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II. Friendly Intruder [FT]

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †
"This is a castle..." Vali whispered in awe. Finally him and his warriors stood before the great hall of Fairy Tail. It reminded him almost of the Viking Kings hall though the Viking's hall was much bigger- at least from what he remembered. The young viking lord turned to look at his four warriors who all seemed to be amazed by the guild in front of them as well. With a smile Vali turned forward. "Let's go- and keep your weapons down, this is a place full of people with powers." Within moments the half-elf was pushing the door open, stepping in slowly but confidently with his men behind him. Together there was five of them and five strangers was enough to turn the heads of most of the people who were only minding their business moments before. Nobody spoke. Instead everyone insisted on staring blankly at the white haired man. "Okay..." he whispered in Icebergan. He was annoyed for sure. "I think we should just leave, Val." One of the warriors suggested. "No." Suddenly Vali moved forward with his hands up to show that he was no threat.

"Hello friends, I am Vali Onfroy and I wish to join your guild if that is possible. I have come a long way just to be here, haha." he said awkwardly. Hopefully that was enough to calm the crowd down. He could see how he may have been intimidating considering he entered the guild with four big ass vikings. Vali turned back to see his men with their weapons raised. "Put them down, I said!" he shouted in their native language. Slowly the men lowered their weapons. Hopefully there was someone who could break the ice right now because Vali couldn't do it alone. Everyone looked so...different. They wore weird looking clothes and even smelled fresh- like they hadn't worked hard a day in their lives. The ale seemed to be the only thing he was familiar with. A drink was very much needed right now.

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Aegis has been sitting down at one of the wooden tables in the area, near the bartender and his friend Tomoe, who was sitting at the counter. The sight of these new men entering the guild was definitely a start that he was not expecting, falling back off of his seat and landing on the cold and dirty ground.

Aegis looks over to the men now standing in the doorway, then back at Tomoe. He has a look of confusion, and slight pain, on his face. Sitting back up and dusting himself off as the floor was in need  of a good sweeping, he realined himself with the table and the new guests "Do you have any idea who these guys are?" and in a whispered tone "Are they drunk?" He says towards his friend and only other person in the room but the Bartender.

Aegis seems a bit tired from a long night, and being woken up so early with such a display as this. As such, he provides to lay his arms back down on the table, resting his head on them, but keeping his eye on the new people disturbing this lovely morning.


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Sitting down in a relaxed mindset within the guild hall of Fairy Tail, Tomoe was content with life. Good food, good drink, and nice, creasing valleys to look at passing by from time to time. The feeling was akin to the repose one would indulge in after a long, hot bath to put one into a trance. A place where he could at least sleep without worry of his belongings being pilfered, anyway.

"Yep, it's a good life, lemme tell ya..."

It was at that point that armed men burst in. They seemed a gangly bunch - armed and armored, probably not knowing how to count to ten in one sitting. Barbarians, one and all.

Tired as his friend Aegis likely was, he flew from his chair like the usual klutz. Nothing noteworthy, as long as none of his bones had fractured from the fall or one of those stereotypical amnesiac stories had begun.

That'd suck... that'd be stupid., Tomoe mused to himself before finishing off his drink and ordering another from the bartender.

While waiting on his drink, he heard the whispers of his friend, and merely shrugged his shoulders.

"I dunno. Why the hell would they be in a guild with so few people? Not like we're particularly in demand. Unless Shin went and pissed some guy off. Classic Shin.", Tomoe blurted out in a lethargic tone, his eyes scanning among the crowd of strange drunks.

Getting up off his stool, he approached a few feet forward until he was about three meters away from the band of brigands who had only recently put their weapons away. This gesture caused Tomoe's suspicious gaze to wander among them, hand at the hilt of his sword.

"If ya don't want trouble, how about calming your circle-jerk party down? Sane men don't walk into a public place drawing their weapons. Some would take that as a challenge.", he smirked.

Tilting his head and cracking his neck, Tomoe sighed and looked towards the darker toned man who appeared to be leading and commanding them.

"And if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get... not from me, though. I'm just the drunk. But the bartender might give your boys a run for their money."

Moving back towards the bar counter where his friend Aegis was, he sat back at a stool and beckoned their leader forth.

"Come. Have a drink with us. Not your children though, those boys can stay back in the corner until they figure out how manners work. Or at least how to act like humans."

#4Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †
Vali could only see about 12 people in the guild hall, no bigger than his army especially now that he had Neko's under his command. So this is one of the most popular ones he thought to himself. Most of him was disappointed, but a tiny bit of him had hope for a place like this. He had a knack for helping otherwise hopeless looking places survive, that's what he was good at. For a moment there was silence. Two men at the bar had been sitting comfortably until one of them fell over flat on his face. Vali himself raised an eyebrow but his men snickered behind him speaking in their native language to insult the clutsy guy. The other man at the bar had poofy hair, it actually looked quite ridiculous in all honesty but he was the only one to approach Vali. Stopping a few meters away from the viking, the elf could see the man's hand on the hilt of his sword. The man was stupid for starters. He had absolutely no idea who he was talking to and yet he spoke with such confidence even as the young lord and his men stood confidently in front of him. After he was done with his words of wisdom, the viking warriors boisterously laughed amongst themselves. Vali himself only snickered. "This puny man has some big balls between his legs, aye?" He joked in Icebergan.

