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Ace Brookes

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Ace Brookes


Name: Ace Brookes

Age: April 19th X773 (14 Years Old)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: C-rank

Guild: Rune Knights

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Left Ear Lobe

Face: Huey Freeman – The Boondocks


Ace Brookes Hueyap10

Height: 3’11 (1.2 meters)

Weight: 42 kg

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Hazel Brown

Overall: From a distance, Ace looks like your average 14 year old. He's slim, stands upright and is slightly on the short side of people his age. He's also very easy to spot due to the way he wears his huge African curly hair which resembles a brush/mop. The dark brown ball of fluff matches his dark eyes and greatly compliments his smooth chocolatey skin. Two thick, dark eyebrows are sharply carved on his face which always seem to keep a serious vibe rolling with this young man. Not to mention, he's rarely seen smiling even when he's at the peak of his joy.

Even though he does look like your average 14 year old, Ace Brookes is slightly better built than his fellow counterparts. His arms are more toned and his abs are more defined than a person his age. Although you still can't see his merely chiseled body with clothes on, you can spot the grooves around his arm muscles and shoulder blades.

Another aspect that jumps out at someone first meeting him is his sense of fashion. It's different, but anyone with a eye for such things will get the picture rather quickly. Whether it was a casual jacket and tee or a tank top and shorts, he'll still wear it neatly and elegantly. He cares for his appearance and image as he believes they can greatly tell someone’s backstory.

Extra: Ace has piercings in both ears and a hidden scar on his right leg which stretches from the center of his shin to the inner side of his knee. The scar shows best under daylight and is faint if looked at night.


Ace Brookes Tumblr_mdu8y7aNox1rgam01o1_1280

Personality: Compared to his appearance, Ace has a very sweet and caring personality. It just always seems to be covered up by his intimidating straight face. It's not easy for him to open up to strangers and so he ends up distancing himself from most of the people he meets. However, whether he knows you or not he'll still be offering a helping hand.

For such a young person, Ace is quite the reader as well, and he believes that humans are very similar to books with each holding their own stories to tell. He'll be the first to tell you that growth and learning aren't just taken out of books. He pays attention to body language and is generally a good listener, but when he decides to say something he doesn't hold back. It could be very blunt and straightforward and somehow hurtful yet he'd still speak his mind.

He'd usually prefer resolving arguments peacefully, but he knows that most people don't go for the same means of problem solving, and so has no patience with these people. Also, if he gets annoyed then he loses his temper fairly quickly. That's where all his morals are thrown aside and he just wants to let out his rage. One of the things that most annoys Ace would be people who lack common sense. Those who run around carefree offending people and doing as they please. In his opinion these people stand in the way of an orderly system.

When it comes to nice people, Ace has nothing against them. He's not really good at smiling so don't expect much out of him but he'll treat you with respect back. He'll usually try to rely on himself rather than the help of others. He knows its good to have friends to rely on, but he wasn't given much as a child so he was taught to work for something alone. Its still one of those things he's trying to get over. He wants to be able to lead a normal life with trustworthy friends in the time of need, but for now he'll do things the old fashioned way.

For being such a young boy he ought to have more respect for his elders, but he just simply doesn't. Being mentally older and more intelligent than his peers doesn't help him in showing respect to elders. He still isn't as disrespectful as most though. He'll approach you with his own style and thoughts and try to get his point across. Older people tend to look down on him due to his age but he'll give them a chance to listen to what he has to say. It's up to them to decide afterwards. They're better off not judging a book by its cover.


