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Basic Step [Ragnar; GREEN]

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#1Jan Ren 

Basic Step [Ragnar; GREEN] Empty Sun Aug 30, 2020 1:30 pm

Jan Ren
For crying out loud. Why me!?

Standing some feet behind the large figure, the Sinese couldn't help but swallow his spit down. If the hardly-heard rumors were correct, he too should know he was being followed. In the first place, he hated having to go through this, but the possible reward... Was so tempting... What to do? Do I call him out? Do I just, up and jump him? No... That wouldn't be very honorable, would it. Such thoughts ran through the young man's head as a drop of sweat rolled down the side of his head, cascading down his cheek and dropping finally when reaching his chin. Summertime is, a hot season. Let's go with that excuse.

...So you might be wondering why Jan Ren finds himself staring down an awfully muscular, menacing man from behind. Well, that's a funny story actually.

-- With growing fame and reputation, comes naturally acknowledgement from the surroundings. Naturally attributed in good meaning, the Sinese basked in the privileges his newfound fame had brought to the table. Recognition, some times free food, and most of all... Attention. From girls, nonetheless. He's never been so desired before, and with this new experience bringing about a whole new set of emotions, the Dragon Slayer (per-se) was ecstatic. The Hubris playing a solid role in his ultimate undoing, Jan Ren got intoxicated over this sudden burst of affection from the surrounding, and found himself indulging in all sorts of places.

One of which, just so happened to be of lesser militia status. Or, was it nobility? Regardless, their target was clear. It didn't help that the authority in question happened to be an attractive woman, as well; reeling in the poor lad like a mouse lunging at cheese in a mousetrap. The noblewoman had set her sights on a particular wrongdoer who had, according to her reports, had murderous tendencies. In layman's, a serial killer. While his bounty wasn't high, the noblewoman displayed concern of him turning into a bigger issue later down the line. Now, with his usual avoidance from pain and everything that suggested it, Jan Ren would never have agreed to a job as blatantly dangerous as this. In the first place, bounty-hunting wasn't in his style. He was certain other guilds had dedicated their time to such tasks, and took more pleasure in even attempting. He on the other hand was content serving under Blue Pegasus and nothing more.

Not this time however.

True to his self, the Sinese boasted baseless confidence and took the task without asking any questions. Not knowing a thing about the target in question, besides his name, appearance and general crimes committed. Ragnar Asgeir, AKA Ragnar The Red. A hulking mountain of a man that is surely to topple most fighters with ease. Even knowing that, impressive one single female was apparently more important than his own safety.

And so, we find ourselves in present time. --

Tracking the wanted man wasn't that difficult; most would know if a wanted man came about, especially one that was prone to murder in broad daylight. However, if he simply laid in wait and followed this guy to wherever he was going... Nothing would happen. "(Man-up, Jan Ren. You took this job, you're going to see this through. ... ...I DON'T WANT TO~!!!)"

A solid stomp, finally. "Ragnar The Red." He voiced out, steeling his mind. Those acting experiences he took in Marigold really paid off; as the Sinese, contrary to his character, showed no signs of fear whatsoever. Chest stuck out, hands loose and chin slightly raised in pride, the young man stared his target.

Having reached a sufficiently secluded area, though not overly large... A certain paved walkway would do. Upon his voice heard, the people around quickly turned their attention to the duo, most startled while others quick to leave. "I am Jan Ren of Blue Pegasus. By order of the Magic Council, for numerous crimes including but not limited to murder... You're under arrest." He declared, preparing mentally for anything to come. "Please come quietly without any trouble. ...Please."

It was, of course, a bluff. The Magic Council was never involved. But this way, the rest of the civilians were hasty to run away, leaving the two be.

Now then... What's next?

Basic Step [Ragnar; GREEN] 2_1
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Ragnar was finally back in the city where he borrowed money, a city of debauchery, and sin but this was the place that he needed to be in and he honestly hated every second of it while he was here. While he was sure that there were things in this city that would suit more of his tastes but he could never find them. Most likely because they either knew who he was or that they simply didn't allow outsiders whatever the reason may be wasn't really important to Ragnar. As he walked down the streets, the club across his back but he started to realize something rather odd as he walked through the city. He felt that someone was following him, and as he took a deep breath of the city around him he noticed that beyond the smell of boozes, strippers along with other things he could smell the same smell over and over again. It smelled like a lizard and he knew what it was based on that smell. Dragon Slayer. There was another one of his kind following him or at least didn't realize that he was following another Dragon Slayer.

