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Crocus to Oak

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Crocus to Oak Empty Mon Apr 20, 2020 10:57 am


Ragnar started to walk towards a location in the world called Oak City, this was the place where the Guild Advent World was located and from what he had heard about this guild it was the one that most likely would fit how he planned on doing business in the future to get stronger as the rest of them did not seem to be his flavor of 'clan'.

As Ragnar left the cities main doors and started walking towards the direction of Oak City and he thought about what he saw while he was there. First, he went into the city and managed to locate an old crone, who most likely was less than human, who gave him a tarot card with a picture of a chariot on it. What that meant to Ragnar wasn't fully sure, but he did know that he had to go to Oak in order to complete his journey so that was the direction he went.

Another odd thing he saw while he was in that city was that massive rabbit that had left him a brass egg with several thousand jewels in it. Ragnar was still very confused by that as he wasn't sure what that was or if it was a mystical animal that he wasn't aware of or if it was just some trick by the old crone with the card. He had the money in his pouch as he wasn't stupid enough to say no to that but he was still superstitious about a human-sized rabbit that apparently gives gifts of money.

Though as he left this city and went into the wilderness he started to feel more at home than in the city, as he started to hear the sounds of wildlife that while strange to him it did remind him of the animals he heard in Icebergian though most of the time they sounded more like prey animals then the sounds of hunters.

Ragnar expected for some bandits or some kind of trouble along the way to Oak, but apparently the roads were really cleared out well by the people around here or the bandits simply saw the man with blood-red and brass-colored armor and thought better of attempting to attack a target that might not have anything but might cause them a huge problem. Ragnar was slightly saddened by the fact that no one came to show him what the people of Oak were made of, but that was fine. He would have plenty of chances for that when he started to do quests.


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