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Lets get physical [Quest | Alisa]

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Lets get physical [Quest | Alisa] Empty on Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:35 am


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Despite sounding incredibly troublesome right from the get go, the sword fetching mission wound up proving far simpler than the sculptress initially antecipated. Perhaps a stroke of luck had lead her to the dog in little more than hour, or perhaps she simply had that keen attention and focus needed to find prey the moment it stood within a set range. Perhaps a combination of both provided with a rather decent serving of jewels considering the small time she spent to get them. In the end, clearing this mission came with an added bonus when the thankful client named Armin promptly offered her a chance at completing yet another mission for him. As a travelling mage, he expected her to have the necessary fitness to drill some of the kids in his class. Not a mere soldier, it appeared he was also an instructor, giving him a fair amount of duties to tend to on a small timeframe:

"They're military school kids.", he'd informed, no longer than an hour ago, "They have regular training sessions, so don't treat them like average children."

Thus, Alisa prepared for a physically intensive afternoon by eating a comparatively lighter breakfast, chicken curry with a side of vegetables. Lumen would be joining her for this particular training mission, and thus ate a similar lunch to Alisa, at her own urging if nothing else. No doubt she'd much prefer simply eating sweets for every meal of the day; and while it may not harm a Litwick much, the sculptress believed it wouldn't favor her human form that much either. Fortunately, the ever adorable Lumen only pouted until she caught a whiff of the food, at which point Alisa simply chuckled with a hint of triumph:

"I told you so~", she'd tease her silent partner as the two dug in, and in little over half an hour they'd finished their meal, dessert, and for Alisa third coffee of the day.

Hmm, she'd be drinking a lot of those lately... Perhaps she should cut back and have some tea instead every now and then. Alisa was one such whimsical girl to whom even the most disciplined of routines could be moved around and even canceled on some days, like how she expected to cancel her training session today to do missions. But now it appeared one of the missions actually involved training. As she walked over to meet the tiny troopers with a smile on her face, she couldn't help but wonder about all the twist and turns life made. The kids looked about as hyperactive as one might begin, but after training since her youth, she had a rather decent idea on what kind of training she should put these guys through.... And immediately suggested... A marathon!

This baffled some kids and frightened others, but for the most part they all seemed bored by the idea of running for a whole afternoon:

"Eeeeh, just running? That's really easy though, onee-san!! Just teach us some moves!!", said one of the more fearless ones, who seemed to have no clue how much distance an average marathon actually entailed.

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Of course, around this time Alisa really just training their lungs, but their willpower. She doubted any of them would last even half of it, nor did she expect them to, instead she wanted to drill both their physical and mental endurance. But just like she expected, they didn't know better... Alisa didn't know what manner of cardio training they'd been through so far, but they'd obviously never had their work out guided by a fitness nut, to whom a marathon lasting less than a day made for little better than a light warm up.

"What's the matter? Wasn't running supposed to be easy? Where did all that spirit go?!", she clamored, shouted at the stragglers like a drill instructor might, goading them to keep going.

But they didn't. Once she felt the strongest kid visibly weaken and lag behind, she'd slowly grind to a halt, allowing all those left behind to catch up. She'd almost lost track of time of how long they ran

"Take a five minute break. Get your wind back, drink water. We'll start the actual training now.", she'd state, and promptly heard groans and frustrated whines...

Truly, a drill instructor from hell.

She knew better than to put children through high intensity weight training, but she could condition their bodies in other ways. Push ups, sit ups, crunches. They had about fifteen minutes of physical conditioning, before they moved on to a the part they actually enjoyed: Sparring exercises, with wooden swords and shields. Or so they used to liked them, before they started them when nearing the point they could hardly move. Some of them had to take breaks early in the workout, and Alisa allowed this. However, as it went on, they found themselves enduring the high intensity training more easily; it would seem comparatively tame next to the conditioning they first did.

In here, most of the genius kids actually looked like inferior warriors compared to their weaker buddies. While they had skill and the physical fitness to use it, most neglected the very essence of warfare and treated the exercise as little more than play fighting. Whether by good nature or cruelty, they'd go easy on a weaker opponent either to help or bully them. Seeing one such case, Alisa approached, calm and quietly... And did nothing but press the tip of her sheathed sword against the kid's back. The sudden distraction froze him for a split second, and in that split second, his weak looking opponent struck without hesitation, a swift blow to the neck from his wooden sword. Alisa was impressed, and ultimately her demonstration worked better than expected:

"In the battlefield around with your enemy will get you killed. Keep that in mind and fight like your life depended on it.", she lectured the bruised, larger child while keeping her eyes on the otherwise meek looking opponent whose instincts may one day make him a fearsome opponent.

The moment they started taking her words seriously, the sculptress finally glimpsed each of their true level and potential. Naturally, this forced her to switch pairings accordingly, but based them not on every child's size and weight but apparent prowess as a warrior. On more than one occasion the seemingly frail boy (who by all accounts failed all her physical exercises) seemingly dominated even the brawniest in a fight. Not by skill or physical fitness, but wiliness. From a distance, Alisa noted how nearly all of his attacks would result in a kill if executed with a real weapon, yet a wooden sword carried by an otherwise weaker warrior did little more than tickle a tougher one.

Seems like Fiore's military won't have to worry about the next generation... Nor will Armin have to worry about training this kids for a couple of days; Alisa doubted they'd be able to move after this one. They'd come out of it stronger, no doubt. But for now, she needed a shower...


Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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