Ragnar thought about this for a moment before realizing that fighting here in the middle of this busy street would cause some serious issues for his debt collector. He had tried his very best to stay on her good side because he had a bad feeling about pissing her off and if he could avoid that he was going to. If he went as hard as he could, there is no way that he would not leave most of the place he was around in rubble and a lot of civilians dead by proxy. Ragnar cared little about those things as that is simply the cost of getting a good fight but he didn't want the cost of crossing his loan shark. Ragnar realized that he had to limit the amount of damage he could do to his surroundings and started to turn down a back alley. In this alley was a small courtyard that had several small shops there serving coffee or something else like that. That is when Ragnar heard the stop of his opponent and his name being called.

Ragnar had not turned to look at the person who was following him but now that he saw him, he must say that he was very disappointed at what he had seen but he was more disappointed in what he smelled. Fear. This man was scared and Ragnar could smell it and he knew that as a Dragon Slayer there was no way that he didn't smell it as well. Ragnar looked around as his opponent talked and he noticed that shops started to close their shutters and the people leave out of the courtyard.

Good. This would reduce the amount of trouble he would get in from his sexy loan shark.

Ragnar pulled his club off his back, the club being well over five feet long and he knew that with this he could most likely crush this Dragon Slayer into the ground but he also knew that there would be a lot of damage done to property as well. Ragnar then with a flick of his wrist flipped it into the air and it landed against the wall before falling to the ground in the corner.

"Jan Ren... Tell me Dragon Slayer, why are you afraid? " As Ragnar said this he slowly walked closer to Jan, the only thing separating them now was a mere five meters. Ragnar didn't really know how fast or strong this man was but he was about to find out in very short order. Ragnar rushed the man, lunging at him, going to be on top of him in less than half a second but Ragnar with his one meter reach managed to get there sooner. Ragnar was going to start this out as a very easy thing to deflect or dodge, a simple punch with his right arm to the middle of his chest. This punch would do an S rank of damage, but it should be pretty simple to dodge or move out of the way with this. Ragnar wanted to see how well this Dragon Slayer did against a melee fighter, maybe he would be surprised and taken off guard.


#3Jan Ren 

Basic Step [Ragnar; GREEN] Empty Mon Aug 31, 2020 10:18 am

Jan Ren
Well, there we go. He wholly didn't want to do this, as suggested numerous times in my previous post. But after calling the giant out, there was no escape, and he realized as such. It was interesting to the young man that upon his name, Ragnar had not turned to face him. Honestly, Jan Ren was worried at first that he would be ignored and embarrassed in-front of everyone that were... Well, no longer around. Though not being taken seriously would easily soil his self-esteem in this regard, especially with his first ever request of this degree. Fortunately, the dark-skinned murderer soon turned around, showing his stern face to the Sinese.

Man, what an angry-looking face... Am I screwed? Did I step over a landmine there...?

While the club behind this pile of muscle was easily the one thing that drew the most attention, it appears that the opponent had chosen to forsake it for some reason. Simply flicking it away-- That five-feet steel club, flicked off with a finger-- and resorting to his fists instead. In a way, the Sinese felt relieved that he wouldn't have to face off against that weapon... But at the same time, displeased -- breaking through his act in his eyebrows furrowing deeper. So he really wasn't taken seriously after all... Figures. He never really exuded an aura of fierceness or tenacity in any way. It was still, awfully annoying though.

...What was more pressing though, was apparently something the Dragon Slayer hadn't paid much attention to at first. It wasn't a particular detail, or rather, nothing he could point out to in an overly specific manner; it simply was, something about the smell radiating from this guy. Nothing unpleasant, alarming or welcoming, in this instance; in fact, it was something entirely different. "(He's... He's like me.)" There was no room for doubt. A rushed declaration but, an accurate one. Jan Ren was sure of that. They smelled the same. Even if they didn't. He himself would find it difficult to find logic behind that reasoning later on.

While his act would have definitely convinced any bystander, Ragnar The Red had managed to see through it, even addressing the issue at hand. And once the criminal began pacing slowly towards the Sinese, Jan Ren readied himself. Palms stretched out as his stance widened slightly, just to prepare for anything. "(He knows I'm scared... And he knows I'm a Dragon Slayer, too. Great. Just great.)" Obvious sarcasm is obvious. "Why, you ask..." --Though despite being locked on the picked adversary all the while, the Sinese found himself assaulted when the hulking man suddenly closed the distance between them in less than a second; alerting him into attention immediately.

