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[Event] Operation: Grace

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#1Odin † 

[Event] Operation: Grace Empty Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:43 am

Odin †

That time was now, the battle was about to commence. Everyone had been given their missions, and now, with the sun high in the sky on the beautiful day, Hargeon was under attack. More specifically, the guild, Blue Pegasus, was under attack from Grimoire Heart, a battle of light versus dark in the most natural sense. Good vs Evil, the only question that remained was thus: who would come out on top?

Odin's mind was focussed on the mission as he ran through the streets of the town, having been given a distinct path to take that was out of the way from everyone else's to try and get in behind enemy lines and flank them, as he navigated the streets of the town, moving at a steep that made him look more like a man running very late for a very important meeting than an assailant moving towards its target. At the time it was, the crowds were out and about, and it was a rather busy day, which allowed Odin to move without fear of being detected, since no one in the Blue Pegasus could recognise him as a dark mage. Hell, only one person in the guild itself could even recognise him in general, and even then there had only been one interaction with her. Alisa, she had called herself, the crystal carver, an interesting magic that Odin had to make sure he was wary of. The wonderful thing was that Odin knew so much about her, and yet she knew nothing about him. She thought him Lucifer, proud owner of the Swineherd Pub, which was true, but was not going to help her here. She knew the human Lucifer, but today Hargeon was going to meet Lucifer the demon.

Despite this, she was still the one person he hoped he wouldn't come into contact with. If they were to meet and battle, the mission would come first and above all else, and Odin would have to take her out, but he'd much prefer it wouldn't come to that, that she would be sent out to fight someone else, and Odin would either make it to the guild, or be forced to fight another member, any other member of the guild.

As he reached the checkpoint that showed he was three quarters of the way to the guild, so he decided then to stop his quick walking, and begin simply strolling through the crowds, adopting Lucifer's persona as he greeted passer-by's and was generally a kindly man, something that disgusted both Odin and Lucifer the demon, but it as necessary so as not to arouse suspicion. It was a wide street he had found himself on, with alleyways connecting it to a maze of side streets, and it was busy, extremely busy, with everyone trying to get where they were wanting to go. Shortly, they'd no doubt be moving slightly faster, once the sounds of fighting began. After all, unbeknownst to them, the people of Hargeon were at war.



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"So it begins.", Alisa would state ominously, her legs crossed as she sipped what remained of her coffee, in a little café across the street from the guild hall. Her narrowing, scrutinizing eyes hadn't missed a single person, truly she hardly had eyes for anything else. Alisa was on watch duty. Nobody had assigned it to her or anything, but this was something she took seriously, and now for the first time the first words of battle had caught wind among the citizens of Hargeon.

She caught wind of rumours of an attack on Blue Pegasus and for that reason she'd not only come back to Hargeon, but pretty much locked herself inside the training room for as long as she could get away with. A few days back she'd started coming out more often, always clad in her white outfit and with a sword slung at her waist. Even Lumen came with her no matter how hard she told them not to... But even though not many among Blue Pegasus had taken the rumours seriously, at least, not like she did, they all came back home regardless.

Alisa didn't know where the battle had broken out, but between the strongest members of Blue Pegasus, she felt she could trust them to handle it while she did her part. However, she had no intention of fighting in the middle of a crowd where she'd most likely become part of the problem and not the solution. Instead, she finished her coffee at a leisurly pace and dropped some jewels on the table.

Nobody came to collect them. She didn't care.

At least most people knew how the formerly safest place in the city had now become the most dangerous:  "...Well, guess it's time.", she'd think to herself once more, with nobody but Lumen there to listen to her. She let the litwick climb onto her shoulder, looking around and confirming the people closest to the guild hall had already dispersed.

The crystal mage strode straight south with a resolute look in her eyes, sword on her left hip and Litwick on her right shoulder.

