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For a Better World [Open]

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"A couple of years ago I came to Fiore in hopes of finding a better life. I hoped of finding a way to become something better than what I had been my entire life; a boy with no hope, not ambition, no hope and no future. The journey here was long and hard, I won't lie. I lost my parents, I lost my brothers and sisters, and in some ways I even lost myself. I don't believe that any of it was for nothing though. All of the...pain I endured - all of the suffering, it was all for a bigger purpose, I truly believe that. I can't say that I'm the biggest believer of Illumin... but to be quite honest, I'm still trying to figure out what or who I even believe in, but I can say this... whoever's pulling the strings knew exactly what they were doing when they placed me here in this exact moment. Here I am...able to help others who have been in the same shoes I've been in! One day I hope that the people of Fiore will accept all of you for being who you are. I hope that one day you can all live out better lives in this beautiful land. My name is Kyam and I am here to help you all so that you are all able to live a comfortable life just as I am today."

Kyam smiled at the people in front of him as he spoke. His words rolled off his tongue confidently and genuinely, his eyes making their way through the people in the crowd. Humans, Dwarves, Nekos, and even elves all stood before him applauding. None of them knew who he really was yet he could feel all of their energy. They were thankful. Nobody in Fiore knew exactly who he was. not even Sharhbaraz perhaps but they had already put so much faith in him. Today, they'd recognize him for being the man that helped them get on their feet- or paws per se. What Kyam said in his mini speech wasn't entirely a lie, however. it wasn't entirely true either. Kyam did indeed lose his family and his journey to Fiore wasn't at all easy but he wasn't doing this for them - not genuinely in any case. This was only to help him gain the trust of citizens and the governments of Fiore alike.

The Savannan pointed to the tables in front of him as a few of his guild mates stood beside and behind him. He even had some Rune Knights with him too. All in all there must have been around at least one hundred people in the crowd. He saw people of all human races too although the Savannans wouldn't recognize him even if a few of them were from the land of Malia. His hair was too long by now and he had a tattoo across his forehead. He didn't change too much but it was enough for him to look like the person he was trying to be. With the help of Rune Knights and some of his guild mates he was able to get tens of dozens of boxes full of clothes and food for the people of other lands who'd come to Fiore for a better life. Even some of the beggars in Hargeon

The Lamia was excited honestly. Even if he wasn't doing this thing out of the kindness of his heart he was satisfied to see just how big this thing turned out. It ended up taking more of the street than he had originally planned. The more the merrier though. Kyam had a permit in his tuxedo pocket just in case the Rune Knights with him weren't enough of a pass for other annoying officers. Some of them were like that...you know...prejudice. This little event took a couple of weeks for Kyam to put together, alas, he was here with a warm smile on his face as if it wasn't a big deal at all. "Please, help yourselves to all that is here, as it is for you. There is enough for everyone to be comfortable this winter. There are kids clothes all the way at the end to my left along with the food. The adult clothing starts all the way at the end to my right. The clothing for dwarves are right in front of me, Dwarven children included. To make everything go smoothly I need everyone to form a line starting at the adults section. If you're a kid unaccompanied by parents please start at the kids sections and ask the Knights to assist you. Enjoy!"

Quickly the people did as he said and formed a line. It was early mourning around 9'O clock. The sun was shining, the winds were slow and the temperatures were just under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It really was a beautiful day, the perfect day for this event. Kyam smiled and waved at some of the people as they thanked him before getting on the lines. One of the Rune Knights standing to his right turned to the Scale. "What you're doing here, it's amazing Kyam. If Shahrbaraz has a guild full of mages like this then you might be on to something." Kyam smiled. "In Lamia Scale we value each other, we value life. I'm just doing what the guild and Master Shahrbaraz has done for me."

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Lee Nakamura
KeeNan Nakamura. A now Turkey blossomed kitsune. She was perhaps the only one of her kind in Fiore that she knew off. She had sic beautiful crimson tails with a black and whit tips on each of the ends and her ears. The redhead's appearance was rugged and looks off. It was only her character. She stopped to hear this man speak. About equality and helping the other races of Fiore fit in. She really did not trust anyone but she could we why they all loved hislm. He was confident and knew what he was talking about. If was an act or genuine, it had her convinced he would do something amazing.

