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Faustein Kuroyakushi

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Name: Faustein Kuroyakushi
-Given/First: Faustein

-Surname/Last: Kuroyakushi

- Faust / Stein (his family, fellow clan members, and anyone else he allows usually use this form)

- Dr. Stein / Prof. Kuro (his colleagues, patients, and test subjects usually use this form)

- Mr. Stein / Mr. Kuro (his business associates and any other formal acquaintances usually use this form)  

- Master Faust (His companions/pets if capable of speech would use this form)

- "SK" (his clients and enemies usually use this form)

Age:  28 years old - August 2nd, X760

Western Horoscope: Leo

Gender:  Male
Sexuality: Asexual, Aromantic

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi
Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan
Character’s Ethnicity: half Boscosi/half Joyan
Character’s Nationality: Fiorian


- Chaotic Neutral-Neutral Evil mix

Class: Spellhowler
Race: Human
Rank: D-rank
Guild: Guildless

-Shape: Resembles guild emblem of whichever guild he may join in the future

-Color: White with Metallic Silver border

-Location: Left side of chest, right above his heart's location

-Other Details: Black and Metallic Silver suture lines crisscrossing guild emblem as far as possible

Face: Senkū Ishigami - Dr. Stone


Height:  5' 7"
Weight:  140 lb.
Hair: White with Dark Green tips
Eyes: Crimson Red


Faustein is 5' 7" tall, weighs in at 140 lb., and has a medium-heavy bone structure. His skin is very pale and maybe even somewhat sallow in appearance. Due to the constant traveling he does and the intermittent exposure to the elements as well as the various substances he deals with in his practice as a physician-scientist, his skin is also very coarse and dry to the touch. He has very thick, coarse, and dry hair which is mostly white at the base, but melds into dark green towards the tips. He never bothers to keep it tamed due to his inherently lazy nature and also because it tends to get disheveled anyway over the course of his research. He has a generally ovoid head like any other regular human. He also has some distinctive facial features such as: gaunt cheeks with high-set cheekbones, a high and wide forehead, as well as thin, roughly almond shaped eyes with the usual round pupils and bright crimson red irides. The last of his distinctive facial features are his gently tapered chin and his somewhat strongly set, somewhat sharply defined jawline.

He has a slender, slightly longer than normal neck with a very prominent Adam's apple. His back and shoulders are broad and well developed with lean, well defined, clearly visible musculature due to his own basic physical conditioning and also because he often has to exert himself physically during his travels and research. All across his torso, both the front and back aspects, he has no more than an ounce of fat anywhere since he almost constantly forgets to maintain a proper meal schedule, especially when he is wrapped up in one of his long-term research projects. His upper limbs are of average length and just like the rest of his body, they too possess lean, well defined musculature. Due to his medium-heavy set bone structure, his wrists are slightly larger than normal and his hands are also larger and more muscular than average too due to the near constant use in his various physical exertions. In contrast, however, his fingers are longer than average and have a rather skeletal look to them.

He has a narrow waist and hips, again due to the veritable lack of body fat, especially the abdominal type. Below, he has lower limbs which are longer than average and like the rest of him, his lower limbs also have not more than an ounce of fat anywhere. As a result, like everywhere else on him, his lower limb musculature is also clearly visible and well defined, but also due to the effect of his physical exertions and specific training as well. Like his wrists, due to his medium heavy bone structure, his ankles are also slightly bigger than average as are his feet. However, like his fingers, his toes are also quite spindly in appearance. The rest of him is similarly well endowed due to the many genetic gifts he has inherited from both sides of his family.


Faustein prefers to keep his attire preferences as simple and practical as possible, although he does sometimes give in to flights of fancy to indulge his flair for the dramatic. So, at home by himself, he usually just wears a muscle tee of some shade of color along with PJs of some color (never pink though because he hates that color). At home, he usually doesn’t bother with footwear, but if pressed to wear some, he would go for simple geta shoes. If at home, but entertaining guests, then of course, he would wear a semi-formal long sleeved Boscosi shirt with a traditional Joyan ballooning hakama (edited to able to equip a tactical utility belt) with the usual male undergarments along with the same geta shoes for footwear.