Thinking this trash could get so bold as to invade up her home infuriated her to no end, but Alisa took her deep breaths and reined in her hatred into mere annoyance like she'd grown so good at doing. She wouldn't go back to a time when she killed first and asked questions later, but she still yearned for the power to chain down this evil just as she'd done to her own. Though she had chosen to walk the path of light, yet even now Alisa didn't think of herself in terms of good or evil. She was just Alisa, and right now she was protecting her home from delinquents.

Past two blocks and she could yet spot a couple dozen people, already dispersing as she passed, then from then on just another block until her destination, a forty meter wide roundabout with a park in the middle, surrounded by houses and streets on all sides. This roundabout presented a key strategic location: Most alleyways fed three larger streets that could be seen from this position, and at this point, anybody still heading towards the guild's general direction was either an idiot, or involved in the battle to come. To the east and west, two fifteen meter wide streets that must be crossed by anyone getting to the guild hall; at least without going all the way around. And to the south, a normally busy street now steadily deserting as most people dispersed wherever.

In any other situation, Alisa would have never come here at this time of the day... Too many people, too close to her. But now, with a war starting in the city, a single figure caught her eye, a green haired male she had met in Magnolia. He'd be about 30 meters away from her when their eyes met, but with the crowd thinning, she wouldn't lose sight of him again unless he actively hid somewhere, which she seriously doubted he might.

She didn't trust him, though she didn't trust most people so that hardly said anything. She felt in him an inherent duality of light and dark not unlike herself, partly attributed to his choice of name. But other than that everything aroused suspicion once you started putting the pieces together. And seeing him here, heading in this direction, all but confirmed those suspicions.

That said, she hinted at none of them, simply flashing him that cool smile and standing her ground, waiting patiently as her eyes followed his every move, looking for any move or unwanted approach that might hint to an attack on his part. At his current pace, by the time he reached the roundabout every non combatant would have dispersed. Alisa's calm but stern presence - armed and bearing her guild's insignia - helped speed things along, and an attack nearby would speed it even further.

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#3Odin † 

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Odin †


To his own disadvantage, Odin didn't know Hargeon extremely well, and he admitted that a combatant would have the advantage in the home field if he allowed himself to get lost or become trapped. But, having stayed in main streets following his way towards the guild, he avoided the surroundings being used against him for the most part, not that it helped too much when his enemy would appear right in front of him, almost waiting for his approach. And that wasn't even the worst part.

The worst part was who he saw.

Ahead of Odin was a roundabout, a perfectly circular area that was no doubt to be his battle ground for the day's activities. He was around fifteen metres from the circumference of the roundabout, and fifteen metres further in was his opponent: Alisa. The crystal mage of Blue Pegasus, and someone who was no doubt quite handy when it came to combat, simply going by her magic and the guild she belonged to. Odin knew that this wasn't going to be easy, but having to fight against someone he'd already met was going to be annoying. It would've been far easier if she had just been a stranger.

There was no use trying to hide from her, as the townspeople were all starting to move away from the guild, almost like an unspoken evacuation, which meant Odin was moving through a sea of people, and he was the only one going towards the guild, which made him an easy person to pick out in the crowd, removing the point in arousing any more suspicion. Despite that, he moved with purpose, as he had from the moment he had entered Hargeon, and he moved as Lucifer, the owner of the pub, the one that Alisa knew. Once he pushed through the remaining crowd, Odin watched Alisa as he ran towards her, a look of compassion and worry on his face as he stopped a mere fifteen metres from her, now standing on the circumference of the roundabout, giving him the ability to see the blade at her side, as well as the creature sitting on her shoulder, a creature that looked like a living candle, noting the purple flame on what must've been its head.

"Alisa!? What's going on here? Why does everyone seem on edge? I heard that something terrible was coming, I wanted to come help. Are you okay?" Odin's tone was one of masterfully falsified concern, with a touch of truth in it. Despite how much he tried to avoid such feelings, Odin had become fond of Alisa during their brief meeting, and had wished to meet her again, albeit under different circumstances than the ones they currently found themselves in.