She was not head over heals but respected what he had to say. Sargt, her captain, did tell her to make some friends outside of the Rune Knight. This could possibly be her chance. Many of the others in the crowd noticed how her eyes were mixed matched. Her right was black with a red ring as the other was ghostly blue with a glaze. Not to mention the right half of her face was purple.showing some mark or infection.

She stepped in line somewhere just get a good loom at this guy. There was something strange about him that oddly made her calm. Not fearing for her life or worrying the world might end. A soothing sensation that dabbled over her rarely. She looked around to see it was.some chair event? A little.confused she noticed a page. Showing she was a seated by her outfit she walked up to him stepping out of line. "Page, what is this all about? Out of curiosity" she asked. She was not too far from Kyam.

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Theo Kaguya
Being a Rune Knight can be so weird at times but and today was just getting started as he just finished dealing with a drunken dispute and now some guy was in the middle of what looked like a speech Wonder what all that's about? he thought surveying the crowd from afar. The young knight pulled up his hood just in case someone knew him. T.K made his way over to the crowd of people and just listened in on some of the peoples' conversations to get up to speed but it seemed like a cry for attention if anything really. It would seem that the man in charge of all this was telling his story to inspire the people which was fine but the reason behind the speech is what interested him so he went to try and get more information on the matter.  

He noticed a woman with six tales in the crowd of people and she was the most stunning thing that he has seen since Alice It must be hard for her to keep all those tales clean. even though his goal at that point was to talk to the man that gave the speech this woman took priority the moment he saw her. "Excuse me, miss!" he tried getting the women's attention as she was in the mites of talking to someone else "Umm miss a moment of your time, please." he made his way towards her while keeping an eye on the main man. If the women took notice of him he would try and talk to her while stumbling over his words, and if not he head over to the speaker and get more detail on the speech.


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It seemed like only yesterday that the streets of Orchidia town had been barren and now well it was as if the circus had come to town. Expect this was no circus which he had ever heard of with the otherwise cheerful bells and whistles being replaced with the mutterings of countless voices which grew in noise as he moved closer to the cause of the commotion. Seeking to avoid attention he drew up the front of his cowl covering his lower portion of his face resting the cowl on the bridge of his nose. The cause appeared to be a vast crowd of individuals all from different backgrounds, most appeared downtrodden even malnourished. He had never seen so many dwarves, elves, foreigners all crowded as one group. It seemed chaotic with little to control it save from the odd Rune Knight member who was otherwise outnumbered ten to one. Merging into this chaos in the hopes to that it would be harder for him to be spotted in the crowd though his golden eye didn’t help by any means. As he moved deeper into the crowd it became swiftly became apparent that it was not just men and women but also children and the elderly, entire families seemed to be present. “Where have all these people come over?, it seems most odd indeed to have all these uptight elves mixing with the stubborn dwarves?” Scratching his head at the reason for their gathering he continued onward passing through the crowd.

As he walked through the group weaving in and out even pushing at times, a noticeable lull in the conversations within the group began to form as the Rune Knights finally managed to quell the crowd. While he thought that they would be the ones responsible for looking after these desperate people the case appeared otherwise as a voice began to ring out towards the crowd. The speaker was foreign with odd inflections on words with certain letters being muted while others were emphasised, he could not place the accent however though it was something definitely of note as he continued to listen about the man’s shortfalls in his upbringing. Truly his speak came off heartfelt though at the same time seemed forced with him seeing the use of former self shortcomings as in poor taste, though he did manage to redeem himself somewhat towards the end. “Just who is this character to influence such a large following?” He questioned to himself. While he might a believer of Illumin being able to control such a disjointed group was still an achievement.

Interested in finding out who he was and what his intent was outside of helping the masses he continued towards the source of the speech. Eventually he did manage to spot the man who was now handing out aid to the people around him while issuing out instructions that everyone seemed to being willing to following. His appearance was more peculiar as was to be expected as he was from another culture even country. The markings on his forehead were most unusual almost tribal in the simplicity of their design while his clothes suggested that he was a man of finer tastes truly a man catch between two worlds. Outside of his silver tongue and unusual appearance there wasn’t much special about the man, he was somewhat powerful but was barely a bleep on what he had seen in the past. For now he had no need to interact with this so called Kyam and so remained in the background of the crowd further away from the table lingering towards a closed storefront.


