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Stage of Legend (Kon fight)

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#1Theo Kaguya 

Stage of Legend (Kon fight) Empty Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:10 am

Theo Kaguya
T.K made his way to one of the places that he heard was a good place to gather information and see some cool fights from time to time, I could never see myself fighting in a place like this, the young knight looked at his hand and clenched his first. He walked around the asking anyone that happened to be around if they seen his sister at all and just like all the rest nothing but disappointment with no information on his sister the feeling had started to go numb almost like he was giving up on looking for her. For the first, he felt like fighting something to let off steam so he walked to the old and scared ring, "Man this place looks like it's seen it's fair share of fights." the young knight stood in the middle of the ring looking to the sky. The mear thought of fighting made him shake a little but it was better to get get some experience before anything that would require it should happen during his time in Baska "Does anyone want to have a friendly fight with me!?" he shouted covering the Rune Knight emblem on his blazer as he didn't want anyone to know that he was a Rune Knight that had just openly asked someone to fight him. His mind was a ran rampant Why did I just ask that I've never been in a fight before I'm gonna die! he thought waiting on someone to respond to his request.


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Kon had taken a break from the grueling fighting that took place within the arena of the Great Baska Rock, instead choosing to watch from the bystander amongst fellow fighters who were giving the front row seats to everything. He was currently watching a nice little conflict between a Giant and an Elf, two races he had rarely encountered only having seen a giant once before clasped in chains being lead to the dungeons of the Rune Knight Headquarters and an Elf leading the group that were around him. These two were obvious not the same individuals, the giant was smaller but bulkier at the same time, wielding two great axes one in each hand, the elf was relying on a skinny rapier as well as a bow which up until this point had just simply been on the man’s back.

It was an intense battle with the giant throwing blow to the left, the right, barely missing his opponent the elf seemed to be struggling but had the grace of a dove managing to get jabs in every so often enough to make the giant resemble something that was mistaken for a pin cushion. The battle was steadily slowing down with the giant gradually losing stamina both from the loss of blood but too from simply swing his weapons evidently too big for him. Kon meanwhile remained silently eating a pie as the rest of the crowd cheered on, he had placed a lot of money on the giant and it wouldn’t go well if he lost the money.

With the giant now exhausted beyond belief, the elf was capable of just simply wait him out and take pot shot from afar with the speed difference being too much for the giant to keep up. And so out of desperation to win the Giant threw one of his great axes at the elf which managed to butcher the elf almost in two taking off his left arm and breaking the bow he was formerly holding. The elf shocked about his missing limb had become disorientated to say the least which allowed the giant to rush up as he looked at the twitching body part on the ground.

Just as it seem the elf would be slain, a long whistle was called by one of the referees before the Giant laid down the final blow. The sight of blood was one thing but the sight of limbs being actively removed was another thing entirely with the fight being completely called off. It would be both good and bad for him as he would neither lose nor gain any money from the bet.This would affect the organization more so as the cleaning up process would force the fights to be temporarily ceased.

The crowds now without entertainment were slowly disappearing while he sat there with his weapon occupying the seat to his right. “Well that’s unfortunate.” At least it would be for now with a teen seemingly walking into the arena still soaked in the blood from the last fight offering himself up for a fight. Being a known champion of the arena, Kon rose to his feet and bellowed out to the teen who was appeared oblivious to his surroundings. “More than willing to fight you, kid.” The chance to see Kon fighting had roused the crowd once more hear cheers of excitement as he clutched his weapon with both hands and made his way towards the stairs reaching them he would throw his cross onto his back and move towards the arena itself.

The teen from close inspection seemed rather fragile he was surprised about the eagerness portrayed despite it, his only weapon seemed to be an ordinary sword while his abilities seemed unrefined. Perhaps it would be a good chance for him to teach the teen without breaking him entirely. Feet now on the hard dusty ground of the arena he moved closer to the teen within an reasonable distance while also giving them enough room to move at any point in case they wished to start the fight without all of the normal formalities. “Simple fight, first person to be knocked out or in a position to be knocked out loses?” He asked with a simple matter of factly tone. While there was a significant difference in their overall power it didn’t excuse the fact that his new opponent could have anything up his sleeve from using his magic in an odd way or something else entirely only time would tell.