With his body language, facial expressions and tone all conveying the feeling of worry and concern, as any normal civilian's would in the current situation, Odin didn't once betray the fact that he was ready for anything Alisa did. His feet were positioned with his left in front of his right, as he had landed after running, but that only suggested he had ran. His hands, animated and out in front of him as he spoke, were mere moments from grasping the blade sheathed on his left hip, already being in front and in motion. His eyes, which only revealed true concern as they gazed into Alisa's, were studying every inch of her face without leaving her eyes, encompassing her entire face in the boy's vision, meaning any twitch, any tensing of a muscle, it would be picked up and revealed. There was nothing around the two, and Odin was simply wearing a long sleeved navy shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and matching joggers, the kind one wore for training, hardly the attire of a terrorist.



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There's a reason why Alisa paid little mind to one's appearance after suspecting him or her a dark mage: They were pretty good at hiding their true self, be it their appearance, their name, or even their personality. Natural selection played a part in this, as the ones who failed didn't usually last long, Alisa knew that much from experience. The rare few exceptions that proved the rule often turned out to be the most dangerous of the lot. Though he clearly wasn't the type to flaunt his affiliation openly, he also didn't try so hard to hide it, and from the words they had exchanged before, she knew he was most defenitely strong. Even though Lucifer was here now, she couldn't really know for sure whether this was indeed the same person she'd met in Magnolia, or simply an enemy with the ability to change appearaneces, to instill doubt in a foe's mind.

Yet Alisa would harbor none, even if this showed how little she knew of the real Lucifer. Indeed she was under no illusions of knowing her enemy, but the reverse was also true. Merely knowing her magic gave very little clues as what she could actually do with it, and she couldn't help but wonder - if this was indeed the same person she'd met before - if he would honestly believe otherwise.

He didn't change his course when their eyes met and Alisa didn't change hers either. She wouldn't exactly meet him halfway, but she'd approach five more

meters into the roundabout surrounding the park, which would leave them at ten meters distance unless anybody took a step back. Soon they were close enough to exchange words. At any other time or place, such a greeting would have recieved a far more cordial, welcoming response. Though her faint smile didn't fade - no foe had gotten her to stop smiling in a long time - her tone and posture made her thoughts perfectly clear, she spoke to an acquaintance whose ruse she had seen through. He already knew the answer to his own questions, and telling him something he already knew would be an insult to his intelligence...

And more importantly, her own:

"...So this is your side job huh? I have to say, I liked you better when you were just a bartender.", half admitting and half accusing with a hint of sarcasm, she drew her sword and held it vertically in front of her, standing her ground, her right leg forward in an even weighted stance. With a fluid, calm stance, she could spring to action from either leg as easily as breathing, in any direction, but for now she displayed no such intent unless someone gave her a reason to, via unwanted approach or actual attack. Her goal was protecting her guild, so she cared very little whether she had to defeat potential attackers, outright kill them, or make them leave of their own accord, "I don't suppose you'd postpone the visit to another day?"

She had her eyes on his' the whole time, yet they had enough distance between them that she could spot any suspicious movements on his whole body, and respond accordingly. But lacking any kind of hurry, she was perfectly content with exchanging words; trusting her allies to handle their own foes. Truly Alisa didn't trust easily, and perhaps for this reason she wound up placing perhaps too much faith on the ones she did trust. But try to convince her of that.

In spite of all this, part of her felt genuinely sorry to have been right about Lucifer - that mutual understanding she though she felt was most likely real, ironically proved true alongside his affliation; not that she'd admit it so easily. Though he had chosen darkness over light and now presented himself across her on the battlefield, she still wouldn't kill him. Not out of any misguided sentimentality, but for one simple reason: The dead don't talk.

Besides, whatever innocent lives he may or may not have taken in the past weren't hers to avenge...

