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Raging Bull (Zanto-Quest)

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Raging Bull (Zanto-Quest) Empty Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:42 pm

Quickly, he would appear in the Town of Baska. Almost instantly he would be greeted by everyone that would see him due to him being there previously. People had very good memories in this town and they weren’t even afraid of the Mage. A man who did whatever it took in order for things to go his way. As he wandered his way through Baska, his body would come to lead him once again back to the hotel that he had previously stayed in while he chilled in Baska the last time. Letting his feet guide him. The rays of the sun would seem to shine down upon him as he made his way through the town. The whole time, his mind focusing on the countless amounts of jewels he had saved up in order to purchase a lost book of magic. A magic that was so mysterious and lost to the world that no one nearly didn’t know about.

Zanto was a pretty straight wired man. Once he figured out what he wanted, he would do anything to accomplish it. Whether it would be finding magic mushrooms, or moving dead bodies from a countless murder scene. He would come to let out a sigh as the building he had been previously staying in had a sign that said “Closed Down”. He wasn’t really surprised since he had been the only customer the place had the last time he had been here, but he would have expected the place to at least still be up. Calming his raging mind, Zanto would find himself wandering the town again as he would attempt to find another hotel that would make his stay great. Soon, he would come to a pretty tall house that seemed to be a residence for travelers. It looked like his hopes were up seeing as it was 100 Jewels for a night. It was a pretty good deal to seeing as the last place he had been costed 500 a night for a shitty room that wasn’t even that good.

Opening the door to the hotel room, he would make his way inside as he would arrive at the counter. Ringing the bell that had been lying on the desk, a girl would arrive from the back of an office as she would greet Zanto. “What can I do for you Mister?” Asked the Girl as she pulled out some paper and pen just encase Zanto wanted to stay for the night. “I’ve been looking for a place to stay and this home seems to be a top decision.” Said Zanto as the girl would hand him the pen and paper. Directing him to sign his name on the documents as she would gift him with a room key. After taking the key, he would make his way to his room where he would begin to get settled in. Unknowingly to him, his C Rank Journey was just about to begin as the Doctor was about to quickly contact him o do yet another job for him just as he got into town.

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As soon as he would get settle in, a maid would quickly knock on his door. Alerting him to it as he would hide away his items and begin a short walk to the door. Opening it, the maid would hand him a note that was signed with some pretty fancy handwriting. “It’s from Dr. Gerard, he just heard you have arrived back into town and wants you to take a quest for him.” Said the Maid as she would finally release the note into Zanto’s hand. Taking the note, he would wave the maid goodbye as he would come to sit on the bed. Opening up the envelope, he would read the letter that would say:


Sorry for the urgency, but I wasn’t able to meet you in person due to the dire need that the town needs of me. The sickness that we battled weeks ago has swept through Baska once again and I need your help to both defeat it and study. This new virus is spreading rapidly through the town and with your newly gained rank, I think you would be of great help in order to clear it from Baska.

This new mutation of the virus causes anyone that is affected to become enraged and attack anything on sight. Seeing as Baska is a pretty calm and peaceful place. Most people aren’t able to defend themselves from each other, causing most people to get severely hurt due to the virus. Some of my own nurses haven’t been affected yet, but it would be soon before we are as well. We have managed to contain some of the virus, but it seems to be polluting the air and not affecting just the humans in the town. Animals are also becoming infected, some of which have already killed. The town has eleven recorded deaths from animal attacks at the moment and we have no idea on how to stop them besides army ourselves against the wilderness.

Currently, a pack of boars are situated outside of Baska and have been terrozing the locals and tourists that make their way pass their territory. I am hoping that you will follow my request and go to the Boar Territory. If so, I need you to take out one of the boars, by not killing them in the process. Seeing as I still need them to study on, but be safe seeing as the pack is pretty docile.”
Said the letter as Zanto slowly read it in his mind.

The mission was pretty easy from what Doctor Gerard wrote, but he would still need to be wary. If the animals were acting the way they were who knew what would happen to Zanto out there. He wasn’t actually quite happy that the doctor had alerted him of the virus. Now he wouldn’t have any surprise run ins with any animals to the point that he is maimed or killed in the process. Placing the letter on the table next to the bed, he would begin yet another quest.

