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Homecoming [PSF - Phase 1 | Open]

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Homecoming [PSF - Phase 1 | Open]    Empty Tue Sep 01, 2020 4:43 pm


Noel Raion.

Animagus del Mago

After his release in prison, Noel quickly made his way down Port Hargeon - for his membership of the Blue Pegasi had been recently confirmed; it was time to get to know his guild mates better. Alas, he sat on his horse Mustang and rode into town in the afternoon. He'd directly head towards the guild building, he'd occasionally ask passerby's for directions. It was his first time going to the guild hall - to him it felt like it had been quite a few years since he'd last been seen in Hargeon.

Luckily, due to the loss of his bounty, the adventurer wasn't under suspicion under the common folk anymore. No longer did he have to bare witness to guards getting ready and mobilizing in order to potentially deal with the veteran wizard.

Those who were close to him described him as quirky - they were right of course, Noel was interested to find out if his new guild mates were going to share the same opinion. He'd keep his true age as a secret of course.

Approaching the elegant building on horseback, Noel eventually would bring Mustang to a halt. Since he'd just been released from prison, all of his belongings were worn on himself. A part of him wanted to just plunge into bed and sleep for two days in a row. He didn't exactly feel at peak condition. Since leaving prison, Noel didn't feel like casting magic. Perhaps he was afraid of the destruction his magic implicated.

The front entrance seemed quite clear, so he'd park his Mustang near the stable and hitch it to a rail. Noel gave Mustang a juicy carrot from his backpack and continued to move to the front door of the guild. His pet lemur Jet sat on his shoulder during the adventure.

There he stood facing the Blue Pegasi guild, the six foot and two inches veteran mage of Advent World - former savior of Era, esteemed champion of the Domus Flau, former medical practitioner in Orchidia, and many other titles followed the reputation of Noel. Starting at scratch again. A smile appeared on his face, perhaps this could be a fresh start?

Without thinking about it, Noel started to walk into the open doors of the Pegasi building, though after setting one step into the building he'd knock on its doors. "Hello, is there anyone there?" He'd ask - wanting to introduce himself to whoever heard his call. His blue eyes peered around the guild hall in curiosity, his head was a bit cocked.


#2Crissandra Clearwater 

Homecoming [PSF - Phase 1 | Open]    Empty Tue Sep 01, 2020 5:31 pm

Crissandra Clearwater
Crissandra moved her finger as she used her wooden magic to grow vines and decorative patterns over the arches of the guild. She was wearing her usual overalls shorts and black undershirt. She was barefoot and smelled of the forest. Her long black hair reached the bottom of her bottom in length. 

"We still need more streamers. And where are the caterers? Have they not arrived yet?" She spoke out to be answered by another Guildie. "Well what do you mean they haven't caught the wild boar yet? We've had this event planned for 3 months at this point it can't be that hard to get one or two Giant Boars."

She moved her arms down and slammed them onto the ground, her magic flowed through the wooden floor and made it look freshly laid and freshly coated. She smiled to herself and nodded in approval as she turned to look at the main door only to let out a bit of a scream. 

"I am so sorry! I didn't mean to scream at you. Do you need help with anything ok ng sir? I'm sorry we're currently prepping for a guild event so please excuse any mess. If you need a mission written up I can handle that for you." 



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What's Eaten

Wake up in the mooorning, ready to leeeeeave. Vice honestly feels like, even if he leaves Hargeon, he'll still be there in a fever dream of Blue Pegasus ruling the world. Laying out on a bush in Lala-land, Vice might actually be somewhere else, deeply connected to the secrets of the world. In sad fact, Vice is actually just on a bush and with a hangover from drinking in edgy darkness. Growing hungry with excuses is common in this situation. Also, Vice is hungry. Passing the time with his guild nearby, Vice is thinking forward, and not knowing it's nearby. Immediately, he must eat. Eating without building on his sloppy beauty is key. Rummaging out of a bush, feigning night-duty guarding his homeland, Vice first grabs a candy bar out of his pocket. In one hand, snack manifests.