Just when they thought this dude was actually offering to fight the Viking lord he insisted that the bartender would be the one to challenge him if it was a fight the intruders wanted. "No worries my friend, I am not looking to kill anyone today." He responded with a devilish smirk. Back on Iceberg people fought just to fight. Some obsessed with blood and battle while some seeking validation from the gods themselves. This wasn't iceberg though and there was no need for any violence to take place. The puny man beckoned Vali to come have a drink with him but also insulted his men by calling them children and demanding that they stay where they were. "No, I think they want a drink too." He smirked as he followed the afro dude. His men took their seats first towards the end of the bar so that their leader could talk while they enjoyed ale. The Desiertan took his seat.

"I have questions. Where is your leader and why does this place look like it has been neglected?" Straight to business was more of his style. Friendships could be made later.

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"Well, with our large amount of time invested in our guild, and our deep insight into the matter, we can tell you with great certainty..." Aegis takes a deep breath, "Its a bit rustic and is in dire need of a good... well... anything." He shrugs his shoulders slightly after saying this, but not looking like he was really joking in the slightest.

"Although I would recommend choosing your words more carefully, as entering a guild with arms drawn then hearing that your not killing anyone TODAY might be mistaken as ruffian behaviour. That kind of disturbance would be... Unacceptable."
He frowns slightly, but not unpleasantly towards the other guests that came in.

Such behavior is treated as unseemly and an offence to the host. Having someone barge in and talk like they are in high demand is... arrogant. Although he stops talking to have another drink of the water he has, at least the corner of his eye never leaves the 'Guests' as they give him a very bad feeling, something between unease and disdain.

He sighs, taking a deep breath, as he is exhausted, and this is really the last thing he needed in his morning. Many other important things could be getting done, but now he doesn't want to leave for out of fear, no, interest of what could happen.

II. Friendly Intruder  [FT] Yaga-f12
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Tomoe sat there stewing in loathing realizing that his requests were largely ignored. These oafs would stroll their way into the guild regardless, acting as if they owned the building already. Their opinion of Tomoe was not high, seeing him as a fool or as weak - exactly as he preferred it. The spotlight wasn't how he liked to be, and the less people noticed him, the better.

"Today?", Tomoe took note of that particular word the man uttered as he approached.

Certainly not reassuring him at all, the poorly-dressed Joyan took a swig of beer - on the house as usual - and traced patterns in the wooden craftsmanship of the bar counter as he usually did. To him, this was another day of people richer and more powerful than him throwing their weight around.

One huge pissing contest., Tomoe would think to himself, annoyance building at the smug and self-righteous kind of people such that these intruders would present themselves as.

He would let Aegis take over in explaining Fairy Tail's current state as a guild. Explaining things wasn't Tomoe's strong suit, as he'd typically throw too much of his own personality into his explanations. Once Aegis was done, Tomoe would chime in afterwards.

"My friend speaks truth. I can already see you guys won't even heed anything we say, but the truth is a bunch of armed guys walking in and talking all that good shit like they've been here forever ain't a good first impression. it's not fear so much as a feeling of disrespect."

Brushing a hand through his hair and relaxing his tensed limbs, he leaned in a little towards the leader of the guests non-threateningly and looked him in the eyes.

"I've been here for a day, so I don't know much. I don't have any kind of pride for the guild or any loyalties."

Tomoe scratched the stubble of his beard and took another drink of beer while wagging a finger to note that he wasn't done speaking yet.

"But you gotta know that guilds have been on the decline, right? Government's taking over now and it pays better than a wizard guild like us over here."

Sighing and taking a swig to finish off his mug, wiping the froth from his lips, he looked into his empty mug down on the counter and smiled.

"If you wanna know where our guild master is, Tits McGee is out doing something somewhere. Doesn't come around too often, much to my own regret. Haven't even gotten a firm look at her hot bod yet.", he spoke lowly, but still high enough that the intruder of darker tone would hear him clearly.

Tomoe slid his mug towards the bartender's side of the counter asking for another fill while awaiting a response from the intruder or his men, eyes still perceptive and body ready to act at a moment's notice. Despite it all, he'll admit that the beer was making him feel slightly sickly. Despite this, he kept his composure for the moment, not ready for a fight but willing to defend if anyone tried anything. Looking towards Aegis and the bartender briefly, he knew they would feel the same way. It wasn't a positive first impression for the samurai-thug, nor did he feel like he'd particularly get along with the pompous demeanor these men strut about with.

#7Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †
The Elven viking was no fool. It was obvious that him and his men were a nuisance to whatever this place was. Vali was a leader but he was still a new one, his men only feared him mostly because his father was to feared. Though they did respect him, respect was nothing without fear to back it up. His men sometimes didn't listen so it was almost always necessary for him to put his foot down. In sense the afro dude was right, they were kind of like children. The young lord himself wasn't used to interacting with such sensitive people. It smelled like fear and anxiety but he wasn't too sure if that was the case considering these two were in his face anyway but he could tell that they were being cautious with him- even a blind person could see that. Vali glanced over at his men just as the clumsy one of the duo began to talk. He briefly expressed that the guild was in dire need of anything. Watching him from the other side of Afro dude, Val could tell that he was serious. "I see...I am sorry to hear that." His accent was strong but the sincerity could still be heard in his voice.