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The crowd grew bigger with every passing moment, so much so that if it continued to grow he may have to hold another charity event. Despite him being mostly self-motivated he wasn't  outright evil. You'd have to be a disgusting person to not have sympathy for those that were less fortunate than you. Kyam turned to face the dwarves first since they were directly in front of him, handing out clothes to the tiny children and little adults with a smile, nodding and speaking occasionally to some as they accepted their free clothing and food. Doing this made him feel good but Kyam never lost focus of why he was truly doing this. His eyes darted around quickly, scanning the area. There were so many people around him, one would have to be really close to see his eyes slickly moving around to analyze his event. It was almost as if he was looking for something specific. While there wasn't any one thing or any one person the young prince was looking for he did hope to bring more Knights and press. After a few moments of handing out clothes, he moved towards the left side where he'd find Rune Knights giving to the people in need. "Good job." he told them as he then began to help them. Suddenly a reporter approached from beside him holding out a notepad and pen ready to scribble away.

"Mr. Kyam! Hi yes I'm a reporter for the Ocean Breeze newspaper, pleasure to meet you. May I ask a question?"

Kyam's eyes glanced up at the reporter, still his hands were working between picking clothes up and giving food away. perfect. He thought. It was just the exposure he needed. "Likewise and of course. We'll have to be quick though" He answered softly. "Sure thing! I just wanna say It's really great to see you doing this. Helping others in need, not many people do that without expecting a good coin these days. Is this what being a Lamia Scale mage is all about about?" Tricky question. People in every guild had ambitions that varied, he couldn't say that Lamia Scale was as generous as he was being or that the guild focused on giving back to the poor. However, "I would hope so, haha!" and that was that. He understood these people, they always tried to get you to say the wrong thing. "Hahahahaha! Right! So do you plan on doing more for the community of Hargeon?" Easy. "For sure. I mean I want to definitely do more for the community, it's uh...it's all a process though, this doesn't just happen in a day. One day I hope to be able to travel around the country and do things like this everywhere. It's uh, it's a really good feeling you know? I finally have the platform to give back and uh, really help refugees and just anybody who needs the help really, so why not?"

Kyam continued giving out clothes before ending the conversation with he reporter. He didn't want to say anything that could be turned against him. Too much press was bad sometimes. "I'm sorry, haha, I'm pretty busy. If you want to talk some other time maybe you could stop by Lamia Scale guild, I'm there a lot." He concluded gently with sincere smile before gracefully moving to the other side. He didn't make it seem like he was in a rush. Instead he gazed upon the crowd looking at all the people who were feeding from his hand. Puppets. They were all puppets.

In the crowd he could see people peering strangely at a woman. Seeing dwarves, Nekos and elves looking at anybody else weirdly meant that something was really weird. In fact whoever this woman was happened to have a good amount of people looking at her. Why not see what it is? It could have been some unwanted energy so it was best that he checked it out. "Stan, handle this for a sec." Stan was a guild member from Lamia Scale, a low ranking one but like most of the low ranking ones he had a vast amount fo respect for Kyam just because Shahr obviously had a close bond with him. Stan nodded. "Gotcha."

"Oh this? Well you see that guy up there? He's giving back to refugees and less fortunate people. I dunno much about em, but apparently he's a foreigner from Lamia Scale. As far as I can tell he's doing something that more people should be doing, don't you think? Oh! Apologies Ma'am!" The page saluted as he realized that he was speaking to a seated knight.

Kyam moved through the crowd, realizing as he approached the woman that not only was she talking to a Rune Knight, but she also had multiple tails and odd ears. She resembled a Neko, except no Neko he'd ever met had multiple tails. She was more like a Fox woman, or a kitsune. Kitsune's were rare beasts though right? She looked like a perfect mix between Kitsune and human. Maybe she was a different type of Neko. Just before he approached the odd Neko woman another hooded person approached her. Kyam's eyes caught something from behind the both of them though. It was a man just chilling in front of a closed store. He wasn't too far away from where the Lamia was now, about 30 feet currently. At this point he was only about 15 feet away from the tailed Knight and the hooded dude who had just approached her. What caught his attention about the man from behind was one of his eyes(?), it kind of shined in the sunlight. He looked important, strong, someone who Kyam could benefit from somehow. Looks could be deceiving though.