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- Alisa Vollan

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#5Odin † 

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Odin †

The conversation between the two was seemingly going to become more personal, as Alisa closed the gap to a simple ten metres, placing her halfway between the centre of the roundabout and Odin's current location on the circumference, giving her nowhere to run that Odin wouldn't be able to see her, as was the case with him. In the park, there were a few trees where one could maybe lose sight of their attacker, but out in the open there were no such obstacles. There was no point in hiding, but that extended to far more than just physical location. Here they both were, out in the open, revealed for their true natures.

It took less than a moment, and Odin changed. His worried expression became one of calm, calculating efficiency. His animated arms moved to his blade, drawing it and holding it out in front of him in his right hand, the tip of the blade resting just under where Odin's eyes saw Alisa's throat. His left hand remained up, with slightly bent fingers and an open palm, ready to react to anything. His feet were the only parts that didn't move, staying with one foot in front of the other, but they looked more steady now than they had, now with purpose. And his eyes, the far that once made home within them was erased completely, now replaced with the dark mage's true nature: his eyes could see any movement, despite being rested on her eyes. And in that moment, Odin smiled. Not a kindly smile like the one's he had given to Alisa the last time they had met. This smile was one of malice, the smile a human would give to an ant before squashing it.

"You're mistaken, this is my job, my purpose. Being the bartender is the side job. And that offer for a room still holds, no matter the outcome of this day. You might be needing a new place to stay soon." She had readied herself, drawing her own blade and holding it vertically out in front of her, before she made an amusing remark for Odin to come back another day and leave, which caused a light chuckle to escape the mage's lips, "I think we both know the answer to that unfortunately."

In his readied stance, Odin would be able to react to anything the girl did, as well as the creature still sitting on her shoulder, something that would no doubt be used in this fight. Odin had never thought about owning a companion, as he had never desired to fight with anyone else. He remembered Nastasya's Snow Vulpix, as well as Isabella King's Vulpix, both fox like creatures with different abilities. No doubt this creature, being an animated candle, held some abilities of its own that Odin was about to understand.


It was but a whisper, too quiet for Alisa to know what it was that he said, but enough to activate Odin's magic. His entire form grew three inches, making him 5ft 10, and his hair began to change, from the olive green to a beautiful pale gold colour, and grew to reach down to his back in glorious waves. The more noticeable changes were his ears, which elongated and became much more pointed, almost like he was becoming a magical being; and his horns, thin and the same colour as his hair, sprouted out from the top of his head. Two crimson wings grew from the demon's back, lined by bone and spikes. His face became much more pointed, but his eyes burned the same crimson colour as they had. This, despite all the changes, was still the same man who had stood there a single moment ago, as all this change happened almost instantaneously. The same smile, although now from a different mouth, still faced Alisa, as the figure opened its mouth. And from that mouth came a mellifluous voice, a sound one might even call divine.

"Shall we begin?"




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Granted, Alisa had only been 83% certain of her suspicion...

This was still enough certainty to attack, and especially to bluff her way into making him admit, but not enough to seriously hurt him until she knew for sure. But he saved her the trouble and confessed it, finally revealing his true self. As much as she may loathe his objective, she preferred an honest man over a liar any day of the week. Examining his stance, she found it highly offensive and ready for lunging attacks, yet she wouldn't let that fool her. With his sword held like that, he could just as easily tilt in the desired direction and sweep quickly in just about any angle, in exchange for a loss power. However, though she could see his sword, she yet lacked any idea of what kind of magic he posessed, meaning she'd keep an eye on those hands. Just in case he only wielded the sword to keep opponents a distance... As he abandoned the veil of kindness, she soon deemed him cocky, almost annoyingly so, but Alisa recognized her own vanity enough not to hold that against him. It paled in comparison to his desire to vandalize her guild:

"Is that so...? You needn't worry about my home, I assure you.", she'd reply dismissively, reacting to threats with cool smiling, hair flipping confidence, unshakable and resolute, seeing him as little more than something to pass the time in the grand scheme of things. Maybe he'd be able to amuse her a little? How long had it been a long time since she cut loose in earnest? "Don't misunderstand, your only choice was between the easy way or the hard way."

