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Spark Of The Lost Fairy [Social|Tomoe|Open]

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#1Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage walked down the road of Magnolia. It was a sunny morning and the fresh air enthusiast Sage more than ever. Despite being a half-elf, here in Magnolia they didn't looked at Sage in such disgust compared to the ones at the capital or in compact sub-urbs. It was fun there in Magnolia, he felt like he could be himself without anybody judging.

As he walked, his silky white cloak danced along the breeze of the nearby sea, his blonde hair reflected the color of the sun and his white clothes matched his cloak. He was walking towards the Fairy Tail guild, a good friend of his, who is also a half-elf is a member of the guild and it had been a while so he decided to give him a visit. Before going straight towards the guild though, he stopped by a bakery and bought some fresh coffee buns.

He bought the buns as a gift to the guild, he would feel wrong if he visit them while being empty handed, so he decided to bring along the warm coffee buns. He smiled all the way to the front door of the guild. he felt nervous at first to open the door but after mustering some courage he pushed the guild door open with a warm smile of his and said, "Good morning," even though his heart was pounding very fast as he was nervous. Sage had always been shy towards people he hasn't yet know but after knowing them he could be the most fun and cheerful one in the group. The Fairy Tail might immediately notice his pointy ears and relate it to Vali so he didn't feel as nervous as he believed someone he know was behind the doors.


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On such a lovely, sunny day as it was, Tomoe would be taking it all in within the confines of the guild hall. In particular, on his side of the room the blinds were intentionally drawn, allowing little sunlight to touch the corners of his sector of the hall. While normally he wouldn't have the power to call himself somebody worth owning a 'sector' of the guild, in the present moment business was slow as usual. There were more and more new faces showing up daily, but not everyone stayed. Retention was low despite everybody stopping by to see the fabled Fairy Tail wizard guild. For what it was worth, the bar and surrounding area of food and drink service were being kept up well.

Though when the new half-elf man entered the area, the first thing he would see is the lack of people compared with other guilds of similar reputation. Tomoe was seated with his legs propped up and using the table he was positioned by as a footrest, leaning back against the wall and putting the table legs to their maximum potential.

"Hey, guy. You new around here, or just stopping by to see the sights? It's cool either way.", Tomoe spoke out amongst the rather empty and silent guild hall numbering no more than fifteen people aside from the two - some not even registered wizards.

The jovial Joyan raised a hand in gesture to approach his table, noting the gift in hand and admittedly wanting some for himself; at least to see what it was, in any case. And so Tomoe would maintain eye contact, seeing what the newcomer's reaction would be and how he would decide to treat the rogue as a first impression.

#3Sage † 

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Sage †
When Sage stepped into the guild, his mind was clouded, he didn't know what to focus on, despite the guild being quite empty. Then he remembered the reason he went there, to visit his friend Vali. A voice then broke the silence of the guildhall, Sage turned towards the direction where the voice came from. He could tell that the guy was pretty laid back, but Sage could feel something off about him, something not quite human. Nevertheless, it wasn't to be feared as he too isn't a complete human.

He walked towards the man with a genuine smile, at least someone greeted him. "I'm here to visit a friend, Vali, do you know him?" he would ask politely. At the beginning of a social interaction with someone Sage doesn't know well, it would be pretty hard on him as he was quite a shy cat. Plus the fact that the guy was making eye contact with Sage so it was quite hard for him to concentrate as he wasn't used to be given full attention. Not that he had been left out all his life but it had been a long long time since he interacted with new people. The holy knights did give him a pretty hard time, maybe he had chosen the wrong faction to work with?

#4Aisha Connors 

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Aisha Connors

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“Phooooo… Phoooooooo…” Lips pursed up slightly as she lifted her arm up above her head and dragged a white towel across her brow, Aisha Connors let out a series of slow and controlled breaths as she drew her pace to a halt, legs throbbing from the exercise she had just undertaken. The slick shine of perspiration coating her caramel coloured skin in a way that made it seem glossier and brighter than ever, as beads born from exertion ran down that umber flesh the young woman steadied herself against a nearby wall and glanced around her surroundings as she tucked her legs up and tugged on her ankles to stretch her lower limbs out.

My time’s getting better… Looking back the way she came for a second or two as Aisha steadied her breath and basked in the brightness of the sun above her, the glistening body of the bronze beauty was dressed for the run she had just undertaken, sporting a rather skimpy little number that she wore more out of her desire to turn heads than she might want to admit. Certainly the weather warm enough to afford her the use of the cerulean combination of a crop top that showed off every inch of her well-honed abs and shorts that looked like someone had practically painted them on her, the Desiertian Delight would have been lying if she claimed that she had chosen the outfit simply for the feeling of air on her skin and ease of movement, with a wicked hint of vanity tainting this decision and maybe the one she took after it as well.

Probably a good idea to see how the guild is getting on today? It no coincidence that the effort she had undertaken had ended not too far from the large, three tiered structure that bore the words ‘FAIRY TAIL’ above its door, after letting herself settle enough that she could walk in the front door without looking too ragged Miss Connor shrugged and headed straight for her home away from home, as it were. The sight of her guild something that helped to focus her mind and fill her with strength, the stopping point on her daily run was always a little treat for this tall temptress and it was one that she felt the need to indulge as she headed toward it, striding along the street and smiling at passers-by as she did so.

