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Underground Associates 1 [A rank]

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Ragnar had been in this city, Hosenka for a long time, longer then he would have thought he would be and surprisingly enough very few people have come to bother him even though he did have a bounty of a million jewels. While he was here he did manage to get an odd job here or there from his contact and loanshark Kurisa. He had not had much time to spend with her but she did seem like a nice enough person if a little distant. It seemed like she had some tendencies that could be shown as dark and Ragnar was interested in learning more about that but also was not strong enough to try and see them first hand for himself. Never the less she gave him a job that one of the local crime lords apparently had a job that needed to be taken care of that she or her guild could not be associated with but needed to be done. Ragnar was very happy to do these jobs for his 'friend' if she could be called that.

Ragnar went to the location where he was supposed to meet his new employer, and he knew that his word here would not mean anything more so given the guild that controlled this town with an iron fist but he was told that they should be expecting him and shouldn't give him any problems. Ragnar wasn't so sure, he had never been lucky in that way before and he didn't feel like that was going to change any time soon.

As Ragnar walked through the busy streets, people walked around him but not with as much space as he was used to though the people who did bump into him seemed to be very sorry about it, though how much of that was fear or just politeness was hard for Ragnar to tell. This place was very different from the north and the people very strange.



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Ragnar finally reached the place he was supposed to, walking into the bar that from the outside looked like a very upstanding and nice bar, the kind of place that Ragnar would not be invited to. The first thing Ragnar noticed as he ducked his head under the top of the door frame was the number of people that were drinking quietly but clearly were not trying to have a good time, and as he looked around he noticed that there was more than a few weapons hidden under tables or openly on hips. This place was a location where he would fit right in, as he felt his club on his back become lighter as if it knew that combat might happen. The lion face on it staring behind him as he walked forward.

Ragnar could feel that this place did not want him here and that they were not expecting him and he was now an outsider walking into a place where he didn't belong. As the men looked at him and eyed him up, some of them did seem to almost recognize him while others simply looked at him as a big outsider that would need to be taught a lesson. Ragnar was ready for this if it happened but would do his best to avoid it as he took a seat in a back table as he waited for the person he was told would find him and tell him the job.

One of the men standing by the bar looked down at his drink, slammed down the clear liquid before walking over to Ragnar and standing across the table from him before saying " What are you doing here? Don't you know where you are outsider? " He said this and Ragnar could tell that he was slightly drunk by the way he said it, but Ragnar had learned some measure of patience in his time and wasn't about to rip this man's head off his shoulders.... yet.

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