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A Wolf, In a Parade of Sheep.(Open)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

A Wolf, In a Parade of Sheep.(Open) Empty Thu Oct 08, 2020 4:44 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
There was always such a risk, Trying to fit in with people you normally do not, Even if the intention of fitting in was honest and peaceful, It was a reality that still worried Priscilla/Valerie. After all her duality was in some way of ruse around other people, A ruse she wanted to be her current reality, Even if she would most likely not look back when she was told to do a task by her guild master. Lingering upon what her life might be like if she walked away from that life of in which she was use too.

Nasira was asked to look after Hasani so she could have a bit of time to herself, No better time for her then when the night had started, Thus she would roam quietly as she always had. Was it a possible sleepless night for her? it was possible hopefully she would not try too stay out too long. Then again she had a good caretaker for her son.

Gone was the lighter flowing clothing, to fitting for the evening time. black capri pants, white socks, black shoes, A black shirt that had sleeves long enough to cover just to her elbows.

She wanted to see what Hosenka was like in the evening time, for each city was far different in the evening, just as they were different in the day time. So she could not help but wonder. Did these places hold the activities she was use too here? just like every other city, it could happen easily.

What else she would do while she studied and observe the people who walked around in the evening was starting to be on her mind as well. Would she grab a drink? would she find some sort of food stand around? so many things of information to take in, Limit time to account for it all, Interesting in this werewolf's mind.


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Étaoin stumbled into the starlight area, glancing back towards the less child friendly area of the city. God were they glad to be out of that area, and once again, their previous outfit had magically vanished, and now they donned a more feminine outfit. God help Étaoin, before someone gets hurt. Glancing down at the outfit though, purple eyes blinked as they took in the black and pink gothic like outfit, in reality it wasn’t that bad, very cute indeed, but it was also screaming at the men around here to approach Étaoin and that was one thing they were not trying to do, as a matter of fact it was the thing they were one hundred percent trying to friggin' avoid, but not matter how it happens, they always end up with the same results. Peer pressured into the cute outfits. Sighing quietly to themselves as they continued to walk, hands in their black hooded cardigan, at least that was one thing they got to keep from their original outfit, thank god it wasn’t their favourite knitted jumper they wore out today, and instead just a plain white tee with some faded jeans and beaten slip on.

It was quite late, and honestly Étaoin usually would just head straight home after their little wonder of Hosenka that they decided would be a fun thing to do every night, but today Éta just decided to spend a little more extra time out and about, after all the colours looked super bright and colourful against the night sky, the stars also looked pretty tonight as well. Stopping on the edge of the grassy area that Starlight Parade displayed, Éta lifted their gaze to what they could see of the stars above them, it really was a pretty sight to see, but it was so so much better when the bright lights of Hosenka finally switched off, when most of the city went to sleep, minus the area specifically for adults only.

A shiver ran down their spine at the sudden gentle breeze that passed over them, causing Étaoin to pull their hands from their pocket, but tugged the cuffs of the cardigan over their hands, only to wrap the opening of the cardigan around the cutely fixed outfit the mage currently wore. ‘It’s quite chilly tonight, I wish that they’d give me tights like last time this happened.’ frowning at the thought, Étaoin just shook their head and glanced around the area, taking in the people around them, there weren't many but there were a couple of couples and groups as well as just people going to and from either work to home or vice versa. Lowering their head, Étaoin sighed as they felt their stomach quietly rumble, whilst they tried to remember the last time they had food that day, and decided that maybe they should and try find somewhere to eat, but then Étaoin also wanted to stare at the stars just a little more. That wouldn’t hurt right?

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#3Priscilla Ivalice 

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Priscilla Ivalice
It is always the wonderful part of her life, always watching, Always waiting for things that she could never quite figure out or guess what exactly that would ever be, Nonetheless the werewolf was always watching and waiting for whatever exactly would stick out could be.

So far nothing had stood out, being partly glad that was the case so far, last thing she wanted to worry about was one of the many paranoid thought that linger upon her mind.

It was for the most part, a wonderful walking trip alone a casual one, a peaceful one, Not much else needed to be taken in information wise.

So either the people here would good at hiding the any horrible habits that would she would find interesting to dig into, She was in the wrong side of city to learn said things or hosenka was the boring city she hoped for it to be.

