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The Cat Cried Wolf {Quest}

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Ragnar, after meeting his new Guildmaster and being inducted into the guild was given a mission that was right up his alley of getting this done. He was to bring this area of the world into compliance for the guild, but first he had to finish up some quests that he was given by his new Guildmaster to finish up. Apparently, there was a local tribe to the north, in the area of which he is supposed to take over has someone that had a wolf issue. Ragnar didn't get all the details but he knew enough about the mission to know what he needed to do. He needed the pack of wolves dead and to bring proof back to him that he did it, what happened after that isn't really his concern. He hadn't even met the person who gave him this quest, but that didn't matter to him.

Ragnar rode out into the forest, his Juggernaut pushing down small trees and pushes out of the way as he went to where the wolves were supposed to be. Though clearly these wolves had a range of hundreds of miles they could go in any direction to find food and hunt as they needed, and most likely didn't have a lot of other packs in this area to deal but Ragnar wasn't fully sure about that anyway. As Ragnar looked around in an attempt to find and locate his prey he did feel something odd come over him. Like he was being watched. Ragnar pulled the Juggernaut to a stop as he started to look around in his saddle trying to locate the source of the eyes. In the heavily forested area, Ragnar wasn't able to locate the set of eyes but he knew he felt them on him. If they were human or animal, Ragnar could not be sure but he would an answer and sooner rather then later.



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Ragnar went all day, attempting to find these wolves or any signs of these wolves and not being able to, eventually choosing to settle down for the night before trying again in the morning. As Ragnar started to go to sleep, his Juggernaut leaving him for the world in which he originated from, he heard the sound of movement around him. Ragnar stood up to his feet instantly, his ax already in his hands as he looked around and he saw four large wolves standing around him in a circle, they apparently had seen him coming and decided to do a hunt of their own. Well, this saved Ragnar sometime in the morning of hunting them down, but Ragnar knew that these wolves even the alpha, who had many scraps over his nose and body from various fights, could most likely not stand a single swing of his ax. If it clipped them, it would remove a limb and the fight would be over for that wolf very quickly.

Ragnar did not have to wait long for the attack as one of the wolves behind him attempted to go for his ankles, which were heavily armed by the plate he was still wearing and the small amount of time it took for the wolf to realize that it wasn't making it through the armor was too late as Ragnar simply swung the ax backward, striking the wolf in the shoulder and cleaving it down to its chest cavity where it died instantly. The other wolves then attacked, though this time from the sides and front but Ragnar was used to some of these tactics, and clearly while the wolves had gotten a taste for human they did not get a taste for knowing how to fight an armored enemy.

It did not take long for Ragnar's strength and range advantage to win out, as all he had to do was back himself up against one of the many trees around him and start to swing his ax whenever one of the wolves got into range, and a single hit as enough to drop them instantly and painfully. Even the alpha eventually fell to Ragnar's savage blows as his armor protected him from most of the damage, something that could not be said for the wolves.

Ragnar then grabbed the head of the alpha and got ready for bed for the night. He would return the wolf head's to the client in the morning and get paid before going back to his original task of Conquest.


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