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Miller Time [Request][Kon]

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Arriving in Orchidia has been just what the mage had needed as whilst he was able to get the support of Alice in Magnolia town, here just seemed to have a more homely feel to the place, he still had to be careful avoiding the general public from noticing him as much as possible. He did this by purchasing a cloak just the day prior which he was now wearing as he left his newly acquired residence that he had obtained just a few days ago. It was a modest building in the exterior but far more flamboyant inside. Formerly he was staying at an inn with Alice however that had changed because of his new status as a property owner. The two of them were now instead staying here at least for as long as they would be in Orchidia. He had been so kind to her in fact to give her a key to the place so she could stay there by herself if need be. The cloak, itself was made of a coarse brown material though light in weight, he cared little at this point of such matters as he pulled the hood over his head concealing both his noticeable blonde hair and his cat ears.

Seeking to hide the remainder of his face, Kon slid the red scarf from the armour he had gotten rid of over his mouth and onto his nose. As he did so, he was approached by man of a slim build, fairly tall dressed in a rather tattered up suit and donning a fedora who spoke to him directly whilst pulling out a wax stamped letter from his ratty blazer. “You look like someone who’s in need, here take this my boss wanted your help and then he’ll help you out the best he can in your situation.” Confused about who this man and his boss were he and just how that man knew that it was him.

Grabbing the letter from the man who let go without hesitation, he flicked it open and read it with slight difficulty, whoever had wrote it didn’t have the great education with numerous spelling mistakes and the occasional use of inappropriate words for a sentence. Fortunately for him all that really mattered in the letter itself was the location of the man and the client who was after him, Dex Miller who proudly placed his name down the bottom of the letter along with numerous titles which were likely made up to fill his ego.

Shaking his head in irritation, he spoke to the man who was still there with him. “So Dex miller needs me to do something for him, I wouldn’t need too much explanation if I could bloody read his writing.” The man nodded in agreement. “I have to agree with you on that one, I said I could write it for him but he insisted, I’ll take you to him so you can talk to him about the job he wants you to do for him.”


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Considering he didn’t have much choice in the matter as he needed as all the help he could get both he and his companion would follow the man to Dex, who told him, his name Bobby the spook. Another one of the loonies that resided in Orchidia. “Just what was it about this town that attracted so many odd people?” Rolling his eyes as he pulled up the scarf having slipped down slightly as he spoke. “Fine, fine, take me to him.” Nodding once more the man led kon towards his client, the walk itself was fairly short though still took sometime with him avoiding large groups of people often skirting around them with cat-like reflexes. Eventually reaching their destination, a small restaurant squeezed between two apartment blocks.

Wanting to be the astonishing gentleman Bob opened the door to the building causing a gentle jingle to ring out as it struck a bell that hung above the door frame itself. As this occurred partons inside the brightly lit building peered curiously at the newcomers, wanting to reduce the amount of attention he was receiving, Kon swift entered the restaurant with bob letting the door close after him as he followed.

Noting the presence of the mage an individual moved towards him before placing his right hand over the blonde mage’s shoulder and shaking his head. “Kon my boy, just what mess have you done?” Curious about how he knew he merely responded. “Excuse me?” “Bah come now no need to hide what you’ve done, you’re around friends i’m more than happy to help you I just need you to do just one thing for me.” Confused about what the man desired he waited for him to continue. “No-one here is taking me seriously, I need you to create a crime scene that i can investigate and catch a criminal.” Confused about what the man was talking about but no objecting just yet he motioned to him. “Go on.”

“Its simple, I need you to create a fight in an alley way you can do this by getting some animal blood from the local butcher and steal some weapons from a forge.” Confused but stuck without a two dimes to rub together, he reluctantly agreed. “Okay where’s the butcher? And steal some weapons, why?” Smiling with glee the man gave the directions in swiftly but clearly, “Take this left which will take you into blackmans road, and that right which will lead you to Albert street, there you will find the butcher, further on will be the smith” Continuing on for many minutes before closing with “The weapons will be returned to the owner upon completion of the request.” Sighing in resignation to the idea of stealing, he promptly left the restaurant with miller shouting out as he ran off towards the butcher. “Just be careful with the blood don’t spill any of the stuff, you hear me?” Rolling his eyes at the thought, he paced himself with his companion by his side to the butcher which was fairly busy with the odd customer coming in and out from time to time.