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Ten minutes or so had passed since he had read the letter, he had taken a quick shower and had hopped out of the bathroom as he put his clothes back on. You couldn’t be too safe if there was a disease as extreme as this one going around Baska. After putting his cloths back on, Zanto would make his way out of the door and begin walking to the boar infested country. Luckily, for him, his magic wasn’t all die, die, die. He could greatly stun the enemy with his lightning type magic and with enough hit, he could potentially knock them unconscious. Though, seeing as these were animals that he would be going up against, he would have to be more cautious as he didn’t want to kill the things before Dr. Gerard could examine them.

The town of Baska had seemed to fallen in a funk as people were dealing with the fact that their loved ones were dead. Others still angry as the people who had also been affected by the sickness were raging around Baska getting on everyone’s nerves. It was bad times indeed for villagers as their lives had come to completely changed. For about twenty minutes or so, Zanto walked. Soon, he would appear in the hills of Baska where he would come to hear some grunting and snorting. It seemed like he had hit the jackpot. Edging closer, he would hide behind a tree. His head coming to peer around it as he would catch sight of two boars who seemed to be playing with each other. Both seemed to be head butting the other and Zanto was wandering if it really didn’t hurt?

Getting is mind off of the two burns nearly killing each other, Zanto would look around as he knew these two boars weren’t the only ones. There were countless sets of tracks. Tracks that were made by more than two boars. His eyes would come to dart around the area as he would come to search for the other boars. About ten meters or so away from him to his left, Zanto would see a boar lying on the ground, sleeping. It seemed like that one would be the most viable to hit due to how out it was. Then again, he would still need to find the rest of the boars as he didn’t want to be blindsided mid attack. After finding his main target, he would quickly come to find the orther boars. All were very vulnerable, it was just the one that was asleep that made it even more easier to take out. The sky would seem to darkness as Zanto’s magic would come into effect. Dark clouds cascaded the heavens above as the Battlemage was ready for a battle to commence.

He was in boar county now, and that meant that he was in there territory. If he attacked one, there was no doubt that the others would follow and attack him as well.

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Raging Bull (Zanto-Quest) Empty Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:22 am

Zanto would only look at the sleeping boar as he would prepare to use his most signature spell. With the skies darkened, he would flick his wrist as lightning would shoot down from the heavens and make contact with the Boar head first. The anime would jut up in pain as it would attempt to run, but it’s body had been paralyzed from the electric attack causing it to be stuck to the ground. Zanto almost got mad at his Lightning Magic as it wasn’t able to quiet his foes, unfortunately. The howling of the boar has alerted every boar in the area as they would come to the injured boars location. They would make grunting sounds almost as if they were talking to each other. Seeing four of the boar would make their way towards the tree that Zanto was hiding behind.

The mage wasn’t really worried about them. As the boar creeped on, Zanto would flick his wrist yet again as a white ball of lightning would shoot from behind the trees and in the eyesight of all five boars. It would impact with the ground in front of the boars, causing it to explode. Sending a bright light out they took over the area. The boars would become blinded due to the sheer brightness of the attack. Zanto knew that it was his chance now, as he would shoot from the tree, jumping over a boar as all of them besides the injured one hand been running around from being afraid. Extending his hand, a ball of lightning of form as he held it on the boar’s body, causing it to go unconscious from the countless electric attacks that it had been dealt.

Picking up the heavy by it’s tusk. Zanto would hightail from the area and make his way back to the town as he really didn’t feel like fighting stupid boars all day. As he made his way back into town, he would receive weird looks from many people as they wondered what a man was doing walking around with a boar. Zanto would simply ignore them as he made his way to the local clinic where the doctor was located. Walking into the clinic, he would be escorted to a room that Gerard was situated in. The doctor would come to look at him as he would say “Oh! Thank you Zanto. I knew that you would be able to perform this task for me. Could you sit it down on the table?” Following the doctor’s orders, Zanto would lay the boar on the operating table as the doctor would go to receive the jewel payout for the quest. He would hand Zanto an even larger bag of jewels than before as he would say “That’s for a job well done, but be on the lookout as I may need your help once again.”

Zanto would nod as he would grab the bag of jewels and be on his merry way back to his hotel room.

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