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Create your own Race

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Welcome friends. Here is a place to express some of your creative freedom. As the name suggests create your own race, it can be something you thought would be cool to have on the site, or something you wish for your own person. Eventually, if I ever learn to code, I might make a helpful template, but don’t ever expect that.

For now just get started and have fun, you can copy a race and alter it a bit if you think it should be that way, but please put in the original creator. Pictures are welcome but not needed. There are no rules except be polite and be creative. Also, please be careful when coding, because if you’re like me you might break the site/page, which I’ve done.

Have Fun

With a Grand Perk:

Without a grand perk:

Courtesy of hatsuharu (for giving it to me)
Courtesy to Jyu (for actually making it)

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Deep under the ocean of Fiore the mer people live and play, enjoying their life. Do to their ability to live underwater, and the fact they do not need to come to the surface, they have become mostly a myth now. Only being spotted occasionally by that lucky fisherman.

Some Merfolk walk next to us all the time, some have joined guilds and now lead a land lubber life, returning to their hidden ocean home off the Hargeon coast rarely.

Ther merfolk of Fiore are like typical merfolk. They’re half human half fish (human on top, fish on bottom). Some have tentacles others have beautifully colored tailspin up of a multitude of irradient scales. While in the water they’re quick, on land, many are slower for a long time. With specially developed lungs merfolk are able to breathe on both land and water.

Overall these hidden people have lead a life of seclusion and mystery, keeping their race a secret from most of Fiore.


Merfolk are born under the waves and well developed to live there. All merfolk can change their legs to a tail, this consumes no mana but can only be used once per topic. Merfolk also can breathe underwater anywhere at anytime, this takes up no mana.


Merfolk get a 20% word discount on boat all boat travel. But this has a drawback. Since most Merfolk aren’t as fast, they have to add 10% to any foot travel until they’re of A-rank.

Just as they are one with the water, they’re scared of storms. Any lightning damage is increased by two ranks in damage against them.

After living underwater for centuries, merfolk have developed a full immunity to any water types spell along with 20% mana reduction in casting water type spells.

Adter living underwater for centuries and in the darkness that surrounds them all Merfolk have perfect night vision.

Merfolk have also adapted a new way to communicate with the loss of words, all Merfolk can telepathically communicate with others which is indicated by underlined italics. This cannot be used to read minds. Though if they form a telepathic connection with someone they can receive their thoughts. They can only communicate with those in the topic. Talking with a non Merfolk costs 50 mana per post. Talking Merfolk to Merfolk cost no mana.

With the loss of vegetation in the deep dark, all Merfolk learn to hunt with a spear from a young age, so much so it is a natural talent they all possess all Merfolk start with an intermediate mastery of the spear.

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Legends and myths may claim these purple beings to be godsent to save humanity from itself. But don’t be fooled. The Lavenor aren’t born; they are made. These extremely rare beings are a by-product of a debatably failed experiment to achieve immortality. Thousands of years ago, three legendary alchemists banded together to chase the forbidden recipe---The God Elixir. A bored and naughty demon whispered the idea of concocting a potion made of mere earthly ingredients that will grant them Godly powers. Of course, it was a ludicrous trick; but even the most intelligent beings fall for it when allured with power. And so, their search for the recipe began. The three alchemists searched every nook and corner of the world, following the never-ending breadcrumb trail left by the Demon. They never found anything… obviously. Eventually, the Demon got bored of the three alchemists and sought other more entertaining prospects. The trail stopped and the alchemists, obsessed with the idea, lost their sanity.

What began with these three lunatic alchemists’ pointless chase towards power and eternal youth, turned into an occult group of fanatics over generations. The band grew and grew until they were spread across the entire continent. The secretive organization continued the searched even after the death of the original three, until one day, a new leader was assigned, and this man chose to experiment instead of search. The tests began with mice, then cattle, and of course, eventually spread to human subjects. There was no morality code; anything and everything was allowed to find the ultimate prize, especially when no one complained about mutated or dead slaves.