Might be some new faces there, or even better some old faces~! In a pretty good mood today in fact and it showing in the bearing of the bronze beauty as she beamed at strangers and even shot a wink toward someone who blushed at her, having been back in town for a few days now and had the chance to see the sight that filled her with hope and optimism so frequently, Aisha felt like she was walking on sunshine really. Of course those small clouds of disappointment in her heart something that never seemed to go away but their presence something she could ignore when she felt like this, after slinging her towel over her shoulder and shaking her bead laden hair out, the mocha marvel slipped inside her guild and smiled at what she saw.

“Hey hey, if it isn’t our new Ace Rookie, Mr Tomoe!” Walking into the building and beaming with delight as her amber eyes found the shape of someone who recently she had become familiar waiting for her, with a chuckle and one of her hands making a little finger gun to add to her greeting, Miss Connors called out to the man known as Tomoe with joy as she stepped inside the main hall of the guild.
“Oh, and you’ve brought another friend, huh?” All too quickly also observing the fact that once again their jolly Joyan appeared to be entertaining another soul with whom she was not familiar, maybe because she found the little blonde thing who stood with the scruffy samurai rather cute the young woman couldn’t help but toss the lad a cheeky little wink the second she caught his bright little eye before beaming at him as well, finding herself hoping that this charming little soul was a new recruit for their recovering little collective…

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- Aisha Connors

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Spark Of The Lost Fairy [Social|Tomoe|Open] Wqm01Qq

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Tomoe raised a brow in confusion, his eyes growing slightly wider as he made eye contact with the blonde stranger.

"Vali has friends? Shit, man. Didn't know that."

Ruffling with the back of his head, the brigand would take his legs off the table and return to a normal sitting position before getting up and moving over to the new entry. Tomoe approached with a welcoming body language despite the elephant in the room of his own ragged and thuggish appearance. Upon standing in front of the stranger, the Joyan offered his hand in a handshake.

Whether it was accepted or not, Aisha walked in shortly after - dressed in a way as to elicit no small amount of tempting side-eye from Tomoe himself, shamelessly staring at the more revealed parts of her body. He made no comment on it however, and after a small viewing session, responded.

"I wouldn't say I brought 'im. More like, uh, Vali did? Maybe? Which implies Vali has friends. That's so weird to think about.", Tomoe blurted out, chuckling at the end and finding himself ever so clever.

He would return to his seat afterwards and urge the blonde stranger to join him at his table, extending the invitation to Aisha as well if she were planning on staying.

"Might as well relax if you're gonna be waiting, right?"

The new entrant was a mystery to Tomoe, and it remained to be seen if that was for better or worse. He knew exactly how these kinds of things usually go, and the cynical samurai would rather skip the stupid blushing and stuttering that would come with his type.

#6Sage † 

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Sage †
Vali had a reputation of not making that much friends? Sage had thought, but nevertheless that it proved that the man knew Vali so Sage could trust him, and maybe become his friends, he seemed pretty cool and laid-back. He shook hands with him as he walked up to him, he felt welcomed. Then Sage heard a woman's voice from behind him and so he turned around. He let the two talk between each other and the lady winked at him, which he smiled back, teeth showing. He already had so many woman paying extra attention to him, mostly because he was cute. His mom and her friends love to pinch his cheeks wherever and whenever no matter the circumstances.

He would then join the man sitting beside him and placing the paper bag on the table, "I'm Sage, you can have some coffee buns if you want, accept it as a gift even though it is not much." he said shyly, as he was indecisive at first on what to bring as a gift to the guild. He chose coffee buns because he likes it and if he likes it people might like it too right? "So what are your names?" he would ask the man and the lady. Trying to not be shy and socialize.

#7Aisha Connors 

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Aisha Connors

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“A friend of Vali’s? Maybe he has better taste than I thought~?” Not failing to notice the lingering and leering gaze she was given by the scruffy samurai and in no way finding a lack of joy for it, after shooting Tomoe a stare that said she knew he was checking her out, Aisha chuckled and chirped happily as she turned her attention toward the little blonde soul who seemed so adorable by comparison to the rough man he stood next to. Usually the type who went for the cute and feminine girls and for some reason sensing some overlap in the pretty features of this young lad, after looking the stranger over for a second or two in much the same fashion as she herself had been in the moments before, the mocha marvel held out her hand to shake that of the boys and smiled at him happily.

“The name’s Aisha, though cutie’s like you can call me whatever they want~” Winking again at the golden haired guy and finding not shortage of amusement in the fact that she was a good head taller than him, with a smirk plastered across her lips the dishy Desiertian couldn’t help but show her playful side around the handsome little thing, her good mood and slightly misplaced affection putting her into a kind of ‘autocharm’ mode.
“Guys like you will always be welcome in the guild, as long as I’m around~” Not always this flirtatious with strangers but more outgoing in her interest around those who seemed sweet or submissive, there was a safety in that fact that allowed her to be more open, that sense of control she felt with these sorts affording Miss Connors the chance to show a little more vulnerability than usual.