The clumsy one continued suggesting that the young lord choose his words more carefully and even going on as to blow things just a little out of proportion by taking one word he said and claiming that it could be considered "Ruffian" behavior. Vali turned away for a moment and bit his lip, looking at his men as they smiled and chuckled probably joking at the fact that he was trying his hardest to take criticism. Truth was, sometimes he was bad at it, especially when it was from people who had nothing to offer him. "Apol-" The afro man took the stage. "Ale." he whispered to the bartender with a smile who took no time in filling a cup and sliding it to him.

The scrawny dude beside Val agreed with his friend, telling the viking that he came off rather disrespectfully to make a long story short. "I don't recall saying anything dis-" He began but instead of continuing that sentence he decided that it would be best just to move on from it. There was no point in arguing if both of them thought felt a certain way, after all he wasn't trying to make enemies. "I meant no harm, friends and my men meant no harm either. Where we are from we have to always be on guard... blood and battle, war and death; these are the only things we see at home. We don't know much about Fiore except that the people are soft and frightened just by the sight of us, and now we know that Fairy Tail's reputation proceeds them- no offense." He added genuinely. It couldn't be helped that he was so brutally honest sometimes.

The man beside the white haired viking leaned in towards him. Val picked up his cup and chugged his ale as he spoke. By the time he was done with his drink he found out that this man had only joined the guild yesterday. Disappointedly he slammed his cup down, nodding at the bar tender for another drink which was quickly delivered. "Thank you." he said lightly. The afro man also informed Vali that the government was taking over and paying better than guilds did. If guilds were on the decline did light guilds even matter at this point? Would joining Fairy Tail even do Vali any justice?

"Shame. I travelled all this way and the guild leader isn't even here. I can't say I don't understand though, sometimes a leader must make sacrifices for the greater good of his people." Of course he understood that all too well. The brown mug was snatched from the bar table and placed to his lips. In about 6 gulps the ale was gone. "Is there a way I can still join the guild?"

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"Accepting you into Fairy Tail is something I can not do nor decide, you must find a time to meet with the guild master friend." He says finishing his drink by chugging what little was left of the cold water. The empty wooden mug thuds back down onto the table as he looks over to the bartender and Tomoe. Both of them seemed a bit uneasy, but Tomoe seemed glad that he was doing most of the talking so with a brief sigh he continued talking to everyone.

"Thank you very much for the drink. I believe I will head off for now, we had a long night and I am feeling the need to rest for a while longer." He still looked really tired, almost more so then one would expect of someone that has been awake for a few days straight. Aegis turns towards the new guests, and does a nod of his head towards the visitors.  "I realize that you might not have ment offence by it, but please do remember that if you are in a different setting then normal, the accepted behaviors might be different. If you don't mind my opinion, you will get much farther with people here in Fiore by being a bit more.... relaxed? No, that's not the right word. Hmmm... Courteousness of the space I guess. Apologies, I'm not quite in the best state of mind due to my lack of rest."

Aegis slowly stands up, nods toward Tomoe and the barkeep, and begins to head towards his bedroom. "I am Sorry I couldn't be more help gentlemen, again, your best bet is to speak with the Guild master. And do be careful, there seems to be a few demons around the area. Damn ones got another one last night." Aegis waves over his shoulder as he begins walking towards the hallway that inevitably leads to his room, where he can go back to his much needed rest among dreams.


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Tomoe let out a low chuckle at the mention of demons in the area. Standing up from his chair with his hands in his pockets, he moved around the back of the counter and leaned against it, looking at the guest casually as he began rummaging through the bits and pieces of the bar.

"Yeah, you hear about that? Demons running rampant around East Fiore lately. Specifically some seen skulking around Magnolia itself late at night.", he spoke, pouring himself a glass of beer while continuing to sift through bits and pieces in drawers and cupboards.

"Enough to make a man shake and quake in their boots, right? Heard a lot of gory tales this past week about evil activity around here. No one's safe, apparently."

Finding the magic stamp that Shin himself used on Tomoe a day ago, he stared it up and down, making sure it was ready to use. Upon priming it, the glittering light to show that it was ready for a stamp, Tomoe held it in his hand while looking towards the guest - or intruder, as the samurai would prefer to call him. He smiled, and looked around at the noise that had been brought into the hall for this moment. It wasn't awful. Tomoe would describe it more as... a guild full of 'drunk cunts'.

"You want your slave brand- I mean guild mark? We can give it now and do away with the formalities until such a time when Ms. Peaks 'n Valleys shows up again."

Sighing and loosening his shoulders, he massaged the back of his neck with one of his hands, allowing for an echoing crack to take place. All at once he felt a sting as well as pleasant relief. Satisfying, as meaningless as the whole charade was. Truly he felt at home here in this moment, among ruffians and brigands, pretending to blend in as he always had before. Not hungry at the current moment, he could suppress himself and dwell among others in peace for the moment.