Kyam placed his eyes back on the fox-woman who was directly in front of him now, with the hooded dude standing beside her. "Thank you for coming Ma'am." the prince glanced at her badge, then at the hooded person. "Are you in need of anything, friend? We have tons of clothes and food but it's going pretty quick." he said warmly to the hooded person. His eyes saw through his soul, daunting really, but his body language and his smile was so damned gentle it'd undoubtedly  confuse folks.

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Lee Nakamura
Upon her request, the answer was given. It was a forgiener from a different country. She looked over at him and blinked. He was oddly calming and reminded her of someone she once knew. The page realized who he was talking to and apologized. LeeAnn just gave a small glance back with a offended glare and just made her way to this Lamia Scale mage. Her muscles tensed due to the crowd and past experiences that you never knew what would happened. Her eyes scanned around for anyone trying to come towards her. A loud shout caused her to just and tense. Her protective instincts took over as she saw a young boy? Or man? She couldn't tell the age but a blonde. Her eyes scowled at this one shouting at her. "What do you want?" she hissed.

Clearly not in the mood to talk to him, she gave him a few seconds and then left a bit rudely. LeeAnn wanted to talk the Lamia Scale mage. That's the person she wanted to ask. As she made her way to him, he already seemed to notice her. Actually right in front of her. The kitsune blinked not knowing what to say until she was thanked for coming. LeeAnn nodded in response with a nervous smile. "That speech was really good. You have...peaked my interest" she spoke.

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Theo Kaguya
"Oh I..I umm your tails how did you get them?" his face turned pink as he tried to get the words out it was either he was fascinated by her or found her very lovely. The women seemed like she didn't want to deal with him but that didn't matter learning more about this women was more important than how she felt. "There just so odd and unlike anything, I've ever seen before." He noticed the other knight that standing near them and removed his hood he had the face of a young man with blond hair and green eyes that lit up in the lights.

He felt a shiver down his spine as the crowd seemed to be getting bigger and bigger the longer they stood around. TK wanted to ask the speaker some questions but it it wasn't every day that you find some with six tails and fluffy ears walking around. What would Isabella say if she was here? he asked himself trying not to make an even bigger fool of himself than he already has. If she decided to indulge him with the conversation he realized that he never introduced himself and do so "Oh ya uhh names Theo Kaguya Apprentice Knight!" he gave a nice little salute to the women at the end of introducing himself.  Seconds after giving his name TK hadn't noticed that the speaker made his way over to them and had asked them something about needing clothes, to which he replied with "No I'm fine but I would like to know more of your story." he asked hoping to get a little more insight on it.


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It was as if the man’s words had managed to suppress the entire group with amazing effect, truly he was impressed. With him now in a more fixed location, Konstantin was finally able to get a real grasp on the people around him making passing glances at everyone. Unsurprisingly a majority of them were just ordinary people, the rune knights were obvious dotting in and around made clear about their outfits and their noticeable strength. Even now in the crowd he could spot someone he had only just met yesterday his cousin. He still couldn’t shake the idea with being related to her though it was more due to a technicality rather then through a blood relation. It was difficult to get a clear read on his thoughts about her as a person to start off with unusual appear and her position as a Rune Knight. Overall he had high hopes for her to succeed as an individual given her own hidden talents shown to him.

For now however a second encounter was yet to occur with her now starting a conversation by the very same speaker made clear even from this distance via the movement of the blip that was his mana-pool reaching close to LeeAnns. What was to be said about between the duo was between the two as unclear with the distance and background noise being incredibly hard to filter. It was most likely nothing of great circumstance and primarily about the group around them and so he felt no need to close the distance. Instead he opted to negligent the entire affair for now and lean against the wall of the storefront to start a quick charcoal picture of the man in the hopes to see if he could mimic his strange features onto paper.


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Who is that man?