“Man, I’m gasping~ You boys fancy a drink then?” Sighing with satisfaction as she ended her greeting and deciding to take up the generous offer of young Sage as she stepped away from him with one of his treats in her hand, after taking a bite from the gift that was given Aisha hummed to herself and then headed toward the bar, tossing her hair around as she looked over her shoulder and made the golden baubles in it jingle like wind chimes because of her gesticulation.
“It’s a warm one so better to stay hydrated, eh?” Marching toward the bar at the head of the room as she left the boys behind her but the gaze of the tall woman lingering on the blonde for a second or two as she did so, she met the kindness of the youngster with a gesture of her own as she waved to the person behind it, desperate for some water after her run but happy to buy the pair anything that the menu might be able to offer them…

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- Aisha Connors

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Spark Of The Lost Fairy [Social|Tomoe|Open] Wqm01Qq
#8Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †

"I did not expect this many people to come." Vali wiped the sweat from his forehead as he walked among 20 of his guild members. Most of them he he weren't familiar with but he was already treated like a friend. Although Vali was the newest member of Fairy Tail, these people made him feel welcomed and appreciated- it almost felt unreal. The man beside the elf chuckled at his words. He was shorter than Val by a foot or two but his height did not hinder his strength, he proved that today. "Honestly, if it wasn't for Aisha I don't think many of us would’ve came. Most of us haven't heard from her in years so if she says it’s important then it probably is." "Aye. It was her idea to contact you all. I am forever grateful to her..." Val nodded. Aisha sent a message to the scattered members of Fairy Tail two days prior, it was her message that made Vali's training day a success. "Gordan." The man said extending his hand to Vali as the group of members walked back towards the guild. Today they worked hard, many of them pushed themselves just as hard if not harder than the viking himself.

The half-elf nodded towards the red haired man before shaking his hand. "We worked for six hours." Val stated with a smile. He couldn't hide the fact that he was proud. "You think that's enough?" Gordan asked, his eyes focused on his footing. The lord shook his head and as his own orbs faced the ground, feet stepping over large sticks and rocks on the ground beneath him. His peers followed, talking amongst themselves, some of them seemingly catching up with one another. "A day? Nah. We need to work more before we enter the war between the realm and hel." Gordon nodded in agreement. The group of mages began approaching Fairy Tails backyard and soon enough they were standing right in front it's entrance. "Welcome home, Gordon." The man said with a smile as he walked towards the doors and pushed them open. The rest of the members began to follow him, swarming into the guild happily as they reunited with their guild.

Vali, however, couldn't get that far. "Lord Vali!" He heard before turning to see two of his men. Of course they were geared in armor but the style was a bit unusual. Unlike their normal leather and fur, they wore cloth with metal plates. It was like a mix between tribal style and viking. Adaption. "Apeli, Wade, what is it?" Val asked a bit nervous.  The way his men approached it seemed like something was wrong. "it's your father..." Apeli began, "He's here with sixty villagers... men, women, and children." Val couldn't believe his ears. His eyes shot open as he moved towards them hastily. "What the fuck is going on?"

Wade and Apeli glanced at each as if they were contemplating on what to say. "What is going on!?" "Your mother...she's chained." That did it for the young Viking lord. Frantically he looked around thinking of a million things to say and do. Why would his mother, the wife of the Jarl be chained? And why did his father imprison her? "Get my horse. He's just outside the Dawn Hour inn- and here." The viking quickly dug in his jacket pocket throwing jewels towards his men. "Buy an extra horse." His men looked confused but they obeyed his orders and went to do as they were told.

Val turned towards the guild and for a moment he stood. What the fuck is happening? What did you do mother... why does father have you as a prisoner? Why is he here?! His thoughts continued to drown his mind but he forced himself to move forward. I have to leave now...should I tell the others? He pondered as he urgently pushed through the guilds doors. I'll have to trust them Once he opened the doors he turned to the right and the first thing he noticed was how lively the guild all of a sudden looked. Still, that wasn't enough to ease his mind. In a matter of seconds he noticed Aisha and Tomoe accompanied by Sage?

Gathering himself together he shook the thoughts off his mind as best as he could to appear normal and approached them with a forced smile. "My friends!" He exclaimed with a chuckle. "I see you met Sage, haha." not yet he told himself. "Here to join the guild, aye?" He asked the golden half-elf.

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Tomoe accepted the offer of a bun, and gleefully bit into one while thinking in his head that today was going to be rough if he was forced to act like this tasted good. Not to mention the vomiting he'd need to endure in a number of minutes. Going in line with this, of course, the struggling thug would say the only thing he could in this situation.

"Damn, this shit's fire!", he exclaimed happily between gluttonous breaths filled with food.

After further bites he would lay it to rest on a plate for the time being, noting that Aisha was retrieving drinks.

"Yeah, uh, just some water."

Tomoe's tastes may appear boring to others, but it was for good reason - water was not counted as "human food" and thus could be endured in much greater proportions. It didn't sate him at all, but it was most certainly a cheat he could use to act normal when he needed to. After gripping at the water Aisha would hopefully bring back, he chugged it to flood his body and send the scraps of bun further down. He would nod his head in a gesture of thanks towards the Desiertan before turning his head to Sage.

"I'm Tomoe. Howdy-do and all that.", the rogue would blurt out with a hand wave.

Some guy walked in, but it didn't concern Tomoe at all. Those kinds of reunions were lost on somebody as new as him. He was only really paying attention once Vali stepped in, cheerful yet... 'off' somehow? It wasn't entirely obvious, but Vali's Vali-ness wasn't quite Vali. Though that was based off of conjecture from an introduction, so perhaps not.

"Yeah, so how'd you two meet? Not every day somebody comes along that can stand ya long enough to want to join a guild, eh?", he chuckled, poking at Vali a bit to gauge his current state.

