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Bathroom Surgery [Orange]

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Today would be one of kon’s darkest days for quite sometime even with the shared bond that he had gained through a tragic mishap he was done, sick of it, he was tired of being a cat, tired of being afraid of getting his cat ears wet or his tail caught on something. Perhaps the most annoying thing for the Holy Knight though was the comments that were made to him about his change in appearance, this was something he had not chosen for himself which had been true for a while but it was something he couldn’t see him living with for the rest of his life. As what he was about to was not only extremely painful but also traumatic to his psyche he would need to first need to get some liquor to ensure that he could go on with the process. Fortunately as he was staying at an inn, he promptly left his room and purchased an entire unopened bottle of vodka this would be used for many reasons to dull his pain and sterilise both the wounds he was about to give himself and the materials he would use to cut with and later bandage. As there would likely be a large amount of blood involved in his personal body modification he would complete the task in the bathroom, which was currently pearly white though that would likely change soon enough.

As clothing would only be ruined in this, he had donned a deep crimson bathrobe that he would throw out and left his clothing neatly placed by the side of his bed on top of a dresser. The bathroom itself was moderate in size with a shower bath room taking the left portion with the remainder holding the sink directly in the middle of the bathroom as you walked in and a large full body mirror that took up about a third of the wall on the right positioned slightly to the right with a door to the toilet being adjacent to it. As he needed to use a variety of instruments he would prep the entire area first, wanting to ensure the cleanliness of the bathroom itself he cleaned it with care removing anything and everything that could potentially give him an infection. After preparing the area for his surgery he gathered up both the cutting tools and the bandages he would need before removing the seal and top of the vodka.

Vodka now opening he drank a solid half of it while pouring the remainder on the bandages and the cutting instruments each in their separate containers with the instruments swimming in the vodka, he waited at least he did in a sense choosing to take a shower to allow the alcohol in system take affect. Yes it was ill advised for him to both be drinking and having a shower before he did something like this but it was needed. Returning back to his bathrobe after patting himself dry, he noticed as he hadn’t completely drunk the bottle and instead of consuming the rest poured some of it onto the area around his right cat ear.

He suspected that this would likely be on par with the pain he had experience before but of course it was never something you could just shrug off. Gathering a backed stool from his bedroom, he sat in front of the mirror drew one of the straight edge razors in this case from the handle that stuck out of the pooled alcohol and some of the bandages with his left hand. Taking a deep breathe to collect himself, he raised up his razor and watch from the mirror performing the opposite action as view from his perspective and placed it on the tender flesh of the purely aesthetic based cat ear and began to slice in one fluid motion releasing crimson onto his head and pain to radiate from his head. Wanting to swear, throw away the thing responsible he froze for a moment to collect himself, choosing to bite his lip creating the same crimson to release from there as well he continued onward cutting in swift clean motions to ensure that the wound created from the cut had been clean and would be easy to sew up.

Cat ear now no-longer connected to his head it fell to the ground in a pathetic flop comparative to that of a flip flop hitting a wooden floor. Wanting to ensure that the blood loss wasn’t too severe just yet he covered the open injury with his left hand before lowering his right hand shaking from the pain and returning the blade it held into the pool of vodka that it formerly sat in. Needing to stitch the wound shut he drew a needle that was to the left of the blades and began to close the wound together the pain he was experiencing was intense to say the least but he would live through it for now. Affixing a bandage to it by wrapping a few bandage rolls around his head, he took a moment to ensure that he was okay to continue. The second cat ear was just as hard not more so to remove though was too met with the same fate left to lay on the ground.

He was a mess at this stage with the top of his flaring up in agony and his vision reddening, but there was more to do, it was only for the vodka that he had managed to cope with things as the numbing it had caused allowed him to continue onward. Things would only be getting harder and harder now for the mage as he would next be going onto the tail something which he would have to be careful with removing as it would leave him vulnerable to infect in a spot that couldn’t afford to be infected fortunately unlikely both the cat ears and the claws he would later remove he could have the tail wound healed with the use of a potion that was sat on the sink. With the bathrobe now interfering with his next job he removed it gingerly, now completely naked he got a look of himself, pale in colour and shaking from the pain rather than the cold of the bathroom.

Raising from his chair he drew a new clean razor signified through a different handle he turned to view the tail itself. Searching with his left hand for a soft spot that wasn’t covered by bone close to his person, he drew his razor to it as well, before cutting in a more sawing action the first and third cut put him on his knees with it taking perhaps over a dozen cuts to completely removing the tail. Wanting the pain to stop he slid his hand up the sink and grabbed the potion removed the cork and poured it down his back and as it touched his injury it broken and collapsed into itself meanwhile the injury closed and the area flattened to the point where it was hard to even tell that there was a tail there in the first place.

Recognising that the last part would be essentially physically impossible for him to achieve without dealing immense amounts of permanent debilitating damage to himself, he thought again about how he could remove his claws. The first thing that popped into his head was get someone else to do it, perfect person or thing in this case would be one of his smaller summons, Cassiel in this instance who would be unsympathetic to his pain and thus willing to continue on with the job. Needing a large amount of space to summon the angel, he donned his bathrobes once more and left the blooded bathroom now littered with his old cat extensions slipped on some slippers after gathering some of the bandages and cutting instruments. With the medical goods in hand he made his way to the door to his veranda and summoned Cassiel who merely hovered in place waiting for Kon.

To ensure the the claws would come out in a clean fashion, he first released his right claws and cut around the tendons that held them in place before doing the same with his left ones. Claws now loose between the areas of his knuckles he called for his angel to pull each of them out as if they were a splinter. Pain radiated throughout his hand as each of them were removed, the process itself however was swift allowing him to stitch up the injuries promptly.
Claws now on the table bloodied and damaged he rushed into his room and later his bathroom vomited into the sink. The sheer brutality of it all was intense for even him, he didn’t imagine that he would have been able to do something like that practically to himself.

In immense pain both from his head and hands, he made his way back to the tavern section of the inn with the innkeeper startled at his appearance, casting aside his concern he merely called for more liquor receiving it without question. Returning to the room he swiftly drank half of this bottle as well, before falling head first onto the ground passing out from a mix of pain, blood loss and alcohol consumption.


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