On the other HAND, hand goes on forehead, as he must be too excited for the event! Will snack make Vice even more energetic than he already is? Snack is already gone into Vice's mouth-stomach-energy as he pops up! It's time to go to the guild hall. Sometimes, Vice gets lost going there, even though he is already acquainted with it's innards. Should Blue Pegasus move their building from the edge of town, to the center? A nice overlord might not want to dominate the culture of the entire region by centralizing. Deep thoughts, as Vice has a deep look around an alleyway walked to, he is now lost.

It's nice all the best of Blue Pegasus is coming together! This gathering, does not include Vice yet. Vice wants to get help, but he feels like his impression imparts rumors on his guild every time he engages the public. A secret weapon? Vice will comfort himself with ignorance. Thinking backward, why was Vice a hobo in a bush? As a fragile non-magical person, maybe that isn't the safest place to be. Scary people jealous of the pretty Pegasus people might have came. Vice breaks a lightbulb in his head, suddenly. It's all coming back to him. The bush hid Vice performing his bodily duties! The bush, still has another chocolate bar!

Journeying back to the bush in jolly excitement, Vice winds down his steps to bend down, and pick up his energy for the day off a branch. In this journey of self-actualization, Vice has realized his real worth. During the event, he can sit and eat snacks, to input his maximum value! Flicking his head, Vice also just saw the guild building! In the end, things always work out. Approaching the guild building with the key to the fountain of youth, currently insanity, Vice is about 6 feet tall.

Maybe, if Vice plays his cards right, he can steal some ugly person's room? Formulating a plan on his approach, Vice notices a man boxed into the same air as Vice. On sight, Vice's gaze softens, noticing the pet adorned on the companion's body. Disinterest in poking a relaxing companionship that treats a pet right, Vice looks for a start to the summer fun. Waving in greeting with his now-free hands, Vice doesn't mean to startle Noel or any guildmates. Coming up to the doorway with a inquisitive peer doesn't exact any further dramatic flavor from Vice.

"Hey! Nice to meet everyone, name's Vice and I'm part of the guild. Need a hand with anything?" Giving a general greeting, Vice apologetically strains his words. Trying to cut in past Noel might give Vice a better idea for what's coming up in the day inside. Without any magic, he's just around to enjoy a serious building show perhaps.

Vice Gamebell
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Noel Raion.

Animagus del Mago

As Noel stepped closer to the inside of the Blue Pegasi building, he'd begun to notice a wide chain of people all inside working to try and improve the decorations that were found around the guild hall. It seemed like one person was giving them commands, this person was way shorter than the former Advent World wizard. There were others of course, running around and doing easy chores. Unbeknownst to Noel, another had passed by behind him. His companion, his pet Lemur - whose name was Jet waved at the blonde. Jet jumped off of Noels shoulders and landed on top of Vinces head.

The busy kerfuffle inside concluded to a shallow screech, Noel cocked his brow at this person - who had no real reason to scream. She called him a sir, this hurt his ego - but it was fair enough, seeing as the person who said it looked more youthful than he did. Before he could explain himself, she wondered if he needed anything. Thinking he came down her to get a Blue Pegasi mission submission... It felt a little bit patronizing, were Blue Pegasi members not informed when new members joined the guild? The hall seemed quite chaotic though, maybe they had other things on their mind. Some of them have probably already met Kenzo. Certain circumstances prevented him from visiting the guild hall at the time of his guild membership. Not wanting to poison future relations, the male chose to ignore the comment and tried explaining why he was there. "I'm a new member actually, names Noel." He'd start walking closer to the member who put this inquiry upon him, standing about three meters away from the girl, someone else had walked into the hall and joined Noels conversation. They introduced themselves as Vince. Noel tucked his chin in a little, giving a little bow of respect as he returned the half raised hand gesture towards this blonde. "Hello Vince, much like yourself I too am new, names Noel." He seemed like minded to himself.