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Still having his hood raised above and beyond his head and scarf concealing his face he too entered the butcher. Occasionally he would get the odd glare apart from that he was ignored. Eventually he was served by a young man tall in stature, stocky in frame, with golden locks pulled back in a ponytail. Looking at the mage in confusion but otherwise ignoring his strange appearance he spoke to him. “Anything here that takes your interest, sir?”

Taking a look there was numerous cuts of meat from various different animals wanting to appear at least a little bit normal he pointed at a few pieces and spoke into his scarf. “Yes I’ll take a kilo of the smoked sausage, a that piece of eye fillet steak and provided you have some, a bag of animal’s blood.” The first two he nodded with and started to grabbed the sausage before stopping as he mentioned bag of blood. “Excuse me sir?” Sighing with slight frustration he merely explained the need for it. “My boss needs it for some mission that he’s doing investigating something i don’t know.”

This was true at least for the most part, shrugging at his excuse, he continued to pack both the sausage and fillet into separate bundles before talking to him once more. “One minute sir, I’ll get you the special order.” Shrugging to himself, he merely nodded in response. “Take your time.” Indeed he did with loud bangs and swearing being heard as the man walked off out of his line of sight. After a while with many more customer arriving forcing the other servers to work overtime, the man returned clutching a bag from two handles and placed it on a nearby bench.
Removing the gloves that were now covered in blood he drew up the total for the meat and the blood scoffing to himself, he shook his head and handed everything over to Kon before mentioning the cost. “It’s 5k...5k How is that possible?” Confused himself, he wasn’t going to argue and swiftly paid the amount he was owed before placing the cool meat into a satchel, clutching the bag with his left hand and leaving the butcher with looks of confusion following him. Ignoring them he headed to his next destination keep an eye on the bag itself to ensure that it wasn’t leaking. Normally now with his neko abilities he would have been up on the rooftops jump from one to another to his destination but he couldn’t risk the bag from tearing open from the sharp corners he might come across so instead he took his time.

The sun lazily hovered above the town enveloped by the forest around it as he continued to walk through the town, the ever increasing heat had begun to attract flies to the bag of blood that he continued to carry. Eventually though he made it to a forge itself seemingly absent with a sign on the door stating: Gone for Lunch, will return in an hour. Fortunately there were numerous battered and tired looking weapons just lying on the ground to the side of the door. Looking at the practically worthless weapons, he shook his head before finding a bag to place a few inside before slinging it over his right shoulder and walking back to the restaurant through what seemed like a shortcut between two buildings, an alleyway.



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Free from people he continued his path way towards the restaurant, the alleyway despite the summer sunlight was fairly dark though his vision wasn’t impaired in the slightest.
Unfortunately for him it didn’t save him from the sudden exit of an individual dressed in the Rune Knight garb who promptly blocked his path. “Oi, what do you have there?, on your back?” Trying to come up with a valid excuse he spoke out to him. “I throwing away these weapons that my master can’t refine or rework anymore.” Looking at the man, he moved forward to get a better look at his face. Seeking to avoid individuals from recognising him particular if they were Rune Knights he tried to slip away.

In no mood for chasing him, the officer spoke to him directly. “Two options, tell me what you’re doing with the weapons and remove your scarf or i’ll have to throw you in jail for impeding a rune knight in their job and stealing.” Annoyed that he would have to remove the scarf he had little choice, dropping the weapons to the ground with a resounding clash of metal on metal and lowering to place the bag on the ground gently, he looked at the man firmly with brilliant eyes seemingly radiating with energy as he slid down the scarf that concealed a majority of his face. “I guess, I have no choice, my client, Dex Miller wanted to raise his reputation within the community by starting an investigation headed by himself, no clue though how he wanted it set up with just blood and weapons being thrown around, you’d think a dead body would be needed or people wouldn’t leave their weapons behind.”

The Rune Knight shaking his head and he pondered for a bit, scratching his chin as he did so. “Dex Miller, Eh? okay, I’ll let you continue with what you’re doing just know that i’ve got my eye on you and make sure to return the weapons from wherever you got them from after you’re done.” Allowing him to continue along with the facade he spoke to him once more. “To prevent any funny business, I’ll be taking over this “investigation” once Dex comes so this area can be cleared up as soon as possible and so he won’t be inclined to have you or another individual make these fake crimes and otherwise hinder my or another Rune Knights work.”