When out and about, but not at work, he usually prefers to don a simple semi-formal t-shirt and tactical utility belt equipped cargo shorts of some color along with the usual male undergarments (none of them being pink). For footwear in this situation, he prefers to use standard long tabi boots of some color (except pink). When out and about at work, either at his profession as a physician-scientist mage or just taking on client requests, over the usual male undergarments, he wears his formal work outfit, that being a high collar, below knee length doctor’s white coat with long sleeved formal white shirt of some color and a crimson red colored necktie. Below that, he wears a tactical utility belt equipped, dark colored formal pants and for footwear, he wears formal patent leather, black or brown western style shoes.

For any other situation, he dresses as the occasion or environment demands of him (e.g. swim trunks at a swimming pool, weather appropriate clothing in accordance to the seasons, a 3- piece tuxedo and formal black shoes for really formal events, etc.). While traveling, he can usually be seen his usual work outfit and maybe a thick white trench coat over it and a white fedora with a dark blue silk band around the top on his head. Needless to say, in addition to the abovementioned attire, he also always has whatever light armor, weapons, and other accessories are necessary for his mage work.


- His eyes have prominent dark circles beneath them because of the marked degree of sleep deprivation he suffers from due to the stress and demands of his practice as well as the effort he puts in to accomplish his never- ending research goals.

- His lips have a noticeable dark discoloration because his body is always somewhat oxygen deprived not only because of a certain inherent genetic defect, but also due to constant exposure to the various chemical substances which he tests on himself as part of his research.

- The most distinctive features of his neck and torso are the thick rope like tattoo which is seen around his neck and the large patch of mismatched skin bounded by two healed suture lines which lies diagonally across his torso, from top of his left shoulder to the bottom of his right hip.

- Unfortunately, like his neck and torso, the rest of him is also marred by innumerable healed scars, suture lines, and various other types of blemishes and imperfections which he has acquired over the long course of his ongoing research.



Stein is a stereotypical mad scientist in thought, word, and deed and his various personality traits apply as much in battle as they do outside it. Due to his insatiable curiosity, he pursues knowledge at any cost and views the whole world and everything in it, including himself not as individuals worthy of respect and care, but rather merely as guinea pigs to use in this eternal quest for knowledge. As if this were not bad enough, he blatantly disregards the personal rights of others (especially his specimens and/or research volunteers) and brooks no complaints from them, either about his research or the methodology that goes into it. This already reprehensible aspect of him is exacerbated even more by his lack of any modicum of inhibitions or qualms of any kind which could possibly regulate the methodology of his quest for knowledge.

Due to the rigorous demands and high focus his research and work as a physician-scientist needs and has, he is strictly objective almost all the time and is almost impervious to most sentiments, being moved to act only by the cold logic of a situation or by his desire for knowledge. In keeping with this strictly objective POV, his face looks stern, distant, and inscrutably emotionless almost all the time. That said, he is very protective and is wholly invested in his research and so, he usually tends to be very reclusive and reticent about his work. He also doesn’t trust others very much and believes everyone around him is out to take his beloved research away from him. So, he tends to have no allegiance to anyone or anything but himself…and of course, his pet/companion since it is his helper and guardian.

Toward anyone else, especially if he knows for certain that they are weaker/less capable than himself, he has an insufferable superiority complex which often gets him into trouble with them since it makes him act in a condescending manner towards them. To make things worse, he is also extremely manipulative of others, and this includes his pet/companion. Of course, in this latter case, he does tend to ease up a little on his manipulative aspect because he knows full well that for his plans to truly succeed, he needs to keep it around for the aforementioned reasons. Even though he has a superiority complex, he realizes that neither him nor anything or anyone else in the world is perfect. In fact, he actually abhors the concept of perfection and ridicules anyone and anything which claims to be perfect since to him, perfection is nothing more than a stagnant state which doesn’t allow for any sort of improvement or progress. Finally, he has no reverence for any sort of religion whatsoever and puts all of his faith is the power of science. As a result, he has no qualms experimenting on even the holiest of holy beings or the vilest of the denizens of the dark or anything in between those two extremes of the creature spectrum.

