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Noble reconstruction [Mission | Solo]

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"So what's this new job about?", Alisa would ask Lord Regis, crossing her arms curiously, enough that the blonde noble could almost see the gears turning inside that head or hers. To improve herself in time before anybody else could attack her guild, she needed to seek strength in different ways, different paths she could follow in each of these missions and solve them her way, as well as she possibly could.

She was clearly determined to work hard and take whatever job came her way, and this employer wasn't about to turn such an efficient part time worker away, not with the way she didn't seem the least bit worn out from helping build a dreadnaught in a matter of hours. That settled, he promptly moved on to the explanation:

"The recent attack has left some parts of the docks in dire condition.", he said, his perpetual golden boy smile fading for a brief moment, his head lowering in grief, "If you could find the nearest damage building and help raise it back up, I'll pay you for your troubles."

The death count from the attack had been pretty low, they'd been lucky. But there was still plenty of reason to grieve and little to be happy about. Well, Alisa was already prepared for construction work after the boat, so all the more reason to accept the job offer and get moving. The nearest wreckage wasn't too far from her position, no more than a block's distance away from where she was currently standing.

So without further ado, Alisa got moving, and promptly moved her hands to her hips as she looked over the damage, assessing it: There was a huge hole in one of the corners, having demolished one of the cornerstone pillars of the warehouse. This meant the roof was left deprived of much needed support, with a predicatble outcome: It collapsed under it's own weight, shattering most of the walls around the initial hole and leaving cracks all over the remaining ones. Also leaving the whole thing completely covered in wreckage, rubble hinting at how at some point not that long ago, there might have been wares being stored here. She didn't know much how many Jewels worth of damage the loss of the wreckage might have cost, but the mere fact there had been no fatalities was reassuring enough. Anybody who had been inside would have died instantly.

"It looks worse than it is.", said a smiling girl in a yellow construction helmet, holding a pad and magical pen in hand, practically brimming with hope and positive vibes even in this situation. She grabbed another construction helmet and handed it to Alisa, "Here, put this on before heading inside."

A building crew including stonemasons, engineers, contractors, and of course, construction workers. First off, they needed to clear away the rubble. Alisa had seen a couple piles of rubble on the way to the docks, pretty much at any place warranting a fair amount of rebuilding. Once all the rubble had been sorted through and most of the reconstruction done, they could call the clean up crew to take care of it. She helped the construction crew carry away the debris and boulders, more often than not taking care of the larger rubble by herself...

This isn't to say she could do all of this herself, after all, even with her physical fitness, she had far too much wreckage to clear away by herself in an efficient amount of time. Her pure white outfit had all but turned gray now, coated in a fine layer of dust.

"No point wiping it clean now...", Alisa would think out loud as she glanced down, huffing as she picked up another block of broken concrete, holding it against her body, adding yet more dust in the process.

Fortunately, her efforts paid off and sooner than an hour had passed, they had cleared out the rubble and the builders were free to start their actual job. Now Alisa knew very little about construction, if anything at all. But thanks to having walked by so many construction and reconstruction sites in the wake of the attack, she had that knowledge firmly imprinted in her short term memory, in which order to carry out the different engineering steps involved in rising a building from the ground.

First off, they'd be rebuilding the broken pillar, restoring whatever could still be saved and sledgehammering the rest right off. This would no doubt require cement, bricks and metal beams. Understanding this even before the builders got to work, Alisa helped carry all those materials in turn, sometimes by hand, other times by cart, always doing her best to stay one step ahead of the crew, ensuring they had everything they needed. She would do this throuought the better part of a couple hours, more often than not having to dash around with materials in hand to keep everybody supplied.

The construction workers thus had everything they needed to not only fix the pillars, but rebuild the levelled walls from the ground up, and cover the not so serious cracks with plaster. They were only getting started on the roof when Lord Reign appeared once more to admire the work that had been done: "All this in just a few hours? Impressive indeed Miss Alisa.", he praised her once more, in very much the same tone as he'd done the first time, "But, you can stop now.", he'd say, handing her the jewels agreed on..

"So soon?", she asked, surprised, pointing up at the half built room, "The roof is still not finished."

"They can finish that themselves.", he answered charmingly, "Besides, you've been working all morning. Take a break, go eat lunch. Once you're done, I'll have another job for you."

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Noble reconstruction [Mission | Solo] CyhFjWA

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