With the Rune Knight now following him, Kon picked up the bag and some of the weapons leaving behind some before scattering the remainder with the bag still filled to the brim with animal blood he grabbed one of the swords and pierced it swiftly and cleanly preferring to use that inside of his own claws to avoid risk of infection. Soon the slightly thickening blood poured out of the pouch onto the sword as well as the surrounding causing some to even flick up onto himself and the rune knight. The knight seemingly unaccustom to the sight of blood recoiled in disgust and spat out as some flicked up onto his face, the same had happened to the blond mage though he merely drew up his scarf once more and wiped of any that struck him. The blood appeared to be too much for the man was he doubled over into a corner to vomit up his breakfast to several audible lurches.



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The rune knight now distracted with his state poor health, kon quickly made his made his escape by rapidly cast down a rat before climbing up onto the rooftop of one of the buildings in order to cause a commotion towards the alleyway by having it attack the guard, it would do no harm to him just nibble on him slightly. Startled by the sudden presence along with the disappearance of the blonde mage, the Rune Knight barely had time to wipe the vomit that had collected on the sides of his mouth before the rat attacked him once more, kicking the rat aside the man pulled one of the swords amidst the chaos from the pile and began to fight at his new enemy with the blunt weapon.

The battle cries of the rune knight and shrieks of the rat drew the attention of the community at large with the responses being a mixture of disgust, mockery and even cheers of courage for the man standing up to the unusual beast. Meanwhile Kon simply looked from above eating some of the smoked sausage that he had purchased early, the meat itself was beautifully cured using cuts of both pork and local boar. The crowd grew and grew with them blocking off all exits in which the rune knight could leave from. As the rat became flustered with all of the new threats and not wanting to harm the innocent around them, kon cast it away causing both the rune knight and the community that were surrounding them to become bewildered looking around for the rat. It was of course never to be seen in the area again, in the meantime though Kon would make his escape to leave the officer to clean up the mess he had made as well as getting the citizens around him away so he could get out.

Already on the rooftops of the houses in Orchidia, Kon had easy access to move around, far easier than he would have if he were to walk he also was not hindered by the chance of getting spotted by a different rune knight who might once again intervene in his work. Eventually though he reached Dex Miller who had been watching with glee as the events had unfolded from a cafe by the opposite side of the incident sitting down and enjoying some coffee. Without uttering a single noise, Kon reached his client from the rooftops to the street before standing directly in front of him.

It was only after his attention finally drawn from the crowd that he noticed his presence surprised by the silent approach of the man he jumped up in his seat before commenting. “Geez make some noise next time you’ll give an old man a heart heart.” he spoke to the blond haired mage. “Honestly I wasn’t expecting it to be that interesting you did a good job getting the attention of the entire community to flood that area, I could see how you did it though no matter as long as no-one was harmed.” Nodding to his comment as he had little to comment on, noticing his lack of response he merely continued. “Now I guess it’s onto the matter of payment as well as dealing with the incident regarding Magnolia town and Fairy Tail, it’s a tricky spot you’ve put yourself in i’ll try and help you out as much as possible for now just lay low.”

It was only then that Kon finally spoke. “Not to worry I have obtained a plot of land recently i’ve put it under a different name for now i’ll be staying there for a bit until moving onto another town, I’ve been considering going to Era town actually to see if I can resolve this peacefully.” Dex scoffed at the idea of him even considering such a thing. “Attacking a guild is a serious offense, I don’t know what will be the charge but i don’t think it will be within your price range.” With a reluctant sigh he had to agree with him. “We’ll see…” Drinking the remainder of his coffee, Dex pulled out his wallet and gave kon several fat stacks of jewels. “Use this to look after yourself and thank you for your work, I’ll be in touch with you eventually in the meantime I have things to attend with.”

Receiving the money Kon slid it into his jacket pocket as his client threw down some jewels to pay for his drink before leaving to meld into the crowd that still occupied the alleyway. “Probably should have told him about the rune knight….oh well.” No longer bound to working for Dex, he too left the area heading towards his new manor which was yet to be renovated still containing a majority of the contents which the previous occupant had in the home. He wasn’t concerned with such things at least not yet but he would definitely at some point strip the entire home of its contents and start from the ground up until then he would use the portion of the house he had tidied up completely to reside in that being the living room. The room itself previously had a large dinner table as well as a dozen chairs encircling it but with the aid of his smaller summons he had the table and chairs deconstructed swiftly. Now it had a simple roll mattress which he would be using until he replaced everything. Reaching the home he entered it with a quick flick of the wrist with his house key without anything else to do he resigned himself to the study where he began to reorganise everything there.



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