To his credit though, despite having all these defects, he does also have some saving graces, though some may consider these to be a blessing and a curse simultaneously. The first is his determination which lets him persevere diligently and see each of his research projects till the end, for better or worse. However, this can also be a drawback since, at the same time, it does also make him quite headstrong and stubborn as a result of which, he can be quite intractable to any attempts to sway him toward any path other than the one he sees lying before him. Then, there is his objectivity of view and his ability to stay emotionally detached regardless of whatever may be going on around him. While this does help him keep a calm and clear mind in all but the most trying of situations, it also means he is utterly oblivious to the emotional needs of others.

Besides this, he is quite passionate, driven, and focused when he is hooked and this give him the advantage of being able to avoid many common distractions which may otherwise impede his research. However, it can also be a negative thing because it does cause him to ignore everything else, like the basic everyday things like personal maintenance, for example. In addition to this, he prefers to be as efficient as possible in thought, word, and deed and this is a boon since it allows him to delegate resources properly to where they are needed and saves time which he can then spend on other projects or studies, but it also makes him speak very bluntly since, to him, hiding the truth behind any kind of façade just to make it palatable to his audience is a waste of effort. Naturally, this tends to get him into trouble with others, especially those among his audience who may take issue with his lack of verbal filters.

Then, there is his tendency to warn people of potential dangers when he sees them coming, but if it is a specimen which intrigues him enough to want it, he has no qualms in lying and doing whatever he has to acquire said specimen, even though his actions may cost him and his allies a crucial victory or even if doing so would lead to massive casualties on his side. Finally, there is his innovativeness as well as his cerebral and eccentric nature. His innovative side and his cerebral nature do give him the ability to solve most if not all the problems he may face, but they also give him that insatiable curiosity which causes him to want to take apart and analyze everything and everyone around him if they happen to intrigue him. This tendency to want to analyze everything when combined with his innately observant aspect of his nature leads him to lurk about observing everyone and everything around him in order to glean any valuable intelligence about them which he can put to some use or another and so, he can notice things most tend to overlook in their surroundings. An interesting side effect of this is that he tends to show up when someone least expects him to in a given situation which often leads to them being either greatly startled (if they have decent mental resilience), beating him senseless (if they be prone to violence), or running away screaming about creepy mad scientists (if they are particularly susceptible to fear or surprise).

Besides this, there is the cautious aspect of his nature which he now has because he not only inherited it from his parents, but also trained steadily since childhood. This means he never even enters into an area or situation without researching it thorough through remote means, whether it’s by sending his pet/companion ahead of him to survey and then report back, planting hidden surveillance devices on one of his purported allies, or any number of other ways as well. He usually ensures that he at least has a handful of main action plans, a handful of backup plans to handle common contingencies, and escape plans for the worst-case scenarios. This cautious nature combined with his innately super tier curiosity causes him to use any and all situations he enters as a series of field tests for any new techniques or gadgets or anything else he is developing, with both him and any opponents/enemies acting as the guinea pigs.

He tends to keep his distance from his opponents while gleaning information on them which he then puts to use to slowly but surely overwhelm them over the course of the confrontation. Of course, if it means getting his hands on some exciting source of new or otherwise unfamiliar knowledge, this cautious aspect of him tends to take a backseat, though he will still try to maintain some baseline version of it even when hunting said knowledge. Add to this his inherently lazy nature and the result is that he tends to be very inertial as well, which may be good for helping him keep a low profile when needed, but it also means if such a mood does overtake him, there is virtually no one in the world who can convince him to get going with whatever they want him to do for them.

Finally, there is his extreme, unbridled eccentricity which, though beneficial in that nobody who is willing to hang out with him would be assured of never getting bored and any potential enemies can never quite accurately predict his next move; can also be quite the obstacle in his interpersonal relationships since he is not only highly unconventional and prone to doing things which others find rather disconcerting, but also because it makes him a very difficult subordinate since any authority figures tend to have trouble accepting his highly whimsical behavior. This eccentricity extends to his practice as a physician-scientist and when combined with his lack of moral compass, means he usually resorts to highly unorthodox treatment methods which, though remarkably effective…may just come with some unsavory side-effects as well for any patient that puts themselves under his care.

The last effect of this eccentric side of him is that he occasionally tends to behave in a very out of character way, which may throw some for quite the surprising loop (e.g. randomly fluffing some particularly fluffy creature or being when they least expect it, bursting out into a maniacal laugh like some stereotypical supervillain when one of his research projects comes to fruition or when he discovers something new to him, making unorthodox and impromptu changes to any battle strategy or even scrapping it entirely mid battle, etc.)