Nonetheless she would continue on her normal way of wandering about, even if she felt it was starting to become slightly tedious, if it had been this tedious she would have at least brought her son out for an evening walk, now it was far too late and she would not subject him to anything she would do alone.

She wanted to be known as a caring, happy and loving mother who happen to be busy with work often to her son.

But personal worry lingering in her mind being set aside, something finally caught her attention...well rather some one did. They were very interesting to her eye, So what else to do then start walking towards what interest her.

They sure seemed different, the kind of interest that would attach the werewolf, So far who ever they are, they were looking upon the sky. This just mean it was perfect for her to sneak her way in or around this person.

She just had to wonder, what to say to a person. However she figured it out quickly."What's with the frown for darling?"So now their meeting would start.


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Étaoin closed their eyes as they took a calming breath, it was just for a little longer, just until it hit a certain time at night that they had promised themselves not to stay out past on their own. Good things never came to them in the past when they stayed out past that time, and Éta was a billion percent positive that it wasn’t going to start happening now, ten years later. Rubbing the side of their neck, Étaoin tore their gaze from the stars, a saddened expression now joining the frown that would not budge, they couldn’t just live in a state of hoping to be free as the stars in the sky, but then again, not even they were free were they? The stars were only able to shine at night, because the sun ruined their reign of the sky during the day and hid them until the moon would grant them the freedom to shine once more when night arrived again.

Being so invested in their own thoughts, Étaoin didn’t even register the approaching footsteps or the shift in the wind’s breeze against them until an unknown scent and even more unfamiliar voice was heard behind them. “W-what the!" Quickly spinning around, Éta stared at the stranger, gripping their cardigan tighter against themselves, and shifting a few steps from the red headed lady. "Hey you know that’s rude r-right?” Taking in the stranger more, “An invasion of personal space… kind of rude.” Étaoin mumbled in one of their home tongues, glancing between the area around them and the stranger, they were still nervous Éta didn't change their tense appearance, even when the lady asked her question. Shaking their head, the frown not leaving as Éta cleared their throat before reply to the question, not that it had anything to do with her. “No reason… I usually frown most nights.” Shivering again when another breeze made itself known, Éta huffed irritably and wrapped their cardigan around themselves more, or attempted too.

Étaoin was slightly annoyed at themselves that they had let their guard down that much to not even see this person approach them. Putting aside the whole sneak approach that the women had done, Étaoin could not deny that she was quite pretty, the long red hair under the bright lights of the city plus the moonlight just made it seem like it was softly burning, but in the prettiest way possible. Étaoin went to kick the floor like they usually did when they were in a situation like this, but paused only to scowl when they realised the shoes they were wearing and decided on not doing that as it was not the best idea.

Looking back up at the women, Éta tilted their head in curiosity. “Who are you anyway?” Étaoin was positive they did not know this lady, in fact Étaoin didn’t know anyone really except a few people, but it was weird that this stranger just appeared because they were alone? It was definitely weird, but maybe that’s just how Fiorian people were, it’s not like Éta knew what Fiorian’s were like?

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#5Priscilla Ivalice 

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Priscilla Ivalice
So they were quite a character, the interesting type Priscilla her self tended to some times seek out. in reality if Priscilla had been trying this poor soul would have never heard her coming after all rogues are quiet on their feet. Since her role was not that this evening. Then again Priscilla always knew to gauge whom she walked over too before hand, So far they seemed like little to no worry.

Even if Priscilla had scared them slightly, her face just with a friendly smile, After all in reality Priscilla truly meant no harm to the person."Indeed it is rude,I know very well it is."Priscilla would right away say back to them, The reality of manners was not lost to her at all, But she had looked past them for the moment, more of her curious nature.

Priscilla would then just say."I intend nothing horrible I promise you that."Personally doubting that they would believe her, Nonetheless Priscilla would state that to make her intentions clear, even if still leaving some up in the air.

So they always frown most of the time, Priscilla could understand that, not all times of life did good things happen."I am curious why that is, But I will not attempt to dig into it."Yet again the wonderful thing about her honesty she could control it so simply.

Who was she, Did Priscilla want to answer that right away? No, Even it was strange of her not too she would not."I have no problem explaining who I am, However I am came over here for a different reason."Which that reason would show it's self so quickly because she would not really be playing the cover up game with it.