Soon, he revealed a little something to back up that confidence, a form of Transformation magic - advanced looking - Take-over most likely. Still, she reacted to his transformation with aloof indifference: She'd never found demonic appearances attractive and wasn't about to start now; he'd been pretty before so that wasn't really new either. His' was just another form of magic with its own strengths and weaknesses, and if it actually turned him into a demon, then this battle would be stupidly easy, as her sword could tear through such demons like butter...

She doubted that would be the case, but she'd soon find out soon anyway. Focused and unyielding, her frigid eyes contrasted with her smile, seeing nothing but the enemy and the countless ways she could bring him down, so much even the slighest movements on her part had a purpose behind it. As such, he wouldn't get a chance to ask his final question as Alisa would answer it with her body: In a flash, she'd lean forward and kick off, not directly towards her foe but close; close enough that they'd bump shoulders together if she were to keep going forward. But she didn't. With her speed, she'd reach an ideal three meters distance away from him in slightly over 0,7 seconds, about a full meter from the pointy end of his outstretched blade. This was, assuming it would still be in its initial position by the time she reached it, as it almost certainly wouldn't.

Along the way, she'd tilt her her sword diagonally with the tip towards her upper left side, above her head. With her weapon constantly between herself and her foe, this angle allowed her to defend against both horizontal or vertical swings before they struck her body. It would not only stop a sword strike to her own neck, but also ensure that any attempt to slide his blade up her curved edge and hit her head, would instead slip over it harmlessly.

Lucifer's sword was in her way, so she'd remove it from the playing field.

She'd brake and end the dash with her right foot leading and pointing slightly to the her foe's left side, enough so she'd naturally turn into a sweeping strike towards that direction while losing speed from the foot upwards. She'd aim the upper half of her blade just below the center of the opponent's, so a hit would deal as much damage as possible to the blonde's weapon, breaking and likely shattering it entirely - rendering it unusable for the rest of the battle.

By keeping her elbows bent and sword close to her body as long as possible, she'd maximize turning speed - putting as much momentum from her dash into her arms as possible - before stretching out as needed at the last moment. Together with a final flick of her wrists, her blade would strike fast and hard like a whiplash, marking the end of her deceleration. Swinging this sword with one hand came easily enough, but she still used both hands: Her right hand mainly dealt with power, leaving precision to her left hand.

All in all, Alisa performed the whole dash and the attack at the end in a single fluid motion, her body loose and uncommited but with a firm grip on her right hand; tensing only the instant before whenever contact happened. She'd distribute her weight more towards her leading leg, but by executing the attack in synch with her rear foot trailing after its lead sibling, her weight ultimately shifted towards an even stance.

Her eyes focused primarily on her demonic opponent's arms - both the sword and the idle hand he'd either employ for melee attacks or spells - and his torso behind them. 3 meters were still far away enough that could still glance at his whole body and spot attacks coming from his legs. Naturally, Alisa wouldn't set such a charging attack in stone, and remain alert for her opponent's actions at all times. Simple adjustments of Lucifer's sword might be accounted for so long as she could still reach her mark from her desired position, but other movements like defenses, counters - and more importantly points of attack disappearing from her field of vision - likely warranted a change of plans...

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- Alisa Vollan

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#7Odin † 

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Odin †

Alisa the mage, as expected, was as confident in her fighting abilities as Alisa the crystal carver was in her creations. That was, to say, very, as she dismissed any threats Odin sent her way, only to send back another verbal assault of her own. Odin was starting to get tired of trading words, and was prepared for the inevitability of them trading blows, which came soon after.

Lucifer Morningstar watched as, just after the instant he had gained control of Odin body, changing form to become the true demon inside, Alisa acted, dashing towards him with her blade held at a diagonal angle so as to efficiently react to any strikes that could be sent her way as she did so. This dash began to bring her towards the demon, towards her enemy, but this dash was to be her undoing.