A youthful person, someone he and Kenzo could convert to become one of their drinking buddies. A smile appeared on his face at the thought of corrupting this young man. The backpack Noel wore sure weighed him down, he'd look around the place to try and get a sense of direction. He'd face the black haired girl that previously asked if he was in need of his mission - perhaps she could help him? "Can you point me out to the living quarters? I'd like to leave all of my baggage there." He'd bonk his hand on the top part of his armor, making an echoing sound. It was heavy wearing all of his vestiges all day. He was excited to start decorating his room - assuming it was alright to do so. Some of his heavy boxes were due to be delivered later today, the moving company picked it up from Oak - from his previous guild, Advent World. It costed a fair few of jewels to get it transported here.


#5Crissandra Clearwater 

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Crissandra Clearwater
Crissandra Blushed a bit as it was revealed he was a new member. She had been so caught up with the new guild decorating that she had forgotten to plan for the new arrivals. They were the top Most Popular Guild based upon the recent numbers of new joins compared to all the other Legal guilds within Fiore. She smiled sweetly and nodded. With a simple spell, she caused the wooden bound book on the main desk to fly toward her slowly.

The book floated infront of Crissandra before opening up to the most recently used page. At the the top of the page in pretty cursive was the words ‘SIGN IN’. Next to the words was a cute little heart. She handed a magic feather to the first of the two new members.

“Please, both of you sign in. Im so sorry that we dont have our usual new member greeting set up. Unfortuenately, well actually its pretty good, were redesigning the entire guild hall for our summer event.” She would wait for the two to write down their names and then shed take the feather back from them. She would then send the book back to its proper spot before leading the two toward where their rooms would be.

“sorry for any issues getting your stuff in. If theres any other way I can help please let me know. My name is Crissandra” She bowed softly before running back to get things done. “Have the caters caught the boars yet? We need them for the beach roast!”



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What's Eaten

Browsing through, scanning the guild's chaotic inside, Vice feels like his original plan will work out. Sitting around and snacking while the randoms do work later. After all, if no one asked for help, Vice is not willing to grant it. Supervising is work too! Obtaining a Lemur on his head, Vice briefly blanks out. This is life now. Jet had moved like an airplane, VROOOM, and blindsided Vice. While the pet did no harm, he did surprise Vice. That pet looks clean and cute. Vice is maybe equally clean in every way he considers possible. Shaking his head, which looks clean, Vice mindfully plays with the exotic Lemur.

A safe and rocky coaster ride for the Lemur, with a playfully interrupted nod, directed toward Noel's bow. Feeling safe with this worldly Noel man, Vice cups his hands toward his blonde head, and holds the Lemur like a pineapple hostage. Or maybe, Vice is now the hostage taking care of the pet, hoho? Feigning being occupied with the Lemur, so he can't help anybody, Vice listens to Crissandra for the daily dos.

"Haha, that's fine no thanks, I came by earlier. We all live here in spirit! Even when we open a door, and see naked old people, they are all our family." Excitedly visualizing, Vice doesn't want to sign a magical contract on accident. What if he loses his soul? The guy is way too hungover to remember whether he squatted in this party house yet. Vice is sure of only one thing. Why would he want the throwaway room granted to new members? Old members drop like flies, and with their ugliness vacant, Vice will take their rooms!

Okay, maybe they're not ugly, but they are far more competent then Vice. They're taking their talents elsewhere, presumably not needing any pity. Finally, some things shouldn't be negotiated on, like the place you might be staying in for a long, long, long, long, lonnnng time. Just following along with Crissandra, Vice looks forward to some food, instead of rest.

"Also, if people disappear, which often happens in guilds I hear, you don't get retirement pension. Your pretty room gets inherited (cough stolen). That being said, if I may Noel, I suggest you just get someone to pick up your stuff. Maybe by a magic levitator. There's a big event going on, and what better way to get sorted theeen not sneaking away during moving day?" Wanting to keep Noel close to his Lemur, Vice admirably blabbers on, and leaves Noel to his choice that includes declothing now. Eyeing Noel's stuff briefly, hopefully magical in nature, Vice wonders if Noel's strong enough that he would blow up careless movers.