Sure Priscilla was a stranger, sure in some way the red haired werewolf could seem scary, But in reality Priscilla Or Valerie whichever name you learn of hers in some way was a good person."Do you need something to eat?"Priscilla would seem slightly nosey now."As well, do you need anything else?"noting they was a cold, being more unsure and almost sacred and unsure looking. Priscilla drew the idea that this person was homeless and roaming in hosenska."As well as something maybe more to wear? just in case so you are not as cold."So that showed what Priscilla thought was happening Eta seemed almost like a homeless person and she was reaching out to possibly help them, Priscilla did not know exactly what their situation was or whom they are, So she was trying to learn.

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A lot came from the lady and honestly Éta now stood there more confused than nervous. It seemed this stranger was worried about them, even though they had never met before. Étaoin was extremely confused now. “Uhm… Why did you… Do it then?” Glancing around them, their hands dropped as they scratched the back of their head trying to figure out how to reply to this lady who was now offering them all these options. It was something that Étaoin had never really experienced before, usually they just stole things and went on with their daily activities like they had been doing since they were five years old and stuck in Joya, up until that guy found them during the failed mission and well not that it mattered much since everything was mostly forced onto them anyway.

Lowering their gaze towards their outfit, a small expression laced their facial features, one of disgust as Éta wrinkled their nose and let out a huff. “I’m fine. I was just dragged by the ladies into clothing stores…” A frown made its way across their face once again as they remembered the loss of their jeans and boots. Turning back to the women, Éta looked over the redhead once or twice before humming softly. “You are very pretty…” It was said softly in Joyan, as Éta glanced away once more. Not being able to actually feel like themself sometimes was annoying and it made them envious of others who could go around somewhat flaunting what they were born as, not that Éta was saying this woman was doing just that, but at least the lady wasn’t forced into girls clothes everytime they stepped foot near the more dangerous parts of town for work. “T-there is uh no need to offer me food or anything, I uh I'm fine…” It only took a couple of seconds of silence, for Éta’s stomach to rumble announcing their hunger. Instantly the teen felt their ears burn red in embarrassment, and their hands covering their stomach as if to try and silence it.

Nervous once again, Étaoin instantly pulled the hood of their hoodie over their head, and covered their face, because they had just lied - not that it was anything new - to this really kind lady, kind and pretty lady, and now they probably looked like an absolute idiot in front of the redheaded stranger. “I-I uh… um…” Sinking into a more crouched form, Éta bit their lip wondering how they were going to escape this sudden embarrassment that was bestowed upon them, thanks to their stupid stomach demanding food, which if it had waited a little longer, would’ve been given once they had returned to the hotel they were currently renting a room at within the city, but nope it just had to set itself of right at the moment where Étaoin refused the nice request from the possible kind lady.

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#7Priscilla Ivalice 

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Priscilla Ivalice
It was a fair question to ask in return, all of this did seem strange seem after. Priscilla was not exactly  helping much to comfort in any manner, Not yet anyway. It would slowly start revealing what Priscilla would actually attempt."Even if it is hard to accept kindness from other right away, You seem like you need it, That is why dear."Priscilla would eventually say for her rudeness, Just not quite yet.

Most people even if Priscilla looked pretty could assume she was not looking to be kind or helpful to anyone. Just Priscilla had that weakness to people who really did seem like they were stuck on the streets."Merely consider it, I will not force you."That is something she knew, some had to be willing even if some one was kind enough to offer to help, This would not be the first situation where Priscilla would have to wait, even if they refused it was easy to come to terms with that as well.

Even if really there was not a need too, Priscilla more wanted too, if anything this ensured that this person was safe as well, Even if the name Priscilla Ivalice carried tales of murder, black mail and kidnappings. She had a weakness for the more out of a place and homeless at times, Only because she had been at that part in life before as well.

When the note of how hungry this person seemed to be Priscilla did not wish to back down, Even if she still wanted to help."Unlike said women, I will not force a thing upon." she would mention as a point."I only wish to make sure while you are here: You have food to eat, A bed to sleep in, Clothing you are not compelled too to wear, Rather what you want to wear."It seemed simple really, Priscilla even had the money to ensure all of that.

They now knew what Priscilla intended."That is what I, Priscilla Ivalice of Sentinel Syndicate intend for you darling."Priscilla did not tend or generally wanted to even mention the guild she was in, often hiding it for good reason, It does risk a lot for her to reveal that so up front.

