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The Easter Bunny [Alisa]

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The Easter Bunny [Alisa] Empty Sat Apr 18, 2020 11:35 am


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One would wonder just why on Earth would the guild master of Blue Pegasus have decided to go around wearing a bunny costume. Well, for the most part, all she cared about was staying true to the spirit of the season, just enough to stir up some excitement among her guild members. Mind you, that didn't always, exactly work but that would never really stop her from trying. So there was Alisa clad in a form fitting black bunny suit baring quite the plunging display of cleavage, with sheer dark pantyhose highlighting the shapely tone of her long legs, casually strolling around her guild hall, arranging whatever decorations she got her hand on. Mostly chocolate bunnies here and there, really, little treats for both her guildmates or whoever else stopped by for a visit. Not too many people, and Alisa honestly preferred it that way, even if she couldn't help but glance out the window a smile as she mused on her family up north:

"I wonder how uncle's doing...", spoke the sculptress, making a mental note to get in touch with him sooner rather than later. Before long though, she found herself peeling away from the bar as she finished laying all of the treats out for whoever took an interst in them, turning on one heel, her smile widening as she caught sight of a visitor, "Ara~...?"

A low mumble left her lips as her brow rose, spotting not the everyday citizen stopping by for a drink or simply to lazy around for a while, but instead saw a bunny. Well, somebody in a bunny suit most likely, though an actual bunny suit, instead of the show girl vibe Alisa had chosen for herself. In the end though, she merely accepted the gift offered, eyes widening ever so slightly in surprise:

"Oh, for me~...? Why thank you."

Who knows, maybe this one just happened to be the actual Easter bunny... Not that he stuck around to tell her that, merely turning around and skipping away in the search of the next person.

Strength is also Beauty

"Happy Bunny day!"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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The Easter Bunny [Alisa] CyhFjWA

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