hold onto his arm carefully. He sat down with his wiggling wavering hand as he was trying to balance. She could not help but help him with everything. He gave a smile towards her and then towards the merchants with a sad look. "Do not fret. We will find it. I will make sure of it." She gazed at him. She sat next to him to give him company as they started to relax after a few hours of walking.

It had to be a merchant that sold jewelry, perhaps nicknacks, or even anitques. She listened to the people chatter, the birds flew around as it picked up scraps from the cement due to people being messy, trashy and some even just liked to feed the birds. He turned his head and nodded, "Ready? Alright." She spoke sweetly and helped him back up so they could go out looking again. He walked with her as she just decided to lead him around. Her eyes gazed at each place very closely as she saw some other things that seemed interesting, but she was mainly here for the old gentleman.

He finally spoke up about how he was curious about herself. She was unsure rather or not it was safe to speak about herself. There was so many things to talk about, but maybe it would not hurt to talk. At first, she talked about how she use to be married, had two children - twins, but then the man left her for some younger woman. She chuckled as she told the story. Kurisa felt like no one wanted a woman who had children nor one that was married already. Soon enough they found the jewel and she helped him back home. It was a nice journey while it happened.



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