Kyam thought to himself as he glanced at the weird eyed guy behind the two Knights. Looking at him nearly gave him a headache as his veins seemed to tighten. Whoever he was he was obviously someone important from the way he watched everything- if not then he appeared to be someone capable of overseeing his event. Was he a Rune Knight too? Kyam focused back on the people in front of him. The fox-woman complimented him on his speech adding that Kyam peaked her interest. With a bow he smiled. Her badge sat comfortably on her chest and from the looks of it she was more than just a lowly Rune; she was an actual Knight. The other person was no longer hooded, revealing his blonde hair. Still, Kyam didn't know who he was but he was interested in the Lamia's story. He could have just been another reporter. Kyam, however, didn't care. As much as he disliked lying it was something that couldn't be helped when people wanted to know about him.

"I am glad to hear it, ma'am, it all came from the heart." He nodded towards the woman. "And as for my story?" He turned to look at the blonde headed man with a warming smile. His golden eyes darting directly into his. "I'm a foreigner from Savannah, a small tribe known as the Adisa. It took a lot for me to get to this country but this'll be my second year here as a mage of Lamia Scale and I love it! Haha! Many people don't have the luxury to live a good life in this country when they're foreigners, since you know...racism. Plus, most people aren't mages and can't offer magical talent to the world. I have the platform to help people, and it's my duty as a mage of Lamia Scale to do so, so why not?" He concluded before realizing he didn't introduce himself. Of course he was lying about him being from the Adisa tribe. He was indeed royalty of Savannah, prince of the Malia kingdom. Adisa was just the name of a small tribe wiped out by his own kingdom.

Quickly he extended his arm giving his gloved hand to the woman first, then to the man. "Apologies for not formally introducing myself. I am Kyam, pleasure to meet you both." He began, still smiling genuinely. "That man behind you, is he also a Knight?" he asked referring to Konstantin. It was crucial for him to create positive relationships with the government. It'd allow them to overlook him while he was behind the scenes doing things otherwise illegal. This was all apart of his plan and the people were feeding right into his hand. Of course nobody had reason to believe that his intentions weren't pure- at least not yet.

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Lee Nakamura
Never true people. LeeAnn may have felt calm around this guy since he seemed so friendly. Her mental training from being a knight all these years nd what her adopted parents have taught her, pays off. Only trust those you have proven themselves. She was not going to trust anyone until she could be sure and even then she still questioned them. Kyam was getting settled about something. She tilted her head back revealing her ed and black ey3 to where Kon was. LeeAnn had a policy that remain out of the way and to not interfere where you are not needed. This was one of those situation. She ignored what the kid had said with her instinct alert. With being so paranoid, it made her more aware of her surroundings.

She could see a figure pretty far away. It was standing there.over serving them, mainly the three of them. It was difficult to tell who he was staring at, but she could tell he meant business. All she could see was an eye. Strange. For some reason it reminded her of her cousin, but she was not sure. Either way she was going to lie. It was not her place and she rather not get in the middle of it. Looking at the younger and more inexperienced knight, then back at the figure. She turned back to Kyam.  [color:8f3f=#33ffoo]"I would not know. You can only tell so much by a person's appearance. One can only act but true colors lie deeper. One thing I have learned with being a knight. To never trust anyone, you do have my interest"
she said. A truth was spoken behind it.

"I would relax. Secuirty is tight. You have Rune Knights around. It would be best to approach him thought if you are so curious" she advised.

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Theo Kaguya
It seemed the women was focused on something else as Kyam talked to them, his response seem genuine but something about it felt off, he thought "I see, what the transition like Mr. Kyam I'm sure being in a one of the lesser know guild helped a great deal." he asked. When Kyam pointed out Kon to them he tried not to make eye contact with him as he frightens him but with the crowd and where they were there was no way that he could even see him Whats Mr. Kon doing here?! Don't let him see me! in an attempt to hide from Kon TK pulled his hood up once more. Even though it had been some time since they had last seen each other the thought of being around the man made him nervous.

TK introduced himself to the man as it was only fair "I'm TK an Apprentice Knight by the way." he gave a small smile as he played with his pendant around his neck. The whole event seemed to be fine and seeing as he is a member of a Light guild he couldn't have been plotting anything underhanded. the young knight just couldn't see anything wrong in the situation, though if the Camp taught him anything it was never rule out the nice guy.


