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Intimidation Tactics | Solo Quest

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#1Eiko Jitsuko 

Intimidation Tactics | Solo Quest Empty on Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:30 am

Eiko Jitsuko

It was late at night and the streets are filled with a bad scent of beer. Eiko woke up late due to fatigue, and was about to drink her daily cup of tea when she noticed that she ran out of herbs. She walked out in her pajamas, no one would notice and care anyways. Looking for a nearby tea shop or herb shop, she saw the Bulletin Board instead. One pin whose tip is a little loose caught Eiko's attention. She walked by it to see what the request is all about.

It was another 'not-so-exciting' request of the day. All you need to do is scare someone so they would pay a dept. Not so necessarily evil or bad at all. Except using magic to hurt the shopkeeper a little, it won't make someone insane that badly at all.

It was late at night and the streets are filled with the scent of beer. It worsens each time someone breathes in and out. Looking for a certain bar, Eiko had her noise covered by her right hand while walking around with eyes that are slightly closed. She despises the scent of beer and alcohol, although wine can be a little different from them.

Those drunkards kept on laughing, even mocking what Eiko was wearing due to walking around in pajamas. Since Eiko isn't actually nocturnal unlike her vampire family, except her being a hundred percent human, she is still quite sleepy and its making her a little grumpy.

She walked inside a bar, nose is still covered by her hand to prevent her from smelling any kind of beer, especially sake. Knocking at the bar table to call the one who wrote the request, Frankie immediately had his focus on that one child walking around in pajamas late at night.

"This bar isn't for children, kid." he said with a little smile, making a hand sign saying 'shoo!' or something like that. Eiko didn't respond, her hand still covering her nose. She showed the paper and knocked at the bar table once more, telling Frankie that she was going to take a quest. He put his hands together with a smile, appreciating the fact that someone is actually interested on taking a boring request. "The shop is a few hundred meters away," said Frankie, "just look for an old man in some greyish dark green shirt that he wears almost everyday. It's like he has a closet full of that color." explained Frankie with a little chuckle, giving her a small contract for the shopkeeper to sign in. Eiko nodded at what he said, leaving the bar with her hand still covering her nose as she was holding the receipt. It even reeks through the small spaces of her fingers.

A shop was nearby, people are leaving with goods in their hands. She saw the old man Frankie was referring to, one with a greyish dark green shirt. She could finally breathe properly, taking a deep breath the moment she released her nose. Eiko walked quickly to the man Frankie was referring to. "They were asking you to pay your debts.." Eiko said, giving the contract Frankie gave her.

The shopkeeper raised a brow at Eiko. "What's a kid doing here?" he asked with his arms are crossed. "And what debt? I don't have any debt." he denied, looking around pretending to be innocent. Eiko filled her left cheek with air. "Vincenze Tessio, he wants you to pay up, please." said Eiko, opening her right hand, convincing the shopkeeper to pay up. But instead, the man groaned, stomping his feet on the ground. "That man! Even sending a child for cash!" he shouted with demise. "Go home! Tell him I'll pay him next month! Next month! Can't he understand what a 'next month' is?!" the man shouted, continuing on stomping the ground.

She rolled her eyes, exhaling a bit. "He wants you to pay up within a week." Eiko explained with a sigh. But the man groaned again, repeating his same words about paying up after a month. Eiko groaned as well, "Listen, old man;" said Eiko, putting her foot in the stool, "I'm tired, alright?! You better pay up or else." Eiko groaned, running out of character. The man looked down on the child as he chuckled, thinking that someone as small as her could do something dangerous. "Or else what?" he asked her, grinning.

Eiko did not know what kind of magic spell she should use, yet she started using mana and forming it to some sort of ball, scaring the shopkeeper into hurting him. "Or else you'll get a taste of the daughter of a vampire." she said, the mana beaming a little.

The weak shopkeeper chuckled a little, forcing himself to smile to hide his fears. "Alright, I'll pay up after a month, alright?" the shopkeeper explained, trying to be nice. Eiko placed her mana back into her body, keeping polite like how she usually is. "No thanks, he needs it this week." Eiko replied with a grin, her mouth corner trembling a little.

She pushes the contract a few inches to the shopkeeper. "Sign. Now." she muttered with a grin that would seem to scare the living ghost inside the shopkeeper. He smiled as well, signing the contract slowly and shaking a little. The signature wasn't even perfect and has a few messy strokes. Eiko smiled, taking the contract as soon as the shopkeeper was finished signing. "It was a pleasure doing business with you." she smiled, rolling the form and leaving the shopkeeper that seemed to be dying inside.

She covered her nose as she walked pass those drunkards in the corner. Meeting up with Frankie with a smile, hiding the fact she is tired. "Mission Accomplished." Eiko said with a smile, giving Frankie the rolled form, in which the shopkeeper signed. "You can call me if he doesn't pay for a week, I might actually hurt him." said Eiko, ironically sane.

Getting her reward after, she slumped herself to bed. Next thing she knew, she wasn't tired any more.

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