The thug would ruffle his hair and then run his hands through it to smooth it out while waiting for an answer. It wasn't his business to get involved with other people, so if Vali did have something he didn't quite feel like talking about, Tomoe wouldn't take it personally. Everybody had secrets to keep after all, and as long as those secrets didn't involve harming innocents, Tomoe had no problem with it.

#10Sage † 

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Sage †
The flirtatious way Aisha was treating Sage left him red as a cherry. Not was Aisha just beautiful but her overall charms would make any man drool. But Sage wasn't the kind to think about having relationships and intimacy with another so the flirting caught him off guard. He was well aware of his own cuteness and charms but didn't think that someone would go as far as that so in conclusion he just thought that Aisha was acting like that just to tease him. "Y-Yes water is fine," he added, following Tomoe in his footsteps. Still red from all that flirting. Sage liked the way Tomoe introduced himself, pretty chill and laid-back. Which he found it pretty damn cool. So he smiled genuinely back at the wave.

If Aisha had brought the water along he'll gladly receive it with a smile "thanks!" he'll say in his usual excited tone. He drank the whole glass of water in one gulp, he wanted to cool himself down after all that blushing.

Then a swarm of people, probably the guild members, went into the guild, Sage's eyes instantly traveled among the people, looking for any sign of Vali's features. But sadly he found none. Until he heard a very familiar voice, he looked up and saw Vali, which made his face beam instantly. "Val!" he'd say with a cheerful smile. If Vali had asked the question in a more genuine manner, Sage would probably chuckle at the question. But he guessed that Vali might not want to talk about it, Sage had thought. His beaming face turned into a slight worried face but then Sage recompose himself, if Vali wants to tell something he can do it by himself, there was no reason for Sage to poke his nose.

Probably Vali just need something to cheer him up? Sage thought. So he smiled genuinely at Vali, his smile warm as always. "Urr, I haven't made up my mind yet but you can always steal me and make me the guild's property," he had said with a genuine laugh. Smiling back at Vali, hoping it would cheer what seemed like a really tensed Vali.

#11Aisha Connors 

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Aisha Connors

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“Water’s all round then~” Honestly a little bit surprised that that the option to put a drink on her tab had led to such meek orders, Miss Connors gestured toward the barman as she strolled up toward his counter and drummed the surface lightly with her fingertips because of her good mood and excitement. Humming to herself as she carried the first pair of tankards back to the boys in the middle of the bar and set them down on the nearest table for them to enjoy when they were ready, the caramel girl swaggered her way back to the counter as the last drink was served and took a big drink from it as she sated the thirst that her run had inspired within her, polishing off a whole pint of the clear stuff in a matter of seconds before asking for a refill from old Mikey.

“Aha, if it isn’t our good Lord Vali~!” Not really noticing much of the tall man until she found herself turning around to lean with her back on the bar as she held a refreshed glass of crystal clear water in her hand, as a titan with the same caramel colour that she possessed walked back into the room, Aisha threw her tankard up high and saluted the man with it happily. The mix of the distance that separated them and her own lack of familiarity with her guild mate contributing to the fact that the mocha marvel missed the signs of tenseness about his bearing that others might have seized upon, in her good mood the girl was happy to relax and share a few good times with him and any other in the bar, not for a second suspecting there might be more turmoil beneath his smiling ‘surface’ than he wished to let on.

“What are you drinking~? This round’s on me~?” Perhaps the first moments of their encounter leaving her a little soured about this frank foreigner but the pair doing well to move past it, the good mood of the dishy Desiertian shone through as she waved to him, her spirits lifted by a good bout of exercise and then the presence of a new cutie in the place, not to mention the steadily filling seats in her surroundings. The bronze beauty beaming happily as she looked over the renewed state of the great hall and how much fuller it seemed than it had only a few days before, she knew that despite how rough around the edges that Vali seemed at times he had a good heart and was in no small part responsible for the revival of the place.

“Place is looking good, eh?” Far more skilled in command and administration than one might have expected from a towering titan, she couldn’t help but feel a little bit curious as to what kind of backstory had contributed toward building such a contradictory yet capable fellow, even if she hadn’t had the opportunity to ask about it. Knowing all too well how painful a person’s history could be and not wishing to pry, given the little prickles they had felt toward each other in that first encounter it seemed a little more difficult to broach than with most, and as such something that might take time to explore.

Make him his property? Arching her brow as she casually listened in to the conversation that was started between the bashful blonde and the tall fellow with whom she had been informed he was apparently associated, Aisha couldn’t help but feel a little bit surprised by the friendly manner with which that shy soul seemed to treat the somewhat stiff Vali, finding a sense of intrigue in the intimacy between them that begged for further investigation. Lifting herself up from the relaxed position that she had been in as she propped up the bar and strolling back to the gathering of lads because of that odd sense of charm between them, in a way it felt a little sweet to see the crimson titan dealing with someone like Sage, as if he was handling his cute little brother or something?

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Spark Of The Lost Fairy [Social|Tomoe|Open] Wqm01Qq
#12Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †

Interestingly enough actually seeing Sage pulled a cheerful smile out of one not so genuine. Not a smile as cheerful as Sage's but somehow the golden half-elf almost managed to make Val drift from what was on his mind. Sage had spent an entire two days at Vali's room causing them to become more familiar with each other and sparking an almost ethereal relationship. It was a beautiful thing to behold too. "Aye, Good to see you little brother." He nodded at Sage, reaching over to ruffle his head. After the small Vali tipped in the idea about Sage coming to Fairy Tail, Sage admitted that he wasn't sure what he would do. Sage being with some sort of secret organization probably didn't make the decision any easier for him so it was understandable.

