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Breaking the Habit [Halloween Quest]

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Breaking the Habit [Halloween Quest] Empty on Tue Mar 10, 2020 7:00 am

Breaking the Habit [Halloween Quest] U8W6XVS

Another day, another stroll through Dahlia City.

Nuala still didn’t know what to think of this place. It was long past nightfall when she went for a cozy walk through the now empty streets and even though she knew that there was evil lurking in the shadows, especially within the direction of Aldenwald, Nuala didn’t mind being out late and alone. She knew how to defend herself just fine and she didn’t feel afraid – at least not from the creatures that lurked within the depths of the forests. Dahlia was a strange place and if she didn’t know any better she would have guessed that the rest of the country had abandoned this city alongside its citizens. She couldn’t think of a single reason as to why it would be okay for vampires and werewolves to stalk the humans living here or why none of the country’s military could be bothered to gear up and protect the people from those monsters. While Nuala felt the need to make sure that everything was in order here, she couldn’t help but feel as though that it wasn’t exactly her duty. But then again, she was part of Daeva Eye now and the members of the guild had to make sure that the farmers people didn’t get eaten by the monsters within Aldenwald anymore.

It was a strange agreement and honestly quite difficult to uphold, but it were the strange encounters and unexpected meetings that made it worth it. The other day Nuala had come across a weak vampire. He looked to be a young one – in human years of course – and he was unnaturally pale and delicate looking, even for a vampire. Nuala noticed him sucking on cow blood, which was quite unusual. Usually, vampires exclusively stalked human prey as they had no use for animal blood, but clearly if they were in need it could help them survive. Those were news to Nuala and she didn’t know what to make of it. He seemed quite thirsty for actual blood and had initially attacked her.


Breaking the Habit [Halloween Quest] XRjHYs6

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Breaking the Habit [Halloween Quest] U8W6XVS

Apparently that vampire was keen on making himself more relevant to her, because he had asked her to meet him again in order to assist him with some sort of deed and while Nuala didn’t actually care, she also couldn’t say no to the sum of money he had offered her. Perhaps it was a simple enough task and it would allow her to learn a little bit more about this strange race. Alistar, the animal blood drinking vampire, finally approached her. They were meeting at the border the city, where he leaned against a fence next to the roadside. The last time Nuala was able to take him down with just three punches, and because of how weak he was she didn’t actually expect him to be a threat whatsoever. When she arrived, he was finally willing to explain his story to her.

“I’m a vampire, but I was turned against my will. I don’t identify as one of those lawless and godless beasts and therefore I refuse to drink human blood.” He was passionate about his cause, Nuala could tell that much. But she also couldn’t help but find the whole situation comical, considering that the city was more or less being governed by a vampire just like the one he described. A vampire that he didn’t want to be like. But it didn’t matter. “Drinking animal blood leaves me weak, so I need to go through a specific ritual in order to regain my powers. I want your help with said rituals and I will pay you if you assist me.” He then proceeded to point her towards a werewolf’s den, a vampire’s lair and a daemon’s home. There were items located there that she needed to retrieve in order to get the ritual going. Nuala, being a thief and everything, considered this to be an easy enough task that would proof no problem to her.


Breaking the Habit [Halloween Quest] XRjHYs6

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Breaking the Habit [Halloween Quest] U8W6XVS

Werewolves, vampires and daemons were all dangerous races. They were incredibly strong as well, but fortunately for Nuala she was a master thief and would be able to handle this job with relative ease – or so she thought. She had to retrieve werewolf claw, a vampire’s fang and a demon’s bloodfrom the respective races and while that sounded like it would force her into combat, all those items were actually available already. Werewolf claw could be found in any den that had werewolves living within it and Nuala was able to sneak in and out of one, using her perfectly silent movement and the fact that she could become invisible, to pick up some werewolf fur.

Then she moved on to the vampire. Apparently vampire fangs frequently broke off and this one kept his in a little box somewhere in his lair. Nuala once again snuck in masterfully and quietly as ever. She had to be way more careful though since the invisibility probably wouldn’t work with the vampire and as a result she took a bit longer for this one. But Nuala was able to grab the vampire fang eventually and add it to her collection. Last was the daemon’s blood. Which turned out to be the easiest because the demon simply wasn’t home and she could also steal the blood from his collection of potions, making sure to leave no trace behind when she left.

With the werewolf claw, vampire tooth and potion of blood from the Daemon all together, Nuala returned to Alistar who appeared to be rather pleased with her work. “Thank you, here is your pay. I will contact you again very soon so we can reenact the ritual. This will help me to regain my power without ever having to use human blood.” Nuala merely nodded at his words while taking the money. To be frank, this was quite a lot of work for an unusual amount of money – usually she got paid more, but because Nuala was so curious about how he was going to handle the situation, she decided to roll with it for now.


Breaking the Habit [Halloween Quest] XRjHYs6

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