Maybe if Priscilla knew what all Eta had set up for them self here she would not seem so pushy, But until Priscilla clearly knew, she would seem as she was now.


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They slowly lifted themselves up from the crouched position as they continued to let the lady speak, though zoning out every so often, Éta lowered their head at what she was saying. In a way, Étaoin had wrongly accused the lady of trying to get them to eat and acquire new clothing, automatically assuming in their mind that this lady wanted something from them probably in return, and in a way to get out of the situation, lied. Staying quiet for a bit longer as they pondered over their options, the lady wasn’t forcing them into anything, but she was being quite pushy with her helping hand, and though it was nice to hear that they wouldn’t be forced to eat or wear things they didn’t want to, Étaoin still wasn’t too sure about trusting the lady. Trust goes a long way after all, and trusting the wrong people could lead to considerably bad consequences. It did not help that Éta was already on the law’s bad list considering the guild they were currently residing in and half the jobs that they had already done in just this city alone. It wasn’t really a good reputation to have, and Étaoin wouldn’t want to get the lovely lady involved in their bad rep.

“I-If i go with you… Can we get noodles?” Éta hasn't had noodles since before they were taken to Caelum, and honestly they would love to try it once more, being in Hosenka had those perks thankfully. “A-and maybe… some trousers?” Glancing up at the lady from beneath the hood, Étaoin’s face was probably red from slight embarrassment still, but also the fact that they were going to actually take the lady up on her offer to help them out. “There is a ramen shop over there… I heard it’s meant to be good?” Wrapping their hoodie around them more, Étaoin was going to say something else, but froze when the name of their own guild left the lips of this stranger now known as Priscilla. Éta didn’t know many of the guild’s members, they had only really met Kon and Azure, so meeting Priscilla was going to be a new experience and nothing like meeting the other two members they had met.

“S-sentinel Syndicate…” A low growl left them at the pet name the women used towards them. It was something that usually triggered the anger inside of them, but Éta had been learning how to control that whilst doing some quests that they had seen on the bulletin boards lately. “Please. Don’t call me that aight." They glanced towards Priscilla, irritation in their purple eyes before sighing. "I’m Étaoin, and coincidentally I’m also from the same guild.” The single emotion disappearing with the released breath. “Sorry. I just… I don't like those names.” Nodding towards the direction of the ramen stand, Éta shoved their hands into their hoodie pockets. “It’s nice to uh meet you, I guess. Shall we go talk more over some food?”

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Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed she did get through to them, Priscilla did realize she seemed slightly pushy, with an honest intention behind it, maybe it was from personal experience form trying this before, also in some way she was also in this person shoes in her own way and Priscilla just figured maybe that push was rightly needed. If truly Priscilla could easily apologize for it, Then again she was far bolder then most people and she did not play it down often.

So that is what they wanted two more merely simple things? Priscilla nodded in agreeing with their request."That would be simple enough to do, Let us go then."Priscilla seemed to stop the part that was almost expect her to say, none of the dear or darling stuff that was her normal use.

Priscilla would explain it as such."I will stop since requested, I just refer people as such from a habit I just been doing for at least 9 years."Speaking casually about it. in her mind giving a logical explanation about it would show the reason why it seemed so normal. Étaoin and Priscilla at least had each others names, Being from the same guild there was a good basis between to start building some kind of either friend or partnership.

"It will be your choice, Would you like to get trousers before we eat or after?"Priscilla wanted to make sure they did not want that part first or not. Yes Priscilla was a strange woman to meet at first, She at least seemed to be a decent person once you picked up upon her."I have money to spare, when we stop at places do not worry about price."It might be a shock for Étaoin in some way, To Priscilla it was just her being far to casual about it. Walking towards where Étaoin had pointed if they were going to the ramen shop first.


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Humming quietly, as they nodded whilst Priscillia explained the reason behind calling them the endearing pet names, but thankful that the lady had put a pause on doing so. They really did make Étaoin uncomfortable. Étaoin wasn’t about to dive into their own backstory on why they disliked those endearing names, after all they had only just met this lady and despite being of the same guild, Étaoin hadn’t even poured their life story out to Azure, and he was one of the first of the guild that they had met, minus Kon, since he was only like a projection or something of the man. Pursing their lips, Étaoin sighed. “Maybe when I get a little more used ta ya, you can go ahead an’ use them ‘gain…” Shrugging, they soon went to tapping their chin, after the next question that Priscilla had kindly thrown towards them.

