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Translate the note [Quest | Alisa]

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Alisa didn't really like wearing the same outfit over and over, especially after spending the better part of an afternoon sweating in it. Though her training session with the children lasted no longer than two hours, and that mini marathon she ran to help warm them up paled in comparison to her usual regimen, it still more than sufficed to work up a fairly decent sweat, and to prompt Alisa to go back to the hotel for her second shower of the day.

This time around, Alisa pampered herself with a long, hot water shower, rinsing off all the sweat, grime and exhaustion as it trickled down her skin; and there she stood for the better part of an hour, pondering on whatever thoughts crossed her mind, like stray fallen leaves blown across the street with the autumn winds... Nothing especially interesting at any particular time, worth remembering after she finally closed the tap and stepped out, wrapping a towel around her bare, curvaceous form. As water dripped copiously off her hair, down her body and onto the rug, she ran a single demisting hand across the bathroom mirror, enough to gaze at her reflexion as she dried and combed her hair into place. Thankful this hotel had a laundry service, she'd left her armor there and returned it to her room when completed.

Thus when she arrived, she found a hanger with her outfit already resting on the doorknob; a waitress had already come by to drop it though. As she looked into the eyes of the outfit called Junketsu, Alisa couldn't help but wonder how it might feel about laundry... Would it feel as pleasurable as Alisa's showers, or as mortifying as a journey through hell? Probably neither considering it was now dormant.

With her outfit on and her sword to her hip, the sculptress looked ready for action once more, ready for anything should Grimoire Heart decide to attack when she was busy doing D-rank missions. This time, she didn't even meet the client first, as it seemed Clients in Crocus had little interest in debriefing mages for jobs as simple as this. The request provided all the needed descriptions, any more than that they'd have to figure it out, and meet the client with the results afterwards. This particular request described a runic inscription which the client wanted decyphered: a fair bit of work estimated to last roughly a whole afternoon. No way it could take that long right? After all, Alisa saw no more than five symbols!

Of course, she wouldn't get off that easily... Before actually getting to the translation, Alisa first had to find the sole reliable dictionary of an ancient, scarcely used runic language. Even in the monumental Libary of Crocus, this took a while:

"Hmmm... Valan Runic language, Valan Runic languaaaage...", Alisa mumbled to herself, voice trailing off, rubbing her chin while her idle hand fluttered across the covers of all the dusty old tomes she passed by, reading their titles just enough to verify that wasn't the book she was looking for.

Strength is also Beauty

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- Alisa Vollan

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"Hmmmm...?", Lumen mimicked her inquisitve hum, which finally trade off into a far more chippery whisper, drawing Alisa's attention.

The sculptress turned her head and found Lumen holding the book in hand, the words "Valan Runic Langauge" clearly outlined in the cover. She brushed her hand over it, wiping off the leftover dust, while Alisa walked over to her, eyes still fixed on the shelf. Even though she'd already found what she was looking for, Alisa nonetheless still wanted something else from it. Confused, Lumen cocked her head slightly, but understood everything when Alisa grabbed a second copy.

She needn't explain it either.

Having two people to sift though the data and complete this research also suggested the two should divide and conquer, try to sort all the needed labor between the two of them and that way get it done twice as fast, "Start from the middle Lumen, I'll start from the beginning.", she said, setting the book down in front of a chair and pulling on it, calmly sitting down and resting her elbow on the table.

From then on, time passed only at a dreadfully slow pace... Alisa enjoyed reading, not so much reading a dictionary over a Runic language which she had no interest in recalling after she finished this job. She'd never seen any of these glyphs before, yet even knowing this she knew she'd probably remember a good few of them, whichever her instinctive mind found most relevant.

"Oho, here's one of them...", Alisa pointed out full lips drawing into a smirk at the first amusement in the better part of half an hour, jolting the faint look of boredom right out of her face. Lumen stopped what she was doing to peek her head into Alisa's copy of the book, looking rather curious as the sculptress noted down her findings, "Hmmm, Ox Hooves huh...?"

One by one Alisa and Lumen found the meanings of each glyph inscribed onto the note. Whatever excitement she may have felt upon successfully translated the first glyph shortly faded, and from that point on even finding the next ones did little to enthuse both girls. Lumen now took to using her hand as a headrest as she flipped through pages with a dull look on her face:

"These all better be components to a potion of some sort...", she noted with a hint of annoyance on her face, pretty close to thinking that she'd effectively been paid for to sit around wasting her time, translating a centuries old shopping list.

The only silver lining in all this appeared in the simple fact that she'd get paid to do so, which - despite not changing the fact she was wasting her time - made it somewhat less dull than if she were doing it for free. Which she probably wouldn't in the first place. Eventually, Lumen discovered the final glyph with barely the slightest hint of enthusiasm left on her face; with that, woman and litwick had completed their task, and now had to go tell this woman named Luciel she'd just hired mages to translate an ancient shopping list.


Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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