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Worth woodsea to Nanuq town Foot travel

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Worth woodsea to Nanuq town Foot travel Empty Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:51 am


Bags were packed and belongings were stored in their appropriate spots, The duo would be leaving Worth Woodsea today for Baska town albeit with Kon leaving a far while earlier than his partner, Alice. The purpose of him leaving early stemmed from a desire to have the area ahead be secure for his fiancee to travel through. However he would be forced to take multiple detours with the land separating Baska town and Worth Woodsea being of environments that were not to his liking. There were the frosty lifeless plains that surrounded Nanuq town then the vast peaks of Sieghart Mountain and lastly the Oberon forests much like the forest of Worth Woodsea albeit with an even smaller populace. Due to the extremes that he would be facing between Worth woodsea and Baska he would first stop at Nanuq town to recover any of his lost stamina and then move onto Sieghart mountains which would require him to purchase special gear. While he could have taking the train from Orchidia town straight to Baska town he felt it more appropriate for him to travel the distance on foot. His decision was perhaps not the smartness considering the condition of his fiancee who would be taking the same route but it didn’t overly matter given their shared abilities in which with him being able to heal her of any injuries she sustained during the trip.


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