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Oak to Baska [ Foot Travel ]

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Oak to Baska [ Foot Travel ] Empty Fri Mar 30, 2018 1:55 pm

It was another rainy day in Oak but that didn't matter to Ianthe as she sipped her tea and nibbled on some buttered toast. It was rare for her to eat so little but she honestly wasn't feeling up to her usual meals. She felt he work was done in this place and had packed her bags and made plans to move onto the next town. Her goal now was to explore all of fiore and beyond and to eventually make it back home to Savannah. Her mind wandered to N'Umoya and she thought of seeing him before leaving town but went against the idea. She was sure she would see him again some day soon but until then she needed to get stronger, making more jewels, and all in all get her own life together. Once her light meal was done she paid for her stay at the inn, double checked her bag to make sure she had everything she needed for the trip. She was told it would take a day walking to make it to the next town over, which was Baska so she had to make sure she didn't forget anything. Once she was set, Ianthe pulled on her poncho and made her way out of the dreary town and onto the next one.


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