#3Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
it didn't take long for someone to answer the open fight request that the young knight had just placed out into the open, his heart began to pound against his chest My first fight...I feel excited yet scared at the same time, a feeling that is common amongst those that have taken a back seat to violence for many years. Even though he asked for the fight it wasn't something that he thought people accept out of without some kind of paperwork or something. T.K's left arm started to shake as the man that accepted his request got up, the man was rather tall and seemed to be carrying a large cross of some sort Is that a weapon or just for show he asked himself, as the man stepped into the ring he more or less got straight to the point with the what the fight would intell "Okay...one more thing before we start we can each use low-level spells just so thing don't get out of hand." he held his arm stopping it from shaking and claimed himself down even though he didn't know the first thing about fighting with a sword he knew that he would need to pull out all the stop.

He could tell that this man was not someone that would go easy on a kid or kid equipped with a sword no less he took a rather awkward stance showing that he had never even been in the same room as another fighter. "I guess you can make the first move sir..." with that the young knight braced himself for whatever may have come next.


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It was odd for the blonde haired mage as it was as if he were looking at himself only a few years prior, eager to fight but still unsure of himself. His courage was admirable if not foolhardy, it was clear that the teen could tell he was outmatched with him recommending that they use low-level spells to begin with. “Low level spells?” He thought to himself pondering what he could use that was low-level, “I guess there’s the rifle with its simple automatic rounds, those by themselves were fairly weak as long as there wasn’t too many.” And so as Kon drew his weapon wielding it with both hands, right in the handle and left on the longest portion of his rifle, he watched and listened as the teen offered him to take the first shot. It was obvious at even the first glance that he was an amauter not just with his sword but in fighting in general. His stance for using his own weapon was off with his balance being off-center completely and for no seeming reason.

Wanting to give the teen at least a chance in the fight, he sighed and spoke in a neutral tone. “You might want to adjust your positioning of, uhhh well, pretty much everything you’re doing right now…” Drawing up his still closed rifle aiming it at the teens chest, he spoke once more. “Even now I could just prod you with this and you’ll be on the ground would you like some pointers?, you look like you might need some….”

#5Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
As the man pointed his weapon he quickly got ready to draw his sword out of fear that he wouldn't be able to lock it with his arms unless he enforced them with something. "You don't mean that? Your messing with me I know it." in truth he couldn't tell if the man was trying to help him or trick him. Part of him really wanted to take the mans help but he couldn't run the risk of it being a trap so he drew a cross with his index finger and fired at the man's gun hopefully it would make him drop it. Did I really just attack him?! shocked at the fact that he just made the first move, he got ready to Doug an attack that would come at him in return.

The young knight kept one left hand on his sword just in case he needed it "I'm sorry I could risk it being a trap or something." he would still is be standing in the same spot unless man fired a shot or something ranged to when he would move to left and draw his sword. I'm doing good so far I think, he thought to himself.

Mana: 185/210:


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It seemed that the kid didn’t want any of his help or perhaps had viewed his offer as a gesture to lower his guard this became clear first at his refusal, which already put him on edge with his gun already raised it was just as the kid began to make a motion that he began to open fire to put him down instead. However, the kid was able to cast whatever spell he had faster then he had managed to pull the trigger mere seconds after. As a result of the delay between responses, a large portion of his gun received minor scratches taking off the protective coating and injuring Kon’s unprotected left hand just enough to sting and create a noticeable amount of blood to drip onto the ground. The beam disappearing as quickly as it came, Kon was now free to open fire and he did exactly that with it reaching the kid just as quickly, selecting the most powerful round in his arsenal and shoot the teen’s chest dead on towards his heart-piercing through his ribs with ease and causing damage throughout his entire left portion of his chest with fragments of bone cutting into his left lung while the bullet traveled through and into his heart.

It would be a quick, but temporary death, hopefully, it would teach him a lesson once he came to with healers on standby to revive anyone within the arena as to prevent those who fight from becoming true murderers. Knowing that the teen would be taken care of, Kon would simply walk out of the arena to let the kid think about his loss.



#7Theo Kaguya 

Stage of Legend (Kon fight) Empty Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:41 pm

Theo Kaguya
T.k wasn't even able to react too the mans movements as he started to draw his sword and then felt something hit the left side of his chest pushing just outside the arena his body felt heavy and weak at the same time. The young knight's vision had become blurred as he looked at the clouds, voices of people rushing over to him and tending to his injury, From what he could hear the medics were rather surprised that he even able to hang on for as long as he did. After a few more seconds saw a bright yellow light with a hand reaching out to him.

The young knight slowly opened his eyes to see the now orange sky above him "Wh-what happen did I lose?" he looked around to see that he was laying on the bleacher around the arena "Oww." he rubbed his chest as he sat up and looked around for the man he fought but he had vanished. A new match had started up and everyone was intently watching it My chest still hurts a bit, he made his way back to the inn and rested a bit more thinking if the man really would have helped him had he not attacked.


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