Anticipating some explosive sparkles with the party action, Vice is waiting for his first encounter with a crazy guildmate. No, Vice meeting himself doesn't make sense. Can a whole family get along? Crissandra seems like a nice and organized person though. The levitate thing was cute to Vice, but if she's capable of it, then perhaps anyone is.

"Oooh, so, how about that redesigning? Anyone got any powerful ideas, brought forth by the originality and freshness of new members?" Mixed in the background work, Vice hopes to boorishly distract Crissandra, and also just unceremoniously discusses with Noel. Assuming Noel is present, Vice relaxes his cuddly hands on the Lemur at some point. Relaxing with his hands now at his sides, Vice keeps himself a meter to the side of Crissandra. Unknowing to the thoughts of the two, Vice returns a laid-back smile, while trying to face them both politely. For now, Vice will hold his piece about redesigning the guild's beautiful pink walls.

Vice Gamebell
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Noel Raion.

Animagus del Mago

The old Blue Pegasi mage was unaware of the activities of his beloved pet lemur. While beloved, it just so happened to explode every quest Noel took it out with him. Perhaps due to the destructive nature of his magic. Most of the time, Jet was found toying with people, or in search of comical items to try and crack a tough nut with.

A book came to be floated in front of Crissandra, he'd question the reality which questioned how it could. He'd divert his focus from the book to the person who caused it to float in the first place. A technique he too had mastered, but required a delicate amount of attention and hand gesturing to smoothly pull off. Maybe it was a bit preposterous that a beginning mage like Crissandra could pull off without skipping a beat.

For some strange reason, the members he's met from the Blue Pegasi guild had a hard time introducing themselves. They simply assumed everyone just knew them, and their names. One exception being Vice, also a new member - perhaps not yet indoctrinated towards their carefree lifestyle. A lifestyle he could see himself enjoying.

Witnessing the sign in sheet for a moment made him do a double take. Was this a Blue Pegasi hotel instead of the guild hall? He'd blurt out, unknowing, "Nanikore." Followed by Vice care freely turning down the sign in sheet. He'd let out a childish chuckle upon hearing that. The administration person was talking about a summer event that was upcoming while Noel filled in funny answers in the sheet. For example, he'd take the kings name and swap their starting letters(first name and last name). Quickly jotting the hand drawn sign in sheet with false answers, such as him being D rank, the male took his hand off the paper.

While being led to the barracks, Vice explained how you got room upgrades - and that they inherit the better rooms over time. That made sense, Noel thought. He proposed using a magic elevator to transport his stuff, he let out a belly laugh. Perhaps this boy was even quirkier than himself? "I like the idea, you're sugoi Vice-san." Noel replied. "Some of my belongings have personal attachment, you'd regret not moving it yourself if any of it broke." The tall wizard spoke as they moved from the center jacuzzi in the hall towards the hall leading to the rooms. "Say champ, if you could take one item with you on on adventure, what would it be?" He'd propose the idea to Vice, shortly after they arrived at their room. The administration lady apologized that their stuff wasn't moved yet - which wasn't her responsibility.

He and she moved in different wave lengths, the chaotic vibe that enthralled her repelled him in return. Yes, the administrations lady's name was Crissandra. He'd slightly tilt his head as a thankful gesture, before turning his back on her and moving into the designated room. He'd likely hear footsteps following him into the room, those footsteps belonging to Vice. He didn't mind.

First thing Noel did was pull his helm off - revealing his glorious but otherwise mundane black hair. He'd fling the helmet onto one of the beds. At the time of its landing, he'd notice the other bed in the room. Interesting. Vinces entrance into the room wasn't as random as he initially thought. This too was going to be his sleeping quarter. Noel chuckled, recalling a time in which he first joined Lamia Scale; having been in this situation more than ten years ago when he freshly joined.

Next, he'd put his backpack on the ground near the bed which he threw his helm on. From his backpack he'd reveal another piece of art. It appeared as a framed painting, but in actuality it was a framed pair of panties. With the use of subtle Gravity Manipulation, the male stuck the frame unto the ceiling above his bed. With a free hand, he'd pull out a few screws out of floorboards to permanently fix the frame against the ceiling - these were the panties of his beloved girlfriend.