Due to the space between them, Lucifer knew there was no way Alisa could cover the distance before he would have time to react, and sure enough, there was enough time for him to both see her move, and react accordingly. With his blade still held in one hand, his right hand, Lucifer dashed to meet Alisa about 0.15 seconds after the moment he saw what she was doing, moving towards her at 6m/s for 1.5 metres, which would place him at his desired location in a quarter of a second. In that same time, Alisa would continue to move forward, and into the now outstretched blade of Lucifer's, which was directly aimed at her throat. As Lucifer had dashed, he had also lunged, sending his blade directly into Alisa's throat, easily causing severe bleeding and, if it connected, unconsciousness, unless by some miracle she was able to escape his attack. If all went to plan, this battle would be over in an instant, with Lucifer standing over his opponent, the victor.


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Unbeknownst to the two of them, Alisa's opponent had made two mistakes: First, assuming all humans reacted as quickly (or in this case, as slowly) as he did; and the second, not allowing himself the slightest margin for error. Yet the first mistake proved utterly irrelevant in the face of the second, as it wouldn't be the sculptress' underestimated reflexes that did him in, but her foresight and physical fitness. He had a valid reason to do so, as they were approximately the same height and weight and Alisa had the slimmer build, plus neither of them had seen each other in action before. And as much as she hated admitting it, a man of her size with the same amount of training she had should theoretically be stronger.


Confident in her solid guard, she didn't need to rely on the cues in his body preceeding his dash, and instead preferred baiting his obvious attack until he was too close to do anything about it; changing nothing but her plans of followup. He didn't adjust his stance in the slightest, keeping his sword outstretched. The only attack he could do from that position that might actually threaten Alisa was a forward lunge to the neck. In the off chance it was a feint and the lunge went elsewhere, she could still shift her sword and parry it accordingly.

All in all, his idea had been sound; intercepting Alisa with the quickest, most linear path to her weak spot could have given him the win had she not

been guarding said weakness in the first place. Alas, he had to aim ahead of her - where he assumed she would be - to compensate for her angle of attack, while her sword was angled diagonally in front of her, fully covering her neck. The blade faced her right side and pointed towards her enemy's left side, while the blunt edge pointed at her own left shoulder.

Alisa's counter attack began the moment Lucifer's sword came before the middle of her blade on its way to intercept and stab her throat. Thanks to its diagonal angle, the falcata would not just endure the hit but work like a wedge, diverting the attacking sword towards the Pegasus' left side and away from her. Because of her greater strength and firm, right handed grip, the glimmering falcata wouldn't budge much from it's position at all.

This is not to say she wouldn't experience any force:

When a point in front of her center of mass met that faint resistance from its left side, she'd experience a slight clockwise turn, an effect she accounted for and even used to help her; by quickly shifting her hips into it so her torso faced her foe in full. At the same time, her grip on her sword would move the opposite direction towards her left hip, preventing the demon man's sword from sliding down and striking her body.

Despite needing only minimal correction, the window she had to perform it was even narrower, and ultimately it took her setting her left foot down - pointed his way - to fully complete the turn. So in those final 0,05 seconds, her dash would have ended with several changes from her initial plan: Her sword would be mostly vertical, touching Lucifer's at about 75cm past its tip, roughly one and a quarter meters from his head... Give or take a decimeter... She achieved this by pushing against his' in tandem with properly aligning and bringing herself closer. She wouldn't have been able to move the full intended distance due to meeting resistance, slowing down at the end and instead settling for a final 40 or so centimeters. But this left both her feet very close together, with her right foot still in motion, ready to keep advancing now in a straight line towards her foe.

She lacked the time to make a single wide movement with any one part of her body, but thanks to a well calculated defense, she could rely on her great reflexes and coordination for a minor corrections in several places in unison, deflecting Lucifer's attack with relative ease.

