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Staff Application

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Staff Application  Empty on Mon Feb 18, 2019 4:44 pm


We are in need of a moderator. Should you be interested in the position, please fill in the template below and post it in this topic.

[b]Age:[/b] Real age, of course.

[b]Activity:[/b] How active are you realistically?

[b]Discord:[/b] Who are you on Discord? Discord is our primary form of communication.

[b]Reason:[/b] What motivates you to join staff?

[b]Skills:[/b] Please detail what you can do for FTRP.

[b]Experience:[/b] Do you have any other forum experiences in similar roles?

[b]Timezone:[/b] Self-explanatory.

#2Vali Onfroy 

Staff Application  Empty on Tue Feb 26, 2019 1:46 pm

Vali Onfroy
Age: 20

Activity: On a scale from one to ten atm I'd say 9.

Discord: Vali Onfroy

Reason: Been here for a while now, just wanna help out a bit. Things are moving slow. I'd like to help with at least character apps, and requests etc..

Skills: I can read pretty well, knowledge of character/magic rules etc etc..

Experience: Black Clover site, One Piece site, many more

Timezone: Eastern Standard

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Staff Application  Empty on Tue Mar 05, 2019 4:44 pm

Age: Twenty One

Activity: At the very least three times a week and lots on the weekends. Won't do much in the way of RP but can get things going with general site things.

Discord: Baron

Reason: I know most of the systems and in truth I want to practice my people skills a little more online. At first, there were issues but with all of those issues gone I think I can do it.

Skills: I'm a great communicator, amazing motivator, B+ writer, and I can work the mid night oil if I gotta. I do have tunnel vision when it comes to certain tasks though but it'll all get done.

Experience: I'm a little bit of everywhere these days, been here the longest.

Timezone: EST

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Staff Application  Empty on Fri Apr 19, 2019 4:13 pm

Age: 22

Activity: Daily

Discord: Speedwagon

Reason: I feel as if the approval process is slower than it could be in recent days. Not saying that in a hostile way, but as somebody who spends their life online, I could dedicate countless hours to the various projects involved and the duties of a mod. I want to review topics whenever they appear ready for review, and get activity moving quickly around here to take the site to its older golden age.

Skills: Anything non-art. I love dedicating hours to writing daily, and can write for anything ranging from items and magic, lore, plots, and making NPCs on the regular. Just as well I've been on this site for a long time and have grown accustomed to the kinds of things that this site enjoys and has seen. I'd also gladly create and NPC any villains or needed NPCs to progress site plots, as I've had experience with those kinds of things. I'm also not particularly lazy, so there's no occasion where I'd get the 'meh' feeling and hold back from reviewing things in the queue. Love writing and reading both, and will dedicate my time appropriately as a moderator of the site.

Experience: I've had experience with creating and managing RP sites, editing character sheets to add things such as earned currency and EXP, ranking people's stats up, etc.

I was the co-admin of Fairy Tail Forever, multiple Digimon RP sites, a DM of multiple D&D campaigns online and offline, and was formerly a moderator on this site multiple times. I've been here since around late 2011 with a few drop-offs due to change of management. But I've been invested in this setting since season 2 started, and have been active daily since. I'd invest my time as a mod daily to approve as I have done in the past.

Timezone: PST

#5Bianca Fleur 

Staff Application  Empty on Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:32 am

Bianca Fleur
Age: 21 baby

Activity: Activity can be increased if needed.

Discord: Sharon

Reason: I just want to speed things up around here.

Skills: I’m fast at approving things, good at spotting errors ;D , etc etc.

Experience: I used to be mod, then admin here.

Timezone: GMT +7

#6Ace Brookes 

Staff Application  Empty on Sun Apr 28, 2019 6:49 am

Ace Brookes

Age: 24

Activity: Three to four hours a day on average (could be more could be less)

Discord: Ace Brookes

Reason: I feel like I can really help clear tasks and make things quicker, like request approvals and stuff to motivate people to stay active more. Also I actually want to help newcomers understand the rules better.

Skills: I have several skills that could make me fit into the staff team perfectly:

  • I'm very organized and good at communicating (I guess check out my character app to see how I present my work). So I believe I could help in grading character applications and spells by telling people exactly what they need to do.
  • I'm friendly. Which kind of adds to the previous skill. I'll be able to guide you and not make you hate me ;D
  • I have been around FTRP since 2013 as Ace Brookes from day one. So I'm familiar with how Shin/Jyu does things and I've always kinda considered joining staff.
  • When I'm on the site I'll try to constantly be on the review section. Encouraging people to post in there and knocking down their tasks. Approving them to take requests and completing their purchases and transactions.

Experience: Nope, most of my experience comes from being around FTRP for so long and just seeing loads of Mods and Admins work.

Timezone: GMT+1


Staff Application  Empty on Mon Apr 29, 2019 9:24 pm


Age: 19 (06/1999)

Activity: I work 7 hours on most days, when I'm not I can be checking on site and helping out with approvals etc.

Discord: Erebus

Reason: I'm just acknowledging that if you need help, I am around and don't mind to lend a hand where needed.

Skills: Pretty sure just about anything, not to toot my own horn or anything :^)

Experience: I have modded here, and modded/admin'd across many sites.

Timezone: US Eastern


Staff Application  Empty on Wed May 29, 2019 9:39 pm


Age: 24

Activity: I'm on the site and discord basically all day long.

Discord: Manzo

Reason: I want to help bring back to hustle and bustle this site used to have as well as keep it a smooth and well oiled machine.

Skills: I have experience in writing scripts for events on this site, playing characters for said events, as well as monitoring all daily happenings the site has.

Experience: I was a moderator and admin on this site from 2013 to 2016

Timezone: US: EST

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