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The Easter Bunny

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The Easter Bunny Empty Fri Apr 17, 2020 9:07 pm


Ragnar was walking through the city, recently coming from a tent with an old woman who was clearly not fully human if at all human. As he walked through the city, he was both uninterested in his surroundings but also curious because he had never lived in a massive city like this, and was interested in the sheer amount of people that were here but also how most of them looked like they had never seen hardship in their life, at least the kind that Ragnar was used to.

The people of this city seemed to give Ragnar a wide berth where they could, even as his blood-red and brass-colored armor made loud noises metal scraped against metal on the armor. As he walked he heard a noise he wasn't expecting to hear in a massive city, though it was oddly loud enough for him to still hear it over the roar of the city itself. The sound of a rabbit eating. Rabbit was an important source of food for Ragnar in Icebergian, and he was still familiar with their sound during the times he hunted them, but it was coming from above him.

Ragnar lifted his head, the helm on his head making a loud noise as it scraped against this collar, and he was more than slightly shocked when he saw a near-human size rabbit sitting on the edge of one of the buildings and looking straight down at him, its front paws hanging off the edge. In his mouth was a basket, filled with something that Ragnar could not see. The rabbit then took off, jumping across the gap of the street as easily as Ragnar could step and started to run.

Ragnar's hunter instinct took over at that point and he started to sprint to try and keep up with his rabbit. Ragnar paid no mind to the people around him as he ran headlong towards were the rabbit was running across the city, including running down a back alley, running over a group of young children clearly planning something no good and then a small gambling den where they were playing dice as he tried to chase down this rabbit.

Ragnar after several minutes of running, the rabbit seemed to have made a mistake as it missed a jump just barely and landed in an alley with a loud thud of noise. Ragnar turned the corner into a dark alley and looked to see a pile of trash where the rabbit clearly must have landed. As he pulled his axe from his back, holding it in both hands as he wasn't sure if this human-sized rabbit would try to fight back. It looked like a normal rabbit, but given it was human he could not be too careful.

As he approached the trash carefully, he lifted up his axe over his head as he leaped over the pile of trash into where the rabbit should be. Instead of finding a stunned or dead rabbit, he found a brass colored egg and no sign that the rabbit was ever here. Ragnar ripped the alley apart looking for this rabbit, not touching the egg until he was left with nothing but the egg left.

Putting the axe on his back, he looked at it and picked it up in his armed hand and sighed as he put it into his waist pouch on the outside of his armor and left the alley. Stupid Rabbit.

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