He pointed at a drawer near his bed. "I'm claiming that." Maybe it was time to make some house rules? "If the gravity in the hall leading up to the room is akin to the gravity on the moon, it's unsafe to come in. Unless you're willing to wear a blindfold and earplugs." Noel shot a wink at Vice, assuming he understood the message behind the words. Jet dove into the drawer Noel previously claimed and begun pulling out the drawers in order to convert it into his headquarter.

With a simple clicking mechanism, his armor was quickly undone. He'd add a task onto his mental to do list, saying that he needed to carve up some wood to use as an armor stand. There was no rush though, he'd simply drop his armor and in teenage fashion shove it under his bed using his foot to accelerate it. Their quarters were quite spacious, the best feature was its balcony. Before deciding to head out and explore, Noel continued dropping his gear off - some of it near the drawers, others on his bed - just until he was left in his tee-shirt accompanied by black pants and his lace up boots. "I'm going to smoke some weed on the rooftop, wanna come with?" He had all the necessary ingredients in the pocket of his pants. Without wavering, Noel opened the doors to the balcony - he'd activate a spell in order to smoothly scale the walls. By clapping his hand once, the laws of gravity no longer applied to his personal vertical movement. The spell that made this possible was named Floortilting.

Once at the top, he'd stick his head out to look down. Had his friend been interested to come with, he could cast another simple spell in order to help him up. With his telekinesis ability, he could fish-line his new friends shirt and reel him up. Regardless whether he was down for it or not, Noel proceeded to the front side of the roof - where the view encompassed the most splendor imaginable. He'd sit on the edge and have his legs stick out. Heights didn't scare the seasoned veteran. Without much of a moment passing, he'd have rolled a joint and lit it. Had his friend joined, he'd offer him some of the drugs. Once it had been burnt to ash, the male jumped off of the roof. With his right fist pointed upwards, his landing proceeded to be very smooth. How was the young Vice going to get down, had he joined Noel on the rooftop? That was his challenge to figure out. As he begun nearing his forties - his capacity for fucking with people never really ceased. Noel joined the administration lady back at the lobby to see what he could help her out with - and continued to pass on time with Blue Pegasus members for the remainder of the day.

1176+506+420 = 2102


Spells Used
[•D•] - Floortilting

Name : Floortilting

Rank : D

Mana Cost : 25

Requirements : Gravity Magic

Type : Supplementary

Element : Wind

Range : Self

Cooldown : 1 post

Duration : Sustain

Effect : The user can negate the effects of gravity under his feet and create a new gravitational force on another surface, such as the surface of a ceiling, meaning that they can walk on them with ease and no adverse effects. In order to use this, the user has to direct his magic at his feet. To activate, the user has to audibly clap his hands once. During the activation sequence, a magic circle appears under the user.

Ownership : Link

[•D•] - Telekinesis

Name : Telekinesis

Rank : D

Mana Cost : 25

Requirements : Gravity Magic

Type : Supplementary

Element : Wind

Range : Up to five meter(s)

Cooldown : 1 Post

Duration : Sustain

Effect : Gravity magic can be used to lift objects, even gigantic ones, and people alike, and to move them around in the air. The user of this magic can only raise an object if it's immovable (for ex: by bringing their stats to 0 strength and 0 speed), except for the user himself and items in the possession of other characters. At this rank the user has to use an imaginary fishing rod and 'reel' his target in on his imaginary fishing rod in order to use this spell. User cannot move man made buildings at this ranking and, anything over 1 ton in weight. The spell itself deals no damage. The target as fast as the standard spell speed (20m/s) when cast under telekinesis. During the activation sequence, a magical circle appears under the target of the telekinesis.

Ownership : Link

[•A•] - Fight or Flight 🚀

Name : Fight or Flight

Rank : A

Mana Cost : 200

Requirements : Gravity Magic

Type : Supplementary

Element : Wind

Range : Self

Cooldown : 4 posts

Duration : Sustain

Effect : The user manipulates gravitational forces around himself, in order to levitate and fly if desired. The user of this spell has to use his right fist to point at the direction he intends to fly towards. Lowering his fist after activation causes the user to levitate given that the height the user at is at supported by the spell rank. User flies the same speed as their running speed, and moves at lunging speed from the ground. At its current rank, this spell allows the user to be 10 meters off the ground.