  • Mad Science/Magical R&D:
    He likes to engage in and undertake all manner of mad science research projects no matter how high the cost because it provides him the one thing he likes above all else, knowledge about all the secrets of nature and magic and about the essence of everything around him.

  • Power:
    He adores the feeling of having power in all its forms (e.g. magical, financial, political, martial, etc.) because with it comes the near total freedom to do pursue his research and personal growth to his heart’s content without hindrances of any kind.

  • Foxes, Cats, and Owls:
    This is the only atypical of his objects of interest, but he likes these for two very practical reasons, and those are: 1) them being able to warm him up if he is ever cold and 2) them being excellently functional anti-stress agents in the event he should need a break from his research.



  • Anything Unbearable/Annoying:
    He abhors anyone and anything that is unbearable and annoying not only because such entities or phenomena would impede his progress toward his ultimate goal, but also since they would make him waste his uber precious time, energy, and resources to remove them from his life.

  • Ignorance:
    He despises the condition of ignorance since he has seen its malignant influences on those around him, these including prejudice towards those different from themselves, persecution of those different from themselves, and susceptibility to all manner of con artists & demagogues.

  • Prejudice & Persecution:
    He finds any who would be prejudiced against those different from themselves and especially those who would persecute those different from them because of said prejudice to be truly revolting because it had happened to him in the past and left a deep psychological scar on him.



  • Knowledge:
    Faust’s ultimate motivator is the discovery of the innermost mechanics of nature, magic, and the essence of everything in the universe around him and this is, in turn, driven by the desire to satiate his insatiable curiosity since doing so activates his reward and pleasure centers strongly.

  • Freedom:
    He also pursues ever newer sources of knowledge and personal power as well, albeit to a lesser extent, because in his eyes, having ultimate power would give him the true freedom to pursue his quest for knowledge and the knowledge in turn would give him freedom from ignorance.

  • Acquisition of Research Subjects:
    As is widely known, good help is quite hard to find, and so, one of his minor motives is the acquisition of research subjects durable enough to withstand the rigors of his mad science research because without them, he cannot truly pursue his eternal quest for knowledge.



  • Betrayal:
    He fears the prospect of betrayal by those around him because it had happened to him in the past and not only its aftermath, but also the recovery from said aftermath was a highly unpleasant series of events which left a permanent scar on his already unstable psyche.

  • Dogs and Wolves:
    He fears these since he had been attacked in the past by such entities and as a result, he had to take a long insufferable break from his eternal quest for knowledge to recover from his injuries, leading to him always living with the expectation of them attacking him again in the future.

  • Inadequacy:
    He fears all forms of inadequacy since he knows that if he were to ever become inadequate in any regard (magical, financial, power, etc.), his eternal quest for knowledge would come to an abrupt halt and as a result, he wouldn’t be able to indulge his innately insatiable curiosity.


Magic Name: Technomedical Arts

Magic Element: Arcane (Non-Elemental)

Magic Description:
This magic is one which allows the user to create and use spells which would be typical of a medical mage as well as those of a magical scientist. The medicosurgical part of this magic allows him to channel his mana with precision control to conjure spells that affect various parts of the target's body in debuffing, healing, and supplementary kinds of ways, especially when combined with his extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry of various beings. The technological part of his magic would allow him to manifest makeshift variants of futuristic gadgets, armor, and weaponry for mainly offensive and defensive purposes. The other purpose of this part of his magic is to serve as a conduit to facilitate a focused use of the medicosurgical part of his magic.



Faustein’s story begins with that of his parents, his father being a man named “Siegfried Faustein” from Bosco and his mother being a woman named “Izanami Kuroyakushi” from Joya. They had met during a medical conference in Fiore and so became entangled with each other. Initially, they hated each other’s guts, but eventually they did warm up to each other. Their respective families noticed this, and after a thorough cross examination of each other, decided to unite them in a sort of political marriage which was intended to be a stepping stone toward a future where the two sides would be allied with each other and be sharing their respective stores of knowledge, resources, and so on with each other for the purposes of advancing their fame, wealth, and influence in society. Then, in due course, they brought Faustein into the world and since he was the only child of these two heirs to the sides, the elders agreed to name him the heir to the future leadership position of the alliance as well as of the two respective sides.