The question was deciding on where to go first. Did they want to eat for or change outfits first? Changing their clothes would make them feel more comfortable in general, and usually when Étaoin was comfortable, they slowly opened up quicker than usual around strangers, so maybe that would be the better choice than going to eat something. Plus there was also the fact that the water mage didn’t want to walk through Hosenka’s streets in this outfit anymore than what they had to. If they heard one more catcall, they were going to lose it, or maybe not if Priscilla was around, but then again, Étaoin didn’t want to take any chances tonight unlike previous nights they strolled about Hosenka alone.

Pausing their direction towards the ramen shop, Étaoin tugged at the skirt they were wearing in disgust and slight embarrassment. “Mhm… Actually, clothing.” A firm nodded as they turned their purple gaze towards the woman next to them. “I want out.” Blinking down at the dress with a snarl. “After that we can get food an’ talk more. Sounds good?”

Glancing back up to the woman with a questioning look when she told Étaoin not to worry about the cost of whatever was to be brought. It was slightly nerve wracking when someone said that, since Étaoin knew how precious money could be at times, and they did not want to spend all this kind yet strange redheaded woman's money just because they didn’t like the current outfit that was forced upon them. Tight lipped, not giving a response to the money situation, Étaoin waited for the lady to confirm yes or no, before making their way towards the clothing stores instead of the ramen shop.

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#11Priscilla Ivalice 

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Priscilla Ivalice
It always would never seem like it, if anything this woman knew she was fair more bold and careless at times."It can take it's time, There is a logical mind set towards everything what happens and why a person feels that way."Priscilla would mention casually to Eta. Even pointing out."There is a reason I carry two knives on me always, Even if it never seems like I have any weapons on me." Yes that was Priscilla attempting to express understanding to a person, By mentioning she was armed even if she did not seem armed at all.

Did Priscilla have trust and people problems herself? most likely after all she was missing an eye too hasn't mention she was a werewolf to them either, but that missing eye was covered up by her hair. nonetheless even if that was mention, Priscilla still seemed harmless and casual.

She would not rush them to make a choice either, they could have wanted to do a third thing before either of them and Priscilla might have even said yes to that as well. After all it was just how she was. A happy guild member is a good one as well.

The choice was clothing, in which Priscilla only seemed to smile in delight."Very well, clothing it is then."Content with how this was going, Priscilla would start walking towards where she assumed any spots would have the clothing Eta wanted.

Only to stop at Eta's slightly baffled look over Priscilla lack of worry of cost."I am one hundred percent sure of my offer and not worrying about cost."Priscilla had more then enough money set side for the various things she knew she needed to afford in life, Anything her son could need she had the money for, Anything she could want she could either have had by now or could never be bought."As long as it will be something you will wear and like."Still in the end Priscilla was sure, She was a honest and up front woman that was for sure most likely now.


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Nodding quietly at the confirmation, they soon began to head in the direction of the clothing stores, their thoughts surrounding what they wanted to wear instead of this outfit and what they wanted to avoid. They specifically wanted to avoid the clothes that were super girly, like skirts and dresses, thanks to the ladies at the brothel houses, Étaoin had enough of those things to last them a lifetime, which was something unexpected and unintentional. Trousers were a nice option, or maybe some boy-like shorts, those were good too. Oh definitely combat pants! They were amazingly comfortable, maybe if anywhere in Hosenka sold any of those, Étaoin would pick them just because pockets and more places to hide things! A new hoodie would be nice, because even though Étaoin loved this hoodie, sometimes a change would be wonderful, and they didn’t actually mind the top half of this outfit they were wearing, so a tshirt wasn't very necessary on this shopping trip. Then it came down to the final product. The shoes. Heels were nice, but they hurt plus they did not go with combat trousers at all unless they were booties, which these pumps definitely were not, so a change of shoes were necessary for a completed outfit tonight.

