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Magnolia To Crocus [Foot Travel]

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Magnolia To Crocus [Foot Travel] Empty Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:33 am

Venus Rosé

Who would have expected that Snowflake settled in Magnolia for more than a month? She was not one to stick to a location for so long since she had the rest of Fiore to explore. She always loved coming back to the town despite how it’s so boisterous all the time however, it might be the reason people are drawn towards coming to Magnolia. Sunlight entered into her room, lighting up the entire place with it sun rays. The curtains billowed from the harsh gales that blew across the land, soothing the summer days.

”Vy, are you ready?”

Vysella was an independent companion, the reason because she grew up under Snowflake’s protection. She remembered the day she met Vysella for the first time, lying in the snow and curled up into herself. It seemed that the white fox was lost but then the animal was still pretty young to be wandering along. Sympathetic, Snowflake had approached her and yet, she showed no fear to the stranger. The fox accepted to be in her arms and wrapping her scarf around the creature’s tiny, little body, she brought her home. Ever since then, they have been good friends, looking out for each other although, she preferred calling Vysella as part of her family.

As Snowflake combed through her unkempt, silver hair, she placed a black hair band on her head to keep the hair neat and tidy before locating her usual accessories on her body, such as her eyeband. It was strange but she preferred having her eyes concealed, for they appeared rather strange to the human eye. She wasn’t human anymore, not entirely and even her eyes might appear somehow robotic. Vysella released a low growl, indicating that she had finally finished packing in which she placed all her snacks for the trip inside the little bag that Snowflake had bought for her precious pet. Giving a quick peck on the top of Vy’s forehead, she quickly zipped up her bag for her and gave one last look around the room to ensure that she doesn’t forget anything.

Chelvaric had informed her a couple of days before his departure and that he was leaving to Crocus. Sure enough, Snowflake decided to travel there as well and this was probably the first time that she would be travelling to a location with a specific intention. There were still things that has to be done and she had promises made with her comrade.  


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