  • Reading: One of Ace's number one hobbies is reading. You can clearly pick up on that by knowing him for a couple of days. He usually has a book around to keep him busy in case he's not dabbling with something else. As long as he's learning or broadening his imagination, then he'll fully immerse himself into it.
  • Sugar: From sweets, chocolates, candy and all the way to just plain sugar out the bag, Ace loves his daily fix of sweetness. Some might say its just a phase that all children pass through as they grow, but he can actually see himself suffering from diabetes in the future. He's smart enough to stop himself from eating this much, but who's to say that we won't all die in the end. The kid's got a sweet tooth.
  • Order: He is a lawful human being but to an extent. He believes that all people should be treated equally and appreciates the Rune Knights' role in maintaining peace throughout Fiore. However he does believe the system is sort of corrupt. He has his own views on "order" and believes the system needs to be corrected. He has no intention of attempting to correct it all by himself (or at least for now),but he does look forward to a day where his impression of order is followed. This opinion of his mainly stems from the unfair tough childhood he had to experience.
  • Travel: The young mage still has a lot to see. It might not surprise him much, but it's still worth seeing. There's a whole world out there and he's eager to get a glimpse of the whole picture.


  • Maintaining Fake Relationships: Its specially hard for someone who was abandoned by his own parents to easily put his trust in people. So he'd rather not maintain a relationship at all rather than have fake ones. Fake relationships are nothing but a waste of time and positive energy to him. He won't be completely rude in cutting everyone off, however he will distance himself from those newly met people until he better understands their intentions.
  • Unfairness: He wasn't given an equal slice of the pie and neither was his grandad. He didn't have two parents to look out for him and just had Barney (his grandfather) instead; not that its a bad thing because he loved his grandfather, but it wasn't as easy for the old man to give Ace what the other kids had, and at times it was an education which was hard to fund. Ace was taught to give to mankind what little he was given. Be as fair as you can. "Kill them with kindness".
  • Foul Odors: Ace has a sensitive nose. His natural instinct is to smell the strange thing he encounters. To some people it makes the most sense. Smelling something can tell you a lot about where it has been or what it is alongside it's texture. Smelling unpleasant odors is a no no to anyone who sticks almost everything up their nose. Don't breathe in Ace's face either... he'd rather not know what you had for lunch.
  • Idiots: Those who throw random words, run around annoying people, spread racism, cause chaos and fail to make a change. The world has changed and they need to catch up. There's no place for people like them. They throw Ace off his edge and just cause an annoyance.
  • Cats: He has nothing against them... He thinks they're cute and harmless but he's allergic to them. Put a cat in the same room as him and he'll get swollen teary eyes in a couple minutes. What's more annoying than a runny nose and teary eyes.


  • Vast Knowledge: Ace has a thirst for knowledge. He tries to spend most of his free time reading and trying to shape his vast imagination around base facts. Whether it was general knowledge or something to do with his complex magic, Ace constantly thrives to acquire that extra piece of information. He knows damn well that there's no end to the bottomless well known as knowledge, yet he is constantly motivated by it.
  • Grandfather’s Future: Although he doesn't seem to care about other people's feelings, Ace does hold a big heart. He might not show it, but he is greatly motivated by giving his grandad a safe and happy future, free of all the worries they've had to live through. Barney Brookes (Ace’s grandad) was the person who single handedly worked for Ace's future, and now Ace plans on returning the favor.
  • Mastering His Magic: It might not be the first thing on everyone's list, but Ace sure is in love with his magic. It makes him "tick" as they say. It is a truly complex form of magic which requires the understanding of the true nature of the gases, but the more he touches into it the more interesting it gets. He doesn't see himself easily mastering it, but when he does get to that level of skill he knows it'll be well worth it. Not everyone is blessed enough to love what they do; Ace is.


  • Vertigo: Ace fears balancing on very high altitudes. A basic common fear found throughout humankind. He won’t be able to maintain his balance and would freeze up as well as almost lose consciousness in most cases.
  • Sharks: Ace has had a fear of sharks ever since he could remember. He's okay with being on boats and interacting with water perfectly fine. However, when it comes to dealing with sharks, as in being put in water with a shark or being attacked by one, he'll freeze up. He's able to look at pictures, sculptures, etc... BUT, being attacked by one, knowing that it can get to him (this includes shark shaped water magic) will cause him to freeze up. His only explanation to this is that humans are basically helpless in water against sharks. Being completely overwhelmed by their speed and water, he'll be in a state of paralysis.
  • Losing His Grandad: He's the only family he has. Home has always been wherever his grandad was. He raised him, looked out for him and taught him how to stand up for himself. Ace really can't afford to lose his grandpa before he repays him. It wasn't the best childhood, but it sure was the best he could give him and that's what matters. Ace fears the day when he's completely left out alone and has no home to return to. "A home is certain people rather than a place".