"Do not worry, you will have enough time to decide what you want to do, In the mean time we'll always be here." The bonds of friendship were stronger than anything else in Fairy Tail, now more than ever- at least for the Icebergan giant. From beside him he heard a familiar voice, one proud and confident. There was only one woman he knew that had such a godly voice, it was none other than the towering temptress.  Noticing Val, she greeted him respectfully, her tone carrying a certain harmony. Just hearing her speak lifted spirits.

"Milady, always a pleasure to see you." He smiled and humbly bowed. When he stood his eyes glinted, clearly he was attracted to her but ever since the situation that transpired when they first met, he tried his best to be as respectful as possible, she earned it more than once. She may have not been a noble woman in her country but on Iceberg her life would have been totally different. People praise women like her in the country of ice. Hell, it might have been possible that she was a direct descendant of the gods.

The guild was already taking Vali's mind away from his problems thats why when she offered drinks his eyes lit up. Granted he didn't have time to drink and celebrate the glorious day, a drink before breaking the news wouldn't be such a bad thing right? He was a lord, ultimately that meant he could do whatever he wanted. "Oho! A round on, Aisha aye? I'll take any kind of Ale." He chuckled, turning to nod at Tomoe. The rugged man sat comfortably with not a care in the world. The lord extended his arm offering his Joyan friend a genuine handshake.

"Sittin' on your ass again, aye? We will talk later about your venture?" he suggested referring to Tomoe's attempt to discover more about the demon problem. Standing straight again, Vali turned towards Aisha. Immediately her spirit filled the halls, It was then that Val first noticed how much noisier the building became. It's like home... he reminisced. Oh how he missed the cold white sands of the frozen beaches, the blood scented air, and ale. Most of all though, he missed this exact type of energy. The Bronze woman noticed the sudden change in the air too it seemed.

"Aye..." he began as he turned his head to face the guild, "This is all because of you." It was true. If it wasn't for Aisha none of these people would be here. "You had the power to move the people, they're all here because they trust you." He nodded almost slightly embarrassed but his eyes remained on her eyes. Vali, all his life had been in the leading position so his pride made it hard for him to be admit certain types of things. Yet he wasn't too proud to give credit to Aisha. The young lord smiled. "We continue to work together like this and we can accomplish much more than this, aye?"

Moments after his words he transported back to reality. It was like the gods themselves grabbed him by his collar, pulled him close and smacked him back into the part of his mind that vanished moments ago. The Crimson titan turned back towards the table so that he could speak to everyone around him. "Aye, there is something important I have to tell all of you..." He began gathering only a second to choose his words.

"I have a tribe of Nekomatas and Icebergans in Worth Woodsea and I have to be there so things do not go to shit. Something is wrong and I will be gone for a few days." His words rolled out quick, half of him hardly wanted them to come out anyway. "I have an extra horse outside, if any of you choose to honor me with your presence." His eyes glared into each of theirs hoping they all wanted to come with him.

It was obvious that he really wanted to bring the people he grew to care about in his world. There aren't many people that Val can depend on and having all this power to himself was dangerous not to mention lonely. He needed people he could trust to put him in place when he was making wrong decisions because that's the type of friend he was.

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Tomoe accepted the handshake with a grin in response, passing over the comment of laziness. Not that it bothered him as he most certainly did spend many hours at the bar, but more so that he didn't want to particularly go into detail about one of his findings for the moment. It was a gruesome sight indeed, and not one that he particularly cared to discuss in public over a casual drink.

"Yeah, we'll talk later about that."

He sat back and observed the interactions among the guild. Some people were clearly worn out - training had happened, obviously. But peering a bit deeper, it's likely this was the most physical activity some of the guild members around here had engaged in for... months? Years? It was insulting to say the least, how a group that prided itself on power had fallen so low as to reel from mere exercise.

"I'm not the only person keen on bein' a lazy shit here though...", the cynical samurai muttered under his breath and looking out towards all of the exhausted guild members taking seats.

It was taken as no surprise that something had gone wrong in Vali's world. There was something somewhat off about his entrance in the first place, but this served to confirm it to Tomoe. In response, the eager warrior set his glass aside and stood up with his expression forming a half smirk. He nodded his head and gripped at the hilt of the sword sheathed at his side.

"Stoppin' things from going to shit is what I do best. Or at least, bein' there to wade through it once it's already started.", he let out a boisterous laugh and stepped around the table and pointed for the door with his thumb.

"None of that honor crap though, c'mon. Just say you want us to follow and we'll follow."

There was a sense of wonder within the samurai's heart - or rather, where a heart would be. Whether this would be something as simple as a diplomatic escort, or perhaps something more sinister and linked with the demons, remained to be seen. Resolve with a hint of his branded cockiness plastered Tomoe's face, curious at the very least about how the current version of himself would measure up to the demons out there. He had been training, for all of the good it did him, and felt confident now more than ever that he could use his newfound strength to really kick some ass.

