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[Foot Travel] Crocus to Orchidia

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[Foot Travel] Crocus to Orchidia Empty Sat May 19, 2018 10:59 am


The sokolov manor was his destination for this journey in particular, he had heard little so far about his building which was worrying to say the least, Though it could be said that bad news has wings meaning that he would have been informed if something wrong had happened to his building. While it was one of his priorities that drew him towards the town of Orchidia his presence was required there for other reasons, He and Alice were to be wed under the flowering trees. As a result of the aid he provided to the former royalty, he had lost a majority of his unimportant attire, this unfortunately included his more formal outfits. Having lost anything suitable to wear for the wedding, he headed to a tailor before departing Crocus. The clothing was more militaristic in style suiting with his position within the Holy Knights.

Wanting to ensure his new clothing was untouched by any weather that he might come across in his travels, he neatly placed it within a travel pack and made his way to the town which he was beginning to call home. Much to his surprise along the way he spotted an unusual looking creature seemingly in pain, hidden within a bush. Drawing close to the beast, it quickly become apparent that the animal had struck a trap that had been laid down by a careless poacher. Wanting to ensure the well being of the animal he drew close to it before pulling open the trap and pushing the beasts injured leg out of it. Healing the beast had an odd effect with it now having grown some form of bond between him even nibbing at his side as they now walked together.


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