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It seemed it was time for them to finally meet with him only able to delay the encounter for so long. As was the case with LeeAnn and the other man whom Kyam was speaking to, Kon too was mistaking for a knight, which was while partially true, he wasn’t the type that LeeAnn nor this T.K was assumed to be. He had been supposedly been in the Rune Knights and even a Seated Knight at one point in his life, but that was no longer the case. Given there were a little point in trying to delay things any further, he pulled down his cowl exposing his face in his entirety and answered the man’s question in LeeAnn’s stead. “Have to say that was an inspiring speech you said perhaps a bit preachy for my liking but seemed to raise the spirits of these people.” Rubbing the side of his face with his gloved hand, he continued. “As for whether I am a knight, yeah, I am Knight formerly a Rune Knight for a year or so, being the same rank as my cousin over here, LeeAnn, but no now I’m a Holy Knight protecting the community from all the darkness that seeks to destroy humanity.” He wanted to start off on a strong footing with this man sensing that he had great potential if he chose to apply it in the capacity Konstantin had hoped all humans to lean towards. There was already the case of people falling as a result of tragic events but if what he said was true, losing his family, then he would be hard pressed to be ignored under the light of Illumin.


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Kyam was a man who analyzed everything. Whether it was himself, his surroundings, his enemies or even the people that appeared to be his allies- he observed everything. How could he not? Coming from a place where people now wanted him dead, not having true friends to stand behind, Kyam was alone. Thus, it was a necessity to make sure he was safe. What he first noticed was one out of two things; when he referred to the man behind both of the knights, one of them quickly put his hood on. To that, he raised an eyebrow. No doubt him and that man had history. For now he ignored that detail. The woman, however, responded quite oddly. At first she began by saying she didn't know the man, but then continued on by saying something or another about someone's true colors and hiding who they truly are. She ended by saying she was a Knight and because of that reason alone she could not trust anyone, but she was interested. At that point it was obvious that she was attempting to reassure Kyam that she was only interested- nothing more, nothing less. She was smart for not trusting Kyam off the bat but she'd soon find that there was no reason for distrust. She then went on to say that she would relax if she were him and even went about telling him how to approach the man. Silly fox knight. he thought.

Yet he played it cool, showing no signs of understanding what she was trying to say. "Believe me, Ma'am, if I did feel uncomfortable I'd have approached the man already. No worries, everyone's welcome here! After all, all of these knights are here to support me." He said with a smile. The blonde haired man revealed himself as TK, an apprentice Knight. "Indeed. The transition was very easy thanks to Master Shahrbaraz. Though I'd disagree on Lamia Scale being one of the lesser known guilds- whatever that means, haha!" Then, the man from behind them approached. Kyam acted as if he didn't see the man coming towards them and was sort of surprised when he saw him there. The man began by applauding Kyam's speech despite being a little too preachy. "I have a talent for inspiring people, thanks to Illumin." He didn't even believe in Illumin but everyone else seemed to.

The strangers next words gave it all away. Kyam knew at that moment the fox-woman had lied to him. Look at that, a Rune Knight lying for no apparent reason other than the fact that she didn't personally know the man who put together this charity event for the sake of the people... Interesting. The man revealed that he was cousins with the fox woman, once a Rune Knight like her turned Holy Knight. "Oh, cousins aye? I see." he said glancing over at LeeAnn. LeeAnn. he mentally noted. The man then went to explain a bit about what his job was; a destroyer of darkness. "Interesting. So you're just here making sure demons, and vampires don't ruin my event? In that case I Thank you." He bowed. You looked a bit suspicious with that eye you have there but you're one of the good guys, so no harm done." Still slickly smiling, quickly examining his eye up close. Whatever that was, it was obviously no ordinary eye, magical perhaps. TK, LeeAnn, and this random man. Officers everywhere. Perfect.

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn's instinct felt something was off. They always were right despite how trustworthy someone may look. She remained quiet for now that she was completely surrounded by people and now more Rune Knights. She wished that she never fell in the first place. Perhaps, she would of been a Lutienant by now. The young Nakamura simply felt the need to remain stern and cautious like always. It was always better to play it safe. Tilting her head a little to see the figure moving, when things become more clearer, her guess was right. It was Kon!

