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Crocus to Orchidia [Foot Travel/Liana]

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Ah, the first sunny day after a long storm... As Alisa walked over to the edge of the Captial, she couldn't help keep here eyes on the sky, moving at a brisk pace where she neared the meeting place. Very few people could keep up with the sculptress for this kind of travel, and as she pulled one leg back and stretching it behind her - until her heel bumped her plush rear - she wondered whether Liana would be any different.

Probably not... No, she'd most likely not be...

But this was exactly why Alisa figured she'd invite her. As she'd taken Lia for her student, it made perfect sense that she'd try to follow some of her master's training routine's right?

"Well, I'll feel satisfied if she handles half of this...", she thought out loud, huffing, skipping in pace as this amount of warmup hardly allowed her to break a sweat. Clad in a sporty, runner's attire - a simple sports bra and shorts - she obviously looked ready for strict, athletic exercise, yet the seemingly skimpy outfit provided a fair measure of firmness and stability, essential for a woman like her to run so many hours straight...

But only time would tell what matter of weather would await them in Orchidia... Odds were, she'd end up greeted by yet another heavenly shower.

Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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The Nature's Bonder
It was time for more travel, Liana and her friends having done what was necessary within the capital. Or well, in this case, just her and Alisa, as Esperia and Fia, and the others, were most likely already headed to Orchidia for the festival that was to occur. If not already there. Now was time for the duo of student and teacher to do the same, to enjoy precious times in North Fiore; ironically the homeland of both females.

And the current home to the young Sylvaine's parents.

"I wonder their reaction about my new look..."

Indeed, she hadn't yet told them through not even letters that, due to certain circumstances, she turned into an elf. It was going to be a big surprise to them and she hopes they don't receive it too badly.

In no time, the young adult reaches the desired destination, immediately noticing Alisa from afar. "Heeey!" She yelled out, wearing that usual big smile on her face. She'd be wearing a white shirt, rolled up from the bottom to expose any skin until just above the belly, green training shorts and sneakers; clearly ready for a pressuring and strict jog.

"Shall we?"

After most likely a bit of chit-chat, both females finally decide to commence their voyage. During it all, Liana attempted to keep up with her teacher, though obviously the latter was much more experienced with physical strain and obviously much more fit. At the end of the day, the young Sylvaine was going to be the one sweating harsher.

Orchidia would now await their arrival...
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