Stopping at the first store, Étaoin glanced up at Priscilia before opening their mouth and quietly speaking up on what they figured they needed. “Uh… I think I will keep the shirt, but… maybe if they are sold here, some combat pants, and boots…” Étaoin wouldn’t mention wanting a new hoodie quiet yet, because money, even if Priscilla had said that money wasn’t an issue, to Étaoin money meant a lot of things, and they were always careful with how they spent money. “If we concentrate on those for now… I would be very appreciative.” Setting a hand on the handle of the shop, Étaoin soon stepped inside, avoiding the skirts and dresses, but glanced towards the area where the jumpers, hoodies and jackets would sit, before glancing towards the trousers and shoes sections would be. “There.” Turning back towards Priscilla with a small smile on their face, Étaoin chuckled. “Then we can get food and talk a lot more.”

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Priscilla Ivalice
It was always something that Priscilla felt whenever she did something like this, She assumed this person was a person down on their look kind of needing help, When it seemed like it was not entirely what it seemed to her. it was all entirely different when she learn what was going on, But normal to her because the reality of Priscilla often just buying people clothing and food was normal, Plenty of people who had been stuck on the streets for a while, Aside from the ones in this city might actually know Priscilla by name for it was what she did to help them.

At least with Eta this situation was more of doing something nice to help them out in a almost embarrassing situation. Priscilla would not really be anything else, Just casually looking at clothing while Eta took time picking out what they wanted. Nothing seemed to catch her eye at all. even remarking something to leave a hint of something person to Priscilla as well."No,My son is far too young to wear any of these..."It was extremely faint and you really had to pay attention to pick up upon what she had said to herself in that general moment.

But alas her looking was over, Eta had a chance to pick up upon the life of this woman if they had taken the chance too."Is that all you want for sure you want?"Asking as she wanted to be sure herself, That was just how she was. After all Eta much like most people might not see that Priscilla have done much more then this for a few people.

They made their choice and all she would simply state was she was paying."I will never tell you how to dress or what to wear, That is not how i am as a person."Under this seemingly upfront and abrasive woman seemed to be a woman who showed a lot of respect to people."A person should wear as little or as much as they want too."She would leave it at that, with a content smile upon her face.

Since they were done the clothing part."Now, lead to your place of choice for food."Priscilla mentioned in a polite and nice voice, Yet again it would still seem strange, After all people had to adjust into her being this way.


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After collecting all the items of clothing they needed, Étaoin turned towards Priscilla and gestured to the till, where they would go to pay for said items, only looking around the store, the young water mage glanced towards the cashier and hummed quietly to themselves. “Uh, so is there a place where I could… Maybe change?” Gesturing to the clothes, Étaoin shrugged. “It’s kinda chilly out there.” The girl nodded, before pointing to the rooms a little away, away from the checkouts, just for Éta to nod their head in thanks, gathering the bag that held their new clothes, they turned to face the red-haired lady. “I will be back in a few, then we can find a place to eat.”

To say removing the current outfit was easy, would be a lie. Étaoin remembered why they hated skirts and stuff like that, a few muttered curses and an almost broken heel later, they made their way out of the changing rooms, with the over their shoulder and being held with two forefingers. Tilting their head with a more relaxed smile on their lips, Étaoin pointed a thumb at the door. “Shall we go now?” Though they were not really paying complete attention to the lady, when picking clothing, Étaoin was cursed enough to have fairly good hearing, and did pick up a few words, and yet continued to keep their lips sealed until finding a place to eat which was easy enough considering all the restaurants and take away places that Hosenka had.

Coming to a pause at the ramen shop they had found earlier, only to go and find clothes first, Éta nodded towards the building. “Still think ramen is the best food to have a conversation over, restaurants are way too formal in my opinion, wouldn’t yer say so?” Grinning, they stepped into the shop and took a seat at the bar, setting the bag near the feet, before glancing up at the menu to see what was optional at the place. When the chef made his way over, Étaoin nodded to his question on their choice of ramen. “Hmm I think, I’ll just go with the Miso ramen, please?” Turning to Priscilla, Étaoin tilted their head, “What about you, Cilla? It’s okay if I call you that righ’?” A nervous chuckle left Étaoin at the fact that they had just randomly started calling their guildmate the nickname without permission, it was a little problem that they had to reign in on, but when the thought of having more people to possibly trust comes into thought, well sadly Étaoin can’t really restraint themselves on handing out nicknames.

new reference to lower outfit in the link

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When there is no JEALOUSY."