"So you gonna take the tattoo? There's a hefty sum to be paid if you wanna back out after this, so you know.", Tomoe spoke with a smug smile.

#10Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †
The darker haired men told Vali that at this time it would be impossible for him to join since he would have to see the guild master directly. After finishing his water, he then explained that he was rather tired but not before the man somewhat accepted his apology and actually suggesting that he changed the way he did things. Unfortunately the man was just saying words because Vali could never change who he was. It wasn't possible, believe it or not. Vali of course would instead just raise an eyebrow. In about two more beers he'd be drunk. Ale was the secret to happiness and right now Vali felt somewhat relaxed. The sleepy man stood up apologized and warned Vali to be careful. During his travels through Fiore he acftually heard that demons were running wild, seeking to destroy. It was the apocalypse some said. The young viking Lord didn't know what to make of it. Which gods are the cause of this? The Satri Gods? Illumin? Or maybe it was a Zharian God? The man finally made his leave, Val nodded before raising his freshly filled mug. "Aye." was his goodbye.

Damn. Now that that dude was gone the guild seemed emptier than before. The elf still couldn't believe how dry it looked in comparison to his imagination. Afro man threw his 2 cents in on the demons. Apparently they were mostly in the east part of Fiore but were making their way in Magnolia. "Then...why aren't you there fighting them?" he asked while the puny dude began searching for something. Was that not the simple solution? Perhaps it was the warrior in him using logic and things here followed a certain system? Whatever it was better be effective because fighting against demons would require every fighter in Fiore. Hell, Vali himself was  tempted to go fight them just 'cause. "If there are truly Demons on Earthland then we are doomed."

In the hand of the man who was yet to have a name seemed to be some sort of device. What really caught his attention though was when he referred to the leader of the guild as "Ms. Peaks and Valleys". "Your leader is a Woman? Fuck the Gods." he chuckled. That was definitely not unusual in Iceberg but Icebergan women were a different breed of human. All of the women from Fiore were just as soft as their men. However, he didn't believe that this particular woman wasn't their leader for a reason. She was obviously strong, she had to be. Val quickly pulled off his red jacket, then tapped his right shoulder. "Reminds of the gladiator stories my mother used to tell me about." referring to the stamper he had. The Ale was finally hitting him. "You know, it is funny how different the world is here. Even with demons running around this place is far more relaxing then Iceberg." He continued. If his stamp was placed on his shoulder he'd put his jacket back on. His mind locked on Iceberg. Thinking about what it was like in Iceberg saddened him. There was so many things wrong, yet living in a world like that felt realer than...this. "I chose to leave, but sometimes I feel like I need to be back there...to protect my people - my family." His eyes paused on the liquid in his mug. With a sigh he chugged the entire mug. Suddenly his mind shifted onto another subject for everybody's sake. Ale sometimes made him think.

"Aye, I heard stories of a... ummm... 'Hot springs' in this place. I would like a Fioran woman for entertainment." He laughed. His accent was heavy but it wasn't hard to understand. The viking lord looked at his men who were smiling. It's been a while since any of them have been with any women. "Or maybe a Brothel? Are those illegal here?" He asked again. "It has been a while since I have laid my head between a woman's bosom ya know?" He smiled at the man raising his arms with a shrug.  "I heard Fioran women are like the finest of wine... and I just want a taste." He joked.

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Aegis tried to not pay much attention to the brewing conversation on the seeking of women. He found it quite a bit unseemly, and was starting to question the validity of this man's claims as someone of a past at his would be held to a higher standard. Not only that, but also talking is such a disappropriate manner about their guild master, after just walking in and littering the air with insults. Aegis had mixed thought about the guild master because he had not seen much of her as of late, but never did it cross his mind to say such things.

"Ah, Sleep. I need to get some sleep. Rest will help.." he says as he slowly walks down the hallway toward his room. He would have normally been up to do the talking to require what the visitor had said, but today was not a day that had been going particularly well for him.

His walking into his room became more like s stumble, as he entered the doorway into his room. "Good night Tomoe!" he yelled across all of Fairy Tail. "Or, I guess good morning? Ah well." he mumbled to himself entering the room and shutting the door behind him.



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Tomoe waved his hand to bid Aegis good day. Certainly he was feel unwell. Given some free time later away from the idiot crew before him, he would probably choose to check in on his friend to ensure his wellbeing.

For the moment, Tomoe was trying to keep the bile out of his throat. Completely unrelated of course, as his own stomach was catching up with him. Well, was it a stomach at this point? It was more like a pool of blood swirling around. That was probably the primary reason why his body didn't agree with things like this - a proper lack of the bodily functions that most people found themselves with. While it came in handy certainly, it was an odd thing to think about.