Ownership : Link


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What's Eaten

(605 first post, 612 second post, 830 third)

Is it still not snack time? Vice hopes it's snack time soon. It's deep thinking time for the guild, of course! With the Lemur still on his head, Vice is ready to think up the best design plans for the guild. Outwardly, it looks like Vice is just walking around aimlessly, and ignoring the call to duty. How much more fun can you get then a Lemur-man? Only by having fun can the best ideas come. A bright idea has come to Vice.

What if they made the guild hall a zoo? Nothing can be more beautiful than nature itself! It'd be funny if someone magically made all the animals defecate. Magical animals must have magical poop. The majestic beauty of nature will spread to all of Blue Pegasus! Now that Vice has reached the natural conclusion, he finally began to realize reality. No one cares about the prettiness of the guild. All everyone cares about is themselves. The guild lady even turned into a robot, Vice thinks!

Noel says unicorn, from what Vice heard, and Vice has a childish vision along with Noel's childish chuckle. Unicorns, unicorns everywhere! Noel must really love furry animals. Isn't the guild name Blue Pegasus, after all? Assuming everything proceeds as Noel did, Vice looks at the sign-in sheet prank, amused by a missed opportunity. Chaos breeds creativity, after all. Keeping his internal musings, Vice doesn't really like to carry around too much outwardly. Sentimental value doesn't have much value to Vice at this time.

Now, if he gets OP OP magical items, Vice certainly might reconsider his viewpoint. For now, a lady is all good to carry his burdens, if any. "Monster lotion." Blankly replying to Noel's inquiry, seriously and unserious out of nowhere. It didn't take much thought. A survival situation, a fight, or a picnic. Hot monster lotion is the best recipe for success. Following Noel, this lost lamb of a furry, Vice wonders into a room. Wanting to cause surface trouble for the guild, Vice finds he can just squat in this room now.

"Nanikore?" Questioning the emergence of a frame softly, Vice squints at it. "Naninani?" Vice feels closer to Noel now and probes playfully. What other man would trust such a treasured possession's place, away from them, but gifted to Vice? "Okay Mr. High Gravity User, if the room is dark and you can't turn the lights on, I invite you to blindly pet what might be man or beast." Stonefaced, Vice returns a good-natured look to Noel. Uh Vice means man, as in, human woman, okay. Vice actually has no idea how to do magic currently, but with the power of dankness, he will uncloud his lack of Darkness Magic someday.

Avoiding the furman completely, keeping away from the weird gravity stuff too, Vice continued to enjoy accompanying Jet. Vice cuddled up still safely on to the other bed. Keeping himself with the times, Vice always avoided Noel, giving Noel space. Once invited, Vice popped out of bed.

"Sure bud, gimme a sec." Waking up from his bedtime, Vice gives a quick reply. What better way to find his magicness then by taking Noel up on his magical offer? Following Noel out, Vice's mind skips for a moment, and he realizes it'll take a while to get to the rooftop without magic. Shrugging, Vice looks down to begin his side-task, and picks out a bottle from his pocket. Writing a little note on how PINKNESS IS SUPREME, Vice throws down this piratey bottled note from the balcony, and it magically bounces into the guild hall.

Hopefully, the suggestion on design is forwarded to the guildmaster. Keeping an eye up, Vice lets his new friend bring Vice up to the rooftop through magicness, and so black haired fluffy man doesn't need to wait. If Noel didn't mind, Vice would light up off his. Not automatically interceding on Noel ever, Vice just keeps with the flow. Actually, after Vice smokes on the roof, he feels like he's unlocked his latent magical abilities! By the power of Void Magic, it's magic time for Vice in the near-future! What a pretty school rooftop that's just SUGOI.  