Eyes of a warrior drifted among Aisha and Sage, gauging their reactions to Vali's proposal, and slowly drifted towards the doorway with his arms spread in welcoming to get up and follow. Peer pressure wasn't a good thing obviously, but in this situation Tomoe would feel a pang of selfishness and urge them to abandon their current lives to go help Vali anyway.

"The day ain't getting any younger, dudes. If we wanna make it there in record time, we'll have to..."

The jovial Joyan trailed off and scratched his head in thought upon coming to a realization. One so simple, and yet it took him until now for it to grace his mind anyway. Of course! How could he forget?

"What in the fuck's a Worth Woodsea?"

#14Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage felt nice when his 'big brother' ruffled his hair. It felt as if he was being cared about so much, which these recent years, he felt little of it. It was also cool that Vali was open about Sage joining the guild or not, he still needs to think about it. After all, he was quite indecisive so choosing things, especially choosing a guild is something that would affect his life dramatically so he must think it through properly. He smiled warmly at Vali as his response.

Then he felt a gaze was upon them, he turned a little and saw Aisha looking at them, as soon as Sage saw Aisha he would turn immediately, not wanting her to have another chance to flirt with him cause it felt as if she has power over him. He overheard what Vali and Aisha was talking about, he looked around the guild and, he hadn't seen something so warm in his life. It was as if the whole guild is a family. Sage had never been inside a guild before, nor had he joined one so that was the first time he experienced something like that.

Then Vali called for everyone's attention, Sage listened to him attentively, and as soon as he finished his last sentence, Sage shot his hand in the sky, beaming, "Me! Me! I'll do it!" he said while jumping excitedly. If his big brother figure needed help, of course Sage would offer his hand. Plus he wanted to hang around them more and get to know them even better.

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Aisha Connors

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“Ale it is then~ You heard the man!” Grinning and turning to the barkeeper as Vali gave his order out, once Miss Connors had reached the counter once more she rapped it playfully before slurping down more of that clean and refreshing water that she was on, not for a second regretting her choice by comparison. Enjoying a nice frothy glass as much as the next fairy but her workout junkie ways also meaning she knew the ‘peril’ it could present, while she would sink ale and all sorts in celebration it was not her usual choice of drink for the dishy Desiertian really, the young woman finding she preferred something that didn’t leave her feeling quite so groggy afterward.

“Heheheheheh… I guess they just needed a familiar face to come back?” Surprised by the praise she received from the tall titan next and a hint of blush appearing in her cheeks because of it, while Aisha enjoyed the notion that she had such a big hand in reviving the guild to the level it was at now, she couldn’t help but be modest about it. Not really once for boasting and simply glad to see things doing better, though there were times when the mocha marvel enjoyed feeling pretty like any other woman, her down to earth manner tended to prevent her ego from going out of control in regard to achievements especially.

“I’m sure a lot more would have shown up if Adriana or Jack sent the message out though?” A girl that had grown up in the company of great men, with the mentor of Miss Connors setting quite the lofty benchmark for accomplishment, it was hard to consider the meagre feats she was capable of too high in calibre. Besides she had just done what any good guild member would do, right?

“Hmmmmm…” Offering the mug strong scented drink to the tanned titan once it was ready and listening in as he seemed to bring bad news to them, with her drink in hand Aisha grew a little quieter as she digested what was told to her, finding herself a little surprised to hear about the little collective that the organized Icebergian had stowed away in the north but none the less sympathetic to the worry that she now sensed afflicted the man.
Vali’s got some trouble, huh? The snappy and rushed manner in which the crimson titan informed them of these facts also seeming like such a far cry from his usual assured to the point of arrogance attitude, though she didn’t know the guild’s new administrator terribly well the bronze beauty could tell he was more bothered than he let on, and that was enough to cast her into action really.

“Mmmmwwwaaahhhhh!” Lifting up that crystal clear tankard and gulping down every drop from it as she made up her mind, after gasping the girl slammed the item down on the nearest table and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, smirking at Vali as she nodded toward him and smiled at the response of the other two men around her.
“Us Fairies stick together, trouble for one of our own is trouble for all of us!” Definitely appreciating the sentiment that had been expressed by Tomoe and then giggling a little at the excitable newbie who was next to him, with cooler words that did not hide her zeal to aid the friend who was in trouble Miss Connors slammed her fist into her palm and gave a wicked grin as she realized she was actually looking forward to the chance to knock a few skulls on a guild mate’s behalf. So many of her recent training sessions involving dummies and imagined foes, it was an exciting prospect to get her blood pumping against a foe of flesh that was for sure, and one that seemed to reveal the rowdiness of her Fairy Tail spirit all the more.

“I can ride there on Altair so I won’t need a horse…” Gently tapping her chin for a second or two as the matter of transport was raised but that not really an issue for a woman who had her own magnificent mount to ride, having been away for so long and let the elegant steed whom she had befriended in younger years go about his own business for the past few months, Aisha felt almost excited about having the opportunity to reunite with yet another old friend in pursuit of this mission.
“And I can probably take this plucky little guy with me as well, he seems nice and light~” The spirit of the mocha marvel only growing as she found herself getting more and more hyped up by the moment, as her excitement grew so too did the boldness of the bronze beauty and as she offered the ‘back seat’ of her journey to the blonde haired cutie nearby, she couldn’t help but lurch over and wrap her arm around his head playfully as she ruffled those golden locks.