Snapping out of his moment as a biologist, he tuned in just in time to take in and understand the words of the intruder. He nodded his head, dismissing the passive aggressive comments towards Fiore. Tomoe held no pride for this land, only having settled here less than a year ago. The way this Joyan native understood it however, this man of colder descent and his band of circus freaks could be mistaken even perhaps as racial puritans. They certainly had that self-righteous air of superiority about them, Tomoe would go on to observe. Withholding that for the moment though, he would follow the man's request and stamp his right shoulder, gladiatorial as it was. Surely nothing would go wrong letting a bunch of potential racists and supremacists into the guild, right?

Meh, I'm just the newbie. I don't get paid enough to question this shit. Second thought, do I even get paid at all? They kinda just feed me beer that I vomit up later. This place sucks and I've only been here for a day., he pondered pessimistically.

Finalizing the process of membership, Tomoe would adjust the color of it to the man's liking before tossing it somewhere randomly into the cluttered and dusty storage space.

God only knows when the next member's even going to apply for this mud hut of a guild anyway. Best to assume the worst., he continued in his mind, entrenched in thoughts of despair towards this guild's current state.

"You satisfied with that, Mr. Macho? Do the kids need a footrub while I'm here? Tucked in and kissed 'good night?' Because I think we're all well and proper in order here."

Picking a piece of fluff out of his ear and blowing it away, he'd take his empty mug and toss it into the sink without a care in the world. Merely things he would do while awaiting a response. Keeping the guild clean and tidy would earn him a raise, surely; and what was a couple of broken cups to get there? The glass shards would add character, certainly.

"Oh, and uh, don't flirt with the bartender. We try not to encourage him around here. Think he's into me, but it's best not to indulge in his delusions that he's a big tough man or anything."

#13Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †
Vali raised an eyebrow as the man now known as Tomoe simply ignored his inquisition about a possible brothel existing in Magnolia. Instead Tomoe threw his mug in the sink allowing it to shatter. Vali's men laughed at the obviously drunken fairy tail member. The young lord himself was beginning to feel the effects of the ale even more so than before. "Aye, I think I did see him look at you once or twice." referring to the bartender. I am not interested in him though, my friend." He laughed before standing up, leaving his mug on the bar. The bartender seemed busy with dealing with Tomoe's mess. At this point things were becoming boring especially in the guild. There were no women, no people, just a shitload of nothing. If he stayed here any longer he'd probably lose his shit. "I am interested in being in the company of women, are you not?" The viking warriors cheered in agreement with their leader. "Or are you too drunk to hang out?" He teased. "There is nothing to do here, but if you are not man enough then that is okay too... puny man." he joked. Vali wasn't one for festivities usually but today definitely called for a good time. if Tomoe couldn't hang or had other plans then Vali would go about his day and find a hot springs or a brothel one way or another. Tomorrow he would train hard and catch up with himself but today...today they would fuck shit up.

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All at once Tomoe was once more bombarded with questions about women. While he did enjoy his time with the ladies, it wasn't necessary every day - hypocritical as that thought was, his sole reason for joining being to get a peek at the guild master. Brushing the lewd ideas of his guild master aside however, he was snapped back to reality upon realizing he was being challenged, in a way.

"The hell you say?", he responded drunkenly, convincingly, putting on the best show he could that the statement affected him - the "puny man" bit in particular.

Straightening up, Tomoe dusted off his clothes and ensured there were no stains on his clothing. Following that he checked his breath - thick with alcohol, as usual. Finishing up his small social check-up, the vagrant concluded he was fit for battle that night.

Leaping over the bar counter he looked among the ruffians and their drunken cheers and jeers and gave a nod.

"Fine, then. I'm curious to know what your idea of a good time is. Let's go find some fun, see if you can all keep up with me.", he spoke, and began moving towards the doors to leave the guild if they would follow through on their offer.

He'd turn around as if a revelation struck him before fully exiting, however, to face the intruder once again. He would snap his fingers and point at the man to get his attention in case he were lacking it through his beer goggles.

"Oh yeah, what's your name, bud? I'm Tomoe."

#15Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †
Vali chuckled at the drunken man. He was a character for sure. It made the young Desiertan wonder if he was like this when he was sober too. Back on Iceberg mostly everybody was drunk. Not a day went by that most men didn't drink. Tomoe didn't remind him of any normal Fiorian person. Most of them were lighter toned with thinner hair and colored eyes. Unlike the rest of the people he's seen, Tomoe struck him as a tougher individual especially considering how he first approached the group of pagans. That was just him judging a book by it's cover though. Tomoe finally gave in. He leapt over the bar counter and agreed to have a day out with the vikings and even challenged them to keep up. The elf smiled. "I like you already puny man." another joke. He was bad at jokes but that didn't stop him 'cause why should it? One Tomoe began moving towards the doors of the guild Vali turned to his men and gestured for them to follow. Suddenly the afro man asked Vali his name, introducing his own first. "Aye I heard the other man say it before he went to bed. My name is Vali Onfroy." After the two introduced himself Vali would exit the guild with his men. "Lead us to the ladies Tomoe, today we celebrate life." As the two of them walked Vali would attempt to be the first at a question. "You know, you don't resemble the people here, Are you a native of Fiore?" This was his attempt at making friends something that usually came easy to him back at home. Considering he was a lord though, everything usually came easier to him- at least easier than the rest of his peers.

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The Joyan man smirked upon hearing the name.

