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The burning seal

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The burning seal  Empty Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:52 pm

Syliph rester his hands lightly on the bed. He hadn’t moved yet. He was gonna get up, he had no idea how he was gonna leave, was it just a thing you said? He wondered. He sat under the covers. He was fully dressed. He had gotten out of bed then just gotten dressed and stepped back into the bed. Taking a anxious breath he rolled out of bed and packed all of his stuff. Once he left he would begin to pick up all of his stuff and collect it in nice neat piles before he packed it all up in his back pack so he could leave. Afterwards he’d sit on the floor and read a bit of his book. The white leather book was still full of stories. But for the moment he enjoyed some of Celia’s stories. Apparently in her few short weeks as a goddess she had United and put many of the gods in their place. Libra’s manipulative nature had been put out If order and he now followed what he was supposed to do which was supposed to be fairness. The others soon fell back into order and everything became their true selves. Capricorn became studious again and a great adviser, he was less anxious and worried all the time. Syliph flashed back to the dream on the train. He was suspicious about what had caused that and he didn’t know what he should and could do about it. Taking a breath he flopped down on the floor among all his messy piles.

His life these past few months had been hectic. His magic had changed multiple times. He had almost been engaged. His girlfriend became a goddess his sister happened to still be alive everything in his life was in disarray and he had no idea on how to make it orderly and neat. Those piles he law among currently represented how he felt, and how his life was. The end product of what thy looked like was how he needed to be his life. Maybe leaving grimoire and joining a light guild would be a good choice for him. He had said he’d join Lamia scale with Kerii but he currently had no idea on what he was gonna do. There were tons of guilds out there. He wouldn’t join the rune knights, he still disposed everything to do with the illumin. Blue Pegasus was to arrogant in his opinion. Which left fairy tail and Lamia scale. Kerii seemed a bit anxious about letting a once dark guild member into Lamia scale but he hoped that would change. But no one knew he was in fairytail and that’s be a great new start for him. Taking a deep breath he had no idea where he would end up landing in the future.

He finally cleaned up all his piles and placed them in nice orderly piles in his bag. He was ready to go and leave Grimoire heart. With a deep breath he reached for the door.

The burning seal  ULuOEQW
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The burning seal  Empty Sat Jan 27, 2018 6:52 pm

When Syliph convinced himself that he would no longer remain in Grimoire Heart, the tattoo began to burn. It would cause tremendous pain as if his entire body was burning from the inside, causing him to pass out. When he'd wake up again, the tattoo would be gone and with that all of his memories as well. His name, his background, and everything he had ever done or seen would be gone. With a magic this powerful, there would be no way for Syliph to ever retrieve his memories again. It was because the memories were not sealed away or hidden, they were burned and gone.

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