His childhood started off being fairly normal, and thanks to his excellent genetic heritage, he showed a great deal of promise right from childhood, especially in his aptitude for their familial magic arts as well as for general sciences, mathematics, and other such areas of expertise. So, his parents decided to bring him onto the fast track to prepare him for capitalizing on that aptitude for their family’s unique magical arts, as well as general science, mathematics, and so on; mainly by trying to enter him in rigorous private tutoring sessions dealing with the beginner level knowledge in their lineage’s magical arts alongside the sciences, mathematics, and other related realms of academia. However, much to their surprise, he stubbornly resisted their efforts to fit him into their envisioned mold since he wanted to enjoy his childhood like other regular kids. Realizing that they wouldn’t be able to convince him to reconsider, his parents decided to let him do as he pleased as they were confident in the fact that sooner or later he would learn about the dark side to the world around him, which would in turn, bring him back to them so that they could enact their original plan for him.

He did enjoy doing the things that other kids normally did for quite a while, and whenever they had time and he had a considerable amount of vacation time, his parents took him on camping trips in various locales in Fiore. They did this not only to be able to spend time bonding as a family, but also for the purposes of teaching him basic outdoor survival skills so that he wouldn’t be caught flatfooted and without recourse should he ever need them at any point in the future. In this manner, time marched on for them until finally he came to high school and entered his teenage years. It was during these years that he became acquainted with the darker side of those whom he had considered his friends up until then. There had been a series of events during his second year of the third stage in his formal schooling, (when he was around 14 or 15 years of age) which led to him to figuring out that the people he had considered to be his friends till then had been just exploiting his talents for their own benefit and never did really consider him their friend, but rather were just putting up a façade of friendship to hide their ulterior motives.

Needless to say, he was quite broken up about this, but instead of taking revenge or anything edgy like that, he simply cut them off unceremoniously without giving them any preamble or warning. Not only did he cut them off, but he also vowed to himself that he would never bother with anything cheesy like emotions, friends, or even a social life ever again. Instead, he threw himself almost entirely into his studies from then on and to this end, he accepted his parents’ proposition of fast tracking him into the more nuanced levels of their family’s unique magical arts as well as in science, mathematics, and other such realms of knowledge through private tutoring. That said, he did still have his craving for various Sinese movies and comics, so he tried to stay in touch with the latest ones by watching and reading as many as possible whenever he needed a break from his studies. Furthermore, he also continued to indulge his interest in strategy and war games, mainly through playing board games like chess and shogi. These two extracurricular activities helped him in two ways: the first helped him by offering pure relaxation and the second was useful since it let him pick up basic strategic and tactical skills. Thus, the second stage of his formal schooling came to an end and he finally graduated with honors due to all the effort he had placed into completing his studies.

During this time, something else was born inside him too, that is, the obsession with the quest for knowledge which would remain with him lifelong. This obsession only grew stronger once he had gotten admission to a certain prestigious university for even more advanced training in magical knowledge and research, as well as in general sciences, mathematics and so on. Hence, his entry into his 4th stage of formal schooling went off well enough and he started to distinguish himself right from the 1st year. Naturally, since his focus was mainly on studies and he made a point of avoiding having a social life, his first year was fairly uneventful besides the excitement and joy he felt every time he got a chance to engage in basic research as part of his biology major, whether it was in the magical or more mundane scientific fields, or even a mix of both at times. Then, during his summer vacation time, as per usual, he spent time with his parents going on camping trips all around Fiore where he had the chance to put his outdoor survival skills to the test and also in becoming ever more fluent in his mother tongues of Boscoi and Joyan.  To this list, he also added basic knowledge of MMA skills which he started learning from his mother who was quite proficient in it from having been born to parents who ran a mixed martial arts dojo back in Joya.