"Vali? That's a weird name, 'least where I'm from."

Tomoe breathed fresh air once they exited the guild building. It was always too quiet in there for him most days, with at most the occasional person sneezing or picking their nose. Bunch of simpletons. Not like him. Tomoe would consider himself to a higher standard than the common, uneducated rabble; but also nowhere near high society nobility either, the snooty pricks that they were. No, he was somewhere in between. He was the middle ground - a middleton, if he had a word for it ignoring 'working class'.

"Right this way boys, we're gonna go bar hopping."

As they walked, Vali would poke a question at him. A question that sounded pretty common as far as 'getting to know you' small talk went, but that felt somewhat personal to him nonetheless. As they walked, Tomoe allowed three beats of his wooden geta along the cobblestone road of Magnolia to determine if he'd tell the truth.

On the third beat, he'd smile and adjust his clothes.

"Yeah, guess it was pretty obvious. I'm from Joya. Pretty far due east from here. Their culture's nothing like the shit you find here, lemme tell you. A lot more modern here. Strange, but I'm a fan of it."

Shrugging his shoulders, he pondered a moment how much deeper he should go into himself, but decided against explaining further. There would be a time for that, if ever that time came. A bundle of words inquiring into Vali's own origins would almost leave his mouth, but decided against it for the moment. He'd allow the man to elaborate if he cared to, as for the moment it didn't affect Tomoe much either way.

Stopping in front of a run-down building, he opened the door and walked inside, turning around to gesture for the men to follow. Inside was a dimly lit bar that had rather scantily clad waitresses and muscly guards, alongside a middle-aged balding bartender behind the counter.

"My favorite place to come to for cheap drinks and good women. Make yourselves at home guys, and don't worry about the stains on the chairs - they add character!", he spoke and laughed boisterously, wrapping his arm around a waitress who smiled in response, seemingly already familiar with Tomoe to some extent.

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Vali Onfroy †
Ah, so Joya was here Tomoe was from. Of course Vali didn't know much about that country but apparently the culture was beautiful. His father would often talk about raiding villages there but never got around to doing it. It was way too far from Iceberg anyway so the trip would have costed some lives. "Aye? I think it will take me a while to get used to Fiore." Was all he said. The half elf and his men stepped proudly. Tomoe was lucky to be around them actually because if any demon or any random criminal decided to attack him he'd have Vali and his men to back him up. Hell, every guild member in Fairy Tail was lucky to have Vali and that was the truth. The plan was to bar hop despite Vali specifically asking for a brothel. In all honesty though, he didn't care where he went as long as there were lusty women around him. Not long did the group of men walk because soon they approached one of Tomoe's favorite places apparently. From the outside the place looked pretty run down. Much better than what Vali was used to, so with a smile him and his men followed Tomoe inside. Immediately he could see women and men everywhere. Everyone drinking and having a good time, music playing in the background. The Joyan seemed to already be familiar with one of the servers. "Aye lads, go wild." He said to his men as they moved to the bar. Vali was stopped by a woman with blue hair, plump limps, and long eyelashes. Her breasts were heavy, her waist slim and although he couldn't see from behind he was sure that her are was plump. "Hey daddy. I've never seen you around before." Vali smirked, revealing his canines. "Is that Fiorian for "let's fuck?" he whispered plainly. The woman giggled before grabbing his hand and bringing him to the back of the bar where a shitload of women were. She pushed him on a chair before sitting on his lap. "I'm Lucy." She introduced as she grabbed a random cup from one of the tables beside them. 3 other woman noticed Vali and slowly made their way towards him."Lucy, I'm Vali." he lifted her hand and kissed it. Lucy then gave Vali the cup of liquor. Suddenly a second woman sat on his other leg. "Lucy, he's cute~" Vali placed the cup to his lips, drinking half of what was inside before pouring the rest onto the breasts of both woman. The women laughed and shook their tits in excitement. Vali's men cheered as they each had managed to grab their own woman for the night. They laughed as their leader played with his women."Hahahahaha!" Te icebergan laughed as he bent forward to lick the drink off of them. In no time Vali and his men had their own section it seemed like. Women flocked towards them, seeing them all drink and have fun how could they resist? Wonder what Tomoe was doing.

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Tomoe reached for a mug of ale with the waitress still around his arm, and went off to join Vali and his crew. Chugging the drink after sitting down, he turned to the waitress and gave her a peck on the cheek. Afterwards, he motioned for her to stand up and slapped her on the rump. Normally he wouldn't be so aggressively flirtatious but he had to blend in for the moment, and thus acted on instinct without question.

"Fetch me another!", he spoke boisterously, booming with laughter and joining in the festivities with Vali's boys.

Inside he was cringing at his own barbaric behavior, but felt himself blending in nicely. Getting to know the motivations of strangers was a daunting task made easier by the pouring of ale. It loosened lips and lowered guards. When the waitress came back and Tomoe downed another however, followed by a roasted chicken leg brought over as food 'on the house', he could feel an urge coming on. Not hunger, no - quite the opposite. He felt the overwhelming urge to vomit. Inexperienced as he was, and not releasing from his earlier drinks at the guild, a subtle look of concern crossed his face in that moment. As quickly as the sickly look appeared, he forced it to vanish by strength of will and stood up in the most nonchalant manner he could manage.