A mere moment of an exchange, in which one gauged the other's capability. Unfortunately, in his lack of proper experience, Jan Ren believed himself thoroughly not to be the one doing the testing. A rather slow, yet fierce punch; muscle-packed and simply spelling 'dangerous', flung at his chest from the foe's right. In response, the Sinese immediately leapt backwards, taking a solid 8 meter distance from the man before landing again; narrowly escaping the punch. Managing to cover a good distance away but not daring to strike back, having been flinched so suddenly like so. At the very least however, the young man knew better than to allow another surprise attack like that. Which means... Having to take the initiative next time.

As such, he'd began building up his Magic Power in his body. Whatever much of it he knew how to utilize, anyway. Being relatively new to his new skillset by itself, was already putting him at a bad spot.

Having caught his guard and some distance after this half-a-second of an exchange, the Sinese finally got in proper stance -- "Have you seen yourself!? You're terrifying!!" --and completed what he'd wanted to say earlier. Jan Ren had a feeling goading this man in regards to appearance wouldn't bear much fruit in any direction (thankfully), though he would lie to claim his judgment wasn't affected by this sudden jump. He may have gotten out of it unscathed, but from his perspective, all this spoke to is how much of a disadvantage he had, facing this man.

...Still. His words and expression may have reflected an awfully civil approach, yet the man's body hasn't. Tensed up, left palm open a fair distance from his face for protection, the other clenched into a fist and curled by the side of his waist. Legs spread in a widened distance as his knees remained slightly bent, as to not strain his body more than he should. This was a fight, and if he wasn't ready on his toes, he would get smacked senseless without even realizing it.

So... How does one go about fighting a brute like that?


Basic Step [Ragnar; GREEN] 2_1
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Ragnar watched his opponent as his fist flew through the air towards him, almost expecting the sudden rush to throw him off guard and to make him make a mistake and take the hit but for all the fear he smelled of, he was not paralyzed by it. That was a good sign that this one might be worth something, but Ragnar had to check anyway and he was going to put this Dragon Slayer through the basics to see how well he does before pulling out some other tricks.

Ragnar knew as long as he didn't damage anything important that his Loan Shark could not be upset with him. As Ragnar slowly started to walk around Jan, stalking him, he would assume that his opponent would turn his body to follow him and keep him directly in his line of sight and not allow him to get behind him. Even a fighter who knows they are much better still does not want someone at their back if they can help it. As he walked around him he did notice that he did seem at least aware of how to fight, but maybe not outside of what he was really capable of. Ragnar was interested to see if he had any spells or other things to back up his fighting style or if he was like him and only had a handful of spells under his belt but the spells he knew could make the difference in a fight.

" Why did you not try and counter-attack me? You had an opening and you knew I was aiming to hurt if not kill you... Have you never hurt another man before in combat? You seem at least aware that fighting exists, I wonder if you are capable of being the aggressor or if you are a defensive fighter. "

As Ragnar said this he would be on the other side of Jan at this point, and his feet would spread out until they were parallel to his shoulders and his arms would go up in with his left arm bent and in front of him, more outstretched while his right was also bent but tucked closer into his body. Ragnar would then slide his right foot back until it was 90 degrees of where it was before while his shoulders followed through. Ragnar's massive fist was now hanging over where his heart would be as his left side was now facing Jan Ren.

This was a very odd fighting stance for one this large but it seemed to be the one that he seemed to have chosen for a very specific reason again Jan as Ragnar waited to see what his opponent would do. Was he capable of being the aggressor or would he always be on the defensive?

#5Jan Ren 

Basic Step [Ragnar; GREEN] Empty Mon Sep 07, 2020 1:46 pm

Jan Ren
Despite being alarmed there, Jan Ren did resume some common sense; eyes watching intensely as the hulking man began rounding him, slowly changing direction to put presumably, put further chance in his favor. To match, the Sinese' body shifted ever so slightly as his eyes had not left Ragnar's moving figure for even a moment; acknowledging that he's not dealing with the average fighter. This man was a murderer; a dangerous man by every possibly standard. Fact that he still had his club at the ready (albeit not on his person) was also worrying, remaining in the back of his mind. Was all of this worth it just to impress some girl?