And then came retaliation, a counter she hardly needed to think to execute: Having seen his attack coming, she simply allowed her body to flow into an automated movement she'd executed several thousands of times in training, far weaker that she was now. Lucifer, however, wouldn't have the luxury of reacting.

Flowing straight into it from the end of her dash, she executed an explosive, dash-like forward step encompassing little over a third of a meter, something she could only achieve by kicking off her rooted left leg as the soon to be leading right foot passed by its sibling. This was a textbook execution of Xing Yi Quan footwork, a martial art Alisa had learned and honed at the start of her travels, strictly for swordsmanship.

This close, Lucifer just couldn't see it while focused on her throat. Simultaneously, her left hand would snap straight towards the left side of his throat, providing reach and direction while her right elbow would stretch and bend as needed to accomodate her desired strike. Her arms moved in synch with a sudden leftward swing of her hips - shooting outwards like a cannonball. Since she did this mid dash, her sword would effectively come at her foe faster than her own dash speed, sliding along the length of Lucifer's weapon into a fully horizontal swing. Alisa would still keep her sword at an angle, so that her strike wouldn't be accidentally stopped by neither the hilt of his weapon, or his knuckles.

As such, once her right foot finally took the lead - also pointed at Lucifer's left side - her sword would have been dangerously close to his neck. But she didn't aim to kill. Right before impact, she would shift the sword slightly and put her strength behind the flat of the blade, hitting him right in the jaw. The impact would reveberate through his skull, knocking him unconscious in a flash with a nasty concussion. The strike would hit simultaneously with her rear foot chasing after the lead, pushing her foe's head back and likely knocking him down even had he been strong enough to whitstand the impact.

She had a simple goal, land her strike before 0,1 seconds had passed, faster than any human would have been able to react. It might very well not be necessary, but she was a cautious woman who never underestimated her opponents, even when she taunted them. She fought with the overwhelming power needed to win, yet keeping some trump cards up her sleeve for as long as possible. Between the 0,05s after his failed attack and the end of her dash, plus the 0,03s of her step in, this left 0,02s for her sword to travel to its mark. It would indeed be over in an instant... For him:

"Sweet dreams, Lucy...", were the only words she'd spare him, teasing in the same softer voice he might have grown used to when they first met, hinting at her lack of personal grudge. Fitting words since being knocked unconscious would undoubtedly undo his Takeover and bring back Odin the man. A man with a big superiority complex, but a man nonetheless... And she still didn't hate him.

...So much she would do something she herself didn't understand why... Perhaps simply out of that sense of kinship, or perhaps for recognizing in him the same sin that would likely lead to her one way trip to hell. Vanity was yet another form of pride after all... So she'd pick him up and carry him to the nearest hotel. Little did Alisa know that Finn had also gone there to drop off a vanquished opponent, or that the room she paid for Lucifer was right next to the one Yumi would be in. She initally justified herself saying it would be easier to question him in private than in the middle of the battlefield.

But she didn't care about questioning enough to stick around when the huge explosion made itself heard, all the way from her guild hall, and Alisa would make her exit...



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- Alisa Vollan

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#9Odin † 

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Odin †

Odin had mistakenly thought Alisa's blade was somewhere other than where it was: directly in the way between his own sword and her neck, making his attack fail, which instigated a series of motions that would ultimately cause Odin to lose consciousness. Alisa's blade would hit Odin cleanly and knock him out without a word, save the few Alisa herself uttered as he fell. The fall ended his TakeOver form and caused Odin to become the loser in the fight, despite having been confident in his attack.

A few hours later, Odin would wake up in a hotel nearby to where he had fought Alisa. His bill had been paid for and he was well rested when he woke, albeit a little sore in the head. He had lost in his fight, twice in a row, he was a failure to his guild, and a failure of a warrior. He had to improve, he had to get better, he had to stop being so pathetic and get better. Lucifer said nothing to him as he walked out of the hotel, there were no words needed. He was a loser, and he would no doubt soon receive punishment. Silent, Odin wandered back into Hargeon.



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