Ace Brookes Giphy

Magic Name: Delirious Gas Magic

Magic Element: Wind

Magic Description: Ace's Gas Magic is a variation based on the Wind element. It allows Ace to manipulate several different gases and take advantage of their unique properties in casting spells. Examples can be:

  • Euphoric numbing gases can be used for healing spells.
  • Heavy toxic gases can be used for debuff spells.

Ace can cast five types of spells using the Delirious Gas Magic due to being a Spellhowler:

  • Debuff Spell (Superior)
  • Offensive Spell (Normal)
  • Supplementary Spell (Normal)
  • Defensive Spell (Inferior)
  • Healing Spell (Inferior)

Every gas differs in the way and amount in which he can use it. Oxygen is an abundant gas in nature so he can draw it in from the surrounding air easily, while other gases such as Carbon Monoxide can be harder for him to create and thus be used in smaller amounts for different purposes.

Ace's Gas Magic can't be invisible... Meaning any gas being manipulated by Ace will turn slightly green (or any shade of green) and be visible to any person in the area clearly. Some gases might be darker in color but they will still be clearly visible at all times while being under the effect of the magic. Each gas possesses a different shade of green when manipulated by the gas mage.


Ace Brookes 4fbbeeebf2d5ba5be56c5836fcc7518b

Winter X773: A Cold Winter’s Night

8:09 PM
*Knocking on door*

*Heavy knocking on door*
"I-its s-s-so cold, o-open up..."
*Door unlocks and creaks open*
"Are you going to let me in or what, its freezing"
"Where have you been?"
"Thats not important now... I need you to do me a favor"
"...You can't just barge in here after seven years and just ask me for a favor!"
"Barney please just listen to me"

It all started in the frosty winter of X773 when the little dark skinned baby was born and given by the parents to his grandfather, or his mother's dad, Barney Brookes. Ace's mother, Savannah, traveled across the land to Fiore with the infant just to drop him off at her father's house on the outskirts of Crocus without a proper explanation of where she was or what's happened. At the time Barney hadn't seen or heard from his daughter ever since she left the house  seven years ago. She didn't get along on good terms with her dad and decided to do things her own way. He got mixed emotions when he first saw his only daughter show up at the door with a baby wrapped in her arms.

All she told Barney was that this was his grandson and that she urgently needed to leave him here for a couple years at least. She didn't explain much and mostly babbled random shit about where she was and where she's going and why she had to let the baby go. Barney got none of that. In fact all he was thinking about was kicking his daughter out but the look in the innocent baby's eyes kept him from doing anything he'd regret later on.

Barney was barely capable of taking care of himself financially let alone another child... Still, he couldn't let his first and only grandson grow up with such a reckless woman like Savannah, yet he knew he wasn't capable of giving the baby much more than her. His decision was made...

8:36 PM
"I can't take him in... I can't give him a normal life..."
"Trust me, you're in a much better position than me! I'm struggling dad! All i'm asking for is a couple of years..."
*Savannah weeps*
*Barney's eyes started tearing up and his voice broke*

"How long?"
"A couple years..."
*Savannah gathers all her stuff, wipes her tears and runs for the door*
"W-wait! What's his name?"
*Door slams shut*

~Years pass by and Savannah hasn't come back. Barney had to take on loads of different jobs to save money for Ace's education. He made it his mission to give this boy an easy life. Both night and day shifts to make sure this boy had a bright future.~

Summer X781: It's Called Family

Ace's third year in school was meant to start in a couple of weeks, but he already knew the drill. Him and his grandad had to work all summer to make sure Ace still got to go.

