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Leaving over nothingness [Foot travel][Oak > Baska]

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Leaving over nothingness [Foot travel][Oak > Baska] Empty Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:23 pm


There was nothing here. No single soul to be seen, no single tile worth his attention. the only reason he came to this town was to kick up some rookies and cause a chaotic scene in which people would have to come together to solve. But it obviously wasn't going to happen. Sadly the male departed from his temporary home in Oak. His home wasn't worthy of mentioning though--which ironically is contradictory, because of 4th-wall reasons.

After acquiring his spear from the blacksmith he left it at for a couple of days, the male headed for the nearest train-station. He quite literally was walking in his old footprints, as he'd been here a few days before. The deep hue of the moonlight still had an imprint on his memory. Walking to Baska wasn't an issue, the issue was that most people during the summer season went to Baska to use the train. This had left many people stranded on the road--which explains the frowning faces that were aimed at Maarschalk, he rudely bumped his shoulder into the people that wouldn't move aside for his superior walking speed. Every living soul succumbed to this, superior walking speed of his.

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