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The House of the Rising Sun

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Oh mother tell your children

Not to do what I have done

Spend your lives in sin and misery

In the House of the Rising Sun


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It wasn't everyday that Crocus was in flames, and it wasn't everyday that this elf boy had to be the one to do the defending. In fact, he had quite frankly never done this, but regardless, there was a first time for everything. And so here Christian Zane was, standing in the middle of the castle in order to fend off any intruders. He wasn't sure why he was here, or why he was chosen to be here, but he knew one thing: he had a job right now, and judging by how he was mysteriously teleported there, he had a feeling it was a pretty important job to do.

The main entrance of the castle. It was a very large hall, with a large, now open door. Right now, Zane was alone. He stood, looking around and checking the place semi-calm, trying to keep his cool while the invasion was going on. The hall itself was dome-shaped in a way, with a red carpet lining all the floors. It had two curved staircases, also covered in the red cloth. The hall was very nicely lit, with small candles all over the place on the walls to give it a very nice look, as well as feel very warm. Finally, at the very top of the building, a Chandelier hung a few meters off the ground, connected to the ceiling by 3 strong ropes. The Chandelier had 8 tips of flame on its edges.

Right now, Zane wore his armor, he wielded his sword, and he was ready to do the best he could to defend the city of Crocus. The sweat from not only the nervousness and tension but also the heat of the castle was showing. He wanted to defend this castle, and he was going to do it the right way.

Crocus needed the small heroes right now, and Zane certainly wasn't tall. Here goes nothing...

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#3Xandra Queen † 

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Xandra Queen †
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The sinister essence of the present situation was more than enough to leave the blonde Knight in a confused state as she couldn't accept the suddenness of the chaotic state of Crocus. Regardless, the capital stood in an eerie state of calm. Burning flames of torture ignited in various places as her lilac eyes roamed around, in-taking the sight of the vicinity that laid around her but what truly caught her attention was the large castle that stood at the heart of the Capital city. The great white building that once shone underneath the darkness, emitting an aura of beauty and hope was now tarnished as it stood. No longer could it be deemed beautiful as surrounding it were fumes of smoke that dulled the white concrete of the structure. She stared for moments, recalling the last time she had seen this area but was still left shocked. What had happened here? She had absolutely no clue.

The only she that she could remember was suddenly appearing within this city even though her prior position was back in Baska. Unknown of her task here, she glanced inside the castle, noticing the silence that invited danger. On the inside, the castle simply looked so empty with it's white polished floor being tainted with dirty footsteps and grand marble doors being left open, broken from the corners as if they were roughly pushed open and invited. The furniture remained still but from the distraught alignment of it, she could tell that it was hindered.

In a distance, she could hear the screams and loud screeches of the people but they were so low that the blonde felt as if she were hallucinating. Were there people in need of help? She got an inkling that she was to defend this place and she gladly would, once her curiosity was of course satisfied. Taking yet another look around, her eyes landed upon a young man, standing standing a few meters away from her. How hadn't she noticed him before? Before approaching, she scanned the man thoroughly, noticing his pointy ears and long brown hair as she stood, staring at the same scenery that she was looking at.  

With her spear in her hand, held diagonally by her hands behind her back, she approached him. He was slightly taller than herself as she brought herself beside him, "Excuse me, do you happen to have any idea about what's going on here?" Would they have to fight? Would they have to protect someone? Nobody knew but perhaps the man could give her some insight on what was actually going on. Depending on what his answer would be, the blonde would saunter into the castle. Even if he wouldn't know what was happening, she wasn't afraid to find out for herself.
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Teleportation? The source of this magic wasn't to be underestimated. But what mattered most was where Noel was brought; Crocus. Thinking was for later.

It didn't take long for him to figure out that the Royals were in trouble.  Luckily Noel wore all his battle gear, in the case of something like this happening. The first thing that greeted Noel was the courtyard, where most of the action happened

Noel activated Raven Metamorphose in order to get a grasp of what was going on inside the courtyard. The spacious courtyard covered roughly a hundred and fifty square meters. The knights and their enemies were too busy fighting each other, to notice Noel flying at the maximum height he could fly to scan the scene. Nothing unusual, no enemies that stuck out. They hadn't arrived yet -- the aces and alike. This was probably an attack from Grimoire Heart; or Phantom Lord, their MO didn't differ that much when it came to assaults such as these. But for them to attack as brutally as this, they must be getting desperate.