OOF, WAIT BUD, WHERE YOU GOING? Vice wanted to see if he could snag some edibles too off this new roommate. Reacting quickly, Vice doesn't feel like walking down this whole building, so he just jumps off after Noel. Can wizards in this world even take fall damage, according to the rules of the environmental damage? Hehehe, Vice feels his decision in jumping is most efficient.

Regardless if he takes damage or not, once Vice falls down, he's still in serious lalaland. To others, he landed like a supercool-man. It takes a brief instant for Vice to wake up from being potentially knocked out standing, and he skips away carefreely back to the guild hall. Whatever busyness is being done, Vice skimps out on it however he can, but stays for what must be done!

Vice Gamebell
Exiting, Blue Pegasus ability, if fall damage is enabled on site hoo hoo ha.

#9Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Enzo woke up early that day. He had arrived at Port Hargeon the previous night but had decided to spend it at one of the local inns. Through his years of travel, the mercenary had learned that the best way to get to know a town and its people as an outsider was through their famous inns. In a sense, they were a hub of society and Fioran community for the most part. Many people enjoyed drinking, and locals had their preferred spots for it. As such, he’d spent some effort into finding out where the place where all regular customers went for a night drink was. In the end, it was a lively spot near the harbor and the dockyard. The male had been travelling through Fiore for a while with Rania, but she’d come earlier than him to Hargeon when a letter from Alisa came at Hosenka. Apparently, all of Blue Pegasus members were to be reunited at the guild as soon as possible. Kenzo still had some stuff to do at the Joyan inspired town, so he’d told the black-haired paladin to go ahead of him. Their contractor Weirdlock Jones still had some stuff that needed taking care of, and he had offered quite a juicy lump of cash as a reward. In the end, it was too much of a temptation for the mercenary to refuse.

Either way, Kenzo was sure he was still on time. Or at least, close to cutting it. The mission had taken longer than he’d first expected, so maybe he’d be the last to arrive at the guildhall. Regardless, he was sure it was fine. Knowing some of the people of the guild, they were bound to take their time to get there too right?

It was precisely for his worries that he’d hurriedly made his way to the coastal city even if he were arriving in the dead of the night. Kenzo promised himself he would wake up at first light and get to the famous Blue Pegasus guildhall to see what the summon was about as early as he could. Or at least… that was definitely his intention. You see, one of the few things the blue haired warrior liked indulging himself with was definitely beer. Now, he was by no means an alcoholic. However, he most certainly had become a beer enthusiast through the years to the point of a near addiction. The moment he crossed past the inn’s bar and saw all the people having the time of their lives, there was no way he wasn’t joining them for a couple of rounds. Just one or two of course, enough to get a good night sleep. Predictably, this one or two beers eventually became dozens and now here was the hungover male the next morning sleeping deep into the noon hours. His plans of and ideals of promoting a responsible and punctual image now completely shattered.

The guild had most likely assembled by now, learning why they had been called to Hargeon from all over the country. Receiving their special assignments and other import guild things for certain. Meanwhile, Kenzo slept away the morning with profound carelessness. He was definitely bound to be the last one to arrive at the party.