After this came his second year of the 4th stage of his formal schooling, during which he formally declared his major as biology and took up a minor in Fiorian language since his parents felt it would be useful for later entry into medical school and future practice as a physician-scientist mage. Along with these, since there was a high-level humanities program at Harvard, he was able to make a bit more progress in his knowledge and skills in general linguistics and other humanities disciplines too which he had started taking in his 1st year like most of his peers. Thankfully, due to his ability to manage his time effectively, he was not only able to complete his day to day scholastic assignments and tests, but also continued his involvement in basic science research under the guidance of his professors. This fed his obsession with the quest for knowledge even more which eventually caused him to try delving into some rather obscure, somewhat darker than usual kinds of magical & scientific research areas, albeit still mostly legal. And so, the second year of the 4th stage of his formal schooling also passed by with him luckily still being able to indulge his obsession with strategy and war games by engaging in playing shogi, chess, and the like against his parents or himself occasionally when he was not busy with his research projects or his regular coursework.

As always, during the summer, when he returned home, he was able to spend time with his parents going on camping trips when feasible, or working on learning his mother tongues some more, or otherwise progressing ever farther in his practice of MMA, although it was still fairly basic because he couldn’t spend as much time on it as he used to before due to his now increased academic responsibilities. Then, came his 3rd and 4th years during which, as per the trend till then, he started prepping for even higher studies. As a result, he ended up putting his hobbies and other extracurricular activities on the back burner with the intention of returning to indulging them when he had a bit more time on his hands. As a result of focusing more on his studies and also on the magical and science research he was still involved in, he was able to get high enough final grades and eventually graduated again with honors. However, for the time being, he figured he would take it easy for a bit while trying to figure out what he wanted to do next in his academic career.

Still, he didn’t completely relax and to ensure he wouldn’t lose sight of his ultimate goal of quest for knowledge and also in an attempt to narrow down his preferences for possible future careers in the healthcare sector, he took some time to enlist in a shadowing program over the course of the next year or so after which, he resumed the application process. His interest in Sinese movies and comics had sparked a general interest in Sinese culture as a whole by this time and so, he applied to the medical and scientific mage program, specifically an M.D./Ph.D. type at a preeminent medical-scientist mage university in the land of Sin. He did this since he figured it would let him experience immersion in Sinese culture while also letting him pursue his higher studies into the medical field in a fresh locale, leading to more inspiration for his research as well. Thanks to his excellent track record throughout his academic career till that point and also due to the extracurricular activities he had done to prepare for this phase, he was able to gain admission to this prestigious institution. In this manner, the fourth stage of his formal schooling also came to a close and he began the move toward the next phase in his education, aka the 5th and final stage of his formal education period.

With some assistance from his parents, he managed to finish all the requisite paperwork for his entry into the mage university in Sin and when the time came, he set off for said country, wondering what sort of new research projects he would be able to undertake there and also how his final stage of formal education would be like henceforth. Fortunately, despite the turmoil there, since the officials had still kept some semblance of order, his entry into the university was able to occur without too much hindrance and once more, his student life began anew. Like in all the previous stages of his education, he managed to make a name for himself by excelling in his studies, but on the downside, due to the fac that his obsession with gaining more and more knowledge had reached a permanent zenith, he was willing do to whatever it took to acquire it, even if that meant sacrificing most of his personal maintenance (e.g. upkeep of a regular sleep schedule, remembering to take proper 3 square meals/day, spending time being exposed to sunlight, etc.). Instead, he had begun to devote most of his time to his studies and his research which was growing more and more esoteric and even dangerous in some cases (since he didn’t hesitate one bit in using himself as a guinea pig or using other beings around him as guinea pigs whenever possible/necessary).  

As a result of the side effect of these latest series of research projects, he acquired his current untamable hair with its unnerving, strange color, namely white base with dark green, tapering tips, and because his skin had become so sallow and the part under his eyes even had prominent dark circles; his peers began to shy away from him unless absolutely necessary. Of course, his professors couldn’t care less as long as he turned in his projects on time and aced his exams, so he didn’t have too much to worry about even without a proper social life. The time he had to spend on his hobbies grew lesser still till it basically hit rock bottom and he could only remember the vary basics of the skills related to them. In exchange however, his academic performance soared high and by the end of the 4 years he spent there, he was once again one of the top students when graduation day rolled around again. After graduation, he returned to Fiore and formally entered the workforce as a professional full-fledged albeit still basic D-class physician-scientist mage at the age of 27 years. Since then, till present 2 years have passed with his research and profession going strong, but from here it remains to be seen where his life will take him.


Reference: N/A, found the site off a Google Search for Fairy Tail forum RP sites.


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