"Gotta excuse me, I'll be right back. Don't drown yourselves in all this drink while I'm gone! Aha!"

Walking at a brisk pace towards the restroom, the moment he was out of sight of the public eye he dashed for a stall - and thanks to his own latent abilities, made no noise as he sprinted full speed and shut the door behind him. Also thanks to said abilities, the visceral regurgitation to follow would also be silenced aside from the sound of the liquid splashing against the water of the toilet that could easily be mistaken as something else.

Every now and again he would pause to listen in, making himself aware to anybody else that might enter the restroom.

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Vali Onfroy †
Vali began to wonder just how Barbaric Joyans were. Tomoe was doing an excellent job fitting in. Just about an hour before they came to the bar he was making remarks about them being barbaric and poked fun at them for being who they were. Now he was acting just like them? Ironic. The young lord didn't think about such a thing too much though. They weren't enemies, they were guild mates. The Two women on his lap leaned in towards each other and began to make out. Val watched as he bit his lip. He leaned back to grab the ale and his mug before pouring him a cup allowing some of the drink to overflow and splash on the floor. He was drunk, that was no secret. The last time he had been drunk like this was on Iceberg just before he left. One thing he could say for sure though was the Fiore had some quality ale. The new Fairy Tail mage smiled, slapping one of the women on her butt repeatedly while taking a swig from his mug.

"Cheers to new beginnings!" He shouted. The vikings raised their mugs and cheered as the woman laughed, shouting "To new beginnings!". Tomoe excused himself just after they all cheered and moved from the group quickly. Usually when someone moved away like that it meant that something was wrong. The leader in the Desiertan wanted to make sure that Tomoe was fine so as soon as he vanished behind the walls, Vali stood up and rushed in the direction he went. All that was heard was a door slam down the hallway- no footsteps, or any noise came from his peet. Quickly the elf entered what seemed to be the bathroom. From under the stall he could see feet, definitely feet that belonged to Tomoe as liquid hit the toilet. Oddly enough no noise came from Tomoe so what the hell was he doing? "Aye , mate. You alright?" His accent was so thick sometimes it was annoyed himself, he hated speaking Fiorian.

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On the other end of the door, Tomoe could hear somebody entering the bathroom. As he was already deep in his own business however, he disregarded it entirely until the echoing steps planted themselves in front of the stall he was behind.

With a quick inquiry from a thick accent not of this land, Tomoe was asked if he was fine. Wiping bile from his lips and shakily preparing to speak, he felt his fingers twitch - it was a disgusting display he was engaging in, after all. His biology wasn't like most, so when his body was forced to vomit up the mangled contents he had consumed, it raised the question of where it came from or what it was. With most of his vital organs missing, there was little of a system to speak of within him other than blood.

"Yeah... yeah, I'm fine."

Cleaning up as best he could with the toilet paper in the stall, he flushed the toilet and made his exit from the mess he had left behind, mostly clean now but still fresh in his mind. He faced Vali with a sickly expression and wiped drool from his mouth.

"Think I got a bit ahead of myself in there. It's all yours if you want it though.", he continued, pointing backwards into the stall he had retreated from.

With a gross humid feeling inside his body now, he made for the sink to wash his hands and face in hopes of rinsing away the feeling of disgust that was now present.

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Vali Onfroy †
From inside the stall the man responded that he was fine. Was he really though? It was too bad that Vali didn't have X-ray vision to see what exactly was going on- not that he really wanted to see anyway? He just found it odd that there was absolutely no noise coming from him other than his words. No farts, no pissing sounds, not even explosive puking. The Viking didn't think too much of it though when he finally saw his guild made exit. Val's eyebrow raised as he watched Tomoe wipe his mouth, a sickly look in his eyes. "You sure? You look...dead." He half-heartedly joked. The Joyan revealed that he may have gotten ahead of himself but that Vali was free to go if he wished. "I'm alright, just makin' sure you didn't fall asleep with your head in the piss bowl is all." He smirked before moving beside Tomoe just as he began washing his hands. The young Desiertan placed a hand lightly on his shoulder. "Aye. I know you were wary of me earlier, but we're guild mates now. That means you're an ally of mine. As long as you have my back, I will have yours." His crimson eyes glaring deeply into the Joyan's own as he spoke. Val meant every word. Every guild member of Fairy Tail was an ally now that he was a member of their guild. Him and his men would fight for them as long as they in turn fought for him. Before the Joyan could respond, the Elf nodded in approval. "Now come Draugr, the ladies and drinks await us. Did you think you would get off so easily?"

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Upon being told he looked dead, Tomoe chuckled it off nervously, playing it up as something as trivial as perhaps overestimating his alcohol tolerance. He felt relief in his chest though, when Vali quickly dropped the subject in favor of something more welcoming - namely, returning to the fun and games to await them that night.

"Ah, yeah, o'course.", he muttered, being cut off by Vali's own overwhelming confidence.