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#10Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Concerning the new swimwear for the Fire Mage - he had it covered, luckily. His purchase with Criss proved just atmospheric enough to stimulate his brain cells to figure out what would suit him the best, and alas, he was now the proud owner of a blue pair of swimming trunks. He could only hope and pray that no random cod would find itself extra brave and stubborn on the day of the Beach Party and tear through his trunks like last time… especially since this event was going to host so many more people. His heart sank a few levels just thinking about it. If any fish had the courage to do so, they would find themselves charred and spiked like shish kebab.
Damn it, the laughter that would catalyze… he really had to be careful in the water. Perhaps, he shouldn’t venture there at all; the shore was where most of the activities were to be held, right? He could happily avoid the crystalline ocean… even though he had taken so much time and invested a lot of energy into learning how to swim. He couldn’t let that go to waste, especially with how forgettable he was. His Guildmaster, Alisa, had gone through quite the trouble teaching him, so for her sake too, he at least had to take a dive or two.
Tragedy struck, however. Right now, he wasn’t doing anything productive towards the Beach Party itself… as in, specifically. He was, more or less, tending to one of its future participants - his pet falcon, Coda. She had suddenly fell ill, noticeable by the pale color of her beak which showed a faint, white color with a pink base instead of its usual black and yellow combination. It was some kind of bacteria that caused it, for he knew about this condition that Coda had been in before… it had been oh so many years ago since last time Coda was sick. He couldn’t afford to let her sleep sick at home while the others partied, though. She was going with them, safe and healthy.
Okay, as he processed through his memory, he came to realize what he needed to brew a cure for the poor avian; olive leaves, turmeric, garlic and tea. Olive leaves, turmeric and garlic could likely be found back at the guild hall; specifically at the cottage turned greenhouse where Criss spent most of her time ever since joining Blue Pegasus. With huffing Coda in his arms, Daiko hastily jogged through Port Hargeon’s yet summer-warm streets, spotting the tall and castle-like roofs of his guild.
He was sweating quite a lot in situations like these. Coda was an unpredictable creature, and even though he had dealt with this kind of sickness before - or at least a sickness with the same symptoms as this one - he could never be sure if the same cure would even work. He had to try, though, for Coda’s health was his health. Coda’s wings were his wings, and her eyes were his eyes. Her life was just as valuable to him as his own.
He had so hoped to meet Criss tending to the plants in the greenhouse once he entered the guild hall’s grounds, but she was not present. She must’ve gone out to get something for the event… in that case, he would have to hurry. Many plants and vegetation were exquisitely lined up with space and sunlight beaming down from openings on the roof; Daiko could almost see the plants grow in joy…

Turmeric had pale colors, but some were also sharply orange. It took a solid 5 minutes of searching through the plants to find the beans having the matching description. A single sniff to it would confirm him that it was, indeed, turmeric. Criss sure was thorough with her collection.
The next one was a batch of olive leaves… they were much quicker to find, for they were attached to sprouting seeds of olive. A classic symbol of fruition and healthiness.
10 minutes of searching, and he just couldn’t find any garlic. This was really getting on his nerves; why didn’t she have any garlic? Coda was suffering!
In his rash anxiety, he ran out of the greenhouse with Coda still in his arms, getting hotter to the touch by the second. If there wasn’t any garlic in the greenhouse, then he would find it in one of the corner shops. Fortunately, there was one just around the block neighboring Blue Pegasus.
He almost stormed in and scared quite a dozen customers. His sweaty face and almost teary eyes looked for the garlic, his teeth gritting in fear of what could happen to Coda if he didn’t brew the cure in time. He couldn’t find it immediately, so he resorted to asking the merchant of its whereabouts. He had a net bag of garlic that he gladly let Daiko buy, given that the Fire Mage was willing to pay an uncounted sum for them.
With the three ingredients in order, he had to go back to the greenhouse and brew the tea/soup. The garlic were rattling in the net bag as he ran back to the guild hall, but he had no time to waste. He glanced at Coda’s heavy breathing and shivering, almost paralyzing himself with empathy. She didn’t deserve any of this, not Coda…
Ah, they were finally back at the greenhouse. He immediately put forth a wooden bowl and mixed the ingredients in this order; three olive leaves, five beans of turmeric, 5 garlic seeds and water. He mashed it up, then heated the bowl… realizing that it was made of wood and would burn if he heated it too much, he held a magical fire right above the ingredients instead.
And when the soup was liquid enough to be drinked - like drinking oatmeal, oof - he gave a portion to Coda. He had to open her beak manually, for she was losing strength. Fight, girl, fight…
A while passed where Daiko waited inside the greenhouse for Coda’s recovery. About half a day, maybe… or was it more than that? He had forgotten to count the hours, for they weren’t that important; his little falcon meant more to him than the passage of time, and it showed itself as he forgot what day it was. And he didn’t even have a watch… but he could see that the sun was about to set. He had spent all day waiting for-
*peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck*
Never had Daiko been so happy to be assaulted by a raptor. Coda’s energetic greeting of him, which was getting familiar overtime, took all worry from his heart like a breeze blowing away sand. She looked fine… and her beak’s colors were back

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