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To the North! - Baska to Orchidia [Travel]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

To the North! - Baska to Orchidia [Travel] Empty Wed Mar 11, 2020 10:48 pm

Kenzo Valens
The morning was bright, the climate was good, and his spirits were high. Kenzo had decided it was the perfect day to leave the city of Baska and travel to Orchidia in the north. He had been doing some jobs in the city the last couple of days, but it seemed that his last quest had managed to raise more heat than what he’d initially wanted. The authorities of Baska had noticed the disappearance of a local townsfolk, finding some traces of blood in one of the sheds of the city. Kenzo had tried his best to make sure no one noticed the assassination he had carried out the last night, but in the end his inexperience in such line of work was obvious.

The merc had taken a job from a necromancer to supply him with a freshly killed body. It was not quite the kind of jobs he usually took, but he found the perfect victim. A serial killer was on the loose, so the blue haired man didn’t think it twice and decided to put an end to the threat. Either way, he needed to stay away from Baska for the time being. He had settled for his next destination soon enough.

Grabbing his gear, the Advent World warrior made his way to Orchidia city. He had heard Noel’s past guild, Lamia Scale, used to be hosted by the place. He couldn’t wait to see what awaited him there.


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