1:40 PM
"Come on son get up, you've got mrs Rowland's house at two"
"Can't i go to see the royal guards in town first?"
"You know how she is with timing Ace... Come on young fella"
"Aww but i've been waiting for a month now grandad... I might even figure out what magic I can use there! They're meant to be setting up camps to help out beginner mages..."
*Barney chuckles and pats his grandson's back*
"That attitude you got is definitely from your mother, cus i was never like that as a child"
*Ace pauses for a second*
"Grandad... Am I old enough to know where mama is now?"
"Uhh, not yet son... You'll know when the time is right, I promise"
*Ace sighs as he ties his shoe laces*
"See ya grandad!"
"Don't be late for dinner now!"

He kept on asking until he slowly forgot about it, or rather stopped caring. His family name was tied to his grandad and he literally had nothing to hold onto from his mother. He used to constantly ask why the other kids had a mom and dad and why his parents abandoned him, but he stopped caring at all. He doesn't want to know why his parents left him anymore and slowly chose to live with not knowing it over time.

Just a couple more weeks until Ace was back to the daily routine. He didn't have it as easy as the other kids, especially since living in Crocus meant there was a huge gap between the social classes of the students that went there. However he still enjoyed school more than most others. Learning was one of those experiences that burnt a fire inside him. He was a bright young kid and had a thirst for knowledge. He didn't let anything stop him from chasing his passion. Every week after school he'd run to the local library in town to get a book and return the one he had for the previous week. Sometimes he even managed to finish two books during the same week, given that he still had to work part time cleaning someone's house or minding someone's pet and still had to keep up with his studies.

Some things were self-taught and others were passed onto him from his grandad. Barney ensured that his grandson knew how to defend himself and that he got an education. The rest of his morals were meant to be taught over time and with experience. So far it seemed to be working well for Barney because Ace was already pushing himself physically. His grandfather chose not to tell him much about his own past and rather kept him looking forward to the bright future. Some things were clear to Ace, such as his grandfather's rough past, his bitter regret of his relationship with his only daughter. It was also apparent that Ace's grandad had a basic understanding of some core boxing techniques. Ace never questioned it and rather just absorbed what information he can from it. It just lead in him being more interested in it and managed to learn more of its core teachings through more complex books.

Spring X783: The Beginning; Gaseous Insanity

It couldn't have been much warmer than this in the capital city of Fiore. The sun's rays were busy blessing the people of Crocus as Ace just walked out of school. It smelled as fresh as the summer air yet it was only still the start of spring. He ran his hands through his fuzzy hair and strolled towards the public library to bring back one of the books he was reading about science. He nodded at the librarian with his eyebrows pointed down towards his eyes and strolled in casually to pick his next read.

As he grew, he became keener about learning magic. Obviously he would find out that its not as easy as it sounded, but he still managed to build a solid foundation for himself by borrowing books that explained fundamental magic basics and the general categories of spells and elemental magic. He knew that once he had to commit to one branch of magic there was no way out. So he chose to take his time with feeling out all of the different fields and which might suit him best. Obviously, learning a certain branch of magic wasn’t a task to be accomplished by reading a couple books.

One title jumped out him and peaked his interest. It read "Delirious Gas Magic; Excited Gases I". He couldn't make sense of how that title related to a magic's name. He picked up the stool sitting next to him and stood on it just barely reaching the book at the top of the shelf. It was hefty enough for being just the first volume of a series considering it was about teaching the foundations of this so called gaseous magic.

He browsed through the contents carefully with a raised eyebrow. "Ace!" Someone whispered from behind him. He was startled and fell off the stool. The girl that was standing just behind him giggled and helped him up. "Jeez you scared the shit out of me Luna..." he whispered while trying to hide the book from the girl. "Are you doing your science project here?" She asked. "If you are then maybe we can work together". Ace dusted off his jeans and said "Uhm actually no, I got that done on Monday, I'm just here to bring a book back... Later Luna" he replied.

He walked back to the librarian’s desk and slowly set the bulky book on the wood, "This one please mrs Anderson". She looked at the book and back again at the ten year old, "It's a big one this time. Good luck trying to get your head around this now". She smiled and let him off.

That's where it all started for the young man. He hasn't seen anything more complex than this but it kept getting more interesting. He found something that he was willing to commit to. He wanted to learn this ridiculous magic where he relies on different properties of gases. It was definitely a long journey, but it was about to be one hell of a ride.