With this new-found vigor, Noel landed safely at his previous position. After turning back into himself, he snapped his fingers -- and summoned Cerberus out of the pentagram in front of him. And immediately he followed up with another spell of his, named Eye-Can-See-You; Noel knows his worth in battles such as these, getting defeated from someone sneaking up to him wasn't the way he wanted to go. He had new toys, and wanted to use them. Noel was all alone at this point, given complete oversight of the courtyard. His interest went more with  what happened inside the castle, but alas, he surely was teleported here for a good reason. The ace of Lamia Scale held his sword, and released Cerberus to start doing his own thing. And in rapid succession, he activated his God: Takeover Pluto -- invigorating his speed greatly. Yet, no enemy worth his time entered his sight, or the darkness that surrounded him.

WC: 360
Takeover buff: Pluto | 20 speed (no mana cost)
Spell: Raven Metamorphose(-25 mana)
Spell: Eye-Can-See-You (-100 mana)
Spell: Summon: Cerberus (-200 mana)
325 mana used

#5Kazumi Kiseki 

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Kazumi Kiseki

•Kazumi Kiseki•

This all felt strangely familiar... Eerily familiar even, this whole defense thing. Kazumi could not quite put her finger on why, but it was definitely odd. Whatever the reason though, it could not matter now. It didn’t matter. She was there to protect the good people and royalty of crocus, as well as the people that might be targeted next, and for vengeance for the important figures already slain. This needed to end now and the crystal mage was among the few who stood even the slightest chance of succeeding. She stood there with strong determination, though her confidence admittedly wavered just a bit. This did feel way too familiar after all.

She was not alone, however. With her she had her companion Kirara, forever following her even into battle evidently. There were also three others standing there at the ready, one of which already activating some sort of awesome power no doubt in preparation, and the others engaging in conversation. Without letting her guard down, The Fairy Tail mage joined the frankly less intimidating group, wondering if they had any more information on the attack. Kazu had only come upon hearing that the ones throwing Crocus under attack might have been the same people responsible for what had happened to Cecilia, and there was a certain amount of obligation that the young wizard woman felt to join the fight.

Anyone know what exactly is happening? The city is nearly in ruins! All I know is that we are here to defend, but I’m not sure from what, exactly.” She hoped that the other two would know more details, but part of her suspected that they were probably just as info-less about the situation. Still, she chose to ask anyway. It was worth the shot, right? Anything was better than nothing, and it would be quite nice to know what they were up against before diving head first into a battle.

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Daiko Flayme
What the hell just happened? One second, the wizard was resting on a bench at Baska Town, the next second, he found himself in a whole new place. However, what shook him the most was the smoke that he smelled, the smoke of flames from the large city that he recognized rather quickly as the capital of Fiore, Crocus. There were smokes from the raging fires everywhere, including the place that he found himself at; looking around, the Fire Mage spotted the characteristics of a very familiar, large castle and concluded his location to be… well, somewhere else than Baska. Coda was panicking as her wings flailed about, causing the plumaged predator to take her leave and seek for a safe area, a place most likely safer than Hyōen’s shoulder. He found himself outside, being able to look further across the courtyard and spot the several men combat. He could also look over a good portion of the city and notice its state of emergency, more and more grey material in form of smoke from merciless blazes reaching the air. The berserkers below were drowning in their battles, so he felt somewhat safe up here, but given his instinctive decision concerning the situation, it was no time to lay back and relax. There were a dozens of meters towards the side of the courtyard from his position, but they really gave it their all down there.

There were battles going on outside as he could hear battle cries and screams. Standing on top of the castle - more along the side of the dome that the castle had - he found it necessary to have his parries up. He could use his heat-vision, but given the heat of the battle on top of the smoke from the burning buildings nearby, it felt almost impractical. However, he was in the middle of a battlefield now, so despite having no weapon or shield right now, he kept his eyes focusing on different targets around his field of vision, not letting any corner go unscathed from his glare. He had to be careful around here, and he felt that he should quickly dash down and help the royal knights with their struggles.