He introduced himself and her as well as cousins. A small twang of nerviousness came into her stomach now that this guy knew her name. Why was she oddly curious about him yet cautious? Quite confused herself, she stuck with old habits and stood next to her cousin, feeling a bit more safe around him than the others. She was always a cautious yet good observer. When Kyam looked at her mentioned them two were cousins. She narrowed her ghoul eye, coldly. The woman remained tenative as she looked at all the present officers. Something did not sit right with her, but she could not place it. Kon went on about himself being a Holy Knight. The subject of religion made her uneasy due to the horrible experiences she had with cults and their 'religion'. She knew well it was not the well known Illumin, but something rather unknown."Kon...what are you doing here?" she thought, looking at her cousin. She looked at T.K, who seemed a little off as well or perhaps just cold? Her mind was too busy to tell.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
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Theo Kaguya
TK had no clue as to what was going on at that moment as he never Wow that eye looks so cool! When did he get it? he thought as the realization of who know who hit him "Wait your Mr. Konstantin Cusin!?" this really throw him for a loop but also didn't really pay full attention as to what happened beforehand. Though now that he was out of his head it seemed like Leeann was just as surprised as he was to see Kon today. "Mr. Konstantin...Its good to see you. I hope Alice is well..." his right hand began to shake like he was reliving a painful moment in his mind.

The knight took a moment to try and relax as he looked at Leeann who seemed unphased by what was going on while Kyam looked like he was having the time of his life. What are the Holy Knights? Why have I never heard of them till today? a whole host of questions had started to fill the knights head in an effort to try and get a grasp of the situation. Was Kyam playing some kind of mind game with everyone or was TK missing something cause it seemed like everyone else was on the same page for the most part.


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His presence had quickly dominated the conversation something which he didn’t want to do and was exactly why he stood back in the background beforehand. First returning Kyam he revealed his motives by simple extend of the hand. “I’m only here for some R and R, Mr… Sorry I got your first name but your last name?” Continuing on he looked towards LeeAnn then back to Kyam. “I guess you could say that I’m here to ensure the peace against the creatures of the night, but it’s not exactly nighttime, is it?” Scratching his neck as his obvious appearance was illustrate by his comment, Konstantin shook off the comment with a casual flick of the wrist while continuing far more monotone. “Yeah, admittedly the eye doesn’t really help conceal much, I would bother to hide it underneath an eyepatch or underneath a cowl as I had earlier, but…. That doesn’t seem to work too well now does it?”

With them meeting up once again Kon nodded again to LeeAnn and spoke to her directly. “LeeAnn, it’s good to see you again, Perhaps we should talk some more a bit later hmm?” Another man took over the conversation who apparently knew Kon as well even referring to him as Mr.Konstantin, “Odd so formal?, Did he work underneath me at some point?” Konstantin thought to himself while looking at the rune knight. The title he assumed for the blonde haired individual from the ongoing conversation. “So pardon me entering the conversation but please don’t let me stop you, would you like me to carry on my way and leave you three be?”


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"Oh, Adisa." He simply responded with a smile as he watched the man in front of him. Now that he was directly in his face it was much easier to se that eye of his. It was oddly beautiful and if he didn't know any better it looked like items exclusively from Savannah- or maybe Desierto. How did a Fiorian manage to get something so otherworldly? Then again, he was a Holy Knight. When the man asked Kyam his last name his first instinct was to lie. He wasn't lying because he'd done anything bad, he was lying to protect himself considering he was in deep shit with his home country. If he revealed that he was a Malia then things could go left really quick- that was a chance he just couldn't take. Not now and perhaps not ever.

Konstantin was obviously a very famous man since the people here seemed to know him. T.K apparently had some sort of relationship with him too but Kon didn't seem to remember him. The Holy Knight didn't want to interrupt them both either but to be quite Frank, Kyam had business to take care of anyway. With another glance towards LeeAnn he noticed that she was silent. His smile turned into a slightly devilish smirk for a quick second. It was already obvious that she didn't trust the prince for one reason or another but now he knew her name. Facing Non again Kyam smiled and shook his head. "No no, you're fine. I mean, I should get back to what I'm doing anyway I've got a long day ahead of me as you can see." he turned towards the front of the crowd where all the people were standing to reveal what he was referring to.