Spring X785: Freedom

Two years have passed since he first got introduced to his magic. It's making very slow progress but Ace’s grandad was extremely proud of the pace his grandson was going at. Ace has set it as his goal to master it and Barney is fully supporting him.

The novice gas mage managed to attend a few of the rune knights early recruitment programs for the kids. He's never really thought of joining them before but after giving it some thought, it will definitely bring home the bacon if he's recruited later on in the future. Also, it's not conflicting with any of Ace's ideas of correcting the system in which life follows; in fact it's on path of where he wants the world to be, except now he has to work towards it with a group of people. He does know that especially in big organizations like this, there's bound to be some sort of corrupt leadership. Which is holding him back from diving too deep into it. It's still the best alternative so far, and who knows what the future might hold.

The Rune Knights are expecting a lot from the young mage and they see potential in him. Who knows, if he keeps showing up to the early recruitment programs with that sort of enthusiasm and skill then he might as well be the youngest official Rune Knight Page on the camps.

Winter X787: The Youngest Rune Knight – Timeskip

Two years later, Ace Brookes is one of the Rune Knights’ youngest recruits to ever make it past the rank of a page under the age of 15. In fact he was already making a name for himself fairly quickly within the Rune Knights as one of the most distinguishable apprentices and upcoming seated members.

At this stage he was 14 years old and had spent the past two years with the Rune Knights mastering his craft of delirious gas magic, polishing his fighting skills and saving up money to make sure him and his grandad have a smooth sailing future.

However, for most of his time, he's been attending training sessions back and forth in different parts of Fiore and he's been exploring other countries in the little time he had in between. Ace had barely anytime for settling down at all, but it seemed as if this messy lifestyle was coming to a halt.

Ace has focused most of his training on his debuffing spells. He believes that the gas he manipulates will be most effective when used to restrict his opponents especially considering how crafty and creative Ace can be with his spell placement and execution.

Reference: None, been a member since season 1 and transitioning to season 2.

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Ace Brookes

Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: Reclaim of my previous Gas Magic from S1
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: NA
  • Companion: Refund (Growlithe)

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 31 (21+ 10)

  • Strength: 11
  • Speed: 1
  • Endurance: 11
  • Constitution: 7
  • Intelligence: 1

Calculation Note
~21 AP from Season 1 + 10 AP from season 1 level up from D-rank to C-rank~ (New Human Perk)

Other Changes

- Ace acquired extra mana through Season 1 events and shops etc. Hence why the aforementioned calculation note. Ace has ranked up from D to C rank as a human in Season 1 and should get double the amount of AP when going from D to C.
- Ace was an Apprentice (Guild Level 2) with the Rune Knights as of Season 1. (Proof below)

~~The Following is a list of topics Ace has been a part of in season 1 as a Rune Knight to show that he should keep his rank when transitioning to season 2 (Next to each topic title will be how many posts he has in each of these topics)~~

Supper's Ready (Rune Knights, Social) - 3 Posts
No Peeping - 1 Post
Gaseous Endeavor (Training) - 1 Post
Rounding Up Recruits - 1 Post
Decorative Party - 1 Post
Flier Funky - 1 Post
Hot in Here - 1 Post
Eyes Wide Open - 1 Post
Eyes Wider Open - 1 Post
Eyes Staring Forward - 1 Post
Meeting the Tribal King (Foot Travel) (Era to Magnolia) - 1 Post
Dance of the Undead - 1 Post
Troublesome Transactions - 1 Post
Family Crest - 1 Post
Caravan Guard - 1 Post
Trouble in Era (Foot Travel) (Magnolia to Era) - 1 Post
Its All About Control (Training) - 1 Post
Substitute Teacher - 1 Post
Visit The Hermit - 1 Post
Potion Prepper - 1 Post
Hammer Time - 1 Post
Cupcake Courier - 1 Post
Slowly Getting There (Foot Travel) (Hargeon to Magnolia) - 1 Post
A New Encounter (Ace, North, Faust) (Spar) - 6 Posts
Beach Gym - 1 Post


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This character application has been approved.

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