The changes were one at a time and not very significant at a smaller time scale. But, over the years, it became apparent that the mutated beings who survived the experiments are on a completely different evolutionary chain. While they still remained humanoid, the changes wouldn’t be called subtle. Their skin turned bluish-purple. And water, which is the elixir of life for most on Earth, became poison to these beings. The other way also was true… Everything that they exuded was poison to the naturally evolved life form on the planet.

While the water vapour in the atmosphere is not concentrated enough to inhibit them, it is enough to make a Lavenor extremely uncomfortable. So, most Lavenors live in dry underground caves. They have extremely long lifespans and never age, but cannot reproduce. The only way for the race to survive is for them to turn Humans into Lavenors through a long and painful process. Most good-natured or neutral Lavenors would never put someone through the said process unless absolutely required. However, there are a few malicious ones among the race who believe they are the pinnacle of evolution and every Human must be converted to a Lavenor.


The user exudes a poison mist from their body that covers an area around them equal to half the AoE area allowed for their rank. This AoE moves with the user always being in the centre. Whoever comes into contact with the mist receives a de-buff to their strength, endurance, and speed, equal to the user’s rank. This costs 5% mana per post to sustain. Potent Poison perk is effective for this de-buff.


Lavenors can only use Poison magic. Of course, this allows them to cast devastating offensive and de-buff spells, but master Lavenors know the exact dosage to inject to make their poison into healing and buff spells as well.

Both offensive and healing spells cast by a Lavenor are 1.5 times stronger, but take effect over time. Offensive poison spells deal half of their rank’s damage in the first round and the full rank’s damage the following round. Similarly, poison healing spells heal half of their rank’s healing the first round and the full rank’s healing the following round.

Most Lavenors, being advanced alchemists, have adapted extremely well with their physiology and have precise control over their poison magic. All buff and de-buff spells cast by the user are increased by one rank.

Thousands of years of constant experiments have pushed the Lavenors to their evolutionary limit. So much that they are no longer reactive to any mutagens. This prevents them from ever being diseased and they are completely immune to the poison element. However, this also prevents them from using their poison to empower themselves. The user cannot use self-buff spells, and cannot be buffed by other-buff spells that are of either poison or water element. Other-buff spells of other elemental nature will still work on them.

Water maybe every other species’ vital requirement for survival, but it is a Lavenor’s bane. Water-type spells deal twice the damage to Lavenors when they are in their normal form and thrice the damage, when they are in their Poison Mist Form.


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Gods have forever mingled with humans, sometimes there is the lucky woman or man who gives birth to a demigod. These children are half human and half god. Many are perfect in physique and intelligence. Some say they have a glimmering outline and their golden eyes will captivate you. It is said that a demigods beauty is greater than that of a god. Their beauty has lead to many tales of demigods seducing people.

Along with being gorgeous demigods have a natural talent for magic. Along time ago the gods realized that there were too many demigods. The demigods has rallied together and had created a new country and were slowly consuming Fiore and the rest of the world. The gods realized this would be bad if the demigods rallied against them. And so the gods struck down every Demi god except for a few. Leaving each one for an element. Now there can only be one per element. When one dies a god of that element can have a child. Otherwise that child must be killed. The country was erased from the memory of the Florian people and all of history only living on in the mid of the gods.


In a time of need or danger a demigod can expand their glorious aura to consume all in the thread. This gives any friend of the demigod a A-rank buff to all their stats. And a B-rank Debuff to all their enemies. This consumes 550 mana per turn, the demigod also gains a C-rank buff to all their stats as well. This is best used when the demigod does not aim to cast other spells


Demigods are naturals at magic, with their amazing natural abilities they have a 50% discount when training spells and get an extra S-rank spell.

NO ONE IS SAFE:Not even demigods I’m all their glory are safe. If a demigod is attacked by a godslayer user. The damage goes up by three ranks.

demigods are magically powerful, thus they are born good at magic. Their spells have a cool down reduction of 1 and they can cast spells with 20%less mana.

Demigods can sweetalk anyone they want to, which comes in helpful when taking quests. Demigods are naturals at quests and speaking. Giving them a 20% word discount when doing quests.

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