“What do you say, cutie? Fancy getting a ride from me~?” Giggling happily as she felt herself renewed with this sense of purpose that was offered and even more with the chance to get better acquainted with a soul who charmed her so, as that sense of spirit and camaraderie overwhelmed Miss Connors she couldn’t help but duck down and try to scoop the short stack over her shoulder like a bawdy barbarian might have done with the right kind of wench in a bar. Laughing all the while and hardly wanting to take a ‘no’ for an answer, despite the seriousness of the circumstance the chance to do good left the lady of lightning rather elated, finding no shortage of excitement and satisfaction in the promise of doing a simple act of goodness..

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

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Vali Onfroy †

Jack? Vali thought. He knew that Adrianna was the guild master of course, but who was this Jack guy? From the way he was mentioned it seemed like the guild respected him just as much as they did the guild master. He wanted to ask who this suddenly mysterious man was but Vali honestly didn't have the time at the moment. Maybe when they were all settled down he would be nosey and learn more. Not too long after, the Titan was introduced with a mug full of ale. With a nod towards the temptress he chugged quickly prepping himself for the road more than anything. The frosty bitterness of the liquid gave the viking lord a refreshing feeling.

The Demon information would be the topic of discussion later just as Tomoe said, right now there were important matters in the faces of them all. When Vali finally announced what was going in his life and asked for the three of them to come along, Sage was the first to volunteer. Vali smirked with a chuckle "How did I know? Alright then. I have to warn ya though things may be a bit more dangerous then it sounds.". Although the two of them hadn't known each other very long, it was good to see that he made such a loyal friend in Sage. Plus from what he witnessed in the woods, this golden boy wasn't just any ordinary mage.

Val's eyes shifted to Tomoe as he was the second to speak letting it be known that preventing things from crumbling was his strong suit. The crazy thing was that although the Desiertan didn't know anything about Tomoe's abilities, having him by his side eased him more than anyone else around him. Val gave a light laugh and rubbed the back of his head as Tomoe poked at how he spoke. "Alright alright." He was bad at this type of thing really. Then from beside him he heard a metal bang on a surface. Quickly he turned to see the bronze queen smiling at him. She insisted that they were a unit ensuring Val that they would handle this together.

Is this real? The half-elf couldn't believe what he was hearing. The gods knew exactly what they were doing by bringing him to people just as worthy as himself, all he could do was smile. "Understood. Just try to keep up." he teased. Aisha revealed that she wouldn't be riding any of the Vikings steeds, instead she had her own. "Altair?" He asked. Just after Aisha offered Sage a ride on whatever Altair was Tomoe urged the fairies- and sage, to move quick. "Right." He nodded as he walked towards the door. When he caught up with Tomoe he'd place a hand on his shoulder. "You will see." He smiled as if he had some sort of surprise in store.

When the Viking finally stepped outside he didn't only see two of his warriors, apparently an extra two caught up as well. "Four of you didn't need to come, we still need to keep a low profile here. The first thing the people will do when they see men like us is report to the authorities." in the Icebergan language. "Ya gone soft now eh? Afraid of a little Fiorian pussies? Sorry Vali but your father said you needed an escort of four. He doesn't trust the Fiorians." Fiorians being the only word his peers would understand, the conversation continued in Icebergic "Not soft just not a fuckin' idiot. This is not Skaal and my father is not in control over here. My Old man bag of bones doesn't know how to adjust." He said frustratedly as he hopped on his horse as another one stood beside him waiting for Tomoe to get on.

"Bringing a few of em too Aye? One of the warriors snarled as he turned towards the group of Fairies. "These are my friends- wait, Are...you pressing me?" He asked, eyes penetrating the warriors soul. The horseman huffed and turned his head to face forward. "No, M'lord." "Don't forget why you have the privilege to be here,brother." He warned in Fiorian, his voice bold and daunting.

"Go against my word again and I'll knock your fuckin' teeth out myself." he sighed in his native tongue. Only part of him was entirely serious. The people of Iceberg had rulers yes, but they weren't afraid to speak their minds they just knew better not to partake in treachery. With the Jarl of Skaal back things would be a bit harder for Val to control. His father ships were the reason he was able to travel here, hopefully the old man didn't think he'd have more pull than his son in Fiore. Being a leader in this country was different from being a leader in Iceberg, he needed to be smarter, he needed to adapt.

The lord looked back to see if his friends were ready to go. Quickly two of the Viking warriors would make their way beside Vali and Tomoe to ensure their safety. "Come on." He'd command as soon as he saw Sage, Aisha and Tomoe prepared for the travel. The he and his would warriors begin moving forward. We'll be back as soon as possible, this'll be quick. Or so he thought.

- EXIT -

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Tomoe chuckled at the eager and fiery hearts of the others, somewhat relieved it wouldn't be so few. While the man was a loner most of the time, the potential for conflict meant he appreciated each and every hand helping out. It stood to reason, then, that he would crack a smile and give a thumbs up when Vali approached him. There was some unity in all of this, which the cynical samurai didn't know how to react to or take in. It wasn't emotional or anything, but it definitely felt a hair better than being alone overall.

Outside, a verbal sparring match was clearly taking place between Vali and his... friends? Soldiers would likely be a more accurate statement - men to be commanded, Tomoe assumed. Having lived in Joya all his life and only recently venturing outside to come to Fiore, the simpleton for language that he was, Tomoe had not a clue in the world as to what the men were saying to each other. They mostly spoke in Icebergan, which meant that he could only identify a single key point to their speech: it was very antagonistic. Something was not going as planned for one of the parties involved, most likely, and it was coming to a head momentarily before Vali would shut them down.