As he exited the bathroom to return to the party, Tomoe turned to Vali with a raised eyebrow, clearly curious about something he had just mentioned.

"Uh, Draugr? What's a Draugr?", he spoke, crossing his arms and leaning to the side inquisitively.

Vali was definitely of a different culture from Tomoe, and there wasn't a doubt in his mind that Vali believed himself to be in the right whenever he spoke. There was something reassuring about that at the very least, feeling that perhaps the red noble had a certain humbleness to him as well; or at least a sense of his own justice. Tomoe would of course remain cautious, believing until proven beyond reasonable doubt as to Vali's true motives and allegiances. Just about anybody could hide things behind the guise of a party-monger or as an outspoken warlord. Tomoe could feel it in his gut - or lack thereof - that there was more to all of this behind the scenes.

The sound of rowdy brigands and drunken fools popped his steaming mind, bringing him back to where he preferred to live: in the moment.

Tomoe cracked a warm smile - the first of the night - and suavely slid his way towards a waitress to grab her platter of ale and bread. He brought all three delicacies towards the gang of jolly drunkards and allowed her to join the harem of women forming around their posse. Determined to maintain the charade better this time, Tomoe practiced once more by stuffing more bread and ale down his gullet while pulling a gorgeous blonde waitress aside to sit by his side.

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Vali Onfroy †
"A Draugr? It is like an undead person. An Again walker." He responded. As the two walked back towards the gang of drunken fools and excited women, Vali's eyes slipped towards Tomoe. The more I look at him the more I see that he really does look undead, and he moves in absolute silence too. he thought. The dim lighting swallowed the duo and in no time they were back in action just like they were before. Vali stepped over legs to get back to his seat where both of his women had patiently waiting, greeting him with licked lips, winks and open arms. Everyone was horny. If an orgy was to break out right now, he wondered if this place would stop it? Back on Iceberg...anything goes really. Tomoe managed to bring bread and more ale along with a woman. He seemed to love the ladies just as much as any of the Icebergian did. "Tomoe brings more ale and food! Aye!" He announced with a toothy smirk, causing the rest of his men and even the women to cheer. Vali glanced over at Tomoe, hoping that his eyes met with the Joyan's own pupils for a nod. Looking into his eyes may give him an idea on who or what exactly he was. It could have just been the ale but you could never be too sure of anything in this world. After a few seconds of looking at him, he'd smile and raise his mug above his shoulder then bringing it back down and chugging the entire thing until it was no more. The women on his lap began to kiss on his neck and whisper in his ear, caressing his chest as he brought his attention back to them.

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"Again Walker, huh? That sounds pretty badass.", Tomoe grinned as he allowed the waitress to lean into him.

Once more tending to the evening revelries, he eventually locked eyes with Vali over the party for a moment. Tomoe's eyes, while not different visually than that of anyone else's, would be a dark crimson. It was like staring into two orbs of rust, though with Vali's own eye color and the many others walking around with strange physical traits it would likely not be too out of the ordinary. Tomoe's own Joyan heritage could be thanked for his lack of pale skin, being tan compared to the average member of his race. There was little in the way of things that would give away his identity, and for that he was thankful.

Breaking away the gaze to lock lips with the waitress for the first time that night, he felt an incredible surge - a rush - that could only be caused by instinct. It wasn't the woman's actions that caused this, as... stimulating as they were. Rather, it forced the newly turned man to realize that the pleasures of conventional flesh contact became less enjoyable for him. Nevertheless he played along, acting as if he was completely mesmerized by the eyes and lips of the woman he was engaging with.

After another hour into the party, Tomoe turned towards Vali and his crew to observe their status of energy.

"Hey. Guys. What are you all thinkin' about us giving these ladies some rest? They've earned their wage from drunks like us."

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Vali Onfroy †
An hour later and finally Vali was so drunk that he could barely move on his own. The two woman sitting on his lap didn't seem to be tired at all. Hell, that went for all the women as far as he could tell. Tomoe's words had some underlying meaning to them though, while the women may not have been tired everyone else was growing wary- Vali included. "Aye." he responded agreeing with his guild mate. "Alright ladies, I think it's time for me to um...go back to my home." Both women complained still trying to play with Vali. Only a moment or two later they stood, allowing the viking to stand and stretch nearly falling over in the process. The women in front of him laughed, helping him stand. "You two beauties are welcome to spend the night with me. We can continue our fun in the privacy of my home." He said licking his lips. The women looked at each other and giggled in excitement. The rest of the vikings began to stand making sure their own broads were accompanying them as well. "Aye Tomoe, I would say we had a great fuckin' time, no?" He asked with a smirk. His eyes dizzy from all the ale and although his body was tired he wasn't going to rest until he got to plow these chicks. Val began to move towards the doors but grabbed his cup to have one last chug of ale, dropping it when he was done. "Oops." He laughed. The vikings snickered at their drunken leader. When all was said and done, the elf made his way towards the doors of the tavern, leaving with his men and Tomoe if he followed. The women would follow them out as well, laughing and flirting, talking of the things they'd do. Tonight Val would bring his own women to the Inn he was staying in to finally have a taste of Fiorian women.

- EXIT -

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