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Experimental hexes {quest|Syliph Kamae}

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Experimental hexes {quest|Syliph Kamae} Empty on Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:45 am

Syliph walked quietly down the streets, the white book was held tightly in his hands. He had spent the night looking it over, learning anything he could about nymphae and the other gods that existed in the many plains of existence. Nymphae happened to exist in multiple, while the zodiac could exist in multiple, but only one at a time. Nymphae was a goddess of her own tier, her own hierarchy of power actually. Very few gods like she existed, there was one by the name of Alamenth, but he had been killed centuries ago, by Nymphae.

Nymphae had been a vengeful goddess for a long time during her early life, she went around murdering rival gods, absorbing their godly essence for more power. Then after she had done that, she finally began to put roots down, investing herself in the unity of nature and humans. There were a few times where she took up arms and attacked another person, god or wizard. The most infamous time was the time that she ended up attacking a powerful wizard byt the name of Erow. Erow happened to be a high rankingmage with no affiliation, he was a masterful user of a non-elemental magic known as Erradica magic. The spells created by the user are volatile and have the tendency to explode, slice, cut, bludgeon anything in a certain distance. Erow was a strong battlemage, he commanded many small groups of guildless mages. The most famous happened to be a group called the Zeray a Meyrar, a group of wizards known for never failing at taking out their target, they had even slain a god once. When Erow set his sights on taking out Nymphae, a goddess who would eventually come for him, he joined with his friends in Zeray a Meyrar. The group of five mages set out to a shrine where Nymphae was known to appear at periodically. When they got there they waited for the summoning ritual to be completed before slaughtering all the summoners. When Nymphae arrived she was horrified. Zeray a Meyrar took that moment of surprise to launch their attack, Erow cast one of his most powerful spells to knock her off her guard. He waved his hand, creating a silvery mass of something that looked like ribbons. Snapping his finger, the mass would shoot out doing S-rank damage to the goddess, who had been prepared, deflecting the blow with her own magic. She had spoken in an authoratitive voice, "YOU ARE MURDERERS OF THE INNOCENT, FOR THAT YOU WILL PAY." She pointed a finger, incenerating the four members of Zeray a Meyrar, all that would be left in their pile of ashes would be small stones. When she turned to
Erow, he was frightened by what she could do, "You have two choices, I imprison you in those stones, just like I did with your friends, or I allow you to live, but you can't travel more than 10 meters away from the sieghart mountain marsh, there you'll live alone, nothing but a mere hermit, with no magic." Erow took the second option without hesetation, and some say he somehow is still alive and in a hidden hut deep in the marsh.

Syliph snapped back to existence, he had manged to recount an entire story while doing this quest. He had manged to lose track of time, but yet he had still done the quest that he was supposed to do. Looking over the notes he began to check them one more time to make sure everything he had seen and done while remembering the story was correct.
The hex Stimuli had been full success, making the recipient totally uncomfortable and made them lash out and cover their ears, the man even crawled under a blanket at one point to dampen out the sound and noise and smell of Oak. Syliph had felt bad for the man who had that hex cast on him, it did wear off eventually, but not for quite awhile. Syliph read over all the notes and confirmed that the ones on Stimuli had been correct.
When he moved on to the second one he began to read quickly again, he should probably return these Dr. Stephan soon, he didn't want to keep the man waiting for too long.
Decripify had been less of a success, it worked, but needed some work. The hex was supposed to make a person lose mobility in their legs but the man just gained a stiff, uncooperative left leg that he just limped around on for a long time. Syliph read over the notes and confirmed them once again. With that he set off down the street to meet Dr. Stephan and get his much needed reward, he'd probably go out and read some more of this book afterwards when he was done, it was rather interesting and he had learned some interesting things about Nymphae. He didn't want to follow a goddess he didn't believe in, maybe going anti-god for awhile wouldn't hurt him?

Syliph would report back back to Dr. Stephan, who would nod and thank Syliph for his help. He'd give him the money and take leave to go reading the book some more. Taking a deep breath he'd be glad to be out and he'd go home to do something more interesting then cast stupid ol' hexes that were rather simple.

guild perk.

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