"What do you mean never hurt someone else before." The young man retorted, a drop of sweat rolling down the side of his head as he gradually calmed himself down, within reasoning with the aggressor. "Everybody gets into fights now and then. I don't believe anyone would react with a killer strike if someone blatantly jumped at them like that... I'd like to believe I'm actually a rather normal person myself." Jan Ren's reality was never intertwined with war and battle. Carnage, bloodshed and despair were present in his home country; but luckily for him, not where he came from. The subjects were easily familiar, yet at the same time foreign.

Regardless, this is a fight he picked and if he'd escape or earn his foe's pity, he's as good as a loser. "You on the other hand..." As the Sinese' tone remained steady, real as could be, his weight shifted towards his front foot as his knee bent slightly. He was preparing to make a move. "You discerned categories off a single strike. And you sound almost as if you're expecting it." He assumed, eyes narrowing slightly; still glued to the giant, while still aware of his surroundings sufficiently. Fortunately, no curious onlookers arrived just yet.

Yet another concern that rose in the young combatant's mind following that simple exchange was... If this Ragnar person could deduct a person's fighting tendencies off a single swing, then he's dealing with a genius. Is normal even going to cut it there?

As the distance between the two had remained the same, Jan Ren prompted to engage. 7.5 meters wasn't much, but it was also long enough. Kicking into gear as his eyebrows furrowed some, muscles clenched; the Sinese immediately began to run towards his opponent, covering the distance in less than a second as he went into proper reach. The difference in their physique spoke for his personal disadvantage... Height alone, ergo the length of their limbs, would be his undoing. Part of him wanted to attempt seize another opportunity he'd be presented with, as just as the criminal said... He had a perfect chance. Hardly would another one of those come, would it?

Once in proper vicinity, keeping in mind the other's arms; Jan Ren swept his right leg towards the opponent's side in a swift, arching kick; weight shifted to his left leg as he made a small leap to aid further momentum. Right palm close by his form for protection, left remaining free... For whatever was to come.


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Ragnar watched the young man as his eyes followed Jan's movement as he wasn't fully sure how this man would try to attack him. He seemed to be talking way too much, which Ragnar was willing to listen to before saying calmly back to him as he waited for the attack. " You were the one who started this fight in my mind, I mean you did say that you were going to bring me in. As for discerning categories, if you were a serious fighter, I would have been hit at least once before I could do anything in retaliation from the first punch. " As this would leave his mouth he finally saw his opponent start to move forward, and quickly as Ragnar tried to gauge the speed difference between them. He did seem to be as fast as Ragnar, at least currently, and he would be on top of Ragnar very quickly so Ragnar would have to do what he needed to.

As Jan stopped to start the kick, using his right leg to spin, Ragnar would hop forward, a mere meter which for Ragnar's size was a very short distance and his speed, deep into the circle of Jan's kick. This would put Ragnar basically ontop of Jan while also removing most of the strength and power from his kick that Ragnar would be hit by still, but he would be hit by the upper thigh part rather than the shin or foot thereby reducing to negating most of the strength of the kick.

During this hop, Ragnar reached out with his forward hand and reach out to grab Jan's right wrist, attempting to gain control of that part of his body while his forward foot and sweep his leg to the right, hitting the leg that Jan was using to balance and most likely causing him to fall to the ground due to all of the weight of his body now being put onto one point and then basically kicked out from under him. If Jan wanted to move his hand away from Ragnar, he would have to attempt to move back more then likely which would only put him more off balance making the kick even more effective to knock him onto the ground.

If his opponent did end up on the ground, Ragnar would attempt to stomp down on the man's knee from the leg that Ragnar just kicked out from under him. This would do the full amount of damage to his leg as he attempted to break the man's leg in a single shot to his knee and hopefully ending this fight quickly and without any issues.

#7Jan Ren 

Basic Step [Ragnar; GREEN] Empty Thu Sep 24, 2020 3:06 pm

Jan Ren
In a sense, Ragnar was correct. No, safe to say the hulking giant was entirely correct; this was a fight Jan Ren had started and was going to see through to the end, one way or another. Preferably if he came out on top, despite the obvious gap in experience on the battlefield between the two men. As with the opponent's surprisingly honest proclamation, the Sinese now acknowledged that his chance was right there... And his own tendencies caused him to miss it. Drat. There would hardly be a second one like that, right? Served on a silver platter like that. No matter.... You reap what you sow. As is, with this fight.

