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Silver City [QUEST; MASAMI]

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Silver City [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Mon Jun 01, 2020 3:38 pm

So, turns out, Masami wasn't the only one making ventures in dangerous places. Although he disagreed visiting the Silver District due to how intimidating the people appears (meanwhile, this is the same in the Lower District), a request stopped him from staying in one place. To be honest, being robbed is frightening. All that hard work to waste? Distasteful. Even if the rich were robbed, they still worked for such income. Stealing the stolen is a trait humans naturally have – a sinful nature, yet given the choice to choose. No that Masami is in front of the aristocrats, he realized that there honestly wasn't much to be afraid of.

They rode a classy vehicle on the way from the Silver District to the Lower District, and the ride was smooth. Masami couldn't help himself from touching the vehicle's windows with his nose, trying to peer the view outside. The idea of having the exact opposite culture was intoxicating for Masami; the alienation was strong and ever since, he knew that he didn't belong there. "Where are you from, boy?" asked an aristocrat, and Masami immediately answered with "Joya." without even looking away from the window. It didn't seem like he was found rude, however. Their accent and tone felt utterly unique and unfamiliar; despite being in the same city, these types of people had a completely different feel from the Lower District. "You guys are rich," uttered Masami, "why'd you want to go down to purchase stuff from there?" this time, he looked at them, right in the eyes. This boy had a very curious look on his eyes, slightly judging. He had experienced meeting higher-ups addicted to ego, vaguely showing people how much of value they are. Nevertheless, it was a mere neutral question. Masami continued to stare whilst waiting for a response, a response from one of those aristocrats. Apparently, there wasn't only one of them to protect.

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The aristocrats wore obviously aristocratic clothing... what are those for? To signify their status? This wasn't exactly odd to Masami, considering how he's wearing exclusive Joyan clothing (assuming people in Fiore won't take notice of his high-quality garments) anyway, but he couldn't help but question. The same aristocrat answered Masami in a surprisingly gentle tone, "They need our help, too." He spoke no more, and Masami immediately got what he meant. A light bulb could almost actually appear on top of his head; of course, the rich can simply purchase items from the poor to at least help them out. Simply donating, as Masami's older siblings taught him, was not necessarily helpful. The people would depend on the rich for a rope to pull themselves up instead of learning how to work harder. "I believe you understand, Joyan."

With energy, Masami responded with a nod, then continued to look outside. "Ah, we must be here." right after he mentioned that, the vehicle paused and the doors on the sides opened up. Masami was the first to come out, then kept a keen eye upon the aristocrats' surroundings. The crowd was slightly fazed, yet clearly used to experiencing such fazing. It's not the first time they saw the richer people come down from above, like some sort of Severese or Bellan gods. The aristocrats started to walk beside each other – knowing where they were going, Masami simply followed behind. How uncertain Masami's appearance was, and is making himself slightly annoyed over himself. Most likely, those bad guys would go for him instead of the aristocrats first. Oh, just as mentioned. When a jockey, appearing like a drunkard, wrapped an arm around Masami, it kept him silent. "What are you, a slave to 'em? How much would you be?"

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How rude. Masami brushed the arm off of his shoulder and simply walked away, not even giving an effort to glare. Not only did he touch Masami without consent, but he also called him a 'slave'. Without the intention of giving more attention, he halted when he heard a gun cocked right behind him. Definitely... sounds like trouble.

"Sir!" Masami shouted, casting a spell right behind him. It was a Koomote mask created out of flames; fearsome and caused chaos. The crowd immediately covered and hid themselves behind their home's doors – right after Masami casted this spell, the bullet from the man's pistol deteriorated in the magic's heat. Because there was a loud bang, it added up to the crowd's panic, causing lots of screams and chaos in general. Of course, Masami's heart was beating as well, so much that he could almost hear it or feel his veins pumping. Everything was so sudden, and he was sustaining the shield from his back – he dispersed the flames and turned around, trying to spot for... ah? Was Masami hallucinating? There seemed to be nothing going on.

He raised a brow in confusion, everything seemed fine. The man whom had an arm around Masami's shoulders from a while ago, suddenly whispered: "Got you, didn't I?" and startled Masami off of his feet. This time, he created distance but not using his magic. How sly, an illusion magician. "You're mean." Masami pouted and walked off, supposedly following the aristocrats once more, but they seemed to have stopped walking, this time approaching Masami's direction. One of them shouted a certain name, something that wasn't so distinctive to Masami's ears... then greeted the same man. "You people know each other...?" Masami's lip corners made an attempt in forcing a smile, yet they were shaking. The 'illusion' felt so real, that it didn't even sound real. The aristocrats, with a nod, simply laughed at Masami as if fun of him for reacting to such a feeble thing. "You did it again, you prankster."

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