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Kickin' It With Kon [Kon]

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Amen'ra didn't exactly have to say that he was rather excited to be finally performing a task with a highly ranked holy knight. A 'Superior Holy Knight', a title the he could only hope to obtain at his current level and even now he found it hard not to observe the man beside him. If you could even call him that.

Being just a few steps off from a Grand Holy Knight was no easy feat, and to accept a task with an initiate knight wasn't either. The prism mage was a bit surprised that Kon had agreed to purge the forest of a tribe of goblins that had been plaguing the area, vile creatures who showed extreme hostility to humans.

"Thank you again for agreeing to accompany me on this journey, Superior Knight Konstantin."

Amen'ra spoke now, breaking the silence as the two men walked. His own body covered in his black armor shined to perfection with it's golden trims and accents, a gold emblem of the sun in the chest and a red cape flowing behind him.

Sword in his hip holster, the young man would continue to walk through the forest toward their goal. It wasn't far and he knew to keep his guard up, especially in the presence of one of his superiors.

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Ever since the Demonic Rift in the heart of Orchidia Town, it seemed as if all evils around the area had become more daring and were becoming something a bit more then just a public annoyance. Previously he had been content enough to leave those minor things to individuals of a lower status however sometimes it was good for him to partake in the purging of lesser beings with his lessers. In this instance he would be accompanying a new yet to be initiate in culling some goblins that had taken up resides in the Forest Outskirts. Even while they were in the borders of Orchidia town itself, Kon was quite familiar with the lands having spend some could say years living there although never having remembered those times. For now however he was more interested in the individual, Amenra. It seemed as though with each passing day there were more and more Holy Knight members either splintering off of the Rune Knights themselves or coming in independently. Previously he would have preferred the former but as with the rivalry between the two factions having any member of the Rune Knights suddenly become a questionable task.

Looking at the man it was easy to see that he was fresh out of just getting his gear that or maintaining it with greater care than Konstantin ever bothered with. What this meant was hard to tell but with that and the lack of power that he radiated both physically and magically, Kon knew he would have a hard time keeping up unless he found someone to help him. That would not be Konstantin’s task though as he was busy with other affairs and with a pupil of his own. Today though would be a test of the man’s abilities as goblins were just the start of what the Holy Knights fought regularly. His own attire was more fitting of a grizzled ranger wearing a thick black fur coat while a dagger stay in an underarm sling ready to draw the enchanted blade and cut down anything that dare stood in front of him. This would not be the case for sometime though with both him and Amenra still yet to find the goblins themselves. Perhaps in an attempt to establish a rapport between them Amen gave his thanks to Kon for simply joining him in the quest to which he replied. “My pleasure, so Amen’ra, is it?, I can tell you haven’t been in the Holy Knights long could you tell me a bit about yourself?”


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Smiling and giving a light nod, he would listen to the older mans words with deciphering eyes. Eager to dive deep enough into himself to give his superior a meaningful yet summarized outline of himself, not wanting to chat the mans ears off.

"You would be correct. I'm just a guy who fell in love with being a holy knight when i was a kid, mesmerized by their power... Ever since then i've been trying to live up to my fathers, and the holy knights, expectations; working hard to increase my strength in order to protect others."

Flexing his arm as if his muscle could show through his armor, a small smirk would dance across his visage. He wasn't going to be too uptight because a superior was around, considering he didn't much care what other thought of him. He also didn't want to give too much of his origin away in one sitting, it was best to leave people wanting more. Careful with each step he took as to avoid falling or tripping any traps.

Goblins were tricky creatures, and greedy little devils to boots and their gruesome appearance made it all the more easy to feel no remorse while slaying them. They weren't far now from their goal now, and Amen'ra wasn't going to show fear in the face of mild danger. He was a holy knight after all and he didn't stand by cowardice when the going got tough, a loyal fighter until the end.

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While knowledge of a person’s past revealed a lot just so did the method of one’s past. In Amen’ra it was the refraining of revealing that information, Kon held no grudges nor intended to push further for more information but the twist away from the subject was definitely not forgotten. In fact he almost preferred it if he didn’t do so lacking the ideal beliefs of being a sociable person in the first place. There focus would be and should be the goblins that they would shortly be up against. As they moved further into the forests soon he too had difficulty with travelling past all the underbrush and the underhanging branches. Pushing those aside however while making sure his partner remained close at hand he manage to reach their destination.

It was a small clearing created by a foul smell miasma that had tainted both the air and the ground. A thick purple haze cling to the dirt turned a distinct burgundy lacking any foliage to cover what should be a lust and healthy soil. Within this small patch tiny figures reaching just up to his hip could be seen walking around with weapons on their sides doing various taskes. Wanting to know what Amen thought about the situation and what he thought they should do next, he looked over to the armor clad man and prompted him. “Thoughts?”


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Continuing beside Kon, he noticed the man didn't press the question further and didn't know if it was because of his own disinterest or because of their task at hand. Either way he was okay with not sharing his whole life story for now, and instead would keep his hand close to his sword; anticipating any sort of attacks. Just then the two men would find themselves at what looked to be the base of operations for the creatures and noticed several things about the situation.

There was what looked to be corruption hanging in the air and dirt around the area, something that made him almost cringe. To think that these creatures hung around such vile energy was all the incentive he needed to get rid of them and so he would look over when Kon spoke. This reminded him of the tests his father would subject him and his brothers to, testing their strengths and weaknesses and Amen'ra always seemed to be the strategist. A keen mind for a keen man.

"Well, we have the element of surprise and with that we have a pretty clear advantage and several strategic choices. One of us could serve as a distraction while the other picks them off from within the forest, out of their sight. We could also attack from opposites ends of the clearing, though getting separated against a great number of foes, no matter how weak, is often asinine. These goblins don't appear to be much trouble though and so we could go with option three of simply charging in while they're off guard, but there are so many variables."

Amen'ra spoke in a low tone, wary of any goblins hearing him and apparently going on a tangent about the plan. His own indecisive nature made strategics somewhat of a prolonged choice which he would have to work on, but for now he would look to Kon for his own advice.

"May I ask your opinion?"

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Unfortunately the mission was postponed with Kon having received reports that would force him to reorganise his priorities whether it was true or not, it didn’t matter. Kon could not nor would not be fail to show up. It was his duty to ensure that the town was defended against any demonic presence that might be in the area. Apologising to the New Holy Knight, Kon tapped his forehead and immediate seperated a great distance between them back towards Orchidia town. With a great burst of energy Kon sprinted off to the center of town breaking the ground beneath his feet as he pushed down against it. He cared little for the shrubs striking him nor for the local fauna that fled from the speedy mage. His eye began to glow a vibrant white as he pushed his body further with his grace. Energy in the form of gold sparks shot out against anything that touched him leaving a wake of charred shrubbery. Fortunately the forest was green and lush so there was little chance of outbreak. Compared to the hour or so that he had take to get to his previous location with his comrade he time taken to return was mere minutes in comparison.


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