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Is there anybody out there? [ Ace | Open ]

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Is there anybody out there? [ Ace | Open ] Empty on Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:57 pm


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My... What a wonderful day... You really wouldn't think there was a murderous, bloodthirsty horde of demons biding their time for an invasion of the city at large, devils eager to turn it the city of pure white into their personal playground. Perhaps due to all the white, Alisa truly felt at home here, almost as much as she would in her actual hometown, or even Hargeon... Or perhaps she just relished the chance to stroll around on a seaside town under clear, sunny blue skies.

"Ufufu~... Clearly I should have brought my swimsuit~", mused the sculptress, the moment she strolled into the pier and took in that deep, all encompassing blue in all its glory. Not that her current choice of attire was too far off from that ideal, having clad herself in tight denim shorts and a black tank top, highlighting her tall, curvaceous shapeliness with only a light, breezy pink jacket on top, fluttering gracefully with the wind, "Mmmm..."

Merely feeling that gentle sea breeze against her smooth, pale skin had her brushing that long, flowing dark hair behind her shoulder and letting her jacket slip a few inches further down, the kind of immeasurable relief from the heat she just couldn't resist... Alisa was, after all, a northern woman, whose Icebergian blood left her at home in the biting, wintery chill and a flushed, sweaty puddle in the hottest months of summer. As her hands came to rest on the railing overlooking the pier, Alisa leaned in slightly, taking a moment to simply admire the sight before her, before those shimmering wine red orbits finally shifted to the sidewalk, admiring the few people going about their business. Even under the threat of demon attacks, quite a fair number of businesses still remained open, as if the city itself refused to let the cold grip of fear take root:

"Almost impressive really...", she noted, finding she rather enjoyed being able to look around what should ordinarily be the most frequented part of town, at one of the busiest hours of the day, and strolling freely without finding herself surrounded by big crowds at every corner. Did that make her a terrible person...? Perhaps, but the aloof Alisa most certainly didn't care much for that at all, instead savoring this little slice of delight down to every last bite, "Hmmm... Perhaps I'll find some nice looking café to lounge around in~"

And so with a goal taking root in the wanderer's thoughts, the lithomancer strode around the pier with a casual elegance, wondering when she might finally catch something or someone to pique her interest...

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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Is there anybody out there? [ Ace | Open ] Empty on Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:35 am

Ace Brookes

The young dark skinned mage's wardrobe wasn't prepped for such balmy weather. Before arriving at Astera, all that occupied his mind was facing off against otherworldly demons. Can you blame him? He's a fourteen year old, assigned for such a mission by his superiors. It was his first time handling a quest of this caliber. Perhaps a much needed to test of skill to prove to himself that he fitted in with the Rune Knights perfectly. Although he was probably one of the youngest members of the faction, his reputation preceded him. Mostly due to his age and rank rather than his accomplishments, which he strives to change.

Patterned dark grey trousers that tightly hugged his legs, folded about two inches over his ankles, exposing his smooth chocolaty skin in contrast with his bright white shoes and a plain whit tee to match. The young knight's hair puffed up as usual, wavering slightly as the warm breeze found its way around his oversized afro. He strolled around the pier aimlessly, focusing his light caramel eyes on the vast skies. His whole plan was to relax and unwind after the stressful events he'd been through.

It wasn't easy. Being away from home at such a young age. No matter how strong and rugged his face might look, his colorless blank eyes show the man he truly is behind the mask. It shows the emotional scars that he bears and carries on a daily basis, knowing in the back of his mind that his parents abandoned him, leaving him as a burden on his grandfather's shoulders.