The dark skinned mage then turned back towards the knights. "Konstantin was it? I'll keep that in mind, Holy Knight." he nodded before nodding at T.K and LeeAnn. "T.K, LeeAnn. Thank all three of you for coming. You don't understand how big this is for me. One day I hope to work with the Council to defeat poverty and the racism that's still dwelling in this country. Anyways, I'll be taking my leave." With a spin his long tuxedo flapped with the breeze as he waved and walked back to his station behind the table to help the others. LeeAnn was an odd one. He'd definitely have to watch out for her. T.K was pretty normal it seemed, maybe even Naive though he didn't get the chance to assess him. Konstantin on the other hand, that was a mysterious man.

~ EXIT ~

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Lee Nakamura
As much as her instincts were telling her that things were off, she could not keep them from shouting at her internally. Of course, no one could really tell that was happening only by how odd she was acting and uneasy she felt. The thought about her cousin being a Holy Knight and even worse, how Kyam was giving her this evil vibe. Despite how charming it was, everyone was gulity until proven. Trust no one. The redhead just stood still obesrving the surroudnings around her. People everywhere. Kon was interested in how she was doing, seeing how the others were so grand at his entrance and the eye.

It was not her business to know why he was here nor was she going to ask. He asked how she was doing and all that stuff. She was asked if she was here defending against the creatures of the night. It set her of a little considering she was a kitsune and knew that not many people knew about her race, neither did she. She did not consider herself a demon nor did she have any special powers showing up yet. "I guess you could say that...only...I am aiming to keep any from breaking the law, human or demon" she said, ensuring that she was serious about her job. That was the Rune Knight's duty was to keep the public safe. Race was not something you question yet everyone was entitled to their own opinion.

She kept her eyes on Kyam being sharp and knowing that something was not right. A smile that she saw for a brief moment did not sit right with her. "I will have to keep him in mind. Something does not set right with him" she thought. LeeAnn only looked at her cousin returning the favor. "Oh yeah...we should sometime. I would love that" she spoke. Kyam thanked them for coming to the event. He had to go which gave a wave of relief to her. Feeling a heavy weight off her shoulders, she was excused to give a small sigh. "Very well then, I have some important bussiness that my captain wants to seek with. Hope to see you soon, Kon. T.K, take care. Kyam...stay out of trouble" she said. Turning her back without hesitation, she started walking away towards the river to have a small nap before doing her daily writing.


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
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Theo Kaguya
Does he not remember me I mean I know I've grown a bit not that much he thought to himself he thought scratching his head in confusion still trying to get what was going on even though Leeann and Kon seem to get whatever is going. "Wait about demons? Could someone throw me a bone here?" with all the talk about demons and other unearthly things being talked about like it felt like he needed to expect the unexpected in the most literal way possible.

TK looked at Konstantin from under his hood and saluted him as he felt like it was need "Mr. Konstantin seems different." he thought aloud, by this time he had noticed that Kyam had left the group after saying some parting words. Lee left the two hoping to see him gain "Ya umm see you soon.." he face had started to turn pink after she left. The knight hadn't realized that he and Kon were the only two left which didn't sit well with him so he walked off after giving Kon one more salut.
I should keep tabs on Kyam just in case anything happens, the Knight made his way back to the Orchidia branch to get some more information on Kyam and maybe look into Leeann if there was enough time.



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His assumption had been correct in that he had interrupted thing albeit not the conversation that was occuring but rather Kyam needing to get back to work. Kyam in this case responded with a short departure acknowledging his name viewing it as important to remember while others seemed less so. “Yes it was nice meeting you kyam, I’ll be keeping this eye on you I hope to see great things from you.” Pointing at his solid golden eye. Meanwhile LeeAnn responded to his offer which was more of a gesture rather then a sincere request. Turning towards LeeAnn he spoke to her briefly before she too disappeared into the crowd. “Looking forward to seeing you in the future perhaps when things are a bit more organised and less busy.” The most oblivious of the trio was this “T.K” individual whom didn’t seem to be carrying on with the conversation. “Don’t worry too much, friend, there are no demons around here I’ll be sure to remove them.” Strangely there seemed to be an air of respect that he held towards Kon with him giving a salute for reasons unknown. Rather than pushing the matter he just waved off his gesture and disappeared into the crowds himself while drawing up his cowl once more.


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