"Do your buddies have beef with us? Eh, not that it really matters anyway.", Tomoe would blurt out to Vali, moving towards the horse.

Turning back to Aisha and Sage, his eyes would glance to see the Altair spoken of. Tomoe's eyes went wide and turned into stars, fascinated by the creature. He had only read about such things in books on the miraculous occasion he felt like reading, and didn't even realize they were still in existence to this day.

Assuming that the other two were still around at this point, Tomoe would extend a wave farewell, assuming that their side would get there sooner. Knowing it, even. That was fine for the Joyan though, as he rather liked open road. Turning his attention back to the journey ahead, his expression turned truly optimistic for the first time that day.

"Alright, let's get on the road and kick some ass!"


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Sage †
He would only laugh a little by his big brother's comment, "Danger is fun!" he exclaimed amusingly. In Sage's mind, he was thinking of riding with Val but then Aisha came to him. This time he didn't feel intimidated anymore, he adapted very quickly and got used to her personality. When she ruffled his hair he could only smile happily. Being treated like that felt like he actually got someone on his back.

Sage was red a little after being complimented a cutie, and overall he didn't mind going there with Aisha on her Altair, whatever that was as he had no clue of what she was referring to. But he didn't ask because eventually he would see it soon. "Yeah sure-whoah!" he tried to answer her question but before he knew it he was being carried by the tall lady. It seemed like there was no fighting back. He would look at Vali in the distance with somewhat an amused and confused face.

When they were outside, and Sage being carried by Aisha like a pet or something, he could hear Vali talking to what seemed like another one of his soldiers, at least that was what he expect because Vali was talking in that language Sage had heard from him often times before, the language of his homeland Icebergian. He wouldn't focus much on what they were talking about plus they were being scolded by Vali which Sage just processed it as "Oh boy, someone got the titan mad," he whispered amusingly towards Aisha.


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Aisha Connors

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Such a cutie~ Giggling to herself as she spied the way that Sage’s cheeks had reddened because of her playful words and boyish actions, while Miss Connors was more used to treating the girls who caught her eye in the way she did the blonde, it was certainly something she could get used to with this endearing little example of delightfulness. Not her usual type for when she went for guys at all since she tended to either find a little action with her fellow workout junkies from the gym or on occasion be charmed enough by the odd rogue to do something a little wicked, as she held the golden haired lad in hear arms the young woman had confess she didn’t mind the change of pace one little bit, feeling like an older sister or something but without the complications of taboo associations.

“Woodsea, huh? I know the way so we’ll catch you up…” Following Vali and Tomoe out of the bar with a smirk and not a single intention of setting her ‘captive’ loose, with Sage slung over her shoulder the young woman looked like a barbarian that had scooped up a fair maiden to take away for his own wicked gain, but in this example the classic roles seemed somewhat reversed really. Excited for the chance to get to know this plucky young man a little bit better and their path toward whatever waited for them in the northern forests a perfect chance to exploit this, though their lead seemed to have the intent of them marching all the way together, unfortunately Aisha had to disappoint him in that regard. At least initially.

“I’ll need to nip back to my place to grab my charm to call Altair, and probably something a little warmer to wear in the north, but we should catch up to you guys with ease!” A woman who had spent much of her life touring the country, these past months especially, and knowing just how nippy those regions could be even when Magnolia was flush with warmth, it seemed prudent for Miss Connors to quickly slip into something a little more suited for the climbs than the scant gym gear that she was wearing. Not only that but the companion she was to call upon not one that you would find tethered in a stable somewhere, Altair was a loyal friend for the most part but she always found it was better to let him roam free and return to her when she needed him rather than leave him confined and restless. Perhaps that was a trait they shared in common.

“See you on the road boys, keep an eye out!” The free hand that she had lurching upward and swaying as the dishy Desiertian broke off on a beeline toward the apartment in which she crashed, though the name of Jack Connors was listed on the deed in the ten years since Aisha had arrived in the country it had become as much her home as his, especially since he had disappeared without a trace and left her as the sole regular occupant.
Should I have told them what Altair is? Nah, the surprise will probably be more fun, actually~ The mind of the mocha marvel awash with excitement as she broke into a jog with the lad still hanging over her shoulder and seeming like the lightest burden she could think of, though it might have been more prudent to warn her teammates that the majestic mount she had chosen was a little bit abstract when compared to a horse, a sense of elation and perhaps a hint of mischief made Miss Connors even more amused by the reaction they would make of her pet. Certainly not one that a person saw a whole lot of in these parts, the critter she had found and raised from an egg was sure to knock their socks off, and in a way she felt like that might just help to lift the spirits of Vali especially given how tense he had seemed.

“Yeah… I haven’t seen him riled up like this before? I wonder what’s going on?” Apparently not the only one who could see through that image of command he had tried to keep up around them as the little buddy she had over her shoulder also raised a little concern over the mental state of the usually cool natured Icebergian, Aisha couldn’t help but wonder what had prompted such a strong response as she ran toward her home, eager to get on the road and do what she could to alleviate the tension of the titan. Word of his little colony in Woodsea something that was new to the caramel lass and it feeling like there was more to the story than he let on, it seemed she was in for a whole world of discovery once they reached those thick forests and whatever trouble waited for them there…


The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

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