This positive spirited trip to the pier was just another one of many to push his insecurities back and fight his inner demons. His eyes rolled down to the footpath casually as he slowed down, wondering what everyone else was doing on a warm afternoon. The children were blooming in the soft spring air, enjoying the peacefulness of Astera while it lasted. He eventually came to gaze upon a tall raving beauty who stood not too far from himself. She looked significantly older than he was, yet he couldn't hold back from staring at all. It wasn't something the young mage was fond of doing. His life had been too packed with other stuff to even focus about young love. His eyes still popping out of their sockets as they chased after the girl... Who seemed to be coming his way??? He was too nervous to talk to her or even move as a matter of fact. She probably didn't even notice him standing by, and just happened to be walking in his general direction.

"What's going on..."

He loudly whispered in a panic, not knowing why his heart felt like it was about to break out of his ribcage. He slammed his right hand on his chest and took a deep breath in an attempt to regain control of his nervous breathing at least.


Is there anybody out there? [ Ace | Open ] Empty on Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:18 am


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"Hmmm...?", instead of the café she longed to laze around in, something else entirely piqued her interest instead. Or, rather someone.

The lone child stood out like a sore thumb, absent any parents nearby or even a group of friends. He seemed, for the most part, completely and utterly alone, yet not in any way lost. Alisa couldn't help but glance his way every so often, brow raising slightly, tinged with curiosity. At first glance, he looked like the kind of kid who'd get by well enough on his own, parents or not.

Or at least so it appeared at fist. As their eyes finally met, Alisa merely acknowleged his present with graceful smile, brushing a strand of fluttering dark hair behind her ear, away from her face. Then and only then did she notice he didn't exactly seem completely in control. She betrayed none of those innermost thoughts, merely carrying on with her leisurly stroll, indeed appearing to simply walk past the lad. Yet instead of seeing where the pier might lead her, she once more came to rest against the railing, elbows resting on the cool metal bars, leaning softly into it and sinking on one hip as she took a slow, deep breath of that delightful salty breeze, her full chest heaving visibly under the confines of her sporty black tanktop... For a while she merely watched the sights she'd come to see, but unless the youngster had left in the meantime, the sculptress would speak up eventually:

"Beautiful day, is it not~...?", she inquired, for once avoiding the obvious question of whether he was alright or not. That curious wine red gaze drifted towards the shorter male in time, casually scanning his form head to toe before coming to rest on his eyes, "Ufufu~... Even in Fiore, not that many places let you admire a sight this wondrous."

Unlike her initial assumption, perhaps he had indeed separated from whoever he was walking with and now found himself alone in a town he knew little love. In that case, Alisa could most certainly keep him company until he reunited with whoever he wanted... Or, well, at least until his anxiety settled, at some point or another the whimsical wanderer named Alisa Vollan would return to her aimless path, like the lone drifting cloud adorning the pale blue skies.


Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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Is there anybody out there? [ Ace | Open ] Empty on Fri Aug 09, 2019 11:18 am


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How long had she stood there, watching the waves crashing along the shoreline, the ebbs and flows of that all encompassing blue, spread out before her like the most beautiful painting she'd ever laid eyes upon. Truly, nothing quite compared to this sight, and as she leaned oh so gracefully over the railing, arms crossed casually, shapely hip cocked to one side, she found herself thinking of her home in Hargeon once again... But she couldn't quite do it without thinking of a wonderful, charming nymph named with mesmerizing blue hair, as vibrant as the one before her... Chuckling softly to herself, she soon found herself thinking that big Guild mansion for all those people... Wasn't quite enough anymore:

"Who knows... Maybe I'll find myself a place like that eventually."

While Alisa entertained herself with her innermost ponderings, goaded by sight before her, someone else seemed just as preoccupied with their own thoughts. The flustered youngster beside her seemed utterly out of it, and it actually took her a fair moment to realize he hadn't actually said a single word... Would she have listened if he did? Most likely, or, at least, she'd like to think so. Alas, she was never the type to linger in one place for too long, and absent anything to anchor her, the sculptress soon felt that undeniable pull to be elsewhere, see what else she could find:

"...Well, guess I'll see you around~", half talking to herself, she couldn't help but flash him that cool smile before turning around and carrying on with her stroll



Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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