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Oberon Forests to Baska town [Foot travel]

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Oberon Forests to Baska town [Foot travel] Empty Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:46 am


Having taken a long respite in the oberon forests camping in a small flat of land, the duo alongside Alice’s companions would hopefully be ending their travels to their final destination, Baska town, today. Kon had been in Baska town only once but it didn’t end on the best of terms for the Holy Knight having entered into a melee tournament purely for the experience only reminding him that he was not suited for hand to hand combat. He could of course focus some more of his time on improving his hand to hand, but now with his magical abilities and his new weapon, Samehada he felt there was no need to develop those skills, no instead he would rely on his summons to do those types of fights. For now however when he reached Baska town it was quickly revealed that he would have more urgent issues to deal, issues with the town itself. Problems were clear as they approached the town with the outer sections of the town being completely barren of life while a derelict wagon laid flipped upside down with its wheels lazily twirling with the wind. Very odd indeed, perhaps there would be people further into the town only when they reached the center of town would they find out.


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