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Fishing for Trouble(Kon)

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Man Astera sucked so far. Whichever one of his contacts told him to come here was going to face the wrath of the back of his hand. While the city was big and had potential for his crime operation, it was taking a while to get used to. The city was dense. Buildings were clustered up next to each other back to back leaving very little room to move around on the streets. People crowded the streets moving from shop after shop.  It was like wading through a crowded bar.  The only place he could collect himself was at the pier away from all the madness.

It was a bright sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. The waves of the sea were crawling gently towards the pier. It was a perfect day for fishing. Caius had rented out a fishing pole from the local vendor and sat near a bench away from other people. He didn't want them disturbing him while he tried his luck. Before casting his rod, he reached into his shorts pocket and pull out a vial the size of a thimble. Inside was a powder that looked just like glitter. It was his new drug he tested in Orchidia called Sparkle. This was his day off so he was going to celebrate somehow.  He popped open the cap and brought it to his nose. In one big snort he inhaled the whole vial. A head rush hit him like a ton of bricks as he got super focused on fishing. He tossed the empty vial into the ocean and casted out his fishing line determined to catch a big one.  "Now this is how fishing is supposed to be done.." he said to himself.

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There were enemies still around and throughout the otherwise sleepy Astera town, He had already seen just some of the remnants that breached through the rift. Konstantin was more concerned however with the people who were orchestrating the entire affair, “what had prompted the demons to push so deep into Earthland?” the former holy knight muttered to himself as he looked out into the sea from his chair within cozy cafe. Checking the clock that hung above the counter before motioning to the waitress, making a final order before leaving. “Yeah I’ll take one more to go.” Cup in hand, the former knight left the cafe breathing in the salty sea water that followed with the wind, retrieving and placing his bow once more on his back awkwardly. “I am truly tired of this town…” He muttered under his breath. The sea was never really something that he enjoyed favouring the other biomes like forests or mountainous regions, the exception to this being the desert. Hopefully he would be reassigned to a different town soon as watching the endless waves from the seaside was getting rather dull.

Yes, the demonic incursion was interesting but now all that remained in Astera as a process of recovery and Kon wanted no part in it. Apathy towards the situation that the community around him grew with every passing day, today more so than yesterday. Looking at the downtrodden faces that walked across the pier was getting monotonous. “They’re likely to be alive” He thought to himself as he took a sip from his steaming hot coffee. That was the case seemingly for everyone expect someone in the distance who appeared seemed to be a void in space. Curious about who this man was, Kon made his way over to the man scruffy in appearance close enough to watch as he threw something into the water as he was clearly fishing. What it was he couldn’t tell nor did it ultimately matter with him reaching the man. A single hand was raised towards him as Kon took up a pole of his own from a pile that was otherwise unused away from the man.


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Great. Just when he found a nice quiet spot to himself, another man stopped by the pier. Luckily, the stranger grabbed a fishing pole and stayed a few feet away from where he was sitting. Caius stared at him while his pole rested in the water waiting for a bite. Judging from appearance, it seemed like the man was from the upper class. He had short black hair and rocked out a formal suit. The sunlight reflected a gold glimmer in his face but Caius wasn't able to tell what it was. Maybe some type of jewelry. Whatever. He would just try to ignore him while he went back to the task at hand.

Focusing back on his fishing, Caius started to reel in the line slowly. Like clockwork, the line caught a bite. Caius shot up out of his seat and started to reel it in. Oh boy this fish was a fighter. Moving the pole left and right to match the fishes pace, he pulled it closer and closer. Just when it was a few feet away, the line snapped and Caius pulled up nothing. The fish got away. Even though it was his first cast, he was still pissed. He slammed the pole to the ground. "God dammit" He shouted.

His rage then focused on the other man fishing away from him. Caius looked at him and yelled. "Hey you pretty boy? Why are you scaring all the fish huh? I was catching a bunch before you showed up." That was a complete lie of course. Clearly the man had not done anything wrong but the drugs he took made him a little bit paranoid. They now had a problem.

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