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Priscilla Ivalice
The fun part Priscilla seemed to not mention out loud is, side from her offer, Etaion was entirely in control of order. It was just Priscilla going to deal with paying it like she offered too. Why did Priscilla seemed quiet the entire time? well because what better way to ensure none of judged then having the feeling of a some one watching them willing to speak upon their defence."Still no rush, I have the time to spare."Which she did or she would make the time to spare, which was not hard to do in Priscilla's case.

"Yes we shall,Unless you wanted something else before we go?"This was more Priscilla making sure, this was one final chance for them to really choose something else they might want, Priscilla had not gotten herself anything at all. Etaion would see Priscilla even paying for the clothing.

With that,They would casually leave as quickly as they had arrived here."I am not picky in which I eat, I am after all I offered and allowed you to choose in which go and get, I am a woman of my word."That is what Priscilla left it at.

There walk towards there food goal would eventually have Priscilla bring up something she felt she needed to mention because it might be a good thing too mention in this moment."Do keep in mind, I have yet to eat ramen, So you might have to show me a few things of how to eat this."Priscilla mentioned to Etaoin this was a chane if Etaoin could handle it, To teach Priscilla something and save her looking like a fool.

With the casual moment of mentioning names."Cilla will work yes, Mind you Priscilla entirely is a mere cover name too."Which was something that would either be of shock to her guest or not."So could easily think of cover names that work simpler for you if really needed."Priscilla was not exactly mentioning her actual name at all, but because it seemed because it was requested from Etaoin.


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Hearing what Priscilla had mentioned, the young water mage nodded and blinked. They could do that much for the lady who was nice enough to buy them some new clothes. Sitting at the bar, Étaoin turned towards the man taking their orders and smiled widely, and lifted up their fingers, gesturing the number. “Make that two miso ramens, big guy~” The man nodded with a chuckle and headed to give the orders over to the chef, leaving Étaoin to talk with Priscilla in peace. “I can show you how to eat ramen. It’s actually easier than people say. Sometimes the stores will give you chopsticks and a spoon, others not so much, depending on where you go.” Étaoin stretched a little and glanced around the small ramen shop. They were much more relaxed than before, and it was more to do with the fact that they were in clothes that felt much more comfortable, and there were less stares aimed towards them, so Éta had no reason to be uncomfortable. “So, you use the spoon when you are eating the noodles, because of the broth droplets, but you can also use it to drink the broth itself, at least that was how I was taught… Or you can drink that, like I do… Though it’s uhm not charming to do so.”

A wide grin made it’s way onto Étaoin’s lips at the permission granted with the nickname they wanted to call Priscilla by. “In that case you can call me Éta. Mostly people call me that, well people who I like and have decided to trust anyway.” Glancing at the chopsticks laid out in front of them on the mantle that came with them, Étaoin gestured towards the utensils and then back at their new redheaded friend. “Do you know how to use these? If not, I can show you how to use them as well, I don't mind. I kinda grew up in the country that invented this stuff for a little bit of my childhood.” Falling silent at the information they had just given out, Étaoin cursed themselves inwardly at the slip up. They never told people that, and really only Masami knew about them being from Joya.

"There is no LOVE...
When there is no JEALOUSY."

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Priscilla Ivalice
See this is where some one else would shine, Priscilla had moment of a joy with these ones, learning was always good in her view. That and Priscilla wanted to see Eta be more themselves and open, so this was something. Thus their bonding even if minor would start."Interesting, So far different from the mere fork and knives I am use to using."So far just one different object did not see anything too huge and different for Priscilla. She would just have to see if hands played a long with what she felt was right in the situation.

"I assume by just drinking it out of the bowl?"When they mentioned something far less charming, It seemed this lady was not worried about charming or not."Etaoin do keep in mind, unless your actually trying to charm me, Do not worry about looking charming around me."Priscilla was mentioning just for Eta to be casual and themselves.

Priscilla was in her own way confident and such."But i shall try eating it in the way you mention it too."They would carry one the conversation while they were waiting for there food. Priscilla seemed to be more interested in keep what was told her rather then just doing it her way.

with mentioning the name part."I have told people many names to call me by, Given where are more allies then strangers, Cilla will be fine since you had chosen it."Priscilla was fine being so casual about it.

"I just often cover up my name with various people, so if you ever see anyone call me a different name that isn't Priscilla, there might be a reason for it."Etaoin now knew of the few things Priscilla did.