"(!?)" Remaining calm on the outside could only get him so much; fortunately hormonal shifts in one's body only occurred on so many levels, on so many times. Surprised to see the other take a bold step forward to shorten the range of his kick, Jan Ren then felt a sudden force push his airborne left foot into the ground; as he was forced to -- in that near-second of a maneuver -- re-balance himself; not expecting to land so soon. There was, of course, merit in this; though none of such lingered in the current stalemate as Ragnar hurried to jab his left hand forward, to grab at the Sinese' right wrist. So, he would attempt to throw him off balance and remove as much protection as immediately available, whilst keeping his body open for proper reaction, huh.

Well, shit.

However, not all was lost. The time spent between his failed thigh-kick and the other's complete movements was shallow, yet sufficient. Acknowledging that removing his palm from its position would expose his chest, Jan Ren allowed himself to get caught; having to fight through his own mentality to avoid pain at all costs. With his foot placed early on the ground, he could complete yet another movement. With his left arm still free, the Sinese made a quick leap off his left feet and brought his knee up; risking falling, yet attempting to stabilize himself or at least mitigate the fall -- by supporting his own hit with his right leg; twisted to lock his shin and ankle around Ragnar's to aid in bring himself closer, faster. Ultimately aiming to ram his knee straight into the hulk's groin, torso or left arm -- whichever came first for contact. With the giant's mass and this close proximity, he figured he'd manage a solid lucky shot through.

For such a stunt to be properly pulled though, Jan Ren admittedly lacked the confidence to combine it with yet another strike. It also didn't help that he didn't have a flight spell or anything remotely close to that at bay; otherwise, he could have suspended himself in the air and let it be. Alas, however; his left hand would have to remain free for reaction. For now.

Basic Step [Ragnar; GREEN] 2_1
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Basic Step [Ragnar; GREEN] Empty Tue Sep 29, 2020 7:49 pm


As Ragnar blocked the kick with his body, though the kick was less than a normal kick and more like a gentle caress of his back as his forward hand reached out and grab ahold of the man's wrist. At this point, Ragnar could not help but think that he had his opponent dead to rights at this moment until he realized something odd. He wasn't trying to pull his wrist away. It was in this moment that Ragnar felt the leg that had kicked him in the back wrap around his leg and used it for balance.

The man was very light for Ragnar and the move was so sudden that he didn't really expect this kind of reaction from someone who had been such a passive fighter up until now. Ragnar was looking down at his opponent and he did manage to see the start of a jump as he started to realize that this man was capable of countering after all. He had locked Ragnar into a location where he wasn't going to be able to let go of his hand and move away fast enough to dodge the knee, so Ragnar had to do the only thing he could do.

Ragnar still had his free backhand, which was still at his chest and he quickly brought it down in order to block the knee coming up to hit him in the groin. Ragnar slammed his hand down in a knife-hand as hard as he could into the leg of Jan Ren, attempting to stop the momentum of the knee before it could hit him.

Ragnar did not realize how strong his opponent would be, as he didn't have time to process the strength of the grip on his leg, and once his hand slammed into Jan's knee at a full S rank of damage did he realize that he made a mistake as he felt the bones in his hand and forearm start to crack and break under the sheer amount of force generated by the small body of Jan. Ragnar's vision went white in pain as he realized that this man was strong, possibly as strong as he was even if he didn't look it. This caused him to reflexively let go of Jan's wrist that he had gotten ahold of.

The sheer amount of force generated to stop the knee, along with the fact that it was the only leg Jan had to stand on, would most likely cause that leg to fall directly to the ground between Ragnar's legs. Ragnar still having the ability to use his feet unhindered pointed one of his feet backward " Rush" Silver circles appeared at Ragnar's feet, and he would move 10 meters in a second away from Jan.

This would cause one of two things to happen, one Jan would let go of his grip though most likely still losing his balance slightly by the time he managed to get his leg untwisted from Ragnars or Jan would come on a ride that would most likely throw him completely off balance and leave himself open for a Ragnar counter-attack.  

If Jan decided to follow Ragnar by holding onto his leg, once Ragnar landed from the end of his spell, Ragnar would then attempt to crack Jan across the face with a punch from his forward hand, attempting to push the fighter off him with another serious hit. With Jan most likely being very off-balance at this point being dragged ten meters in such a quick amount of time would most likely make mounting a defense harder than normal.

If Jan decided to abandon Ragnar after his rush backward, Ragnar would take a moment to look at his hand as he realized that it was broken beyond his ability to fight with it. He could feel the bones in his arm also in a large amount of pain. Jan had managed to hinder Ragnar in a single move and there was nothing Ragnar could have done.

" Well... you are much stronger then I gave you credit for... maybe I should have turned myself into you. "


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