“Just what the hell…”

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#7Odin † 

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Odin †

Odin didn’t know much about Crowley, no one in Grimoire Heart save the elites had ever even seen him, but he knew that the guild master liked to play chess, a pastime that Odin too had recently gotten into, and one he felt mirrored the real world surprisingly accurately, yet with a few minor differences. Getting to the king and queen did indeed involve taking down a few of the pawns, but no one ever specified that every piece had to be directly in front of the opponent’s. As it so happened, a large-scale battle was happening in the courtyard to the castle, many brave knights were facing off against the cannon fodder of the lower ranked Grimoire Heart mages, while certain other, stronger members, were given specific tasks. Naturally, they weren’t the one’s tasked with murdering the king and queen of Fiore, but causing the chaos, and weakening the defences, both the places and the people, that was the task of the stronger mages in the guild, and Odin was no different. The battle itself down in the courtyard had caused enough of a distraction for Odin to enter a prime location for causing his own distraction: preparing himself for the decimation that was about to occur. For entrances led to many places, and many places could be called entrances. The castle, for example, had many simple doors in that peasants used to go about their daily jobs. And while it was true that these doors were usually defended by some of the Rune Knights, the invasions had pulled them away from their post, allowing the Lich to slip on through one such door, that was far enough away from the commotion that no would expect he had anything to do with it, without detection. Using enough spacial awareness to work out where he had entered in relation to the battle, it wasn’t long before Odin found himself cautiously entering the large entrance way. Keeping low, the dark mage instantly noticed the three people conversing in the middle of the room: a dome shaped entrance with a diameter of around 30m with a chandelier hanging dangerously close above were the mages, for that is what they must’ve been. Odin wasted no time in acting, moving his hands the moment he saw the three. He had scanned the room in an instant, but when his eyes fell upon life he wasted no time. They were fifteen meters away from the Lich, as he was in the circumference of the building and they were in the center, and there was no reason to wait and see if they were civilians or foes. After all, in his alignment, it didn’t really matter which they were, and so Odin raised both of his hands, and cast his spells in an instant.

The first was aimed towards the girl furthest away to him, who had a little companion next to her, while the second was directed at the male figure, who had his back to the mage. The curse was applied to the woman instantly, while the shaft of bone quickly made its way to the man, likely at a stage where it would be impossible to dodge. The only girl that would have been able to see the attack coming had just been struck with the curse and would have her own problems, since both the man and the blonde girl with the spear were facing the main entrance, which sat away in the opposite direction from Odin's location. The third girl was currently unimportant, as she would soon have her hands full. To add to the situation as well, Odin raised his hands after casting the first two spells, summoning twenty of his skeletal beasts, stretching out in the five meter distance that Odin could summon them. Now that he would undoubtedly be noticed, it wouldn’t matter, as his summons, coupled with his new ally, would likely finish the job. Standing atop the stairs, Odin would watch as his cursed opponent became an ally, as his bone spear neared it’s target, potentially puncturing him and moving through towards the girl behind him, and as his swarm moved in on the man, the first group reaching him in simply a few seconds to tear into him, providing he was still able to stand by then.




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Racism in Fiore was and is a serious problem. To this day, Elves are still discriminated against today. Just a few days ago, Zane had been shopping for apples at the Baska Market. He was simply just buying an apple, when the shopkeeper noticed his ears. The shopkeeper asked Zane about his pointy ears. Zane didn't like that. He hated when people would point out his ears.

Back to the action, Zane was being a victim to a hate crime. Out of nowhere, he was hit with a spear to the shoulder, it hitting his shoulder plate, damaging his plate, though more accurately it completely shattered it, piercing a straight hole though it. Zane's shoulder was cleanly pierced through, dealing a huge amount of damage to him thanks to his explicit weakness to darkness as an elf. Should there have been no outside interference, this course of action could cause him to simply be defeated and fall unconscious to the sheer pain that was caused through the spear's damage. Hopefully one of his many allies(?) would be able to help turn this all around. But if this was not the case, he would definitely be down for the count, and the allied forces would lose this one. Well played, bone man.

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