Then it would come to the sticks Priscilla looked at them, picked up them up with her right hand alone and held them."Can't say i exactly have attempted too, I am far better with a dagger or knife than these."A casual remark about it, But now Eta knew that they would have to show Priscilla how to.


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It was time for the crash course of how to use chopsticks and eat ramen, a course that Étaoin didn’t mind giving most of the time, especially if the people who they were teaching didn’t quite understand how it worked and from the sounds of Priscilla’s curiosity. “It’s fine, I'll show you first and then you can try and copy.” Grinning, Étaoin rested their chin against the back of their hands and glanced towards the women, as she spoke up once more about what uncharming way of eating ramen there was. “Yer got me in one. No charm attempts, just purely tryna make a friend.” A nervous laugh chuckle left the young water mage as they averted their gaze towards the back wall, on the other side of the counter.

When the bowls arrived, Étaoin nodded to the man, saying thanks before picking up the chopsticks next to them. Turning to Cilla, Éta began to explain how to use the chopsticks. “So, the first thing you wanna do is make sure you are using yer more dominant hand, ‘less yer ambidextrous, then this step doesn't matter.” Étaoin soon set the chopsticks to how they held them. Glancing at the women, to see if she was following along, and not having any difficulty understanding their instructions. “Others may do this differently, but how I find it easy to use is setting them like this, so one is resting in the crook between your forefinger and thumb, and resting against your middle finger.” Gesturing to the women, before thanking the shop owner for the glasses of water. “Then you wanna set the second one so the ends are kissing, and it's being held between your thumb and forefinger.” Étaoin then smiled, as they made the tips of the chopsticks click together in a random tapping tune. “Then when they tap together like this, you got it. It’ll take a few attempts so don't worry if ya don't get it on the first try. It took me a good lotta attempts when I was little.” Grinning, Étaoin then sat their chopsticks down, and took a sip of their water, since their throat was a little dry and they were a bit thirsty from the previous events of the day, way before they ran into Cilla.

“Mhm having spare aliases has helped me quite well if I have to admit… Especially with the people we work for ya know?” Slipping their hands between their thighs on the stool, gripping the edge of the stool, Étaoin leaned back slightly and stared at the ceiling, humming. “Not that I care much, everyone I know has a nickname, so even if it aint your actual name, no damage here. Cilla is your nickname, and that is probably what I’ll end up referring you to from now on.”

"There is no LOVE...
When there is no JEALOUSY."

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Priscilla Ivalice
It was an interesting lessons fore sure, while listening to how it was being explained, she was paying attention and it showed, just as she was getting a feel for the chopsticks. Or she was entirely use too to knives and daggers and started spinning them through her fingers like a drummer would drum sticks.

The entirely time Priscilla heard and kept eye contact with who was keeping her company and teaching her. It seemed at least to mention."I do not mind either, Even if i do not have a lot friends myself, New ones are always nice."It did not seem like it up front, Priscilla did often seem to give off the leave me alone feeling.

However like most people, Priscilla did sometimes desire company and friends, Even if a rarity at times. With the spinning of one of the chopstick as she did it would eventually run through her fingers and then she would then just have it fling it's self over to her other hand. From right hand to left.

Following along with what was shown, The fancy work of her fingers in place Priscilla just thought aloud for a moment that."Huh, you could poke some one eyes out with these."Priscilla well had her mind in other places  just maybe showed what she was use too doing.

then getting them into the position she was shown and explained to her, it did not seem to take much effort for her. Even with the slight tapping noises as the ends would touch each other as she got comfortable with them."It is interesting, vastly different the forks and knives I am use too."Even the food here was new to her.

Priscilla would finally pick up her bowl after this lesson, so far she would just continue her conversation while she seemed to horribly attempt to pick up noddles with her chopsticks, thinking to herself how horrible this was she was failing at this while able to manage knives so easily.

So since they both seemed rather comfortable about it."Even now I use them to, get closer to targets of work, Maybe as well as throwing off people who might trail me."Priscilla was even an nickname so to say."Maybe one day as this friendship has blossomed more, You will learn more things people close to me will tend too."Etaion seemed harmless in this werewolf's view, depending how often she saw this person, They might learn more then just Priscilla's actual name maybe what else she valued the most.

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